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Tigers Have Stripes ………….. The Bengals Simply Have Nothing At All To Make People Fear Them ……..

Tigers Have Stripes ………….. The Bengals Simply Have Nothing At All To Make People Fear Them ……..

So here we go , it appears that the storm clouds have arrived in Cincinnati as the Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer is said to be on the cusp of demanding a trade from the team and away from the organization completely. Well considering how bad the season went for the team and Palmer in particular one shouldn’t really view this as a surprise. The former Pro Bowl quarterback hasn’t been anywhere near consistent this past season and if anything the team itself was something a great disappointment last season. And for coach Marvin Lewis and his coaching staff even with the changes set to be taking place it seems highly unlikely that the player will still want to remain with a team that was so haphazard and if anything so mediocre !


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Statistically this team simply didn’t measure up even coming off a season where they were the AFC North champions in 2009. However this season has anything but that where the Bengals simply were monstrous posting a 4-12 record within the AFC North . And even with the questionable play of Palmer you can’t but question also the lackadaisical effort forthcoming from Chad Ochocinco a player who if anything simply was nowhere to be seen for much of the season and in part it may well play its own part in not only the decision from Palmer but also with the front office also looking to possibly cut Ochocinco or quite possibly deal him during the upcoming NFL Draft in April.

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Brown: Bengals won’t trade QB Palmer or hire coach Childress

The Cincinnati Bengals aren’t willing to trade Carson Palmer , who wants to leave one of the NFL’s least-successful franchises while he’s still in his prime.

Bengals owner Mike Brown said Monday that the 31-year-old quarterback asked for a trade a little more than a week ago. Brown told Palmer that the team wouldn’t trade him because he’s central to its plans.

“He was told that, and that we count on him going forward,” Brown told The Cincinnati Enquirer and the team’s website Monday. “He was told that we are not in a position to trade him.”

The franchise quarterback evidently decided it’s time to leave his mess of a team.

Palmer hasn’t talked to the media since making his trade request. A text message seeking comment wasn’t returned.

Palmer’s agent, David Dunn, issued a statement Monday about the meeting between his client and Brown:

“Carson met with Bengals owner Mike Brown recently. They both expressed profound disappointment in how the team fared last season, and in how it has generally performed during Carson’s tenure with the team. Because of the lack of success that Carson and the Bengals have experienced together, Carson strongly feels that a separation between him and the Bengals would be in the best interest of both parties. Carson could not respect the Brown family any more than he does or be more appreciative of what the Browns have done for him and his wife Shaelyn and his family.”

Palmer was the franchise’s building block when it made him the first overall draft pick in 2003, Marvin Lewis’ first season as coach. Palmer led the Bengals to the playoffs in 2005 and 2009 — their only winning records in the last 20 years — and rebounded from severe knee and elbow injuries along the way.

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For all of the disappointment of the Bengals it can’t have been to pleasing for the fans to see their divisional rivals the Pittsburgh Steelers make it to Superbowl 45 (SBXLV) where they’ll face the Green Bay Packers at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington , Texas . Whatever lies ahead in the future for the Bengals it appears that Palmer wants no part of it and considering that it was said to be touch and go as to whether or not Marvin Lewis would return for next season it was something of a surprise when it was announced that he’d return and would also be in receipt of a contract extension also. It was clear that the Bengals’ front office felt it was a necessity to retain their coach even under the cloud of suspicion that this might well have been his last season with the team. Instead he’ll be given the chance to see if he can resurrect their fortunes and somehow turn things around.

Perhaps the one bright spot in the season for the Bengals was the play of Terrell Owens and the fact that he was the team’s leading offensive weapon during the year. And with Owens now being a free agent this offseason he may well have played himself back into contention and within the good graces of a number of teams around the NFL who might well be looking for a wide receiver to complement a young receiving corps in need of some veteran experience and leadership. Owens was the consummate professional through much of the season and played with a great deal of eagerness in order to prove himself not only to the fans in Cincinnati but also to general fans across the NFL.

Within the AFC North not only will the Bengals have to contend with the Pittsburgh Steelers , but also the ever consistent Baltimore Ravens and in state rivals the Cleveland Browns who after their own horrendous season have made changes within their coaching staff with the firing of former coach Eric Mangini by team President Mike Holmgren . For their part the Browns are now work in progress as Holmgren and the front office look to reassess the playing staff and the direction that the team is going in. This much we do know the only way is up for the Cleveland Browns after a disastrous season in 2010.

As to what the future now holds for Carson Palmer this much is most certainly clear should the Bengals entertain the idea of perhaps acquiescing to the player’s request then they can certainly look to use the player as a pawn in the upcoming NFL Draft with a view to moving higher and obtaining prized asset that would most certainly complement the team . Palmer’s career if anything has proven that he’s a good player in the right type of environment and situation. Within Bengals’ organization if anything, the environment there certainly wasn’t conducive to him being able to produce and it certainly hadn’t helped that Marvin Lewis had lost sight of his objectives and lost complete control of the team both on and off the field . That’s why from my perspective I thought it something of a shock that the front office had sought to retain him, while offering him an additional one year contract extension !



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The Cincinnati Bengals no one can deny have been utter and complete mess over the last few years even with a divisional title under their belt last year. This much is true however, an organization is only as good as the leadership provided from the executive level on down. And in the case of the Bengals there’s been little if any leadership from anyone with the authority to lead. Certainly not from Palmer , himself, who’d been often described as the face of the franchise , and there had been even less leadership from Marvin Lewis , who if anything just seemed to be going through the motions of being a coach and at the same time being so nonchalant. As to the Bengals’ ownership led by Mike Brown , and GM Jim Lippincott and Pete Pete Brown , VP of Player Personnel Operations . Well let’s just say that in terms of leadership there , it’s not akin to the rather somewhat asinine and tactless leadership we now see being conveyed by Congress , Senate and the President’s ——- administration combined. Where the option has been to try and put out fires when they themselves were the very same idiots who lit the match that caused the fire to begin with. That’s not leadership but mere stupidity and naivete being shown and it has become something that seems to be spreading across the league and political landscape ! Simply look at the teams at the bottom rung of the league , how they’ve fared this past season and ask yourself what indeed went wrong within those organizations ? Much of it may well have had to do with poor play on the field but I bet that you will also find that there was a complete lack of accountability and leadership where it mattered most , and that’s from within the front offices on down to the coaching staff and players !

What thoughts if any do you have on the impending future of the Bengals and that of their starting quarterback Carson Palmer ? Do you feel that the team will entertain the player’s idea of trading him or will they retain the player by your way of thinking ? Simply chime on in with a comment as to your thoughts on the matter and any other topic as it relates to the NFL.

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(1) This Dec.26, 2010 file photo shows Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer (9) smiling in the closing seconds of their 34-20 win over the San Diego Chargers in an NFL football game in Cincinnati. Bengals owner Mike Brown says he won’t trade Palmer. Brown said on Monday that Palmer met with him a little more than a week ago and asked to be traded. Brown told Palmer that he wouldn’t consider it because the quarterback is central to the team’s plans. He plans to talk to Palmer again to try to smooth over their differences. AP Photo/David Kohl ……..

Baltimore , Md ,. January 2nd 2011 . Carson Palmer (9) of the Cincinnati Bengals fumbles the ball with less than two minutes to go in the game against the Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium on January 2, 2011 in Baltimore, Maryland. The Ravens defeated the Bengals 13-6. (Photo by Larry French/Getty Images ………

(3) Head coach Marvin Lewis of the Cincinnati Bengals coaches against the Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium on January 2, 2011 in Baltimore, Maryland. The Ravens defeated the Bengals 13-6 . Photo by Larry French/Getty Images ……….

(4) Ray Rice (27) of the Baltimore Ravens scores his team’s only touchdown against the Cincinnati Bengals at M&T Bank Stadium on January 2, 2011 in Baltimore, Maryland. The Ravens defeated the Bengals 13-6. Photo by Larry French/Getty Images ……….

(5) Carson Palmer (9) of the Cincinnati Bengals passes against the Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium on January 2, 2011 in Baltimore, Maryland. The Ravens lead the Bengals 6-0 at the half. Photo by Larry French/Getty Images ………

(6) Terrell Owens (81) of the Cincinnati Bengals runs with the ball during the NFL game against the New Orleans Saints at Paul Brown Stadium on December 5, 2010 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Saints won 34-30. Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images ………

(7) Chad Ochocinco (85) of the Cincinnati Bengals is tackled by Tracy Porter (22)of the New Orleans Saints during the NFL game at Paul Brown Stadium on December 5, 2010 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Saints won 34-30. Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images ……

[8] Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis, right, listens to Bengals owner Mike Brown speak at a news conference where it was announced Lewis had signed a contract extension with the NFL football team, Tuesday, Jan. 4, 2011, in Cincinnati. AP Photo/Al Behrman ………..

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Around The World Of Sports And The News In General

Around The World Of Sports And The News In General ………….

Well after the NBA All Star Weekend , the absolute over-hyping of the festivities and the uninspirational events themselves. The regular season of the NBA has resumed. First and foremost, the shock of hearing that Denver Nuggets’ coach George Karl will have to undergo chemotherapy for the treatment of throat cancer puts everything into perspective. It reminds us all of our own imperfections and our mortality. It must no doubt come as a complete shock the Nuggets’ players , as well as the entire organization , from the ownership of Stanley Kroenke on down to the very fans, themselves.

As to how this might all impact the Nuggets’ season remains to be seen. But I’m sure that Karl’s coaching staff and players will be able to carry on as he undergoes his medical treatment. Hopefully this will all lead to a speedy recovery and the total removal of the cancer . Karl has undergone a great deal in terms of his health over the past few years. As recently as 2008 , he underwent treatment for prostate cancer and that has since become benign and in remission.

The Portland Traliblazers in the hope of making a late surge in terms of their placement seeding in the Western Conference standings, have acquired Marcus Camby from the Los Angeles Clippers in exchange for Steve Blake and Travis Outlaw . This immediately impacts the Trailblazers on both ends of the floor , with having a player of Camby’s caliber , who’ll provide them with steady defense and some offense, as needs be. With the loss of both Greg Oden and Joel Pryzbilla, the team was in need of a ‘true center’. Camby can play the position with a great amount of deftness. And for coach Nate McMillan , this may well provide him that missing piece to the jig-saw.

It would appear that the Cleveland Cavaliers’ hierarchy is unsure of entering the fray and acquiring Suns’ center/power-forward Amar’e Stoudemire . It’s been widely reported that both LeBron James and Shaquille O’Neal would welcome the player within the Cavaliers’ organization. And if anything with the team acquiring Stoudemire. It would no doubt make them the ‘prohibitive favorites’ in the Eastern Conference, ahead of both the Boston Celtics and the Orlando Magic. The sticking point may well be whether or not the player will commit to signing a long term contract with the team, as he’s now in the last season of his present contract, which pays him $17 million for the 2010 season. Never mind the fact, with the ongoing negotiations between the league’s hierarchy (NBA) and the Players’ Union (NBPA). The very fact that the league and its owners are said to be looking for a broad based 20 % cut in the league’s operating costs. This will no doubt put a great deal of responsibility on how a number of teams will now go about replenishing their existing rosters and how they come to dealing with their impending free agents. Salaries asides, the players have an obligation to listen to whatever the league is proposing before placing their own offer to the league’s management committee and David Stern.

The tensions between the two sides has been heightened by the distrust between Stern and his union counterpart, NBPA Executive Director, Billy Hunter. If these two individuals can’t sit down and discuss their grievances with some accord . Then there’s every reason to believe that the impasse between the two sides will end up in a major labor dispute leading to the possible shutting down of the NBA. Greed has a way of bringing out the worst in people no matter what your original perception of them might’ve been. In the case of both the players and the league , they’re essentially no different from the guys who run the ‘boiler rooms’ that promote the nefarious insider trader dealings, that we’ve all so often have hear about. Stern and the owners would have you believe otherwise. Would you trust him anymore than you’d trust ‘the word’ of your state Senator or Congressman ? Think about it before you answer ?

Fact or fiction? The latest word coming out of the Minnesota Vikings’ front office , is that they’re prepared to wait right up until the OTA’s (organized training activities) start for players – for the return of Brett Favre to the team . But is said to be pressing his local congressman to initiate a bill in the House , for it to be further endorsed and passed in the Senate , that would raise the retirement age for men. Brett it is rumored, wants to play until age 75 ? The sad fact is , this will be how the off-season in the NFL will play out. The never-ending stories as to …’will he or won’t he’ scenario as to Brett Favre, will provide more of an impact than the upcoming NFL Draft, itself. The fact that once again the indecision of the player and with him in essence holding the Vikings hostage speaks volumes as to the real persona of the player to begin with. What’s even more astounding has been the gullibility of the players on the Vikings’ roster. They’ve lauded the player because of their success this past season , never once thinking as to what the future may well bear , should things not have gone as they no doubt predicted and wanted. Now their obvious self-centered antics and the fact that their post-season display showed us how much of a fraud they were. They’re either wanting hang Favre from the highest rafters or they’re prepared to wait for whatever decision is forthcoming from the player ? One has to ask the question of Vikings’ coach Brad Childress and team owner Zygi Wilf. Did they not foresee any of this happening in the off-season ?

Where would we all be without Brett re-retiring ? How much more and longer can the human psyche take of this crap ?

As to the ‘paeans’ within ESPN , I’m sure that they’ll devote a great deal of coverage to this one story, as if it were of grave importance to the nation. I’d hate to think how the likes of Chris Mortensen and John Clayton would conduct their work day if the ‘Favre saga’ weren’t in existence ? But then again, this is the gristle that burns the fires of the ‘so called stories’ that ESPN feels is newsworthy and worth bringing to an audience.

So let me get this straight, having come off a great regular season, only to succumb to the New York Jets in the wild-card round (24-14) of the playoffs like a porn star in the midst of several sex toys. The Cincinnati Bengals thought it worthwhile to bring in both Matt Jones and his namesake, Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones for tryouts. Both players have ran afoul of the law and their play if anything hasn’t been anywhere near what was expected from players who were said to be talented ? Matt Jones the former Jaguars’ wide receiver was signed to a one year incentive laden contract. ‘Pacman’ Jones for his part proved to be not as successful. That latter scenario shouldn’t surprise anyone, given the player’s lack of productivity with the Dallas Cowboys. But then we are talking about America’s Team where everything that glistens just doesn’t happen to be gold. More like a shade of rat’s urine by my way of thinking ! And where for Jerry Jones having built a $1.65 billion monstrosity , he can’t put together a team worth shit !

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Reports: Bengals sign Matt Jones, pass on ‘Pacman’ after workout

From Wire reports

Matt Jones found his second chance with a team known for giving them.

The former Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver signed a one-year deal Friday to join the Bengals, according to multiple published reports. The Cincinnati Enquirer reported the deal is worth worth around $700,000. The Bengals’ official Web site reported the deal likely will be close to minimum salary with incentives.

“He’s had troubles like Chris (Henry), but I give (team president) Mike Brown credit,” Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco told the team’s Web site. “He’s not afraid to give people second chances.

“I just want to say, ‘Thank you.’ Matt can play. I think it’s great. He’s fast as hell and he (doesn’t drop anything). He gives us height and that is something we’ve been missing a little without Chris. He gives us a presence and another weapon for Carson (Palmer) to use.”

The move is a low-risk agreement similar to the one that brought troubled running back Larry Johnson to Cincinnati for the last half of the 2009 season.

Jones, who’s 6-foot-6 and regarded as a speedy red-zone threat, also had an offer from the Tennessee Titans, according to various media outlets.

The Bengals’ official site had reported that Jones worked out for the team Thursday, and former Ohio State quarterback Todd Boeckman threw him passes. Former Titans and Dallas Cowboys cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones, who like Matt Jones has a checkered past and didn’t play last season, also worked out for the Bengals but reportedly wasn’t offered a contract.

Since Matt Jones didn’t play last season, he can sign with a team before the March 5 start of free agency.

The Bengals’ priority during the offseason is to improve a passing game that ranked 26th in the NFL despite a full season from quarterback Carson Palmer. The Bengals lost T.J. Houshmandzadeh to the Seattle Seahawks in free agency after the 2008 season and tried to replace him with Laveranues Coles, who struggled. Chris Henry broke his arm and later died after a fall from a truck during a domestic dispute.

Jones was the Jaguars’ first-round draft pick in 2005, but he started just five games in his first three seasons. His best season came in 2008, when he had a career-high 65 catches for 761 yards. He also was arrested in Arkansas and charged with cocaine possession in July of that year.

In a plea agreement, Jones was ordered to participate in a league-sponsored program that provides substance-abuse counseling. He also had to undergo random drug tests. The NFL suspended Jones for the final three games of the 2008 season for violating its substance-abuse policy.

The Jaguars waived Jones last March after he was jailed for violating his plea agreement. Jones failed an alcohol screening and told a judge that he drank beer while golfing with friends.

Jones has 166 receptions for 2,153 yards and 15 touchdowns in four NFL seasons. He played quarterback at the University of Arkansas, but the Jaguars moved him to receiver after drafting him.


Having lost Chris Henry to his untimely death . One can well understand the team’s need to have another offensive presence on the Bengals’ roster. But the the lack of productivity from both Chad Ochocinco and that of running back Larry Johnson , showed us how one dimensional and uncreative this Marvin Lewis’ coached team had become. And with the return to form of Carson Palmer , the failure of the Bengals was only heightened by their poor post-season showing. This had to have proven to be a great disappointment to the Bengals’ fans and to the ‘front office’ of the organization .

It’ll be interesting to see how Matt Jones acclimatizes himself within the organization. And at the same time the mindset has to be for Bengals’ owner Mike Brown and that of his general partners. The thought is , that this may well be the last chance for Marvin Lewis to prove his worth as the coach. It’s safe to say that another poor showing and the only option left to Brown will be Lewis’ abrupt departure at the owner’s behest.

It’s not often that I revise my decision concerning an organization. But that very thought is now on my mind when I look at the Oklahoma City Thunder of the Western Conference of the NBA. My reasons behind this, was the reprehensible way in which the city of Seattle was treated not just by the current ownership of the Thunder under the auspices of Clay Bennett. But the whole subterfuge created by David Stern and the half-truths told by ‘he’ , Bennett and the NBA hierarchy in trying to coerce the city to build a new facility for the team at their own expense. When an amicable agreement couldn’t reached between the two parties concerned. In this case the Seattle Supersonics (Thunders’ previous persona) and the city, a financial settlement was reached, wherein, the Sonics left the city altogether, for the state of Oklahoma and that city bearing its name.

Oklahoma City- <strong> Kevin Durant<em> (#35)</em></strong>  of the Oklahoma City Thunder and Thunder fans celebrate the victory over the Dallas Mavericks on February 16, 2010 at the Ford Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  The Thunder defeated  the Mavericks <strong> 99-86 </strong>. photo  appears  courtesy  of  NBAE/ Getty  Images/ Lane Murdoch  .................
Oklahoma City- Kevin Durant (#35) of the Oklahoma City Thunder and Thunder fans celebrate the victory over the Dallas Mavericks on February 16, 2010 at the Ford Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The Thunder defeated the Mavericks 99-86 . photo appears courtesy of NBAE/ Getty Images/ Lane Murdoch .................

Thunder GM Sam Presti struck lightning in a bottle with the drafting of former Longhorns’ player Kevin Durant. And with Durant alongside Nick Collison , Jeff Green and Russell Westbrook , this ‘Thunder team’ has been one of the truly pleasant surprises of the NBA season. And for team head coach, Scott Brooks ,this has to be even more than he could’ve dreamed of in his second year as an NBA coach. Not only that but Brooks has his team playing a solid brand of entertaining basketball. And the home fans are only too eager and pleased to see their team play. Furthermore , the Oklahoma City Thunder in their new guise, might just be on the cusp of making the post-season and garnering a berth in the playoffs. At present they hold the 5th best record within the conference with a mark of 31-21 (ten games over .500).

Any team within the conference who might view the Thunder as a ‘soft target’ and ripe for the taking should be aware that they’re not as soft a touch as some might believe them to be. They’ve more than held their own against many of the heavyweights within the conference . And in some cases they’ve actually upended those teams with a more than a deserving win. And at the center of this all , has been Kevin Durant. Were this not any other season wherein , the play and form of Kobe Bryant and LeBron James weren’t at their very best. Then quite possibly Durant would be unanimously be on the ballot as the top player and an almost certain league MVP winner. But I’m sure at some point in his future that will be one of the accolades that the player will have adorning his trophy cabinet. But for the moment his exhilarating play has fans across the NBA admiring his skill-set and overall talent. And he has now accomplished what neither Bryant or James have yet to do in their storied careers. That is to post 25 consecutive games of scoring at least 20 points or more. That has been the prowess shown by Durant throughout much this regular season. And if you were under the mistaken thought that his talents were only at the offensive end of the court. Then you’d be sadly mistaken as the players knows how to get his hands dirty in making his defensive presence known. He leads by example and his teammates willingly follow.

Now it’s too late but the once beloved Tiger Woods will speak publicly for the first time , since the brouhaha over his numerous extra marital affairs. Hey Tiger, screw one skank , live like a King, screw several of them along with a couple of porn stars. Then I suggest you see your general practitioner as a safe bet. What else can this a_shole say that will deflect any of the attention that he’s been receiving courtesy of the print , tv media as well as the paparazzi ? They haven’t had this much excitement since Gary Hart and his infamous statement concerning Donna Rice ….’catch me if you can ? What a friggin’ moron ! I’d now put Tiger up there in the same atmosphere as Hart , as to his sheer stupidity and naivete’ !

Courtesy of Associated Press and Yahoo Sports

Tiger to end months of silence on Friday

By Doug Ferguson , AP Golf Writer

Marana, Ariz. (AP)—Tiger Woods will end nearly three months of silence Friday when he speaks publicly for the first time since his middle-of-the-night car accident sparked stunning revelations of infidelity.

However, his agent said Woods will not take any questions from a small group of media.

“This is not a press conference,” Mark Steinberg said Wednesday.

It will be Woods’ first public appearance since Nov. 27, when he crashed his SUV into a tree outside his Florida home. Woods’ only comments since then have been made through his Web site.

Steinberg said Woods is to speak at 11 a.m. Friday from the clubhouse at the TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., home of the PGA Tour.

In the days before Woods’ accident, a National Enquirer story alleged the world’s No. 1 golfer had been seeing a New York nightclub hostess. Following the crash, a stream of women came forward to claim they had romantic relationships with Woods.

Woods admitted to “infidelity” in a statement on his Web site in mid-December and has been on an indefinite break from golf ever since.

“I am deeply aware of the disappointment and hurt that my infidelity has caused to so many people, most of all my wife and children,” Woods said at the time. “I want to say again to everyone that I am profoundly sorry and that I ask forgiveness. It may not be possible to repair the damage I’ve done, but I want to do my best to try.”

While I once was an avid follower of Tiger and the sport. With his fall from grace my interest in the sport has completely waned. If nothing else I probably won’t even take that much of an interest concerning his impending return to the Tour. But it’s pretty much safe to say that his peers in the game as well as PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem , will welcome him back with open arms. As to the corporate sponsors of the Tour and Tiger’s own commercial endorsers. They no doubt will see this as something of a god-send , as well as a blight. They’ll sell their products as always and Tiger will be there front and center , as their favorite ad-man on the move. TV ratings will spike, once Woods is back on the Tour and I’m sure so, too ,will a new cast of buxom beauties looking to be added to Tiger’s ever increasing number of ‘skanks’ , who’ve come forward to say that they’ve had sex with the golfer. There’s nothing ‘like laying the wood to some rough’, especially ‘some prime piece of rough’ of the female variety as the case maybe and dependent upon how one views these women ? Safe to say though, that each of the now 21 women that’ve come forward to parlay their stories into seeking some sort of fame and fortune , will be looking to the likes of Larry King and Gloria Allred to provide them with a ‘voice’. Whoever says that sex doesn’t sell ought to consult Allred and these women for advice !

Alex Rodriguez’s memory, much like his already well documented private life has been filled with flaws and a great deal of lies. A-Rod’s cousin ‘Papi Chulo’ must be now wishing to lay into the player’s ass ! Oh Alex, you lie so well ! Asshole ! Something that Tiger could learn from ?

Woods’ impending return to the PGA Tour will be provide its corporate sponsors and the associated industries that derive much of their business from the Tour with a great deal of joy. There’s going to be a great deal of heartache for the player, as the fans will no doubt mock him. At the same time those who are forgiving of the player may well come out to show their support for Woods. But I think that in all probability, it will be a considerable amount of time before the nation , let alone fans of the PGA Tour will be all that forgiving of the golf superstar.

Well here ends my take guys on the world of sports and some of its news in general. Anything that has happened recently that has caught your attention that you also may well feel is a ripe topic for discussion ? Chime on in with a comment and your very own take. Thanks as always !

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