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If You Say It Then You Had Better Have The Balls To Back That Sh#t Up !

If You Say It Then You Had Better Have The Balls To Back That Sh#t Up !

I’m always befuddled when I hear a player stand up and make bold statement even if it is meant to rally the troops as they say ! Well no sooner have we heard one statement made now we have the Detroit Lions’ defensive tackle Ndamokung Suh making the claim that the team is quite capable of going …… 16-0 this season . Unless I’m mistaken it wasn’t that long ago Lions went 0-16 ( 2008) to become the first NFL team in history to lose all of their regular season games since the league went to a 16 game schedule. Suh either believes that highly in this team or he is truly naive to think that a quarterback in Matt Stafford who at best is serviceable but has yet to play a full NFL season is actually capable of leading the team to an unbeaten season.


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The Lions finished last year with a 6-10 record within the NFC North and actually struggled to make their presence felt within the league as a whole . Statistically as a team the Lions struggled in all facets of the game and from a defensive and offensive standpoint the struggles of the Detroit Lions manifested itself in a multiple of ways . I am not so sure that Jim Schwartz and his coaching staff having gotten a spark of life from this team is now capable actually boldly leading them to aware Suh believes that they can be ! As I’ve alluded to before , Matt Stafford is injury prone and from week to week you simply can’t be sure that he can play a full four quarters without getting a hang nail much less turf toe. For all of the hype that surrounded the player upon his entry into the NFL , there has been nothing that he has achieved that would suggest to me that he now is actually capable of leading this Lions’ team past the current Superbowl champions the Green Bay Packers or the other occupants of the NFC North , namely the Minnesota Vikings or Chicago Bears for that matter ! Most notably the Bears and Packers were two of the teams that made the postseason last year .

This season the Detroit Lions will have their hands full within the NFC and in particular over the course of their season as their schedule unfolds . It is incumbent on the Lions that they get off to good start in order to get some semblance of a rhythm going . The season could very well be shortened given the mere fact that the league hierarchy , team owners and NFLPA (union) are at an impasse in resolving the month long NFL lockout . And as cordial as some owners would like to have us believe that these negotiations are going there’s no real light at the end of the tunnel as of yet . NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell whose statements on the existing negotiation process has been minimal at best . New England Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft believes that only through continuous negotiations between the parties concerned can there be some sort of accord be reached. From my own perspective this has simply been nothing more than an image exercise of which neither party has executed or handled this situation well at all. The NFLPA and league hierarchy (NFL) have simply forgotten that they have alienated the fans but moreover the apparent greed that has set in both on sides has clouded their judgment .

If Suh’s prognostications are to come true then he and in particular his new defensive partner Nick Fairley will have to be fulcrum that holds this defensive line together . The Detroit Lions’ defense as the season progressed were able to shown signs of improvement but their lack of cohesion and inconsistently proved costly when it mattered most. On offense we saw what wide receiver Calvin Johnson was actually capable of alongside his teammate running back Kevin Smith . The two provided a lot of the offense that was produced by the Lions over the course of the season .

Now it goes without saying the Lions will live and die dependent upon the health of Matt Stafford and his overall productivity . And while I’ve no doubt that the player will have his moments t hose moments are liable to be few and far between . The Detroit Lions have remained a conundrum and an engima all rolled into one but the history of the organization and the fact that each Thanksgiving the fans have to endure Lions playing in this traditional seasonal game. And given that this season (week 12) the NFL in its infinite wisdom will make sure that tradition continues in that pairing of the Lions playing the Green Bay Packers at Ford Field , Detroit , with the Dallas Cowboys playing the Miami Dolphins at Texas Stadium , Arlington, Texas . Now don’t get me wrong I am all for tradition where it is warranted but with the apparent idiocy of the NFL hierarcy and their belief that the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions playing their respective opponents on Thanksgiving is the best possible form of entertainment that they could possibly serve up for the fans is akin to asking a vegetarian to become a carnivore because the taste of meat is far better than eating vegetables alone. And that’s with due respect to carnivores and vegetarians out there ! The relevancy of these two teams playing on Thanksgiving each year has lost all meaning for me as an NFL fan as I’d rather view two talented teams actually playing competitive football ! And when I last looked neither the Cowboys or Lions were actually capable of doing that on a consistent basis over the course of a season .

The Lions’ front office led by GM Martin Mayhew has formulated a plan that he and the ownership group led by Bill Ford Jr , as they seek to make this franchise relevant once again. It seems unfortunate to see the Detroit Lions fall so far in the aftermath of the excitement provided by their Hall of Fame running back Barry Sanders . And for those of us who have witnessed those lofty days when the Lions actually roared , now if anything they’re like a kitten looking to be fed a plate of milk . Meow , meow !

At this juncture I’d like to say that I hope that Ndamokung Suh isn’t made to eat his words ! It’s one thing to make those bold statements but if you’re simply unable to back it up and the team then becomes an embarrassment on the field of play then once can only hope that the player is prepared to proffer up some form of apology to the fans . God knows, the Detroit Lions simply have done nothing right to indicate they are actually on the road to success , not with the inconsistency of Matt Stafford and a defense that seems to be unsure of itself at any given moment . Suffice to say it will be interesting to see whether or not Suh is made to eat those words .

And speaking of eating words can there be anything more galling than to keep on hearing that the Dallas Cowboys can be viewed as perennial contenders for the Superbowl ? One postseason win in the last decade and an owner in Jerry Jones who still feels that he’s a better general manager than his peers within the league . Chances are Jones on his best day has about as much acumen for spotting college talent bound for the NFL as a blind man could tell you the measurements of aspiring actress Denise Milani . And for those of who’ve viewed the stunning Milani will know that this beauty has the curves in all the right places .

The Dallas Cowboys and Texas Stadium are gigantic as are the egos of half the players on the team . Tony Romo is viewed as a Pro Bowl caliber quarterback but if anything he possesses the spine of a gutless coward . I’ve always maintained that Romo was more a Hollywood ” wannabe” than a NFL player ! And until he applies himself and leads this team by example then the Cowboys will always be considered an also ran or average team at best . This season if anything we will either see Jason Garrett show his real strengths as a coach or we may well see the Cowboys flounder . The NFC East they say is up for grabs this season and if anything the Dallas Cowboys have a chance to prove their worth . Mile Austin , DeMarcus Ware , Jason Witten , Dez Bryant and Romo will certainly have to lay to rest once and for all that they are good enough not only to win the NFC East but also worthy of being viewed as a Superbowl contender . Year in and year out those moronic idiots who provide the NFL analysis at ESPN continue with the hyperbole about the greatness that seems to be the Dallas Cowboys . I sometimes wonder whether or not Jones actually has these as#holes on the Cowboys’ payroll ? Maybe that’s presumptuous of me but then again I may well be wrong !



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If there is an NFL season to be had how do you see both the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions faring ? Simply leave a comment as to your thoughts and as always thanks for the continued support as it is greatly appreciated !

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(1) Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, right, stands next to defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch during a break in practice drills at Detroit Country Day School in Beverly Hills, Mich., Friday, June 10, 2011. AP Photo/Carlos Osorio ……….

(2) Detroit Lions quarterbacks Matthew Stafford, left, and Shaun Hill, second from right, talk with team president Tom Lewand, right, during the team’s annual golf fundraiser, Tuesday, June 7, 2011, in Dearborn, Mich. AP Photo/Carlos Osorio …..

(3) NEW YORK, NY – APRIL 28: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell poses for a photo with Nick Fairley(1) 13th pick overall pick by the Detriot Lions, during the 2011 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall on April 28, 2011 in New York City. Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images …..

(4) Jim Schwartz, center, head coach of the Detroit Lions poses with General Manager Martin Mayhew, left, and Tom Lewand team president after a press conference to introduce him as the Lions new head coach on January 16, 2009 at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan. Gregory Shamus / Getty North America ……..

(5) Denise Milani and her ample 38″ DD’s . What’s not to like about the curvacious form of this Czech American beauty ?

(6) Care for a peek of Milani’s assets ? There’s always something to like isn’t there ?

(7) Get the feeling that there’s more that Denise has to offer us all ?

(8) Tyron Smith, 9th overall pick by the Dallas Cowboys, holds up a jersey on stage during the 2011 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall on April 28, 2011 in New York City. Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images ……..

(9) MINNEAPOLIS, MN – APRIL 19: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell (L) and NFL owner Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys arrive for court-ordered mediation at the U.S. Courthouse on April 19, 2011 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Mediation was ordered after a hearing on an antitrust lawsuit filed by NFL players against the NFL owners after labor talks between the two broke down last month. Photo by Hannah Foslien /Getty Images …….

(10) Tony Romo (9) of the Dallas Cowboys looks on against the Philadelphia Eagles on January 2, 2011 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Cowboys defeated the Eagles 14-13. Getty Images / Jim McIsaac …..

(11) Miles Austin (19) of the Dallas Cowboys scores a third quarter touchdown on a 3 yard pass from Jon Kitna (3) as DeAndre Levy (54) of the Detroit Lions defends during the game at Dallas Stadium on November 21, 2010 in Arlington, Texas. The Cowboys defeated the Lions 35-19 . Getty Images /Leon Halip ………

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I Am A Lion Hear Me Roar ……………

I Am A Lion Hear Me Roar ……………

Each season the NFL brings us some highs and lows and as usual it’s the fans of their respective teams that ends up asking questions and simply looking for answers as to what went wrong. As an avid New England Patriots’ fan I saw the team rise to unparalleled heights by posting the best record in the NFL last season only to flame out like a damp squib in their postseason loss in the divisional rounds of the playoffs to the New York Jets . I’ve longed maintained that Patriots’ coach Bill Belichick can be conceited and complacent and clearly once again this pretty much summed up the season for the Patriots .


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Now for me the one team I’ve looked at from afar and wondered how it is that from season to season their fate never really seems to change . And for me that team is the Detroit Lions coached by Jim Schwartz and an experienced team of assistants . You could say that the curse of Matt Millen has essentially led the Lions to where they’re now at a team said to be heading in no direction in particular. Millen’s tenure as GM of the Lions can be best described as an unmitigated disaster and a complete mess because he simply didn’t know how to assess talent much less get the best out the players he actually drafted. I truly believe that Matt Millen may well have been the worse front office executive to have ever held a general managers’ position in the NFL ! His decisions have bordered on being insane and led many believing that the Lions were in fact doomed for hell. Well it appears that not only having been snake bitten the Detroit Lions simply can’t get out of their own way no matter how hard they try !

Since being drafted by the team quarterback Matt Stafford has yet to play a complete season with the team. So much so , that one has to question the wisdom behind him being drafted number one overall in the 2009 NFL Draft . The $72 million contract of which $48 million was guaranteed money doesn’t now seem to be worthwhile, much less worth the lack of productivity and leadership skills shown by Stafford. The NFL in part as well as the owners ought to blamed for the absolute stupidity shown when it comes to the compensation of rookies entering the NFL. And even if now NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the owners are now pressing for that to be a part of a renewed and revamped collective bargaining agreement with the NFLPA . I can’t help but wonder what concessions that they’re prepared to make with DeMaurice Smith and his Executive Committee should this actually come into being.

What might be now troubling other than the lack of productivity from Stafford is the team has a Pro Bowl caliber wide receiver in Calvin Johnson , running back Kevin Smith and Ndamukong Suh all of whom are being wasted on a team that struggles increasingly to stay in games and play competitively. The talents of Johnson , Smith and Suh I believe are simply being wasted because until this team actually has a quarterback that can play a full season without health concerns then there’s not much a real chance of the Detroit Lions being considered a legitimate contender within their division (NFC North) much less the rest of the NFL .

Granted Johnson , Smith and Suh have proven to a blessing for the Lions but Ford Field has become an elephant’s graveyard but I simply think that the real failure of this team is the fact that Stafford can’t be trusted to lead with any kind of authority. The offensive line of this team still leaves a lot to be desired and the defense itself struggles to show any type of consistency throughout much of the season. Schwartz for his part knows that if the Detroit Lions are to viewed as a contender then this team will have to bolster its roster by way of free agency and through the upcoming NFL Draft . At this juncture it’s hard to really say in what direction the team will go as it looks to fortify its roster but it’s clear that the this team’s needs are many. On both sides of the ball the Lions need to obtain players that are able to contribute immediately rather than simply remaining an ongoing project. It’d be true to say that the long suffering Detroit Lions’ fans have had to endure a great deal over the last few seasons and it’s not as if they were under the impression that their fortunes were about to turn around.

It took the abrupt departure of their Hall of Fame running back Barry Sanders for many to realize how far this team had fallen . There were outcries when Sanders walked away from the Lions , many felt he betrayed them and the organization but much of that came down to the fact that the running back clearly didn’t feel that the organization was doing enough improve the roster Marty Mohrninweg who at the time was the coach of the Lions while Millen’s tenure was in place diligently tried to coach this team to some semblance of success. And as we know the coach’s tenure wasn’t that great to begin with given his proclivity for the ridiculous and making many outrageous whilst coach of the team.

If anything given the failure of the team and the fact that the Ford family as owners simply showed about as much interest in the team as they’d done with the family business and their failure there. Now one might opine that the Ford Motor Company is back as a profitable concern but given the fact that they’re more likely to drop the ball before reaching the endzone as given their recent history. But here’s something that you should consider the company though now profitable still remains a cause for concern as it is still leveraged to the hilt __________ the motor company in order to stave off financial ruin sought financing from a consortium of financial institutions . Fifty billion dollars ($50 billion [$50,000,000,000]) and Ford President & CEO Alan Mulally might just be considered to be a hero within the company but I seriously doubt that the same can be said about William Clay Ford Jr and his tenure as owner of the Detroit Lions ! I’d like to think that Ford and the executives of the Lions are completely focused getting the Detroit Lions back to being a competitive and legitimate contender within the NFL but given their form as of late I’m not so sure that they’re capable of actually doing that !


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The Detroit Lions’ history over the years isn’t one that’s filled with a great deal of historical highlights and at the same time in terms of the Superbowl’s history they’ve yet to make that their stomping ground. I’d like to say that I can envisage seeing that as part of their immediate future but in reality that’s something that’s not about to happen anytime soon . The NFC North with the Green Bay Packers , Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears along with the Lions has been a division that has become a three horse race in recent years . And within the division the Lions haven’t yet been able to even show that they’re even the equal of the participants there . It’s going to be a long time coming if they’re to prove their worth within the division much less the rest of the league .

The future of the Detroit Lions could very well hold a great deal of expectations for the organization but much of that will be predicated upon not only the coaching staff , players but primarily the mindset of the ownership and the zeal with which they appear to want success and until that’s clearly defined , then we’re liable to see the same continued failures we’ve become accustomed to.

What thoughts if any do you have on the Detroit Lions and what changes if any do you see them having to make in order to get better ? Simply chime in with your thoughts on the matter and any other pertinent issue concerning the NFL .

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(1) Then GM Matt Millen introduces Marty Mohrninweg to the the convened press at Ford Field in Detroit as the team’s new coach. His tenure came to be known as the “wonder years” as everyone simply wondered where the team’s next w in would be coming from . Deroit Free Press /Craig Sergeant …………….

(2) Barry Sanders (20) seen here in full flight in a game against the Chicago Bears . Inset is Bears’ defender Mike Singletary (50) giving chase to Sanders . AFP/ Chris Chandler …………..

(3) Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz, left, quarterback Matthew Stafford , of Georgia, safety Louis Delmas of Western Michigan and tight end Brandon Pettigrew , of Oklahoma St., pose for a photographs during a news conference where they were introduced to the media and public on Sunday, April 26, 2009 in Allen Park, Mich. The Lions drafted Stafford with the No. 1 overall pick in the NFL Draft. AP Photo/Jerry S. Mendoza ……

(4) Ford President and CEO Alan Mulally (L) and Executive Chairman William Clay Ford (right) unveil a new 2011 Ford Focus during the press preview of the North American International Auto Show at the Cobo Center on January 10, 2011 in Detroit, Michigan. The show opened for media previews today and is open to the general public January 15-23. Getty Images North America / Scott Olson ……

(5) DALLAS, TX – FEBRUARY 03: Ndamukong Suh (90) of the Detroit Lions speaks during a press conference where he accepted Pepsi’s 2010 NFL Rookie of the Year Award at the Super Bowl XLV media center on February 3, 2011 in Dallas, Texas. The Green Bay Packers will play the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLV on February 6, 2011 at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images …………

(6) Calvin Johnson (81), right, and Matthew Stafford (9) of the Detroit Lions watch the clock run down during the game against the Chicago Bears at Ford Field on December 5, 2010 in Detroit, Michigan. The Bears defeated the Lions 24-20 . Leon Halip/ Getty Images North America ………

(7) Perhaps the greatest player ever in Detroit Lions’ history Barry Sanders is seen here with former NFL player Daryl Hobbs as they’re about to compete in DIRECT Tv’s fifth annual Celebrity Beach Bowl in Victory Park , Dallas , Tx in February over the festivities covering Superbowl (SBXLV) weekend. Getty Images North America / Michael Buckner …….


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Image ? Image And A Self Conscious League

Image ? Image And A Self Conscious League

I found this story somewhat unbelievable when I’d heard that Detroit Lions’ President Tom Lewand has plead guilty to a DUI charge . Now far be it for me to suggest that it should just be the players that be held accountable for their actions both on and off the field of play. The image conscious NFL has been somewhat none compliant on this issue concerning the team executives . Had this been an NFL player pleading guilty to these serious charges then the story would be front and center with everyone opining on the matter. Instead it has been placed at the foot of the sports pages almost nowhere to be seen.



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Courtesy of The Detroit News

Lions’ Tom Lewand apologizes for ‘very, very serious mistake’

By Tim Twentyman , The Detroit News

Roscommon, Mich. –Tom Lewand stood in front of 83rd District Court Judge Daniel L. Sutton in Roscommon on Friday and admitted his guilt.

Charged with driving under the influence June 25, the Lions president pleaded guilty to operating a vehicle while visibly impaired, a misdemeanor. He was sentenced to six months of probation, received a $532 fine and will have to complete an “intensive” outpatient alcohol recovery program. He is also not allowed to consume alcohol while on probation.

If Lewand does not complete the program or violates probation, he could spend 60 days in jail, according to Sutton.

“I’d first like to thank Judge Sutton and prosecutor (Mark) Jernigan and Sheriff Stevenson for their professionalism and efficiency in dealing with this matter,” Lewand said afterward. “As I said before, I offer my complete apologies for my actions. I take full responsibility for them.

“I’m glad that this portion of those consequences for my actions is completed and I look forward to coming out of this a stronger and better person as a result of it.”

Lewand was stopped the night of June 25 by Roscommon County sheriff’s deputies on M-55 after deputies saw his Lincoln MKX moving erratically while exiting the Limberlost bar and restaurant near Houghton Lake.

Lewand failed a sobriety test, and when he refused to take a breathalyzer (PBT) test, he was handcuffed and arrested. The charge of failing to take a PBT test was dropped as part of the plea deal.

Lewand was in Houghton Lake attending the 30th annual Kolo Golf Outing, a charity event founded by Bob Kowalkowski, a former Lions offensive lineman who died last September.


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Commissioner Roger Goodell has been playing his cards close to his chest where no one can see them . And now when “the image” of the NFL is at its lowest up comes a story that would have most asking what the hell is going on ? An NFL executive being charged with drunk driving and the league itself has yet to issue a statement on the matter. Never mind that the Detroit Lions have not issued a statement on the matter but rather a curt apology from Lewand and that has been it. Why oh why am I not surprised by any of this at all ?

Call me crazy but now that the LeBron James’ saga is now over perhaps the most disappointed individuals are none other than the Cavaliers’ fans . But what I found most surprising was the fact that comedic actress Betty White had an opinion on the matter and the actress was very eloquent in her thoughts on the matter. White went so far as to suggest that she’d have spent the night with the young superstar if it was enough to entice him to remain with the team . Pardon me for saying but this might well have been the straw that broke the camel’s back as LeBron probably didn’t want it to get that the cause of him remaining in Cleveland was the fact that he bedded the octogenarian actress. Way to go LeBron , you missed out on a glorious opportunity but that being said could you have handled Betty to begin with ?

Hold unto your horses but the New York Yankees lost out on obtaining Seattle Mariners‚Äô starting ace Cliff Lee . The two sides couldn‚Äôt agree on the compensation sought by the AL West team. And instead Lee will make his way to the Texas Rangers within the Mariner‚Äô own division. As to the Yankees they may well now pursue other opportunities in terms of acquiring a starting pitcher to add their already burgeoning roster of pitchers. And it appears that team GM Brian Cashman won‚Äôt let this minor occurrence get in his way of strengthening the roster of this team. As good as they‚Äôve been Cashman knows that nothing can be overlooked not when you‚Äôve got both the Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays chasing you down within the division __(AL East) . Now when it‚Äôs all said and done the defending World Series champions would like to make another return to the postseason and thereby successfully defend their crown. Nothing less is expected from the organization where success is deemed the pinnacle and where “failure” is seen as not an option.

HBO the much vaulted cable network more widely known for its dramatic staple and first runs of box office success movies is also home to rather influential niche in the sport of boxing. Especially within the heavyweight division but recently the head of the sports programming Ross Greenburg has stated the cable network is no longer interested in televising fights within the heavyweight division as the public interest is no longer there. Now that statement should not come as a surprise to anyone with a keen interest in the sport. But given the lack of credibility within the division and wherein the two best heavyweights refuse to meet each other in an undisputed unification bout because of familial ties. This decision will have some serious ramifications for the sport as HBO and its parent company Time Warner are one of the primary sponsors of PPV. And without that to hang its hat on then the division and the various international governing bodies within the sport are at something of a loss. And for champions Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko the big paydays that they’re both no doubt looking for won’t be forthcoming, not unless they are prepared to fight each other in an undisputed title unification bout. The fighters , their managers and respective promoters have simply made a mockery of the division and the pretext that the problem as to the malaise within the division has nothing to do with them is a complete misnomer. As it has everything to do with and the diabolical situation within the heavyweight division.

The fact of the matter is that the division has not had an undisputed heavyweight champion since the retirement of the British fighter Lennox Lewis in 2004. And since then the championship has found itself in its various forms in the hands of the Ukrainian, Klitschko brothers. Ability wise , watching either brother fight is a rather mundane and at time painful experience . A tooth extraction without the use of anesthesia would be far less painful than watching either Vitali or Wladimir Klitschko. And such is the scene of heavyweight boxing that there are no real credible opponents within the division and that’s with due respect to WBA champion David Haye .

Well known and legendary promoters Don King and Bob Arum once the most gregarious of showmen seem to be more interested in dividing the spoils between them in the lighter divisions. And for King this would be something of a come down given the stable of credible heavyweight fighters that he’s either managed or promoted over the years. And Bob Arum for his part , well his main concern is to create the buzz and promote what has been described as what will be the biggest fight in boxing . The proposed bout between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquiao promises to be that and a great deal more . But as of yet no concrete timetable has been set as to where the bout will be staged. This much we do know however , it will be by far the most anticipated and biggest grossing fight in history without a doubt. And the fight itself will be co-promoted by Top Rank Inc , Golden Boy Promotions Inc in conjunction with Mayweather’s own fledgling promotional company.

Everyone involved in that aspect of the bout will end up being a winner. At $49-95 per viewer and with an anticipated 2 million buys expected the gross via the sales only here in North America will top $100 million and when one takes into account the international interest that figure is liable to double without taking into account ticket sales and merchandising .

A $200 million grossing fight would be unimaginable but it is in the offing should this proposed bout take place. One would expect both fighters to be handsomely rewarded for their exploits and suffice to say that having fought then retirement could very well be beckoning for both fighters. With Pacquiao pursuing a political career in his native Philippines and Mayweather looking to cross over into the business side of the sport , boxing could very well face some lean times ahead.. Say what you will however much of this malaise within the sport has been brought about by the lack of authority from the various international governing bodies and their unwillingness to do what is inherently best for the sport.


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If sport is so much about its image then why is it a great deal of the time when there’s something inherently wrong , so why is it that the proper authorities are so slow to act ? The answer could well lie in the fact that those who are actually in power either have very little intelligence or they are for all sense purpose merely a puppet while it is the marionette who is indeed pulling the strings . Your thoughts on the topics raised in this piece are welcome and I will do my best to respond with a succinct and clear answer. Thanks as always for the continued support as it’s greatly appreciated !

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It’s A Dirty Business Is This Business We Call Sports …………And Then Some ……

Well it¬†certainly goes without saying¬†that the¬†bloodlust and¬†bloodletting¬†that’s known¬†to¬†take¬† place within the boardroom is no different from that within the field¬†of¬†sports.We’ve seen it already¬†happen within the¬† NBA this¬† season. Albeit¬† that¬† the¬†season there¬† is¬† over a much¬† longer season.¬† However¬† the season that is¬† built around¬†the NFL is one¬†seventeen¬† weeks¬† give¬†or¬†take. And¬†then¬†you have¬†the¬†postseason itself where the¬† success¬†there¬†is¬†very¬† much¬† predicated¬†on the¬† immediate¬† results.¬† For¬†the¬†likes¬†of¬†fallen¬†coaches¬†Eric Mangini,Romeo Crennel¬† and Rod¬†Marinelli¬† they’ll never come¬† to know¬†what¬†it¬†is to equate¬† success¬† in the postseason. Well at least¬† not this season anyway !¬†
Laverneus  Coles  of the  New York Jets  adresses the press after the  announcement  of the recent firing of  Jets' coach  Eric  Mangini ......
Lavernues Coles of the New York Jets addresses members of the press who convened at the Jets' facility to question players as to the recent firing of the coach Eric Mangini ..............

Lavernues Coles of¬† the New York Jets addresses members¬† of¬† the convened press¬† to answer questions as to¬†the firing¬† of¬† the team’s coach¬† Eric¬† Mangini. picture appears courtesy of¬† ap/photo/Rich Schultz …………….


Each of the above mentioned¬† individuals¬† were¬† placed¬† under the scrutiny¬† of¬† expectful wishes.¬† And¬† they failed miserably¬† though¬† in some respects much¬† of it¬† was not¬† of their own making. But¬† at the¬† end of the¬† day¬† it is¬† the coach¬† who¬† has to take blame¬† for the¬† lack¬† of success¬† on the field of play.¬†¬†With the firing of all three coaches by¬† their¬† respective¬†franchises the New York Jets,Cleveland Brown and Detroit Lions. All three¬† men became¬†casualties of the merry-go-round we’ve come to know as the coaching¬† carousel. Albeit that it’s not expected¬†that either if any of the three will ever¬†find themselves¬†back¬† as a¬†candidate for a mangerial position¬† within the NFL.¬† Crennel’s own¬† boss GM Phil Savage¬† also¬†found¬† himself¬† out¬† of¬† a position¬† when he¬† too was let¬† go by Browns’ owner Randy Lerner. The axe does tend to swing¬† both ways then ?


Romeo Crennel the now former coach of the Cleveland Browns looks up  at the scoreboard during  the  game  between  Cleveland and the  Pittsburgh Steelers. The Browns would go on to lose  the  game 31-0  and  post a 4-12 record  for  the season.
Romeo Crennel the now defunct coach of the Cleveland Browns looks up at the scoreboard during the game between the Browns and Steelers.......

Romeo Crennel the now former coach of the Cleveland Browns¬†looks¬†up at the scoreboard in a¬† game played between the Browns and¬† Pittsburgh Steelers. Crennel’s team would go on to lose¬† the game 31-0 and post a 4-12 record for the regular season. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/Tony¬† Dejak …..


But as much as we see with each passing season¬† coaches let go because of¬† the undue pressure¬†that’s placed¬†upon them to succeed. What¬† does that¬† tell us¬† about¬† the state of¬† the game itself whereby a single mistake by a player or official¬† may well¬†be all that it¬† takes¬† to sink the career¬† of a coach ? However it can also be said¬† that a coach¬† should be¬† able to instill¬†¬† into those whom he¬† leads¬† what it is¬† that is expected of them. And that he¬† ought¬† to be able¬† to communicate¬† with them effectively. If the players themselves aren’t willing¬† to buy¬†into¬†what it is that the coach is¬† srtiving¬† to¬† achieve. Then how¬† will they go about¬† achieving¬† the success that they all strive for ?¬†If those teams aren’t prepared on the day to meet¬† an opponent¬† then the¬† result endured is all too appropriate. Seventy percent of the game may well be¬†physical but the remaining¬† thirty percent being said¬†to be psychological, is¬† just as important, if¬† not more¬† so.


Lions' GM Martin Mayhew foreground  and  Team  President Tom Lewand  make the  announcement  that  coach Rod Marinelli had been terminated effectively  immediately ............
Lions' GM Martin Mayhew foreground and Team President Tom Lewand formerly having made the announcement that coach Rod Marinelli had been fired take questions from the convened press at the team's Allen Pk, Michigan team facility...............

Martin Mayhew,foreground, is the General Manager of¬†the Detroit Lions. Seated alongside Mayhew¬†at¬†the convened press conference is¬† team President¬† Tom¬† Lewand. The¬†announcement¬† being made¬† was that the franchise’s coach Rod¬† Marinelli as well as¬† several¬† members of¬† his coaching staff wouldn’t be¬† returning¬† next season. picture appears courtesy of¬† ap/photo/Paul Sancya ………………..


As to the travails¬† of¬† those coaches¬† who escaped the axe,guillotine or¬†whatever¬†rudimentary instrument one¬† might like to imagine¬†being¬† swung¬†above their head. Is it¬† fair¬† to believe¬† that they’re¬†lucky¬† to survive¬† this most gruesome¬†of rituals, given the evidence that come next season they too¬†will¬† be¬† under even more¬† scrutiny not¬†just from their owners and¬†fans¬† alike ? If¬† anything¬† the quartet¬† of¬† NFL coaches¬† who’ve¬† succumbed¬† to the perfunctory¬† ritual of being¬† shown the door this season¬† are¬† the¬† one who ought to be¬† thought of as being¬† lucky. Granted expectations were¬† heaped upon their¬† shoulders¬† and¬†¬†albeit that¬† they¬† failed.¬†But¬†who amongst us would¬†¬†want¬† to be placed in that sort¬† of¬† a situation from the outset ? And less I’m not ¬†mistaken¬†unless¬† you’re Jesus¬†Christ¬† himself¬† you’re indeed¬† being¬† asked¬† to perform¬† a miracle. And last¬†I looked the coaches within the NFL¬† aren’t being viewed as the Messiah but yet¬†the situation¬†for¬†which they of their own volition choose to be¬† placed within¬†¬†are looked¬† upon as deities when they¬† succeed.¬† But¬†¬†are either viewed¬† as oafs or¬†buffoons¬† when they¬†¬†falter.¬†


Cowboys' coach Wade Phillips  wraps up  his  press conference  with media  at the  Cowboys' Irving facility  in  Texas.
Cowboys' coach Wade Phillips wraps up his press conference with the convened press at the team's facility in Irving , Texas. .................

Wade Phillips¬† wraps up his¬† press conference with the members of¬† the press at the¬† team’s¬† facility in Irving, Texas.¬† Phillips and his much heralded team failed to make¬† the playoffs this¬† year having posted a 9-7 record this season.¬† They sufferered¬† a humiliating¬† season¬†ending¬† loss¬† to their divisional rivals¬† the¬† Philadelphia Eagles 44-6. Thereby¬† depriving¬† themselves¬† of a postseason¬† berth¬† in the playoffs. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Tony Gutierrez …..¬†


We know¬† that they’re highly paid individuals and they come¬† at a premium.¬† But are¬†they infact any different from a¬†titan¬†of¬† industry¬† who’s asked¬† to lead a multi-billion¬†dollar¬†conglomerate ?¬† By their decisions¬† made¬† on and¬† in some cases off the¬† field¬†can lead tothe success that’s envisioned by the hierarchy¬† of a franchise¬† as¬† well¬† as that of the¬† fans¬† themselves.¬†And be that as it¬†may one¬†can only summize¬† that the coaches¬† who¬† aspire¬†be amongst¬†the professional¬† ranks¬† of the NFL have not¬† only¬†belief in their own abilities. But also in that of¬†the people who¬†hire them to undertake such a demonstrative task. Failure at any price isn’t an option but¬† what ought to matter¬†are the strategies¬† and¬†the¬†acceptable¬† risks that are part¬†of¬†that endeavor. So much of¬† what’s¬† predicated as¬† success¬† within¬†the NFL¬†nowadays isn’t just¬† about the¬† results on the¬†field.¬† But it also has¬† a lot¬† to¬† do with the business¬† side of¬† the issue¬†off¬† the field.¬† A languishing¬† and¬† less than¬†what’s¬† deemed successful franchise¬† can¬† cost a team and¬† its¬† owners tens¬†of¬† millions¬† of¬† dollars¬† each year in¬†revenues. And the¬† bottom line at the end¬† of¬† the day may well be¬† all that matters¬† to a number¬† of¬† owners¬† no matter what¬† their¬† own¬†wealth constitutes.¬† Though many¬† of them will¬† have¬† you know¬† that¬† certainly isn’t always¬† the case. But¬† when¬† have you¬† ever¬† known a wealthy individual¬†not to want just a¬†bit more money lining their¬†pockets or¬†bank accounts looking¬†considerably¬† fatter ?


Herm Edwards of  the Kansas City Chiefs strolls  the sidelines  his  teams succumbs to another loss  this time at the  hands of the Cincinnati Bengals......
Herm Edwards of the Kansas City Chiefs strolls the sidelines as he has to endure, suffer and succumb to the Cincinnati Bengals in 16-6 loss on Sunday in the team's final regular season game............

¬†Herm Edwards of¬† the¬†¬†Kansas City Chiefs ¬†strolls the sidelines¬† having to endure¬† his team’s¬† 16-6 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals in¬†his team’s final regular season game. The¬† game played in Cincinnati¬†ensured that the Chiefs ended¬† the season¬†with a¬† 2-14 regular season record. picture¬† appears¬† courtesy of¬† ap/photo/Al Behrman ………………



I won’t begrudge those who¬† make the¬† decisions to¬†fire an individual¬† if¬† they¬† fail to¬†offer¬† a succinct reason as¬† to¬† why they¬† ought¬† not to¬†be. I¬† do¬†know that there are also some¬† who were¬† more deserving¬† of¬† the¬† fate than¬† others.¬† But¬† I’d also¬† preface¬† this¬† with a caveat.¬† Becareful¬† of¬† what you¬† wish¬† for¬† as¬† you aspire¬†on down the¬† road¬† to find the person who you deem fit¬† enough¬† to lead your¬† franchise up¬† from the depths which¬† they now find themselves within.¬† Because at the¬† end of¬† the¬† day it’s¬† not only¬† the¬† fans who¬† you may also¬† be¬† answerable to but¬†also¬† to¬† your¬† own¬†lust¬† for¬†¬†untold¬† wealth and the greed¬†¬†therein¬† that¬† goes along¬† with it.¬† But also¬† your own¬† conscience¬† whatever persona, form¬† or¬† guise it¬† may well take.¬† Afterall¬† this may well may be¬† a business¬† first¬† but¬† in large part it is¬† nothing more than a rudimentary form or entertainment for¬† us all.







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