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Better The Devil You Know Than The One You Don’t Or Is It ?

Better The Devil You Know Than The One You Don’t Or Is It ?

Better the devil you know than the one you don’t….. they say and in many ways that might just be true. Given the fact that we’re now seeing a great deal of unrest within the NFL and quite possibly the NBA in its imminent future . I’ve got say that I’m completely surprised with the ease at which MLB is now transitioning itself from Spring Training to the commencement of its regular season on the 31st March , 2011 . I suppose we’ve all got to grateful and thankful for MLB Commissioner Bud Selig and the somewhat smooth transition for the situation ?


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We’ve all seen for ourselves the unrest now taking place between the NFL and the game’s players represented by the NFLPA . And with there now being a league enforced work stoppage and the impending litigation process to take place within the US Federal Court System it has me wondering where are the current leaders of tomorrow for the respective sports that we’ve all in some ways either come to love or hate ? NBA Commissioner David Stern has been in place the NBA’ commissioner for twenty five years and having come from a legal background as a lawyer it’d be only natural to think that any successor to Stern might from within the league’s own hierarchy or a prominent lawyer from inside the beltway with known connections to Stern and quite possibly members up on Capitol Hill. That was most certainly the case with Roger Goodell when he succeeded Paul Tagliabue as NFL Commissioner. Goodell and the league NFL President and present Chief legal counsel Jeff Pash are protege`s of Tagliabue while he was commissioner of the NFL and also when he was first a practicing lawyer with the law firm Covington &Burling LLP . Tagliabue a founding partner in the firm has since returned to his old stomping ground to practice law on a somewhat limited basis with the firm.

Goodell for his part after his initial first two years in office he now seems to have hit a brick wall in his dealings with the union and in doing so he’s coming across as something of a bumbling idiot whereas his opposite number with the NFLPA , Executive Director DeMaurice Smith has been able to articulate the union's points with clear clarification leaving no one with any doubt that they’re not the culprits here but it’s the league and the owners who are trying to paint a very different picture of the stance being taken by the players. Personally I’m not about to take sides on the issue , except to say that the childlike immaturity that has been shown by those sides during the negotiations borders on being downright infantile and totally below anything I’d have expected from either party ! But that’s what tends to happen when you have a bunch of multi-millionaire players and multi-billionaire owners fighting like rabid dogs over the scraps left at the dinner table. Only the scraps isn’t in fact leftovers from a meal but how to split $ 9 billion ($ 9,000,000,000) evenly amongst the two sides . Have you ever seen or heard anything so ridiculous in all of your life ?

Now when it comes to David Stern you either love him or hate him . He’s something of a chameleon as to the way he wants to be perceived by the fans and public alike and when it comes to the photo-op whereby he can even outshine the elite players within the NBA , let’s just say that is when the commissioner is at his very best it’s very difficult to actually ignore him . Twenty five years as commissioner of the league has seen expansion , as to the number of the teams within the NBA and the gross revenues of the league as business concern. And that could not have been done without the ascension of Michael Jordan and his becoming the face of the NBA globally and still being a marketing phenomenon to this day even after his retirement almost a decade ago . The league hierarchy under Stern’s tenure has shaped the league and its brand not just domestically but also on a global scale . And it might just be next to soccer the most popular sport on the planet and that is with due respect to baseball .

From a league whose revenues could be counted in the tens of millions each year____ the NBA is now a $4.5 billion —- $6 billion ($4,500,000,000 —- $6,000,000,000) a year enterprise that is still growing globally but if anything it may well have hit its saturation point within the North American market. And it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that even with introduction of the D League or Development League as it is more commonly known , David Stern has hinted that he’d some day like to see an expansion franchise outside North America , either in Europe or South America. Pardon me , for saying this but as popular as the sport may well be , and the fact that the league though headquartered in New York City , any thought of adding a franchise in either of the two regions mentioned would not only prove costly but somewhat of a gamble on the part of the NBA. Both Europe and South America already have an established presence of professional leagues and teams albeit that the players there see the NBA as their envy and a professional wish to play in the most competitive and athletic league on the planet. But the risks for them don’t outweigh the rewards whereas for the NBA that would clearly be the case in setting up a fledgling franchise anywhere around the globe. And what the NBA hierarchy may not have also taken into account is that soccer as such is very much the predominant pastime of many sport’s fans within the regions mentioned. As I alluded to earlier the risks outweigh the advantages and with there being a great deal at stake monetarily any plan put into operation would have to thought out and enacted.

We saw the death knell given to the NFL’s decade plus long experiment in Europe with NFL Europe, which is said to have cost the league in excess of $100 million and at the end of the day it simply had nothing at all tangible to show for it. Remarkably though the NBA hasn’t set its sights that high but what it has done is to have offices in Europe , the Far East , and in South America, working in conjunction with numerous partners in those regions to get the game more widely accepted and established. Is it any wonder during the Beijing Olympics Team USA was the talk and toast of the town as its litany of NBA stars were accepted by the masses and wherein audiences for their games during the tournament were in front of sold-out crowds ? Albeit that the NBA worked in conjunction with USA Basketball and the association’s director Jerry Colangelo to establish a real presence and resurrect the appeal of the team after their most recent disappointments on the international stage competitively.

Perhaps it’s too early to talk about David Stern stepping down as NBA Commissioner and though he hasn’t stated when he’s likely to step down from the position as the game’s highest ranking official. It has to be said that he hasn’t groomed an heir apparent nor has he suggested who he’d like to see succeed him in that office. I’d dare say that’d be a decision left to the owners within the league who will likely search for someone with a similar vain to succeed Stern at the time he chooses to step down. From my own perspective while I’ve admired David Stern’s business acumen I’ve got admit I do not admire his autocratic style of running the NBA . Granted , he’s made the league a great deal of money over the years but at the same time he’s made a number of mistakes that at one time or another have come back to bite the league in the proverbial ass, much to the annoyance of the fans and the journalists who cover the NBA. His adoption of a code of conduct and dress code was one of the many things he’s done right but at the same time he stooped to the lowest common denominator in trying to make the league on appearance seem ethnic in terms of marketing it to a wider demographic , particularly amongst young African American males and other ethnic minorities. It may well have been one of the biggest faux-pas on Stern’s part during his tenure. And his intransigence in not wanting to adopt a much sterner drug policy within the league while all the while trying to use the league’s selling point that at the time it had one of the sternest testing policies within all of major sports. Players weren’t being tested for marijuana , but were being tested for certain opiates, iliecit narcotics and steroids. Do I need to go any further with this ? Or is it plain to see who held the upper hand with regard to that specific issue ? It …… certainly wasn’t Stern or the owners ! The players obviously balked at that idea and may have made their feelings felt through the their union the NBPA and their Executive Director Billy Hunter

Then you also had the image policy as it related to the players’ conduct. The very fact that David Stern has been so inconsistent there as to the punishment at times meted out , that it certainly had me believing that not unlike the NCAA and its own idiotic policies as it relates to meting out what’s deemed appropriate punishment , here too the NBA picks and chooses who they necessarily want to make an example of as a deterrent to others. And perhaps another of Stern’s biggest flaw is the fact that he believes implicitly in the officials who officiate the games in the regular and NBA postseason. As we’ve all seen over the years their mistakes during and in the postseason have become not merely a talking point amongst the fans but a complete embarrassment to the league when it’s clear that they’ve done an abysmal job of officiating a game. Stern simply cannot accept that they are flawed individuals in terms of their on-court performances and any public criticism of the officials is often followed with a hefty financial punishment of the critic in question. .

Should the NBA commissioner choose to step down in the imminent future then I’d like for the person who succeeds him to use due diligence when it comes to all matters and simply not laud of the league as if it were their own personal fiefdom . That clearly has been the case with David Stern as he ruled the NBA , where from his early days of running the league , as he saw his influence grow and the money that was to be made he certainly made sure nothing stood in his way even if it meant having to turn a once trusted ally into an enemy. There may well be a number people around the league who’ve a great deal of admiration for the commissioner and many of them may well have some very flattering and reverential things to say about him . But I can only assume that neither Mark Cuban or Stan Van Gundy would be atop of that list in their view of Stern as an executive who’s said to be impartial.

Of all the high ranking officials within the four major sports I don’t know if anyone has alienated and has been more disliked by the fans than Bud Selig. From interim commissioner to now having held the position full time , Selig has managed to assume the role of class clown and idiot without ever having to bar an eyelid . It was if he were in character right from the start. And the very fact that he was once a team owner before succeeding Faye Vincent has me believing that the owners didn’t really cast their net all that far or wide in looking for a successor . All they seemingly wanted was someone who’d be at their beck and call as and when needed _ and who would try to put the Players’ Union (MLBPA) in its place. Which is akin to saying that we’ll hand a child a box of matches and see what happens next . You simply know that no good can from those actions.

As many of you know I think that Bud Selig is to baseball what the Congress , Senate and present administration are to the economic health of this country ……….. a complete and utter failure when it comes to dealing with its most inherent and acute issues. Selig for his part along with league hierarchy , owners and the union were complicit in covering up the steroid issue , and that’s even light of the statements made by Jose Canseco and the subsequent book published by Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams (co authors of Book of Shadows) . As I said at the time when those 105 names came up on the list of then alleged steroid users and the fact that the union and hierarchy were under the impression that the list once in their possession would be destroyed as they were essentially were the ones who requested the testing of the players. Instead they chose to retain those records and when supoenaed by the Justice Department cried foul as the agency used that information to try and make its still ongoing case against Barry Bonds . At what point does the idiocy stop with Bud Selig and the game’s hierarchy and common sense begin to set in and prevail ?

Beyond the steroid issue and the very fact that as a financial concern the game of baseball has some major imbalances that it seemingly doesn’t know how to handle or that they may well choose not to out of sheer ignorance. It’s extremely hard to envisage how the MLB commissioner can repeatedly state that the game is in a very healthy state when for years it has had to assist many of its small market teams merely stay afloat from a financial standpoint . In his almost two decades of holding the game’s highest executive position Bud Selig has brought being a simpleton and an idiot to an art form that could be only admired by the likes of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton were they alive !

Not only content with that issue Selig also looks to enforce his will on a team such as the Tampa Bay Rays by suggesting that they will never be able to stage an MLB All Star Game unless they have a new stadium built . But at no time has he or anyone within the game’s hierarchy come to their assistance in dealing with the politicians within the community at the municipal or state level to provide any type of input that would be of benefit to the organization and its owner Stuart Sternberg . Not only that Selig has also made a point of now pushing the issue to where it has now become something of an all consuming battle between the city of St Petersburg where the team resides at Tropicana Field and the organization (front office) itself. There seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel on this issue but and Selig continues to keep fanning the flames that has provided the discontent between the two factions on the matter.

What might be even more surprising in the midst of this all , while many teams within the league are suffering financially , the commissioner has been so well compensated over the last four years that he’d prove to be the envy of any senior banking executive on Wall Street. From 2006 to 2009 , Bud Selig earned in excess of $65 million accumulative in that span and it begs the question if he’s earning that much then why all the furor by St Louis Cardinals’ manager Tony La Russa belly aching over the team’s slugger Albert Pujols wanting to be well compensated for his productivity and what he means to the team and organization ?

It’s from the sublime to the ridiculous in all things related to Bud Selig and the game of baseball . Many have suggested that by initiating the wildcard system within the game it made it all the more suspenseful in terms of the postseason. And with the added incentive that whomever won the All Star Game between the AL and NL would gain home-field advantage throughout the postseason . True enough , that has been the case but all of that pales into comparison with Bud Selig’s inconsistencies and decision making on so many levels in terms where has gone wrong with many issues concerning the game . The negatives have far outweighed the positives in my belief and will continue to do so until he actually steps down from his role as commissioner.

The decision making as and when it starts prior to Bud Selig’s departure as to the list of candidates quite possibly interviewing for the position and then assuming the role may well be not necessarily a large one . But I’d like to think that whoever is chosen will be a vast improvement upon the present incumbent .



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At the time of either Bud Selig and David Stern stepping down from their respective positions do you believe that of their legacies will be well respected in terms of their overall achievements ? Or do you feel that the sooner their departure the better off both sports will be , no matter who assumes their roles as the respective commissioners of MLB and the NBA ? Merely leave a comment as to your thoughts on the topics raised in this piece.

Alan aka tophatal ……………………….



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(1) Commissioners Of Major Sport Leagues Attend Hearing On Capitol Hill L-R) National Hockey League Commissioner Gary Bettman, National Football League Players Association Executive Director Gene Upshaw,(now deceased – succeeded by DeMaurice Smith) National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell, National Basketball Association Commissioner David Stern, Major League Baseball Player Association Executive Director Donald Fehr (who now holds a similar position with the NHLPA ) and Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig testify before the US House Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade and Consumer Protection about the use of illegal performance-enhancing drugs in professional sports on Capitol Hill February 27, 2008 in Washington, DC. The subcommittee also heard testimony from officials from the US Olympic Committee, National Thoroughbred Racing and the US Anti-Doping Agency. Chip Smodoville /Getty Images North America ……….

(2) Team representative Tommy Losorda of the Los Angeles Dodgers and MLB Commissioner Bud Selig speak during the MLB First Year Player Draft on June 7, 2010 held in Studio 42 at the MLB Network in Secaucus, New Jersey. Mike Stobe /Getty Images North America ……

(3) John Wall of Kentucky stands with NBA Commissioner David Stern after being drafted with the first pick by the Washington Wizards at Madison Square Garden on June 24, 2010 in New York City. Al Bello /Getty Images ………..

(4) (L-R) Sports Illustrated Group Editor Terry McDonell, Sports Illustrated Writer Tom Verducci and Commissioner of Major League Baseball Bud Selig attend the 2009 Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year Celebration at The IAC Building on December 1, 2009 in New York City. Theo Wargo / Getty Images North America ……………

(5) Stern presents Michael Jordan with the 1991-92 MVP award in Chicago, MJ’s third of the five league MVP awards he’d win over the course of his career . Nathaniel S Butler Getty Images ……….

(6) Jeff Pash (background), NFL Executive Vice President and General Counsel, left, and Roger Goodell, NFL commissioner, leave after negotiations with the NFL Players Association involving a federal mediator in Washington, Tuesday, March 8, 2011. AP Photo/ Alex Brandon …..



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Whoop That Bitch Pt 2

Whoop That Bitch Pt 2

Unless I missed something but the ongoing Clemens’ investigation into his alleged perjury and obstruction of justice seems to be taking a turn for the more ludicrous. It’s now being reported that the Justice Department in conjunction with the FBI have subpoenad the medical records of the player while he was part of the Toronto Blue Jays’ organization. Is there anything more ludicrous happening in the world of sports at present than this charade ? Considering the taxpayers’ monies that has so far been spent on the Barry Bonds’ trial and the fact that the prosecution has yet to obtain a guilty verdict. Their whole case has been moored in the fact that they had been expecting Bonds’ personal trainer Greg Anderson to testify against the former Giants’ slugger. Enough said on the situation as we now know that Anderson had no intention of implicating Bonds in any wrongdoing despite the testimony given by former BALCO founder Victor Conte .


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Bonds’ trial was suspended pending an appeal of an appellate court judgment that didn’t favor the prosecution’s wish to have evidence introduced into the ongoing proceedings. Now with the situation still not having been satisfactorily reached to the Justice Department’s satisfaction the case will resume in early April 2011 with the prosecution finally looking to obtain a guilty verdict and the imprisonment of the player on the charges of perjury and obstruction of justice. To my mind if the federal government can afford to spend in excess of $15 million on a trial which seemingly doesn’t have much bearing on our lives then clearly there’s something to be said about waste on the part of the federal government . God knows with the upcoming terrorist trials they will have to be much more forceful in the presentation of their case.

As to Clemens’ situation and the fact that baseball under the hierarchy of Bud Selig seems to be taking a wait and see approach as to what will take place. Can we now put aside the notion that MLB is actually on point when it comes to their drug policy ? This being the very same hierarchy that has seemingly had the likes of Alex Rodriguez , __ Mark McGwire and a slew of other players came forward and for whatever reason they’ve all stated that they’ve either used anabolic steroids or HGH at some time in their career knowing full well at the time it was against the rules of the game. Not content with that Bud Selig took it upon himself to welcome back McGwire in no uncertain terms by stating that the player was a man of integrity. Get the fu_k out of here ! Each of these players profited greatly from their lies but yet they’ve gone unpunished. I’ve been told that it would serve no use to make these players forfeit any monies by being hit financially in the pocket. But low and behold the thinking is that this isn’t necessary because the players in question have suffered enough . Well how much has the public suffered with the subterfuge that has been perpetrated upon them by MLB and the players ? No one seems to be overly concerned with that but I guess when the public is use to being shat upon then they can take it !

Well there’s now a plaque and statue now standing in the front of Miller Park home of the Milwaukee Brewers. That plaque and statue is of none other than the MLB Commissioner Bud Selig. There are times when one has to ask the question what the hell is going on in the world of sports ? Selig in the last two years has received a compensation package in excess of $30 million. Could it be that with the financial mess that’s now awry in the game of baseball but we’re led to believe that the game of baseball is in a great place financially. Given the fact that both the Pittsburgh Pirates and Florida Marlins now have something to hide and that the fact the vast majority of the teams in the game are trying to stave off financial ruin. There has to be a point where the team owners and the commissioner’s office will either have to be straightforward with the public rather than continuing to blow smoke up everyone’s ass. It’s something that they and the Congress seemingly do with so much adroitness that it’s hard to tell where the truth begins and the lies seemingly become a part of this great never-ending charade .

Now as the season winds down and the playoffs will soon begin it has to be said that the teams now in the hunt for the berths for the respective league pennants. It’s easy to say that the Philadelphia Phillies are looking to a return to the World Series but this time around it may not be as easy as first thought. They’ve been playing way too inconsistently and it has to be said that even with home field advantage there’s still no reason to believe that the NL will have what it takes to usurp a team from the AL . A case can be made that the best all round team given their pitching , offense and defense , the Tampa Bay Rays are the team to beat within the division . But as of late their record (86-55) has been a little inconsistent and with the always astonishing Minnesota Twins now having the third best record in the league there’s a lot to be said for this team. They play with abandonment and have their fans simply wishing for more when they’re playing at Target Field in Minneapolis, Minnesota .

It has to be said that with the ongoing events of the season one hopes that whatever is in store for the fans and the game in general let’s just hope that it will be something that the fans and public alike can appreciate . What thoughts if any do you have on the season so far and which team has been a complete surprise to you this season ? Chime in with a comment as to your thoughts on the subject matter .



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NB If at all interested in reading part one of Whoop That Bitch simply click on the link shown ?

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Seven  Years  In  Tibet  Was  Never  Like   This  




How  can I  put  this   what  the  hell  is   going   on  with  regard to  the    Bonds’  Federal   trial  ?   Am I  mistaken    but    are Judge  Susan  Illston   and  the  prosecution   making  a  mockery   of   the  legal   system ?   But  then  again   since   this  whole   sham  of  an  investigation  and  trial   started   to   run  amok .    There’s   been   very    little  that  has  made   complete  sense  to   the  public  at  large.   From  the  indictment   of  Bonds   to the  original   premise   behind    the  indictment   of   the  defendant.



Bonds  seen  here   on  his  way to  the  Federal   Courthouse  for   the  proceedings  of  his   then  ongoing   trial.   The  trial   has   since  been  adjourned   pending  an  appeal   by the  prosecution  in order   to   get   evidence   resubmitted  in purtuant of  the  case.
Bonds seen here arriving at the Federal Courthouse for what was mant to his ongoing perjury trial . The case has since been adjourned pending an appeal by the Justice Dept in order to get some evidence resubmitted in pursuant of the case. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Tim McGovern ....................





The  prosecution  has  seen  to  choose   whatever   means   necessary   to  get any   type   of  evidence   introduced   in  the   case   through    backdoor  means.  If  that   doesn’t   smack  of   incompetency   on  the  part   of   the  US  Department  of  Justice.  Then  the   qualifications  of  these  Federal   prosecutors  really  ought  to  be   looked  at  much   more  closely  and  scrutinized.   Clearly   the  money  spent   so   far   by the  government  in the  pursuance   of  the  case   ,  then  it   has  to  be  said  no  one  knows  better   how   to  waste  money   than  the  Federal   government .   And   in  this   case  the  money   spent   so  far   ………it’s   said  to   be  in  excess of  $15m   and  counting.  And   to think  that   this   has   all  taken  place within  the  last   six   years      gives   cause   for  concern. 





For  Barry  Bonds   this  case   has   got  to  be  something   whereby  his  own  legacy  no  matter   how  this  all  ends  will  be  tainted  forever.  For   even  if  he’s   proven  to  be  innocent  .  We  all  know  that  will    linger   with  all of   the   odor   of  a  rancid   carcass.    Absolutely  nothing   that  has  been  said   or  done   by  the  player  ,  be  it   allegedly   an  honest   answer  or   not can  be  proven  with  any    great veracity.  And  it  certainly   hasn’t   helped  with  the  presumption  of  innocence  that   his own  personal  trainer   Greg  Anderson     has  refused   to  comply   with  the   prosecution’s   request to   give   evidence.  He’s  been  subpoenaed    and  in  each   case   he’s  refused to   comply   with   the  prosecution.   In  light  of this   he’s   been   charged  with  contempt   of   court   and   imprisoned.   And   the   charade   still   continues  .  Be  that  as  it  may   he’s   remained   loyal   to  his   friend  and   confidant.   As  to what this   has   implied   with    regard to  Bonds’   guilt   or     innocence  can  be    laid    by   others    to  judge  .




Trainer   Greg  Anderson  and  his  attorney  Mark  Geragos   seen  here  arriving  at the  Federal  Courthouse .............
Bonds' personal trainer Greg Anderson seen here in the accompaniment of his attorney Mark Geragos arriving at the Federal Courthouse . picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Jakob Masur ...............






What  is now  becoming   abundantly   clear   as  the  case   reaches  another   milestone   and  perhaps    a  turn   for   the  worse.  It  is  that  the  prosecution  and  the  defense   alike  have  been  about   as   competent   in  the  case’s   handling    as  a  blind  man   would  be   holding  a  hand   grenade with  the  pin   having   been  taken   out.  The   whole   thing  has  become   incendiary   and    explosive.   And  it   has   blown  up   and  cast  its    blast   across   a  wide  area.    At  each  turn   this   case   has   either fallen   apart    or   we’ve   seen  it    rekindled   to  create   some   heightened   interest     for   the  public  and   the  world  of  baseball  alike.   For  once   I’m  beginning   to   feel   that   at  the  end  of  the  day  the  justice   system  is  on  trial   and   not   Bonds,  himself.   And  if  anything   it   really   is  beginning  to   look   like  a  sad  indictment    of  a   justice   system   that  is   allegedly   prided   upon   being   amongst  the  best  in the  world.







If  the  game’s  hierarchy   had  possessed  as  much    determination   as  is  now  being   shown   by  the  Justice  Department   in  chasing   down  these   alleged    steroid  abusers.   Then   perhaps   we  could   portend     that   there’s  some   justification   in  the  actions  we’re   now  witnessing.   Instead   it   is  now  making  the  McCarthy   Witch  Hunt trials  seem  all the  more   pervasive.   And   one   would  never  wish  to  allude  to  the  fact  that  there’s   now   collusion   on  the part   of  the  Justice   Department  and   of  that   of  Major  League  Baseball ,  as  to   the  action  now  taking   place.




Bonds   has   Anderson    overseeing  a  weightroom  session  .    picture  appears   courtesy  of   afp/  Tom   McElhorne  .................
Bonds has his personal trainer Greg Anderson oversee a weight room session. picture appears courtesy of afp/ Tom McElhorne ........................





As  to  the  Commissioner’s  office   as to  the  case   now  being   made  against   Bonds.  We  may  well  not hear  anything     from  them  until    there’s  a   resolution  to    the  case  with   a  verdict.   As  for   the  Players’ Association (union)   it’d  be    remiss  to  that  they too   are   overly   concerned  with   the   outcome   of  this  all.    They’ve  shown  as   much   responsibility   for    their  own   actions    as that  of  a   despotic   third  world  leader    who’s   starved   his   own   populace  and  sought to  lay   the  blame  elsewhere.    The   stance   now   being   taken   by   them  ……..”is   that the  blame   lays   elsewhere   and   not   with   us   at   all”    



Bonds  seen  here   crushing  the  ball   on his  way  to  a home  run  in  an  NL  major  league  baseball  game .
Bonds seen here crushing the ball on the way to a home run in a NL baseball game . picture appears courtesy of getty images/ Phil Clements ...................





The   damage  that  has  been   done  to  the  game   is   irrefutable    but  there   are   those   who’d  rather  this   all  be  swept   under  the   carpet   and   completely   forgotten.  In  effect   that’s   like   telling   the  whole   world   that  although   this   happened    there   isn’t  much  that   we  can   do  about  it  at  all.  The    fact  of  the  matter  is    through  the   duplicity    of  all  of  the  parties   concerned  .  Everyone  has   sought  to  profit   from  this  all  and   thereby   defraud   the  public  and  fans alike.   And    now   as  this    case    takes   another    turn   whereby    it    the  trial    has  been    postponed    for  an     indeterminate   period  whilst  the   prosecution seeks  to   reintroduce  evidence      originally   thrown   out   by  the  judge.   It   begs  the   question   if    our   justice  system   can’t  be  trusted  to  do   a  job  competently .  Then   what   sort  of  message   does  this   send   the   public  at  large ? And  what  does  this    say   about  us  a   people  and  the   faith   we   show   in  the   system  and   that   of  our  sporting   icons   to  begin  with  ? 

A-Fraud It Was The Best Of Times And The Worst Of Times Not More Of The Same ..




A-Fraud  ….  It Was The  Best Of Times And The Worst  Of  Times Not  More  of  The  Same 







If  baseball   didn’t  need  to   shoot  itself  in the  foot   again. Then  the  allegations  now  coming  out  concerning  the  game’s  perceived  best  player is  somewhat of  a disturbing  one.   The  article  written  in Sports  Illustrated  alleging   Alex  Rodriguez’s  use  of  steroids  in  2003  speaks  as  to  what’s  still   wrong   with the  game.    Granted  at the  time   there  was  no  steroid   policy   in the  league.    It  does  beg  the   question  why   in  2007   when   conducting   an  interview  with  journalist  Katie  Couric   in 2007 on  the CBS’  magazine  program  60 Minutes. The  player  stated   that  he’s   never    used  an  illicit   substance ?  Couric  specifically   asked  the  player  with    regard to   steroids and   he  implicitly   replied  “No”.





Rodriguez’s response  as  it  now  stands  is that  any  comments  forthcoming  will  have  to  come  by  way  of  the  Players’  Union.  When  questioned  about  this   prior  to  the  incident  becoming  public by  Selena  Roberts. He commented  that  it  would be  addressed   by  the  union. His  agent  Scott   Boras whilst  not making  a  statement  on  his  client’s   behalf .   His  only   comment   has  been  to  make  the  case  that while   Rodriguez  is  out  of  the  country  at  present.  He  cannot  make   a  statement   substantiating  or  denying  the  allegations.  




Rodriguez along  with  his  then  wife   Cynthia  and  Katie Couric  in  their  "60 Minutes" interview  of  December 2007....
Rodriguez with his then wife Cynthia and journalist Katie Couric in their "60 Minutes" interview conducted in December 2007 ................. picture appears courtesy of getty images/ Mark Cuthbert ................


Rodriguez along  with his  then wife  Cynthia  and  Katie Couric in  their “60 Minutes” interview  nducted  in  December 2007 .





No  wrong doing  there   mind  you   as  his   answer  to  the  question wasn’t  to  a  law   enforcement  official.    Nor  was  it   part  of   any ongoing   legal   proceeding.  But   what   does  that  say  as  to  the  player’s  veracity  and  persuasiveness  when  it comes  to   making   himself   a  likeable  commodity.  The highest  paid  player  in the  game  and   one   whose  leadership  skills  have  always  come into  question.     His  abilities  are   without   doubt  are  unquestionable.  But  it  does  set  a  troubling   ball  in  motion.  This   all comes  back  to  2003  when  the   game   was  conducting   testing   though  it  wasn’t   part  of  the  yet  to be  edict   for   a  steroid   policy  which   was  adopted   in  2004.






Though  at the  time  the  player  was  on the  Texas Rangers  roster.  It  can  be  said  that  it shouldn’t  make this   situation any the   less  dire.  Rodriguez  for  his  part  has  been  more than  happy  to  make   himself   the   ever  so  likeable  commodity   as  a  player  who’s   amenable  to  corporate  sponsors. Bearing  in  mind  also  the  player that  year  would    go  on  to  win  the  AL  MVP  award  for  that  season.   It  may  sullen  his   reputation  but  at the   same  time  it  points  to  the  nonsensical   farce  as  to  the  overall   policy  and  how  it  was  adopted  by  Major League  Baseball.  




Rodriguez  and  his  family   his  ex wife Cynthia  and  their  two  young daughters  in Miami  Beach , Fl .    picture appears  courtesy  of  ap/photo/ Paul Robertson...........................
Rodriguez and his family , his ex wife Cynthia and their two young daughters leave a restaurant in Miami Beach , Fl . picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/Mark Robertson ........................



 Rodriguez and his family, his  ex  wife  Cynthia  and  his two  young  daughters in Miami Beach.








In 2004   Rodriguez  was  traded to  the  New York  Yankees  for  Yankees’  first  baseman  Alfonso  Soriano.   There  are  those  who  are  questioning  the  privacy  aspect of  this  all. And the  fact that  the   article   itself  was   researched  and  verified.  But  the  league   itself  and   the  pretentious   stance   that  it   has   taken  with  the  issue.    Sealed  or not   the  fact  of the  matter  is  that   had  they   dealt   with  this   very   issue   with  some   expediency  rather   than   being  complicit   in   much  of  the  subterfuge   that  has  taken  place.  Then  perhaps  we’d  not  be  in a  situation where  at almost  every  turn  we’re   now   questioning  the   statistics   of  many  of  the  players  in  the  game.   The  league  has  its   policy  in  place and   several  players   have   received   the  mandatory   50  game  ban  for  a  first   transgression.  But  simply   put  though  the  numbers  are   down   the  suspicion  is  still   there   that   players   are  still   using   some  form  of  an    a  banned  substance.  And  no  matter   how   ,much  testing  is  being  done  and  the  voraciousness  of  it all.  It   really   has  done   very   little   to stem  the   tide  of   suspicion  allround.