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And This Is Meant To Do What ?

And This Is Meant To Do What ?

Now it cannot have escaped most of you that a statue was erected to honor MLB Commissioner Allan “Bud” Selig and his contributions to the sport of baseball. Now while I find this mildly amusing I also find it to be an absolute insult to the fans of the game and about as meaningful as suggesting that an statue ought to be erected to honor the deeds of Benedict Arnold . But I digress only the idiot team owners within baseball and in particular those within the front office of the Milwaukee Brewers could have been stupid enough to deem this to be a worthwhile gesture to a man who has done about as much for the game as Arnold did in trying to get the British to still remain as rulers of the US colonies . The life size statue erected outside Miller Park in Milwuakee will be a constant reminder to the fans there of what Selig supposedly meant to them as an owner. I’d can only hope that any pigeons other avian species flying within close proximity of the statue make a deposit of fecal matter upon Selig’s likeness in order to show how the vast majority of fans feel about the commissioner !


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While no one denies that Selig has brought about changes in the game the truth of the matter is other than his rather asinine steroid policy and that of the intoduction of the wildcard playoff system Selig’s legacy will be remembered as one of controversy and the mere fact that he has presided over one of the most corrupt enterprises that there now is in the country. Anyone who believes otherwise really needs to wake up and smell the damn coffee ! MLB may well be a multi-billion dollar business industry with its tentacles now reaching far beyond these shores as it seeks mass market appeal abroad . But what Selig , the hierarchy of the game and his own personal “inner circle” has been able to achieve while remaining far more secretive than anyone can imagine would suggest that cartels such as the Colombian , Mexican drug empires and their leaders could learn a great deal from the commissioner and his subordinates.

While not wanting to state the obvious but none of this could have been done without the able assistance of both the House of Representatives and Senate who each in their own way have made this all possible with the anti-trust exemption and the overly generous tax exemptions that the teams can attain courtesy of the House Oversight Committee and of the House Ways And Means Committe ____ the latter who oversees and writes many of the tax laws which has in many ways created the tax loopholes that they now would decry because revenues to the IRS are said to be on the decline . Well who’d have thought that when these idiots were the ones who continuously find ways to rewrite and finagle the laws that now stretch to several thousand pages and which has as much legalese terms that would befuddle a tenured law professor ?

Now while accolades and honors are bestowed upon individuals for their deeds to a certain cause. I find it somewhat galling that Selig should have this honor bestowed upon him but yet Pittsburgh Pirates’ great Roberto Clemente cannot have his baseball number retired or even a statuette placed in his honor at PNC Park ! Somehow things seem to be skewered here given the sacrifices made by the former baseball great but I guess Selig and his loyal band followers feel that he’s far more deserving of this honor than anything that they would feel is more appropriate for Clemente ? Oh the sheer and simple idiocy of it all ! But this is what baseball has become about ! Backslapping and glad handing those who aren’t really deserving of an honor but it’s done because , it’s meant to show that all is right with the game and for the sheer sake of the fans it’s meant to draw them in further.

Now if anything Selig will deem it a privilege and honor that this has been bestowed upon him but as I alluded to earlier I sincerely hope that a number of avian species will find their mark with aeronautic precision when they choose to deposit some fecal matter from their lower extremities . Think of it as a dog using a fire hydrant as its calling hard while it urinates on that actual being ? I trust that the janitorial staff there at Miller Park will be gainfully employed and well compensated for their time when it comes to cleaning up that mess !

With recent leaked documents concerning the financial dealings of the Pirates —— Florida Marlins and Tampa Bay Rays and the profits earned by of the ballclubs in question. We’ve yet to hear a public utterance from Selig or from anyone within commissioner’s office . It were as if they’d rather this all go away but as of now the shit has hit the proverbial fan and the fallout from this all that present seems to be minuscule . It could well lead to a number of questions being asked of the teams around Major League Baseball and how many of them truly derive of their profits . It is becoming increasingly clear that much of that isn’t from standard operational business practices but more out of creative accounting and the monies given to the so called small market teams whose goal it is to bolster their rosters as mandated by the commissioner’s office. If any of the belief that this has actually been happening then one simply has to look at what has transpired within the Marlins and Pirates’ organization and the backtracking that has taken place by the respective owners of those two teams. Both Robert Nutting and Jeffrey Loria have been recluctant to answer questions head that have been posed to them on . But what might be even more exacerbating has been the stance taken by Selig , himself. No sense of consternation or of him being actually peturbed by this all, as he has simply looked the other way and the other owners around the league have remained ominously silent about it all. One gets the impression that they actually couldn’t give a shit at all as they know that they have the pocket books of the fans to fall back on as a way and means of recouping that money. And that clearly will be the action taken by the big market teams who bear the burden of the tax that they’re assessed in order that the small market teams can survive.

The fact that Selig is being honored in such a way is rather asinine ! But one can simply view it as showing how really out of touch with reality that the game of baseball really is. Instead of dealing with the real issues within its sport , Selig , the owners and the players but perhaps even more so the MLBPA (union) led by Michael Weiner would rather portray themselves that the sport that the nation became so enamored with and where its history is littered with heroic feats by legends whose names have become synonymous not just with the sport but also with the fabric of society. And unfortunately for us this gesture is meaningless and simply shows once again the values espoused are cheap and trite . Under Selig’s tenure the game has become a joke wherein it is now the fans that are having to bear the brunt of the stupidity and the larcenous fraud that has been perpetrated upon us all. Anyone who believes otherwise either has their head buried in the sand and is utterly too naive and stupid to complain.



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What thoughts if any do have one Selig receiving the honor of having a statue placed outside Miller Park in his name ? Do you feel it is justified and warranted ? Bear in mind also that Selig has stated he doesn’t feel it necessary to retire Clemente’s number given the player’s philanthropy and the way in which he lost his life. If anyone is actually due such an honor in having a statue in his honor do you not believe that it should be Roberto Clemente ? Chime in with your thoughts on the matter and as always thanks for the continued support as it’s greatly appreciated !


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