It’d Be Easier To Pull A Rabbit Out Of A Hat Or Your Own Ass Than It Is To Predict Who Had The Best Recruiting Class In College Football ……… So What Gives ?

It’d Be Easier To Pull A Rabbit Out Of A Hat Or Your Own Ass Than It Is To Predict Who Had The Best Recruiting Class In College Football …… So What Gives ?

So all of the so-called prognosticators have come out of the woodworks like termites suddenly overcome with a deadly pesticide. Only in this case, the prognosticators in question are those who simply believe that they can tell us all who had the best college recruiting class from ‘National Signing Day’, when it comes to college football. Far be it for me to suggest but it’d be easier to pull a rabbit out of top hat or even your own ass, than to suggest which college program garnered itself the best college football talent available.

<strong>Lane Kiffin </strong>speaks as he is introduced as Southern California football coach in Los Angeles.  Coaching changes at Notre Dame, Southern California and Tennessee have added intrigue to the end of the recruiting season as three of the nation's marquee programs have scrambled to hold on to their blue chippers. photo  appears courtesy of Associated  Press / Damian Dovarganes    .......
Lane Kiffin speaks as he is introduced as Southern California football coach in Los Angeles. Coaching changes at Notre Dame, Southern California and Tennessee have added intrigue to the end of the recruiting season as three of the nation's marquee programs have scrambled to hold on to their blue chippers. photo appears courtesy of Associated Press / Damian Dovarganes .......

The early predictions are that Lane Kiffin and the USC Trojans alongside the Florida Gators had to the ‘top recruiting class’ this off-season. Pardon me for saying this but isn’t that like saying that the prettiest girl who just walked into the room is undoubtedly the best looking female you’re likely to see that day ? Never etched in stone is ever that simple. And nor is stating what is far from obvious as to the talent picked up by the various programs across the nation. This is merely another way of creating interest in publicity driven machine that is college football. Next to the NFL Draft Day and the NBA , this may well be the most important topic that has the sports’ fans up and down the country speculating as to which college football program profited the most from this all.

Courtesy of Associated Press and Yahoo Sports

Florida, Meyer sign nation’s top recruiting class

By Mark Long , AP Sports Writer

Gainesville, Fla. (AP)—Whatever health problems Florida coach Urban Meyer may have, his program is in pretty good shape.

Meyer signed the consensus No. 1 recruiting class in the country Wednesday, stockpiling the kind of talent that could keep the Gators in the national title hunt for several years.

Does it mean anything to be on top?

“It shouldn’t, but it does,” Meyer said. “I guess that’s the competitive nature of it, but it has no bearing on where you finish. … The ego part of it, where … ‘Hey, you guys just had the No. 1 class in America.’ That’s good for about 24 hours and then you’ve got to get to work and worry about something else.”

The class is already being touted as the best in school history. It includes three of the top seven prospects, according to, and 11 of ESPNU’s top 50 high school seniors.

Twenty-eight players signed national letters of intent with Florida, including 11 who enrolled last month. Securing the class was Meyer’s last bit of work before beginning his leave of absence. He plans to take vacation, but also has a series of heart and stress tests lined up later this month.

He expects to return for spring practice, which begins March 17, and coach this fall.

“I feel good,” Meyer said. “Just taking care of yourself, that’s the key. I’m trying to do the best I can.”

He did just fine recruiting.

At the top of Florida’s class is defensive end Ronald Powell, a 6-foot-4, 250-pound Californian who’s rated the No. 1 prospect in the country by

Powell is the centerpiece of a group filled with standout defensive linemen. It includes tackles Dominique Easley, Leon Orr and Sharrif Floyd, and ends Neiron Ball and Lynden Trail.

“As far as the defensive front, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen one like this,” Meyer said.

The defensive secondary is nearly as loaded. Safeties Jonathan Dowling, Matt Elam and Jordan Haden are rated three of the best in the country, and talented cornerback Joshua Shaw should get a chance to earn a starting job opposite Janoris Jenkins.

Florida lost six starters on offense and six on defense, and Meyer said this class could help fill the void left by the early departure of underclassmen Aaron Hernandez, Maurkice Pouncey, Joe Haden, Major Wright and Carlos Dunlap.

In order to read Mark Long’s article in its entirety
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And granted, the Gators are without Urban Meyer at present, while he’s on a leave absence. But in his place for the moment, is interim-coach, Steve Addazio. And if anything Addazio is the type of coach who goes about and who knows how to recruit high caliber ‘blue chip players’. As to whether or not he’s the equal of his predecessor , it remains to be seen. But somehow , if Meyer is unable to return to the helm and coach the Florida Gators. Then it will be left to coach Addazio to prove himself and the he’s the right man to assume the role as the Gators’ new head coach. And it would appear that Addazio has the blessing of Gators’ AD , Jeremy Foley and that of University President , Bernie Machen .

As to the upcoming season in college football , it will be very interesting to see how Addazio and the Gators’ team progress within the SEC and on the national collegiate football landscape . If they’re to remain a power within college football and have a presence wherein they can build upon the success attained under Urban Meyer. Then this, of all seasons will be the one where the Gators will be tested , given the fact that Meyer may or may not be at the helm once the season resumes.

Coach Urban Meyer celebrates the Gators’ 51-24 victory over the Cincinnati Bearcats in the Allstate Sugar Bowl at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana on 1st January 2010.

The fact of the matter is, the Gators had something of a disappointing season , as they were expected to challenge for national honors. But they fell short in the ‘SEC Championship’ game against the season ending national champions in, Nick Saban’s Alabama ‘Crimson Tide’. Alabama would go on to defeat the Texas Longhorns in the national title game.

For Lane Kiffin his task won’t be any the less easier as the USC Trojans simply fell apart in the PAC-10 and also as the regular season progressed. Whether or not this was through sheer complacency on the team’s part and that of their former coach, Pete Carroll , is simply a matter of mere speculation. One thing is for sure however, Carroll took the money and ran , once he was offered the coaching position with the NFL’S Seattle Seahawks and complete autonomy. With the Trojans’ athletics program under siege and with the ongoing investigations by the NCAA , of the football and basketball programs. It was becoming more and more obvious that Carroll would rather not be in the midst of it all. If anything it’d be left with the Trojans’ Athletics’ Director Mike Garrett to deal with the ever increasing stench of the program and its so called perceived legitimacy. Now the speculation is , can Kiffin resurrect the program and bring it back to the top of collegiate football ? And thereby prove the naysayers wrong who felt he wasn’t the right person to the assume the position as head coach of such a storied program. As a coach, he’s had limited success and when judged by his achievements with the Oakland Raiders and then the Tennessee Vols’ program. One has to wonder whether not the Trojans’ faculty and athletics department were of the right mindset to have offered the position to Kiffin in the first place.

Courtesy of Associated Press and Yahoo Sports

Kiffin keeps together solid USC recruiting class

By Greg Beacham , AP Sports Writer

Los Angeles (AP)—Although Lane Kiffin had a late start on his first recruiting class at Southern California, he showed off a closing speed to match any of the talented players he kept committed to the Trojans.

The Trojans added an impressive array of offensive skill players in their recruiting class, and coveted offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson announced he had chosen USC as well—although the school still didn’t have a signed letter of intent from him by Wednesday night.

“I can’t imagine there being as many star players in any class around the country as there will be here by the end of the day,” Kiffin said at Heritage Hall.

With just three weeks to keep together outgoing coach Pete Carroll’s class, Kiffin and recruiting guru Ed Orgeron say they retained every Carroll recruit they wanted—and apparently added the nation’s consensus top offensive lineman as well.

Henderson made a televised announcement saying he picked USC over Ohio State, Notre Dame and Florida, but the New York Times reported Henderson might wait until later in the month to formally commit, perhaps leery of the looming possibility of NCAA sanctions against the Trojans. Henderson was just the biggest name in another deep, balanced USC class that earned a top-10 ranking from most major recruiting services.

“We did have a background with a number of these kids and some knowledge about them,” Kiffin said. “They had the sense that things were the same on a lot of fronts here. They weren’t going to come in with brand-new offense and defense systems, and it’s why I think this class really stayed together. The stars that were in this class are still here today that were here three weeks ago.”

USC’s class includes three of the nation’s top receivers—early enrollee Kyle Prater, Carson’s Robert Woods and Georgia product Markeith Ambles—along with top running backs Dillon Baxter and D.J. Morgan, and three elite tight ends. That’s a fairly remarkable achievement for a school with no offensive coordinator or skill-position coaches hired yet.

Kiffin attributed his success in keeping together Carroll’s class and landing a few extra talents to his familiarity with most of the top recruits from his year at Tennessee. He also credited the tradition at USC, with Kiffin telling recruits he plans to run much the same systems that Carroll put together during Kiffin’s six seasons as an assistant coach.

Although USC couldn’t formally add Henderson to its list Wednesday night, the Minnesota native was the gem of the Trojans’ class.

Kiffin couldn’t talk about Henderson when he met with the media, but he acknowledged he hadn’t felt much disappointment in losing a few prospective recruits “because I kept thinking about that left tackle that might be coming here a little later in the day.”

USC also signed one junior college transfer: linebacker Glen Stanley of Eastern Arizona. Kiffin decided the Trojans needed a quick influx of talent at linebacker, and he succeeded by landing Stanley, who played for Bowling Green in 2007 before becoming a much-desired juco star.

In order to read Greg Beacham’s article in its entirety
just click unto the link provided.

I’m no procrastinator but I do know this, the speculators out there are only making these announcements concerning these programs, merely to heighten the interest in the sport and to create a topic of debate. There’s no real way of knowing how good a player will really be or how good that college program can be perceived to be. Whether or not that will come down to the coaching or the ability of the players in question. But from the outset this is merely cause-celebre’ for the likes of and to elicit a response from the fans of the college game out there and open up a debate on your own favorite program. For myself , I leave it for the players to prove their worth on the field of play. As I alluded to in the title of this piece …….” It’d Be Easier To Pull A Rabbit Out Of A Hat Or Your Own Ass Than It Is To Predict Who Had The Best Recruiting Class In College Football …… So What Gives ?

Public Enemy says ‘ Give It Up’ . What do you say ?


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Stacy Dash, at age forty can a female look any hotter than this ? I think not ! Hopefully at age forty five and beyond she'll be looking hotter than ever !

6 thoughts on “It’d Be Easier To Pull A Rabbit Out Of A Hat Or Your Own Ass Than It Is To Predict Who Had The Best Recruiting Class In College Football ……… So What Gives ?

  1. I dunno….one may recruit top notch talent just to have that number one pick fall on their face……just like one great in college may not be able to transfer that talent to the NFL.
    There are never any guarantees……in anything.

    1. al clements

      One top notch talent can’t change the world in the game of college football. What has to happen is that the coaching ability has to be there also. Like I said the guys from and simply live for the hype that they set out to create . As it makes for a good ‘water cooler topic of discussion at work or when you’re out with friends at a sports bar. In the end does it really pan out to being anything tangible ? We can only tell once these kids take to the field and play to see how good they really will become. Not based on some numb-nut , who more likely than not was either a ‘dweeb’ in high school running around with a clip board with his nose so close to the coach’s sphincter that he actually lick his prostate.

      Never mind you’ve got the ‘idiots’ from ESPN weighing in on this all.

      Alan Parkins

    1. Chris Humpherys

      If Meyer isn’t fully up to the task , I fully expect Addazio to be fully adept at coaching and leading this Gators’ team. As far as Ron Zook goes, the guy can flat out coach . But he was never given the due time or patience of the Athletics Dept , faculty , boosters or the fans on the whole. Even you’ve got to admit that ?

      As to the Gators and the upcoming season in the SEC and beyond. I fully expect them to rebound and challenge Alabama for supremacy within the conference ! Whatever they can achieve beyond that will be a bye product as to their play over the course of the season.

      I somehow feel however that the tires on the Trojans’ bus are going to either fall off or become completely flat. They’ve got real problems and it hasn’t helped that the teams in the Pac-10 are no longer intimidated. Lane Kiffin will definitely struggle this upcoming season. Anything short of a good showing in the conference and with getting to a major ‘BCS’ bowl game will be considered a complete failure.

      Here’s your favorite hot Latina , Sofia Vergara .

      Alan Parkins

  2. I don’t really have a problem with it… If that’s what the kid wants then why not commit now. He’s set up for a good education with the scholorship regardless of whether he plays well or not. If I were his parents, I’d be all for it. My question is what happens if he decides he likes another sport more than football when he gets to his late teens!?!

    1. chappy 81

      To me it’s whether or not they become productive once they leave college and into whatever field it is that they desire. It’s all well and good saying they’ll go into the NBA , NFL , NHL or to a lesser extent baseball (MLB). Because we know with the latter they take players straight out of high school. But what happens if they’re unsuccessful ? What do they then have if they’ve not even fulfilled their academic obligation of getting a degree ? Answer me that ?

      You’ve got kids entering college who haven’t event got a proficient understanding of the English language , let alone can they read or write a grammatical argument on any subject matter. And it’s not as if the NCAA is doing its best in terms of a policy to get these through college with a good enough education to begin with.

      Alan Parkins

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