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It’s Their Time To Shine ………….. Who’s In It To Win It ?

It’s Their Time To Shine ………….. Who’s In It To Win It ?

So the MLB season has kicked off to inauspicious start and already there seems to be some clamor for some teams to have remained at home . Forbes columnist and contributor Mike Ozanian states that the Tampa Bay Rays should they not be able to lure more fans to Tropicana Field over the next two years then quite possibly league’s hierarchy should look to contracting the team along with several other leading candidates . Having not read Ozanian’s article I’m not exactly surprised by the columnist’s findings but then again this has been something that MLB has failed to address when broached on the subject. I certainly think that the owners aren’t entirely happy with the present scenario in particular where teams such as the New York Yankees , Boston Red Sox , Philadelphia Phillies , Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Mets have paid out in excess of $ 250 million over the past five years as part of Bud Selig’s rather idiotic tax sharing revenue scheme that is supposed to assist the small market teams around the league in order that they become more competitive . Given the fact that in large part there doesn’t really seem to be any real parity within the league but merely lulls in the competitiveness of the so called big market teams , as and when they show the presence of mind to be legitimate contenders with any real consistency.


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Contraction Looming For The Tampa Bay Rays

By Mike Ozanian , Sports Money

Groundswell building in Major League Baseball to dump the Tampa Bay Rays. From what I am hearing, I doubt there will be any baseball at Tropicana Field after 2014 even though the team’s lease runs to 2027.

The harsh reality is the Rays still have no fan support despite winning the AL East two out of the past three seasons and making it to the 2008 World Series. Stuart Sternberg’s group has done a good job of turning the team around on the diamond and developing and trading for young players since taking control in 2004. But the Rays have averaged only 23,000 at the gate the past three seasons even though prices have been slashed and in 2010 the team had the second-lowest ticket prices in the AL ($19.75).


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When the owners themselves such Frank McCourt , Fred Wilpon , John Henry , David Montgomery and others can’t even agree upon whether or not it’s in their best interests to have a hard salary cap within the game , I found it really naive of them to even think that a tax sharing revenue scheme actually makes things better for the game as a whole ! In large part when you have owners such as Jeffrey Loria and Bob Nutting pleading poverty while pocketing countless millions that were meant to benefit their respective rosters , it becomes all the more asinine that either team (Florida Marlins Pittsburgh Pirates) can even be viewed as being competitive. The Pittsburgh Pirates haven’t been competitive within MLB in almost two decades and it becomes all the more laughable to consider that there remains a place much less a purpose for this team to even exist within the game . The day the Pirates once again becomes competitive within the league it could well be the day that hell actually freezes over !

The Rise Of The Rays: All-Stars And Arbitrage

By Steve Schaefer , Forbes Magzine

Arbitrage, synergy and “buy low, sell high” are all terms that at one time made about as much sense on the diamond as a pair of spikes on a trading floor. That has changed drastically though, and nowhere more so than in Tampa Bay where a trio of Wall Street veterans have been trying to redefine how to build a winning baseball team.

To understand the rebirth of the Rays you need to go back to their first incarnation as the Devil Rays, says Jonah Keri, author of ‘The Extra 2%’, an account of how the club went from from league laughingstock to pennant contender.

Original owner Vince Naimoli came from the world of finance too, but his fortune was built as a turnaround specialist, taking over struggling companies, streamlining operations, stripping out costs and then cashing out at a tidy profit.


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Three games into the season and there really isn’t much to be really all that hyped up about given the fact that it may well be at two months before we really the teams start to gain some traction and play with a great deal of consistency . The Baltimore Orioles seems to have gotten off to a good start and it bodes well for Buck Showalter , his coaching staff and the team should they actually make their presence felt within the AL East . It’d be great to see a truly competitive race within the division but it appears as if it’ll about whether or not the Yankees can have a resurgent season while competing with the Red Sox . I’d preface this by saying as good as the Tampa Bay Rays have been over the last two seasons this year I don’t believe will be their year to compete.

Offensively the Rays have been struggling and now the team’s best player Evan Longoria will be sidelined for up to three weeks with an oblique injury to his right side. And this scenario couldn’t have happened at a worse time for the team as it seeks to be a contender for the World Series . A playoff berth for the Tampa Bay Rays would have to come from the team playing not only competitively but also looking to win a minimum of 85 games merely to be sure of gaining the wildcard berth within the AL . And that’s not something I’m sure that this team in its present guise is even capable of doing in spite of the optimism that’s being shown by their most erstwhile fans !

Contraction is somewhat a dirty word to be using within the game but in essence it’s something that MLB may well have to address if they can’t get their financial house in order . Here again though it’s all going to become subjective rather than objective because in reality can the league hierarchy be trusted to make the right decision much less the owners ? It’s bad that they had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the twenty first century merely to adopt some form of a drug testing policy . And it certainly didn’t help that the MLBPA under their then Executive Director Donald Fehr hiding behind invasion of privacy, as to a reason why the union and didn’t want a comprehensive drug testing policy in place . Since when did a union’s wishes trump what happens to be the laws of the land ?

I don’t believe that in light of Mike Ozanian’s piece that the league or owners will actually contemplate contracting one or more teams unless they’re pressed into such a situation or it’s because of a team’s dire financial straits ! . That certainly had to have been the case surrounding Drayton McLane’s sale of the Houston Astros to Houston businessman Jim Crane . Apart from that the very fact that the Astros haven’t a competitive force within the NL Central for a number of years .

Over the ensuing months we’ll learn a great deal more about the teams and that of their competitiveness as the season unfolds . And it could well be that we’ll no doubt be surprised by some teams whereas with others we will not ! We can all subscribe as to the teams we feel will make a genuine run of least trying to make it to the Fall Classic and if anything those are the ones that’ll be worth watching . Others will most definitely fall by the wayside and that if anything is what makes the long and arduous baseball season of 162 games such an intriguing and suspenseful one. As to the players who’ll make the season itself all the more enjoyable to watch you can make case that players such as Albert Pujols , Alex Rodriguez , Josh Hamilton , Joey Votto , Dustin Pedroia , Miguel Cabrera , Roy Halladay , Joe Mauer , Tim Lincecum and Robinson Cano will all make a case as to why they’re worth watching and paying the price of admission merely to see them play. As to what the fans may well think of it all remains to be seen but one can be sure that the most ardent fans among us will be watching closely while cheering on our teams.



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What thoughts if any do you feel about the possibility that the hierarchy of MLB could very well down the road consider contracting a number of teams, in order not only to curb costs but merely get rid off teams that as such aren’t viewed as being competitive or drag on the finances of the large market teams that seemingly come to the aid of the small market teams ? Do you feel that in the long run such a maneuver would be of benefit to the game or to its very detriment ? Simply leave a comment as to your thoughts on the points raised within this piece as well as any other topic you might feel pertinent to the game of baseball and the prospects for the season. .

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(1) Infielder Ben Zobrist (18) of the Tampa Bay Rays is late with the tag on Mark Reynolds (12) of the Baltimore Orioles during the game at Tropicana Field on April 3, 2011 in St. Petersburg, Florida. Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images ……

(2) Infielder Elliot Johnson(9) of the Tampa Bay Rays bunts against the Baltimore Orioles during the game at Tropicana Field on April 3, 2011 in St. Petersburg, Florida. Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images ……

(3) Infielder Mark Reynolds (12) of the Baltimore Orioles is congratulated after scoring a run against the Tampa Bay Rays during the game at Tropicana Field on April 3, 2011 in St. Petersburg, Florida. The Orioles would go on to defeat the Rays 5-1 Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images …….

(4) Pitcher Wade Davis (40) of the Tampa Bay Rays pitches against the Baltimore Orioles during the game at Tropicana Field on April 3, 2011 in St. Petersburg, Florida. Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images ………

(5) Infielder Evan Longoria (3) of the Tampa Bay Rays was placed on the 15 day disabled list just prior to the game against the Baltimore Orioles at Tropicana Field on April 3, 2011 in St. Petersburg, Florida. Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images ……..

(6) Billionaire entrepreneur Drayton McLane the former owner of the Houston Astros having agreed to sell the team to native Houston businessman Jim Crane for an undisclosed sum . All that now awaits is a formal vote approving the sale by the game’s hierarchy and board of governors made up of owners and executives of the league’s hierarchy . AP Photo / Michael Parsons …………….

(7) From left to right socialites Kase & Eileen Lawal , Houston businessman Jim Crane and his wife Franci seen here at a charity gala event in Palm Beach , Palm Beach County , Florida . courtesy of the The Palm Beach Post …….. copyrighted material …. @ all rights reserved .


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Fallout ….. Baseball Is It Really What It Should Be ?

Fallout    Baseball     Is  It   Really  What  It  Should  Be  ?

I’m    not  so   sure  that the AL   East  will  end  the  way  that  many  of  us   expected   and  with  there  being  a thrilling outcome  to what  has  been  an  exciting season  in  some  respects. The  New  York Yankees  have  literally played themselves  back  into  contention and   appear  to  be less  than  six  games  away  from  winning  another AL  East  title. For their  part the  Tampa Bay Rays  have given  all  that they   possess but   now seem to  falling   short  of what their fans expected.  Albeit that manager  Joe Maddon  has done his  utmost with this team their flaws have arisen at a time when so much had been expected.This was the year when the Tampa  Bay Rays had been expected to challenge the supremacy and   dominance  of the  New York Yankees. And from a  financial standpoint now more than  ever the  Rays need to  be seen as a perennial contender. Granted, their   precarious   situation   hasn’t  been helped   by the  backbiting and infantile  behavior of  the   local  politicians  and  that  of the Rays’   front  office .  Is  it  any  wonder  when   one  looks  across  the  spectrum  of  Major  League  Baseball (MLB) and  that  of  the owners  and  the  commissioner’s  office   you   get   a sense  that  the   game  is  being  ran  by  a  bunch  of imbeciles .  Where else  can you  get a   group  of  executives  and  owners   fawning  over  a  commissioner  who  has  been as  much   use   to  the  game  than   a  five  inch   gaping  whole  would  be at  the   bottom  of   a  bucket  filled  with  water.


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Commissioner Bud Selig has been the 1,000lb gorilla in the room bringing  mayhem to the the game. Now if there was a way with  which things could  change for the better then it’s knowing  that Bud Selig will be stepping  down in  his role as  commissioner. That if anything  has  to a  blessing  to the true  baseball  fans out  there. Unfortunately  however   amongst  the   archaic  presence of the   owners  and  than  their  belief that  having  a  commissioner  whose only  purpose  is  to   serve  them  then  it clearly shows  how out of touch   they have   been and  the   ever  changing   environment  of  the  baseball  landscape. From a  business standpoint  that baseball  is in a   severe  financial  mess. At  least three  quarters  of  the  league’s  thirty teams   are struggling  to  make ends  meet  from  a financial  standpoint.  And  were it  not  for the tax sharing  revenue scheme  instigated by   Selig’s  office  we’d  now   be  seeing  several  teams  around  the  league  fighting  to  stave off   bankruptcy.  Who amongst   you   knew  that  the   Chicago  Cubs  was   placed   into  bankruptcy   by   its  former  owner  billionaire  Sam  Zell  in  order to stave  off  financial   ruin  ?   And   now  that  the  team  has  been  sold  to  the   Ricketts’  family   we’re seeing  that the woes   that has  been the  Cubs’ mantra  still exists.    Lou  Piniella   is  no  longer  the  team  manager  and  the  players   do not  seem to  be  playing  with a  passion  much  less  with  any  pride.   And for  the   woeful  fans  who  for  each  home series attend  Wrigley Field  to watch  this  team  play  they   can’t  be   entirely  happy  witnessing  the   mess on  the   field   who’ve  got  to  watch  this  idiocy.

The Los  Angeles  Dodgers are   in  the  midst  of  an   acrimonious  ownership  struggle wherein  owners Frank  and  Jamie McCourt  are  laying  out their private lives on display for  all to  savor,  the mess  that  comes with a divorce that has all the  ingredients  of  a soap  opera.  Never mind  the fact that there  too  manager  Joe  Torre   has sought to   walk  away  from  the   organization  rather  than  deal  with a  team  that  has  no wish  to  play   with  a  zeal or  passion.  Tell  me  how in God’s  name this team  was going to  contend in  the  NL West  given  the  fact  that  the  players   have no  stomach for a fight ?  GM Ned Colletti is no  closer to  making  this   team a  competitor than  Mitt  Romney’s  chances were  in  winning  the GOP nomination  for the Presidency in  2004. Now  in  the  midst  of   a  downward  spiral  that   appears  to have no end in sight  and  the  fans   at   Chavez Revine (Dodgers’ Stadium)  must be  wondering  what  the  hell  is going  on ?    Personally  I  look  at  the  saga as  if  it  were  simply  just another   Hollywood   script  that the  writers  couldn’t  have   scripted  any  better themselves.  There  seems  to  be   everything  happening  with  the   Dodgers  as  a  team  other  than the  fact  that  they’re  not  winning. And  if  you’d  ask  anyone  to  try  and  explain  the  malaise  behind  the   team  I  doubt  that   one  would  be  able   to  get a  succinct   answer   from  any  baseball  analyst  or pundit  much  less the   fans  themselves.  The   Dodgers have  become  a  paradigm   of unending    ineptitude  both  on  and  off  the   field.

Now as the   closing  weeks  of  the  regular season   is   upon   us   many  of the  divisional  races  seem to be playing  themselves  out.  In   some  cases it’s  all  over  bar the  shouting  as  the   Cincinnati  Reds seem  to  be  well  on their  way  to   winning  that particular race (NL Central).   In  the  NL  East  it looks as  if the  Philadelphia  Phillies  will  make  a  successful   defense  their   divisional  title  albeit  at the  expense of  Bobby  Cox’s  farewell  parade after the  monumental   success  he achieved  with  the  Atlanta Braves.  Cox  led the  team  with a  great  deal of  pride  and  dignity as  he  sought  to make  this  his  last   season  within major  league  baseball.

Now  for  all of  the   furor  over the  AL  West  I’ve  got to  ask myself   what  must  Mike Sciocsia  and  the   Los  Angeles Angels __ front office   be  thinking  ?  Having   released   hard  hitting  outfielder  Vladimir  Guerrero  who would  then find  a  home  with  the  Texas Rangers.  And  the Rangers seem to be  on  the  cusp of winning the division and   making  it  something  of  an   inspiring season for the  new  ownership of  the  Rangers  led  by Chuck Greenberg  and former baseball great Nolan Ryan.  As  to  how the   Rangers   will  fare  in  the  postseason  remains to  be  seen.

Pardon   me   for  saying this  but  how is  it  that the Minnesota  Twins can consistently year  in  and  year  out   play  with  such  abandonment ,  remain  competitive   but  yet  do so   on  budget  that  most major  sports   franchises   would   struggle  to survive? .  Clearly  the  front office of  the Twins  in conjunction  with  manager Ron Gardenhire  have  managed to acquire talent nurture it and see it  all  come to fruition with  the   team  now   on  the cusp of winning  another divisional title and   playing  themselves into  contention this postseason.  Don’t  be surprised by  the fact  this  team  now  has  the second best record  within  the   league(MLB). They’ve   played  with confidence  and a  great  deal of  maturity. And although  within their division  that  opposition was  posed by the  Detroit Tigers  and Chicago White Sox  haven’t been anything  near what  many had  expected them to be about. And the  Minnestoa Twins  have  been  all that  and  a  great deal  more throughout  much  of  the season.

As the regular season winds  down I  just  hope  that  the  postseason  will  have  something  to  offer  us all   and that  there’ll  be  as  much  excitement  there   for the   fans  to  be   happy  in seeing  !  If  nothing  else  we  can  but   hope that will  be  the  case. And  as   far  choosing  an  outright winner  of the  World  Series ,well  as  much as  the  New  York Yankees  are perceived  as  the   favorites to  win  it  all  merely  because of  their storied  history  and  the  fact that  they’re  the  reigning champions.  To my  mind as good  as  the  team  appears  to be  on  paper their   weakness appears to  be  with  their   pitching .  Beyond C C Sabathia and   Phil Hughes their  team’s  pitching  isn’t  an   imposing  one.  So  that in  of-itself  should   give  their opponents in the   postseason some  hope .  But I’m liable  to  believe that  the  Yankees  will   make it  all  the  way to the playoffs  but as to  how far they  go,will in part  rest  with  their   pitching. If that’s  not  up  to  scratch  then we are  liable  to  see  them  fall from  grace  for  all  of the  wrong   reasons.   And  as  talented  as  this   team  is  they’re still   an  offensive  threat   but  beyond   Sabathia, to   my  mind  this   team  can  be  something of a   Jekyll  & Hyde  !



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Your  thoughts   if  any as  to  how you  see  the   remainder of  the  postseason   playing  out and  that  of  the  postseason  also  ?    Which   team  do  you  believe  will  have  what  it takes  for  the   long  haul of  the   postseason  and   raise   the World  Series   trophy   in   November  ?


Alan    aka   tophatal 🙂 * 🙂


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Whoop That Bitch Pt 2

Whoop That Bitch Pt 2

Unless I missed something but the ongoing Clemens’ investigation into his alleged perjury and obstruction of justice seems to be taking a turn for the more ludicrous. It’s now being reported that the Justice Department in conjunction with the FBI have subpoenad the medical records of the player while he was part of the Toronto Blue Jays’ organization. Is there anything more ludicrous happening in the world of sports at present than this charade ? Considering the taxpayers’ monies that has so far been spent on the Barry Bonds’ trial and the fact that the prosecution has yet to obtain a guilty verdict. Their whole case has been moored in the fact that they had been expecting Bonds’ personal trainer Greg Anderson to testify against the former Giants’ slugger. Enough said on the situation as we now know that Anderson had no intention of implicating Bonds in any wrongdoing despite the testimony given by former BALCO founder Victor Conte .


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Bonds’ trial was suspended pending an appeal of an appellate court judgment that didn’t favor the prosecution’s wish to have evidence introduced into the ongoing proceedings. Now with the situation still not having been satisfactorily reached to the Justice Department’s satisfaction the case will resume in early April 2011 with the prosecution finally looking to obtain a guilty verdict and the imprisonment of the player on the charges of perjury and obstruction of justice. To my mind if the federal government can afford to spend in excess of $15 million on a trial which seemingly doesn’t have much bearing on our lives then clearly there’s something to be said about waste on the part of the federal government . God knows with the upcoming terrorist trials they will have to be much more forceful in the presentation of their case.

As to Clemens’ situation and the fact that baseball under the hierarchy of Bud Selig seems to be taking a wait and see approach as to what will take place. Can we now put aside the notion that MLB is actually on point when it comes to their drug policy ? This being the very same hierarchy that has seemingly had the likes of Alex Rodriguez , __ Mark McGwire and a slew of other players came forward and for whatever reason they’ve all stated that they’ve either used anabolic steroids or HGH at some time in their career knowing full well at the time it was against the rules of the game. Not content with that Bud Selig took it upon himself to welcome back McGwire in no uncertain terms by stating that the player was a man of integrity. Get the fu_k out of here ! Each of these players profited greatly from their lies but yet they’ve gone unpunished. I’ve been told that it would serve no use to make these players forfeit any monies by being hit financially in the pocket. But low and behold the thinking is that this isn’t necessary because the players in question have suffered enough . Well how much has the public suffered with the subterfuge that has been perpetrated upon them by MLB and the players ? No one seems to be overly concerned with that but I guess when the public is use to being shat upon then they can take it !

Well there’s now a plaque and statue now standing in the front of Miller Park home of the Milwaukee Brewers. That plaque and statue is of none other than the MLB Commissioner Bud Selig. There are times when one has to ask the question what the hell is going on in the world of sports ? Selig in the last two years has received a compensation package in excess of $30 million. Could it be that with the financial mess that’s now awry in the game of baseball but we’re led to believe that the game of baseball is in a great place financially. Given the fact that both the Pittsburgh Pirates and Florida Marlins now have something to hide and that the fact the vast majority of the teams in the game are trying to stave off financial ruin. There has to be a point where the team owners and the commissioner’s office will either have to be straightforward with the public rather than continuing to blow smoke up everyone’s ass. It’s something that they and the Congress seemingly do with so much adroitness that it’s hard to tell where the truth begins and the lies seemingly become a part of this great never-ending charade .

Now as the season winds down and the playoffs will soon begin it has to be said that the teams now in the hunt for the berths for the respective league pennants. It’s easy to say that the Philadelphia Phillies are looking to a return to the World Series but this time around it may not be as easy as first thought. They’ve been playing way too inconsistently and it has to be said that even with home field advantage there’s still no reason to believe that the NL will have what it takes to usurp a team from the AL . A case can be made that the best all round team given their pitching , offense and defense , the Tampa Bay Rays are the team to beat within the division . But as of late their record (86-55) has been a little inconsistent and with the always astonishing Minnesota Twins now having the third best record in the league there’s a lot to be said for this team. They play with abandonment and have their fans simply wishing for more when they’re playing at Target Field in Minneapolis, Minnesota .

It has to be said that with the ongoing events of the season one hopes that whatever is in store for the fans and the game in general let’s just hope that it will be something that the fans and public alike can appreciate . What thoughts if any do you have on the season so far and which team has been a complete surprise to you this season ? Chime in with a comment as to your thoughts on the subject matter .



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NB If at all interested in reading part one of Whoop That Bitch simply click on the link shown ?

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And This Is Meant To Do What ?

And This Is Meant To Do What ?

Now it cannot have escaped most of you that a statue was erected to honor MLB Commissioner Allan “Bud” Selig and his contributions to the sport of baseball. Now while I find this mildly amusing I also find it to be an absolute insult to the fans of the game and about as meaningful as suggesting that an statue ought to be erected to honor the deeds of Benedict Arnold . But I digress only the idiot team owners within baseball and in particular those within the front office of the Milwaukee Brewers could have been stupid enough to deem this to be a worthwhile gesture to a man who has done about as much for the game as Arnold did in trying to get the British to still remain as rulers of the US colonies . The life size statue erected outside Miller Park in Milwuakee will be a constant reminder to the fans there of what Selig supposedly meant to them as an owner. I’d can only hope that any pigeons other avian species flying within close proximity of the statue make a deposit of fecal matter upon Selig’s likeness in order to show how the vast majority of fans feel about the commissioner !


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While no one denies that Selig has brought about changes in the game the truth of the matter is other than his rather asinine steroid policy and that of the intoduction of the wildcard playoff system Selig’s legacy will be remembered as one of controversy and the mere fact that he has presided over one of the most corrupt enterprises that there now is in the country. Anyone who believes otherwise really needs to wake up and smell the damn coffee ! MLB may well be a multi-billion dollar business industry with its tentacles now reaching far beyond these shores as it seeks mass market appeal abroad . But what Selig , the hierarchy of the game and his own personal “inner circle” has been able to achieve while remaining far more secretive than anyone can imagine would suggest that cartels such as the Colombian , Mexican drug empires and their leaders could learn a great deal from the commissioner and his subordinates.

While not wanting to state the obvious but none of this could have been done without the able assistance of both the House of Representatives and Senate who each in their own way have made this all possible with the anti-trust exemption and the overly generous tax exemptions that the teams can attain courtesy of the House Oversight Committee and of the House Ways And Means Committe ____ the latter who oversees and writes many of the tax laws which has in many ways created the tax loopholes that they now would decry because revenues to the IRS are said to be on the decline . Well who’d have thought that when these idiots were the ones who continuously find ways to rewrite and finagle the laws that now stretch to several thousand pages and which has as much legalese terms that would befuddle a tenured law professor ?

Now while accolades and honors are bestowed upon individuals for their deeds to a certain cause. I find it somewhat galling that Selig should have this honor bestowed upon him but yet Pittsburgh Pirates’ great Roberto Clemente cannot have his baseball number retired or even a statuette placed in his honor at PNC Park ! Somehow things seem to be skewered here given the sacrifices made by the former baseball great but I guess Selig and his loyal band followers feel that he’s far more deserving of this honor than anything that they would feel is more appropriate for Clemente ? Oh the sheer and simple idiocy of it all ! But this is what baseball has become about ! Backslapping and glad handing those who aren’t really deserving of an honor but it’s done because , it’s meant to show that all is right with the game and for the sheer sake of the fans it’s meant to draw them in further.

Now if anything Selig will deem it a privilege and honor that this has been bestowed upon him but as I alluded to earlier I sincerely hope that a number of avian species will find their mark with aeronautic precision when they choose to deposit some fecal matter from their lower extremities . Think of it as a dog using a fire hydrant as its calling hard while it urinates on that actual being ? I trust that the janitorial staff there at Miller Park will be gainfully employed and well compensated for their time when it comes to cleaning up that mess !

With recent leaked documents concerning the financial dealings of the Pirates —— Florida Marlins and Tampa Bay Rays and the profits earned by of the ballclubs in question. We’ve yet to hear a public utterance from Selig or from anyone within commissioner’s office . It were as if they’d rather this all go away but as of now the shit has hit the proverbial fan and the fallout from this all that present seems to be minuscule . It could well lead to a number of questions being asked of the teams around Major League Baseball and how many of them truly derive of their profits . It is becoming increasingly clear that much of that isn’t from standard operational business practices but more out of creative accounting and the monies given to the so called small market teams whose goal it is to bolster their rosters as mandated by the commissioner’s office. If any of the belief that this has actually been happening then one simply has to look at what has transpired within the Marlins and Pirates’ organization and the backtracking that has taken place by the respective owners of those two teams. Both Robert Nutting and Jeffrey Loria have been recluctant to answer questions head that have been posed to them on . But what might be even more exacerbating has been the stance taken by Selig , himself. No sense of consternation or of him being actually peturbed by this all, as he has simply looked the other way and the other owners around the league have remained ominously silent about it all. One gets the impression that they actually couldn’t give a shit at all as they know that they have the pocket books of the fans to fall back on as a way and means of recouping that money. And that clearly will be the action taken by the big market teams who bear the burden of the tax that they’re assessed in order that the small market teams can survive.

The fact that Selig is being honored in such a way is rather asinine ! But one can simply view it as showing how really out of touch with reality that the game of baseball really is. Instead of dealing with the real issues within its sport , Selig , the owners and the players but perhaps even more so the MLBPA (union) led by Michael Weiner would rather portray themselves that the sport that the nation became so enamored with and where its history is littered with heroic feats by legends whose names have become synonymous not just with the sport but also with the fabric of society. And unfortunately for us this gesture is meaningless and simply shows once again the values espoused are cheap and trite . Under Selig’s tenure the game has become a joke wherein it is now the fans that are having to bear the brunt of the stupidity and the larcenous fraud that has been perpetrated upon us all. Anyone who believes otherwise either has their head buried in the sand and is utterly too naive and stupid to complain.



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What thoughts if any do have one Selig receiving the honor of having a statue placed outside Miller Park in his name ? Do you feel it is justified and warranted ? Bear in mind also that Selig has stated he doesn’t feel it necessary to retire Clemente’s number given the player’s philanthropy and the way in which he lost his life. If anyone is actually due such an honor in having a statue in his honor do you not believe that it should be Roberto Clemente ? Chime in with your thoughts on the matter and as always thanks for the continued support as it’s greatly appreciated !


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