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Shit Rolls Downhill Are You Kidding Me ?

Shit    Rolls   Downhill     Are   You   Kidding    Me     ?

OK    so  week  2  in   the  NFL   came  and  went   and  if anything   it further  lends    proof  to the   fact  this  early  in  the  season  we’re  liable  to  see  a  number  teams   either   hung over  from  the  preseason  or  the   fact  that   they’re   simply  not  as good  as  advertised  .  How  else  can  one  simply  explain the  lackadaisical  play  of the   Dallas  Cowboys Minnesota  Vikings New  England Patriots  , Arizona  Cardinals  and   New  York  Giants  ?  And  I am  mistaken  but what  the  hell  is it  about  the  defenses  and the   way  that  they’re playing , it is   as   if  they’ve  been   fed with   laxatives  ?   It  either has  to  be bad  coaching or  the  fact  that  the  players  are  simply  not that   good  !

I’ve  got to agree   with  the   Ravens’ defensive   lineman Ray Lewis  and  the  softly  ,softly  approach  with  which  the  officials  now  seem  to  be  over  protecting  the   quarterbacks  around  the   league. If  we’re  already  seeing  some  questionable calls  this   early  in  the season  then  what’s   liable  to happen  we  the   postseason is   upon  us  ?   Low  and  behold  once  again  we’re   back  to  the   Brett  Favre  watch  and  the  travails  of the Minnesota  Vikings .Presumptive   favorites within the  NFC North  and  the  conference  itself ,we’ve   now  got  to deal with  the  issue of the  team’s woes.  Favre   certainly  showed   his  woes with  the   atypical  approach  of  Favre  and  his  play . Pardon  for me  saying  this   but this   guy   looks  past it,   and  it’s  about  to  cause this  team  a  great  deal  of  heartache.  Now  there’s   talk that the team is  in  need  of  a  wide  receiver  to   shoulder the  load of  this team  beyond  the  aged  quarterback.   I  was  under  the  impression  that  this  team   had  all  the  weapons  possible  ?   And   pardon   me  for saying  this   but   when  Favre  chooses not  to  be  in  camp  with his  teammates  then  what   else would you   expect  ?  Lack of  timing  and  cohesiveness  and a  coach  who  looks as if  he’s   completely  out of touch  with  the   quarterback  and  the  rest  of  the  offense.   Personally,  I  for  one  do not  believe  that   Brad  Childress  commands the  respect  of  this team  !   Furthermore , it’s my  belief  that  should  this  team  falter  and  fail to  make the  postseason  at  least  then  his   days   in  Minnesota  will   most  certainly  be at  an  end.


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I know  that  Halley’s  Comet  hasn’t  been within  our  midst   but clearly  what   took  place  at the  New  Jersey Meadowlands Stadium  on  Sunday was  enough  to  make  me  believe  that  the  comet  had  landed .   For  two   quarters the  New  England  Patriots   had  the  New  York  Jets   on  the mat   but  they  literally  chose  not  to  knock  their  opponent  out.   If  you’ve   got  your   opponent   on  the  ropes  you   don’t  repeatedly   let   them   come back  up   off  the  canvas.  And that’s what  we  saw   from    this   Bill  Belichick   coached  team  and it  became so incomprehensible to see Mark Sanchez   outplay  his  counterpart   Tom  Brady .  Never  mind  that  but  since  when did the  defensive  players  on  this   team  shy   away from  making   contact   with   the  offense  ?   Call  me  naive   but    the  Patriots’  pass  defense would  make  the  guys  from  the  Village  People  seem  a like  quintet  of   testosterone  driven  lumber  jacks.   They   were   out  of   sorts  and    played as  if  they’d   been  sodomized  with a  red hot   poker.  Painful  as this  might   seem  this   wasn’t  the  worse   performance  of  the  day.

The  Buffalo  Bills   no   longer    circle  the   wagons  …    you   know   why  ?   Well  that’s because  the    wheels  have   fallen  off this   bitch   !  The  AFC   team  is a  complete  mess and it doesn’t  seem  if  things are going  to  get better anytime  soon. Quarterback  controversy  ?   Hell   no ,  the  controversy  here  is   simply  that  this  team  isn’t  that   good   and  the   fact  that their  fans  are  being   subjected  with   this   diatribe  has got to be  an  embarrassment  for  the  organization .  Could  they  go   0-16 ?    Well  if  their  play   remains  as it  is   then  we’re  liable  to  see  the  feat   repeated  once  again. And   twice   inside  within   a  five  year  span  could   indicate to  us  that  the  talent  that’s  being espoused  on  the field  of   play   simply  isn’t  that   good  to  begin  with.   We’ve   not   seen  this   accomplishment   within  the  league since  the  latter  part  of the   decade   and  the  play of   the the  Detroit  Lions . Bills’  coach Chan Gailey    now  has  to  instill   some  discipline  and   some  resilience  within  this   team  who are  about  to   start   Ryan Fitzpatrick  in  place  of  Trent  Edwards   as  the  team’s   signal  caller.

Week   three    may  well   give us  further  indication as to  the   directions of   some   teams  and    that  many  of them  will  be  taking  but it could also  lead to  a   tumultuous   situation  for  a  number  of  coaches.    Many  are   already  in  a  tenuous position and  it doesn’t    augur  well   for    a  number of  them.    Prevailing   winds  would suggest some teams will set  sail  in the  right   direction  but  should several  teams  be  blown  off course  then  we   might  just be crowning another  Superbowl    team    raising  the Lombardi  Trophy  rather  than  witnessing a successful   defense.

Andy  Reid   is  now suggesting  that  there  isn’t  a  quarterback  controversy  with  the  Philadelphia  Eagles  and  that  Kevin  Kolb  is  still  the   starter  on  this   team.   Given  Kolb’s  stats   and the  fact  that  he’s  been unproductive at the  start  of  the  season  I’ve  got  to  wonder  what the  hell  it is   that  Reid    had  been  watching   as  Kolb’s  backup  Michael  Vick led  the   Eagles  to  an   electrifying  victory over  the  Detroit Lions. Vick commanded the field and  played with a great deal of  leadership and  maturity.  Something that wasn’t always on display at the  start of  his  NFL career with the Atlanta  Falcons. It’s amazing  what being locked in a jail cell can do to a man’s dignity and  self esteem. And while I’m not totally convinced that Vick is as  contrite as  he  would  have us  believe. He seems  to be on  his   way  to  recovering  the  heights that  made him  one of  the most  athletically  gifted  players of his generation   and quite  possibly   of any  generation  since  the NFL  became  the  nation’s  past-time.

Reid could well be putting  his career  on  the line  as well  as that of the  entire  season  of the  Eagles.  Having  traded  their Pro Bowl  quarterback Donovan McNabb to the  Washington   Redskins. This  is   a   time  of   rebuilding  for  the  Eagles and as  much  as  this  team  looks  extremely talented  on  paper  there’s  still  something  that  missing  from  this  from it,  that   would lead  me  to  believe  that  they’re  not a championship  caliber  team. I’m  sorry but  if you’re  quarterback  has  all  the  attributes  of  a   donkey  that’s  carrying a   load  that   he’s   unable to  carry  then   the  burden for him  will  be  far  too much  to  bear.   Kolb  has  shown  me  absolutely   nothing  that  would  indicate that  he  has  the  pedigree  to  lead this team  to  their desired destination and that’s Cowboys Stadium  in Arlington Texas, hosts to Superbowl  XLV (Superbowl  45). If  that  wasn’t  enough  the  season  has   brought  about  a   slew  of   injuries  and  the  mere  fact  that   we’ve  been  told that  the  league is now  taking   head   traumas   and     concussions  seriously. Well  that  seems  to  be  something  of   a  surprise  given  the  fact that NFL Commissioner  Roger  Goodell   and  the  medical  professionals  in the  employ  of  the league  weren’t  always   prepared  to   acknowledge that   fact.   Now  that they’re  now  ready to  face facts  that health issues such  as concussions have  become paramount  and  are  a   danger to the well  being  of  the players   then  there’s  some  cause  for   concern.  The  NLFPA for their part  haven’t   said  that  much with  regard to  the  issue  and how  might   impact them  altogether.  All of a sudden  on  this  lone  issue, it  is as  if   not  much  has  changed   since  we  saw  the    rather dictatorial   rule  of Gene  Upshaw  as   Executive  Diretor   of  the   union.   Upshaw’s sucessor   DeMaurice Smith   seems  to  be  all  wrapped up  with the  issue of  the collective  bargaining agreement  and  how   great  a slice  of  the  pie that  they’re  able  to gain. Now I’ve   never  been  enamored with  the   league’s   hierarchy  much  the   less that of  their   union  counterpart  !   Neither  side  has  the   fans’  best  interests  at  heart   as  it appears  that  their   only  concern  has   been   greed  and   how   much   money  either   side  can   garner as  derived   from  the   league’s revenues.

The  2010-11   season   is  an  uncapped year and already we’ve   seen  a  number  of  televised games having  been  blacked out due to  low attendance. Furthermore, even if with the low attendance at several league  games it appear  that’s  liable to  be a scenario  that will  be  will be played out through  the   remainder  of the  season. That  loss may well  be  made  up by other  means  as  the  league may well  take whatever approach is necessary to make  sure that  the losses aren’t  overwhelming. And say  what you will the league will  do whatever  to maintain  its  status as  the  nation’s pass-time.  The league’s  hierarchy   no matter   secretive  it has been now knows   that  at  this   juncture   they  have to  have  a   plan  in  place  and  an  agreement  worked  out  between  themselves  and the   union. A  league    wide   stoppage  and  labor  disruption   could   very  well   be  the  death  knell  for  the   goodwill   that  the  league   has  with   the  fans. Doubt  it  then  simply  look  at  the  mess  that MLB   found  itself  in,   its  stoppage  and  how  it  was   dealt  with  by  the  league  hierarchy  led   by  Bud  Selig .If that  wasn’t  a  sign  as to what  not   to  do  and  the  complete  ineptitude  shown by  both  the  league and  that of MLBA (union)  was  enough  of  a  template  as  how the NFL  shouldn’t  act.

Curiously enough  though, I do believe  that   the  league (NFL)  and  the  union (NFLPA) will  find  a way   to remedy   their   differences   and reach an  amicable  agreement  that   will  be  equitable for  all  parties  involved.   If they’re  unable to do so  then   we all  might  as  well   take   up  needlepoint  or  some  other activity   that will   take   our  minds  off  a  season  of   inactivity  within  the  NFL  .  Billions of dollars   may  well be  at  stake   but   it’s   highly   unlikely that  the  league   would  be   foolish  enough  to  use  replacement   players   once  again. Were they do so then any signs of a peace deal being brokered would be out of the question altogether !



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What thoughts if  any do   you  feel concerning  the  league  and  the  impressions as to  what  you’ve  witnessed this early  in  the  season ?   And  are  we  liable   to  see  the   league   reach  an   amicable    agreement  with   regard  to  the   ongoing   collective   bargaining   agreement   ?   Chime  on  in  with a comment  as    you   see   fit .

NB: Reid has since reversed his decision and has made Vick the starter for the Eagles’ game against the Jaguars @ Everbank Field , Jacksonville, Fla,.


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This’ll Be One More Reason For The Brett Favre Saga To Be Further Perpetuated In The Offseason ………Oh Sh_t !

This’ll Be One More Reason For The Brett Favre Saga To Be Further Perpetuated In The Offseason ………Oh Sh_t !

If the widely varying reports are to be believed , then it may well be a certainty that former San Diego Chargers’ running back LaDainian Tomlinson will join the Minnesota Vikings as a free agent. Good God almighty , this’ll mean that the guys over at ESPN will be ejaculating like teens who’ve been watching far too much porn to make them all go blind. There goes the likes Mortensen , Schlereth , Jaworski , Hoge , Berman and Clayton shooting their load all of the studios of Bristol, Connecticut . I’d hate to think how this will make Pam Oliver and Linda Cohn feel about this all ! But they may well be just looking at it as just , boys being boys ?

An ad showing the attributes of ‘LT’ the player.

Things might have been looking up for the other teams in the NFC North . Especially when one considers how the Vikings wilted like gilded lillies in the NFC championship game (31-28) against the New Orleans Saints . Guys like Jared Allen and the rest of teammates were made to look rather ordinary. But as they say there’s no use crying over spilled milk is there Jared ? I guess he’s also still pi_sed that Obama made it into the White House ? Given Allens’ avowed support for the Republicans and his thinking that the Democrats would tax his ass off. Well, what’s an extra $125,000 to a guy who earned close to $15.5 million in 2009 ?

Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress responds to a question during a press conference at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, Friday, Feb. 26, 2010.  photo appears  courtesy of  Associated  Press/ Darron Cummings ....
Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress responds to a question during a press conference at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, Friday, Feb. 26, 2010. photo appears courtesy of Associated Press/ Darron Cummings ....

Tomlinson was wined and dined by the brass , ne’ front office staff of the Vikings , headed by owner Zygi Wilf and GM Rick Spielman . And today he’ll meet for the second time with Vikings’ coach Brad Childress and his coaching staff . All that’s now needed from the player is his ‘John Hancock’ on the dotted line of a contract. And he’ll immediately become the backup to Adrian Peterson . Let’s put this way , all bets are now off as to whether or not Brett Favre now returns to the team . I’d dare wager that not even Vegas is prepared to give you meaningful odds on that at all ? The outcome now seems inevitable and Brett will no doubt make his intentions known as and when it no doubt suits him.

Brett Favre (4) of  the Minnesota Vikings reacts after taking a hard hit in the second half against the New Orleans Saints during the NFC Championship Game at the Louisiana Superdome on January 24, 2010 in New Orleans, Louisiana.  photo  appears courtesy   of  Getty  Images  /  Jed  Jacobsohn  .....
Brett Favre (4) of the Minnesota Vikings reacts after taking a hard hit in the second half against the New Orleans Saints during the NFC Championship Game at the Louisiana Superdome on January 24, 2010 in New Orleans, Louisiana. photo appears courtesy of Getty Images / Jed Jacobsohn .....

And to think that many of us had been hoping for a peaceful offseason in the NFL ? But alas, we can live in hope that this whole scenario may well end up being something that’s indeed welcoming for us all. Well at least in the hope that this whole thing isn’t prolonged any longer than is necessary. Thankfully Favre isn’t a pregnant pachyderm because we’d still be waiting. But as of now there’s a chance that he’ll make his mind up and actually come to a decision. Now far be it for me to suggest that Brad Childress is an ass but why would he have made the statement that the team and organization are prepared to wait as long as it takes for Brett to come to a decision ? But as the old adage goes …….. a fool and their money are easily parted ‘ . And the fact that the Vikings would still be on the hook to Favre for $12 million , I can see why he would have made the statement.

For Tomlinson this may well give him one last legitimate shot at winning a Superbowl ring. Because as we know he came as close as he was ever going to get with the Chargers. Unfortunately for the player and the team the two obstacles in their way , were either the Indianapolis Colts or the New England Patriots . I don’t know how the Chargers’ fans may have felt about it all , having been so close but yet so far. Do they apportion the blame on the team or on Norv Turner , his coaching staff or quite possibly upon the shoulders of GM A. J. Smith ? Clearly they’ve a right to feel aggrieved and with the team now shedding Tomlinson as well as Antonio Cromartie and with a tender offer for Darren Sproles yet to be accepted by the player . One wonders what direction the organization is now heading in under Smith ? Their first priority may well be to retain Sproles but they may well seek to trade the player in order to possibly attain a first and third round pick for him. It’d free up cap space for them and afford them some flexibility in the draft and free agency. But it remains to be seen as to what steps may well be taken by the team as a whole.

Pierre Thomas (23) of the New Orleans Saints celebrates after scoring a touchdown in the first quarter against the Minnesota Vikings during the NFC Championship Game at the Louisana Superdome on January 24, 2010 in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Thomas and the Saints will take on the Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl XLIV on February 7, 2010 in Miami Gardens, Florida.  photo  appears courtesy  of  Getty  Images/  Jed  Jacobsohn ......
Pierre Thomas (23) of the New Orleans Saints celebrates after scoring a touchdown in the first quarter against the Minnesota Vikings during the NFC Championship Game at the Louisana Superdome on January 24, 2010 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Thomas and the Saints will take on the Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl XLIV on February 7, 2010 in Miami Gardens, Florida. photo appears courtesy of Getty Images/ Jed Jacobsohn ......

While the NFC North may well become all the more competitive, with the possible acquisition of Tomlinson by the Vikings. One can’t ignore the moves made by the Chicago Bears , having signed Julius Peppers to a lucrative five year contract. The Bears are now looking to stock up and replenish their roster through free agency and the forthcoming draft. This will no doubt be a last ditch effort by Bears’ coach Lovie Smith to save his job. As the sword of Damocles still continues to hover over his head. With the Green Bay Packers steadily improving under Aaron Rogers . There’s every reason to believe that the division will now harbor a great deal more interest than usual amongst a majority of NFL fans. Sadly, as I alluded to earlier the guys of ESPN may well make it more about the decision of Brett Favre , rather than anything that has been done by the teams within the division. And knowing their zest for the dramatic they may well make the whole damn thing overshadow the NFL Draft altogether. You’ll note that I simply didn’t bother to mention the Detroit Lions ? I mean what’s the use ? Can anyone really see them winning anymore than 6 games at best this season ? Not even their front office are hopeful of them attaining that mark . But they and their long suffering fans hope that fortunes will change as to the team’s impending future. Can we all agree that the ‘curse’ of Matt Millen is more than any organization should have to bare ?

Now for the moment as we await to see what happens concerning Tomlinson and the Vikings . I can only surmise that Favre is now licking his lips and orchestrating with his agent how he can present himself to the press and his fans alike , coming across as a player who’s still undecided as to his own fate and the path that his career will take. This is one of the reasons why when I first heard the news that LaDainian Tomlinson was visiting the team , I simply reacted the way that I did. My first thoughts were oh great for LT , then it suddenly hit , oh sh_t , now that’ll mean Brett will definitely come back. As I alluded to in the title of this piece … ….. This’ll Be One More Reason For The Brett Favre Saga To Be Further Perpetuated In The Offseason ………Oh Sh_t !

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We all know how sensitive LaDainian is. So here’s something that he should feel at home with .
Ralp Tresvant’s ………’Sensitivity’.

Rap sensation Nicki Minaj . In order to view the gallery just click on the pics individually.


Ludacris feat’g Nicki Minaj ……… ‘My Chick Bad’


Around The World Of Sports And The News In General

Around The World Of Sports And The News In General ………….

Well after the NBA All Star Weekend , the absolute over-hyping of the festivities and the uninspirational events themselves. The regular season of the NBA has resumed. First and foremost, the shock of hearing that Denver Nuggets’ coach George Karl will have to undergo chemotherapy for the treatment of throat cancer puts everything into perspective. It reminds us all of our own imperfections and our mortality. It must no doubt come as a complete shock the Nuggets’ players , as well as the entire organization , from the ownership of Stanley Kroenke on down to the very fans, themselves.

As to how this might all impact the Nuggets’ season remains to be seen. But I’m sure that Karl’s coaching staff and players will be able to carry on as he undergoes his medical treatment. Hopefully this will all lead to a speedy recovery and the total removal of the cancer . Karl has undergone a great deal in terms of his health over the past few years. As recently as 2008 , he underwent treatment for prostate cancer and that has since become benign and in remission.

The Portland Traliblazers in the hope of making a late surge in terms of their placement seeding in the Western Conference standings, have acquired Marcus Camby from the Los Angeles Clippers in exchange for Steve Blake and Travis Outlaw . This immediately impacts the Trailblazers on both ends of the floor , with having a player of Camby’s caliber , who’ll provide them with steady defense and some offense, as needs be. With the loss of both Greg Oden and Joel Pryzbilla, the team was in need of a ‘true center’. Camby can play the position with a great amount of deftness. And for coach Nate McMillan , this may well provide him that missing piece to the jig-saw.

It would appear that the Cleveland Cavaliers’ hierarchy is unsure of entering the fray and acquiring Suns’ center/power-forward Amar’e Stoudemire . It’s been widely reported that both LeBron James and Shaquille O’Neal would welcome the player within the Cavaliers’ organization. And if anything with the team acquiring Stoudemire. It would no doubt make them the ‘prohibitive favorites’ in the Eastern Conference, ahead of both the Boston Celtics and the Orlando Magic. The sticking point may well be whether or not the player will commit to signing a long term contract with the team, as he’s now in the last season of his present contract, which pays him $17 million for the 2010 season. Never mind the fact, with the ongoing negotiations between the league’s hierarchy (NBA) and the Players’ Union (NBPA). The very fact that the league and its owners are said to be looking for a broad based 20 % cut in the league’s operating costs. This will no doubt put a great deal of responsibility on how a number of teams will now go about replenishing their existing rosters and how they come to dealing with their impending free agents. Salaries asides, the players have an obligation to listen to whatever the league is proposing before placing their own offer to the league’s management committee and David Stern.

The tensions between the two sides has been heightened by the distrust between Stern and his union counterpart, NBPA Executive Director, Billy Hunter. If these two individuals can’t sit down and discuss their grievances with some accord . Then there’s every reason to believe that the impasse between the two sides will end up in a major labor dispute leading to the possible shutting down of the NBA. Greed has a way of bringing out the worst in people no matter what your original perception of them might’ve been. In the case of both the players and the league , they’re essentially no different from the guys who run the ‘boiler rooms’ that promote the nefarious insider trader dealings, that we’ve all so often have hear about. Stern and the owners would have you believe otherwise. Would you trust him anymore than you’d trust ‘the word’ of your state Senator or Congressman ? Think about it before you answer ?

Fact or fiction? The latest word coming out of the Minnesota Vikings’ front office , is that they’re prepared to wait right up until the OTA’s (organized training activities) start for players – for the return of Brett Favre to the team . But is said to be pressing his local congressman to initiate a bill in the House , for it to be further endorsed and passed in the Senate , that would raise the retirement age for men. Brett it is rumored, wants to play until age 75 ? The sad fact is , this will be how the off-season in the NFL will play out. The never-ending stories as to …’will he or won’t he’ scenario as to Brett Favre, will provide more of an impact than the upcoming NFL Draft, itself. The fact that once again the indecision of the player and with him in essence holding the Vikings hostage speaks volumes as to the real persona of the player to begin with. What’s even more astounding has been the gullibility of the players on the Vikings’ roster. They’ve lauded the player because of their success this past season , never once thinking as to what the future may well bear , should things not have gone as they no doubt predicted and wanted. Now their obvious self-centered antics and the fact that their post-season display showed us how much of a fraud they were. They’re either wanting hang Favre from the highest rafters or they’re prepared to wait for whatever decision is forthcoming from the player ? One has to ask the question of Vikings’ coach Brad Childress and team owner Zygi Wilf. Did they not foresee any of this happening in the off-season ?

Where would we all be without Brett re-retiring ? How much more and longer can the human psyche take of this crap ?

As to the ‘paeans’ within ESPN , I’m sure that they’ll devote a great deal of coverage to this one story, as if it were of grave importance to the nation. I’d hate to think how the likes of Chris Mortensen and John Clayton would conduct their work day if the ‘Favre saga’ weren’t in existence ? But then again, this is the gristle that burns the fires of the ‘so called stories’ that ESPN feels is newsworthy and worth bringing to an audience.

So let me get this straight, having come off a great regular season, only to succumb to the New York Jets in the wild-card round (24-14) of the playoffs like a porn star in the midst of several sex toys. The Cincinnati Bengals thought it worthwhile to bring in both Matt Jones and his namesake, Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones for tryouts. Both players have ran afoul of the law and their play if anything hasn’t been anywhere near what was expected from players who were said to be talented ? Matt Jones the former Jaguars’ wide receiver was signed to a one year incentive laden contract. ‘Pacman’ Jones for his part proved to be not as successful. That latter scenario shouldn’t surprise anyone, given the player’s lack of productivity with the Dallas Cowboys. But then we are talking about America’s Team where everything that glistens just doesn’t happen to be gold. More like a shade of rat’s urine by my way of thinking ! And where for Jerry Jones having built a $1.65 billion monstrosity , he can’t put together a team worth shit !

Courtesy of NFL.com

Reports: Bengals sign Matt Jones, pass on ‘Pacman’ after workout

From NFL.com Wire reports

Matt Jones found his second chance with a team known for giving them.

The former Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver signed a one-year deal Friday to join the Bengals, according to multiple published reports. The Cincinnati Enquirer reported the deal is worth worth around $700,000. The Bengals’ official Web site reported the deal likely will be close to minimum salary with incentives.

“He’s had troubles like Chris (Henry), but I give (team president) Mike Brown credit,” Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco told the team’s Web site. “He’s not afraid to give people second chances.

“I just want to say, ‘Thank you.’ Matt can play. I think it’s great. He’s fast as hell and he (doesn’t drop anything). He gives us height and that is something we’ve been missing a little without Chris. He gives us a presence and another weapon for Carson (Palmer) to use.”

The move is a low-risk agreement similar to the one that brought troubled running back Larry Johnson to Cincinnati for the last half of the 2009 season.

Jones, who’s 6-foot-6 and regarded as a speedy red-zone threat, also had an offer from the Tennessee Titans, according to various media outlets.

The Bengals’ official site had reported that Jones worked out for the team Thursday, and former Ohio State quarterback Todd Boeckman threw him passes. Former Titans and Dallas Cowboys cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones, who like Matt Jones has a checkered past and didn’t play last season, also worked out for the Bengals but reportedly wasn’t offered a contract.

Since Matt Jones didn’t play last season, he can sign with a team before the March 5 start of free agency.

The Bengals’ priority during the offseason is to improve a passing game that ranked 26th in the NFL despite a full season from quarterback Carson Palmer. The Bengals lost T.J. Houshmandzadeh to the Seattle Seahawks in free agency after the 2008 season and tried to replace him with Laveranues Coles, who struggled. Chris Henry broke his arm and later died after a fall from a truck during a domestic dispute.

Jones was the Jaguars’ first-round draft pick in 2005, but he started just five games in his first three seasons. His best season came in 2008, when he had a career-high 65 catches for 761 yards. He also was arrested in Arkansas and charged with cocaine possession in July of that year.

In a plea agreement, Jones was ordered to participate in a league-sponsored program that provides substance-abuse counseling. He also had to undergo random drug tests. The NFL suspended Jones for the final three games of the 2008 season for violating its substance-abuse policy.

The Jaguars waived Jones last March after he was jailed for violating his plea agreement. Jones failed an alcohol screening and told a judge that he drank beer while golfing with friends.

Jones has 166 receptions for 2,153 yards and 15 touchdowns in four NFL seasons. He played quarterback at the University of Arkansas, but the Jaguars moved him to receiver after drafting him.


Having lost Chris Henry to his untimely death . One can well understand the team’s need to have another offensive presence on the Bengals’ roster. But the the lack of productivity from both Chad Ochocinco and that of running back Larry Johnson , showed us how one dimensional and uncreative this Marvin Lewis’ coached team had become. And with the return to form of Carson Palmer , the failure of the Bengals was only heightened by their poor post-season showing. This had to have proven to be a great disappointment to the Bengals’ fans and to the ‘front office’ of the organization .

It’ll be interesting to see how Matt Jones acclimatizes himself within the organization. And at the same time the mindset has to be for Bengals’ owner Mike Brown and that of his general partners. The thought is , that this may well be the last chance for Marvin Lewis to prove his worth as the coach. It’s safe to say that another poor showing and the only option left to Brown will be Lewis’ abrupt departure at the owner’s behest.

It’s not often that I revise my decision concerning an organization. But that very thought is now on my mind when I look at the Oklahoma City Thunder of the Western Conference of the NBA. My reasons behind this, was the reprehensible way in which the city of Seattle was treated not just by the current ownership of the Thunder under the auspices of Clay Bennett. But the whole subterfuge created by David Stern and the half-truths told by ‘he’ , Bennett and the NBA hierarchy in trying to coerce the city to build a new facility for the team at their own expense. When an amicable agreement couldn’t reached between the two parties concerned. In this case the Seattle Supersonics (Thunders’ previous persona) and the city, a financial settlement was reached, wherein, the Sonics left the city altogether, for the state of Oklahoma and that city bearing its name.

Oklahoma City- <strong> Kevin Durant<em> (#35)</em></strong>  of the Oklahoma City Thunder and Thunder fans celebrate the victory over the Dallas Mavericks on February 16, 2010 at the Ford Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  The Thunder defeated  the Mavericks <strong> 99-86 </strong>. photo  appears  courtesy  of  NBAE/ Getty  Images/ Lane Murdoch  .................
Oklahoma City- Kevin Durant (#35) of the Oklahoma City Thunder and Thunder fans celebrate the victory over the Dallas Mavericks on February 16, 2010 at the Ford Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The Thunder defeated the Mavericks 99-86 . photo appears courtesy of NBAE/ Getty Images/ Lane Murdoch .................

Thunder GM Sam Presti struck lightning in a bottle with the drafting of former Longhorns’ player Kevin Durant. And with Durant alongside Nick Collison , Jeff Green and Russell Westbrook , this ‘Thunder team’ has been one of the truly pleasant surprises of the NBA season. And for team head coach, Scott Brooks ,this has to be even more than he could’ve dreamed of in his second year as an NBA coach. Not only that but Brooks has his team playing a solid brand of entertaining basketball. And the home fans are only too eager and pleased to see their team play. Furthermore , the Oklahoma City Thunder in their new guise, might just be on the cusp of making the post-season and garnering a berth in the playoffs. At present they hold the 5th best record within the conference with a mark of 31-21 (ten games over .500).

Any team within the conference who might view the Thunder as a ‘soft target’ and ripe for the taking should be aware that they’re not as soft a touch as some might believe them to be. They’ve more than held their own against many of the heavyweights within the conference . And in some cases they’ve actually upended those teams with a more than a deserving win. And at the center of this all , has been Kevin Durant. Were this not any other season wherein , the play and form of Kobe Bryant and LeBron James weren’t at their very best. Then quite possibly Durant would be unanimously be on the ballot as the top player and an almost certain league MVP winner. But I’m sure at some point in his future that will be one of the accolades that the player will have adorning his trophy cabinet. But for the moment his exhilarating play has fans across the NBA admiring his skill-set and overall talent. And he has now accomplished what neither Bryant or James have yet to do in their storied careers. That is to post 25 consecutive games of scoring at least 20 points or more. That has been the prowess shown by Durant throughout much this regular season. And if you were under the mistaken thought that his talents were only at the offensive end of the court. Then you’d be sadly mistaken as the players knows how to get his hands dirty in making his defensive presence known. He leads by example and his teammates willingly follow.

Now it’s too late but the once beloved Tiger Woods will speak publicly for the first time , since the brouhaha over his numerous extra marital affairs. Hey Tiger, screw one skank , live like a King, screw several of them along with a couple of porn stars. Then I suggest you see your general practitioner as a safe bet. What else can this a_shole say that will deflect any of the attention that he’s been receiving courtesy of the print , tv media as well as the paparazzi ? They haven’t had this much excitement since Gary Hart and his infamous statement concerning Donna Rice ….’catch me if you can ? What a friggin’ moron ! I’d now put Tiger up there in the same atmosphere as Hart , as to his sheer stupidity and naivete’ !

Courtesy of Associated Press and Yahoo Sports

Tiger to end months of silence on Friday

By Doug Ferguson , AP Golf Writer

Marana, Ariz. (AP)—Tiger Woods will end nearly three months of silence Friday when he speaks publicly for the first time since his middle-of-the-night car accident sparked stunning revelations of infidelity.

However, his agent said Woods will not take any questions from a small group of media.

“This is not a press conference,” Mark Steinberg said Wednesday.

It will be Woods’ first public appearance since Nov. 27, when he crashed his SUV into a tree outside his Florida home. Woods’ only comments since then have been made through his Web site.

Steinberg said Woods is to speak at 11 a.m. Friday from the clubhouse at the TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., home of the PGA Tour.

In the days before Woods’ accident, a National Enquirer story alleged the world’s No. 1 golfer had been seeing a New York nightclub hostess. Following the crash, a stream of women came forward to claim they had romantic relationships with Woods.

Woods admitted to “infidelity” in a statement on his Web site in mid-December and has been on an indefinite break from golf ever since.

“I am deeply aware of the disappointment and hurt that my infidelity has caused to so many people, most of all my wife and children,” Woods said at the time. “I want to say again to everyone that I am profoundly sorry and that I ask forgiveness. It may not be possible to repair the damage I’ve done, but I want to do my best to try.”

While I once was an avid follower of Tiger and the sport. With his fall from grace my interest in the sport has completely waned. If nothing else I probably won’t even take that much of an interest concerning his impending return to the Tour. But it’s pretty much safe to say that his peers in the game as well as PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem , will welcome him back with open arms. As to the corporate sponsors of the Tour and Tiger’s own commercial endorsers. They no doubt will see this as something of a god-send , as well as a blight. They’ll sell their products as always and Tiger will be there front and center , as their favorite ad-man on the move. TV ratings will spike, once Woods is back on the Tour and I’m sure so, too ,will a new cast of buxom beauties looking to be added to Tiger’s ever increasing number of ‘skanks’ , who’ve come forward to say that they’ve had sex with the golfer. There’s nothing ‘like laying the wood to some rough’, especially ‘some prime piece of rough’ of the female variety as the case maybe and dependent upon how one views these women ? Safe to say though, that each of the now 21 women that’ve come forward to parlay their stories into seeking some sort of fame and fortune , will be looking to the likes of Larry King and Gloria Allred to provide them with a ‘voice’. Whoever says that sex doesn’t sell ought to consult Allred and these women for advice !

Alex Rodriguez’s memory, much like his already well documented private life has been filled with flaws and a great deal of lies. A-Rod’s cousin ‘Papi Chulo’ must be now wishing to lay into the player’s ass ! Oh Alex, you lie so well ! Asshole ! Something that Tiger could learn from ?

Woods’ impending return to the PGA Tour will be provide its corporate sponsors and the associated industries that derive much of their business from the Tour with a great deal of joy. There’s going to be a great deal of heartache for the player, as the fans will no doubt mock him. At the same time those who are forgiving of the player may well come out to show their support for Woods. But I think that in all probability, it will be a considerable amount of time before the nation , let alone fans of the PGA Tour will be all that forgiving of the golf superstar.

Well here ends my take guys on the world of sports and some of its news in general. Anything that has happened recently that has caught your attention that you also may well feel is a ripe topic for discussion ? Chime on in with a comment and your very own take. Thanks as always !

Alan Parkins aka tophatal


John Legend ‘Green Light’ feat’g Andre ‘3000’ Benjamin


And for the guys who love a rump-shaker here’s Melyssa Ford. Sit back and enjoy . I most certainly did ! For more of Melyssa , click here.

When It Rains It Simply Pours But With The Oakland Raiders It Literally Turns Into A Friggin’ Monsoon …………..

When It Rains It Simply Pours But With The Oakland Raiders It Literally Turns Into A Friggin’ Monsoon …………..

Just when I thought it was palatable enough not to want to ‘hear another story’ about Brett Favre or the Oakland Raiders. No sooner said than done , it is about to become a torrential monsoon that we’re about to be inundated with concerning both. No doubt the ‘boys ‘ at both ESPN and Foxsports will start to behave like members of ‘The Village People’ as they declare their wantoned lust for everything that is Favre in terms of a story. And with regard to the Raiders there’ll continue to be overt speculation as to whether or not head coach , Tom Cable will be fired by the venerable Al Davis . These are the questions that I for one am not interested in by any stretch of the imagination. But as the sports news' cycles goes on and these are the themes that the broadcast outlets believe that the fans are genuinely interested in.

Quarterback Tony Romo (#9) of the Dallas Cowboys congratulates quarterback Brett Favre (#4) of the Minnesota Vikings on their 34-3 victory during the NFC Divisional Playoff Game at Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome on January 17, 2010 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  photo appears  courtesy  of Getty Images/  Elsa ..........
Quarterback Tony Romo (#9) of the Dallas Cowboys congratulates quarterback Brett Favre (#4) of the Minnesota Vikings on their 34-3 victory during the NFC Divisional Playoff Game at Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome on January 17, 2010 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. photo appears courtesy of Getty Images/ Elsa ..........

Courtesy of ESPN.com

Sources: Harbaugh rejects overtures

By Adam Schefter

The Oakland Raiders have spoken to Stanford head coach Jim Harbaugh about becoming their head coach, sources inside and outside the organization said, but Harbaugh did not express interest in the job.

The Raiders also have spoken with former offensive coordinator Marc Trestman, who now coaches in the CFL.

A source said Jim Fassel also talked to Oakland about the job but the former NFL coach, in an interview with Sirius/XM Mad Dog Radio on Wednesday, denied speaking to the Raiders.

“I’m not lobbying for the Raider job. I have never in my life rooted for a coach to be let go so there’s an opening. I never have. I’m in the same fraternity,” Fassel, who is the head coach of the Las Vegas Locomotives of the UFL, said.

Tom Cable’s status as Oakland’s coach remains uncertain at best. He was scheduled to meet with owner Al Davis last week, but the meeting did not take place. The future of Cable and his staff remains up in the air until that meeting occurs.

Cable has pointed to the team’s improvement after Russell’s midseason benching as proof that he deserves another year to get the Raiders back to the playoffs.

Herrera said Davis and Cable have talked extensively since the season ended, with many of those discussions coming by phone.

“Most of the characterizations of Al Davis’ meetings with the head coach being short or brief are not true either,” Herrera said. “Mr. Davis has had meetings of some depth with the head coach. There have been meetings and meetings of substance.”

In order to read Adam Schefter’s article in its entirety
just click unto the link provided herein

Now while we can all appreciate what a wonderful season Favre and his Minnesota Vikings’ teammates have had thus far. The pundits are simply making it out to be as if this were all ‘a one man show’, wherein the roster of the Vikings are just a secondary part to the team’s overall success. Granted, the front office of the Vikings, as well as their coach, Brad Childress , went ‘out on a limb’ to obtain the services of Favre. But had this scenario gone completely ‘south’ . What would we be now talking about ?

Far be it for me to suggest that the Vikings are now winging it , in the hope that Favre can lead them to the ‘Holy Grail’ of a Superbowl berth and a win. But much of that’ll now be predicated upon the resilience that they show when they meet the NFC South’s New Orleans Saints in the conference championship game this weekend .

Courtesy of NFL.com

Raiders interview assistants, but Cable’s future unclear

Raiders owner Al Davis has interviewed at least two candidates for positions on the staff this week, and both have ties to coach Tom Cable. Despite published reports, however, the team has not interviewed anyone for the head coaching job.

As Cable’s status for 2010 continues to linger, it’s worth noting that Hue Jackson, who interviewed for the offensive coordinator job, according to sources, and Mike Waufle, who interviewed for a defensive line position, according to sources, worked with Cable during their college coaching days.

Jackson, Ravens quarterback coach, was on the staff at Cal State Fullerton with Cable in 1990. The men then later worked together at Cal in 1996, when Jackson was the offensive coordinator and Cable was coaching the offensive line. Jackson has a deep history of working with young quarterbacks, and developing JaMarcus Russell is paramount to Davis, who selected Russell first overall in 2007 and has paid him over $30 million already.

Waufle, most recently the defensive line coach with the Giants, coached with Cable at Cal from 1992-1997, with Waufle coaching the defensive line and Cable the offensive line.

The Raiders have not interviewed any candidates for the head coaching job, according to sources. Davis has noticed the fine work being done by Jim Harbaugh at Stanford, but it is unlikely he could lure Harbaugh there. If Davis made a change at head coach, Jim Fassel, Marc Trestman, Kevin Gilbride and Winston Moss would be names worth watching as well.

However, it could well be that Cable will continue to serve as head coach, with some changes to the staff. Cable’s preference for quarterbacks other than Russell was apparent this past season, and with better results, but pairing Jackson with the young passer might be a possible solution to the conundrum without making changes at the top of the staff.


Tom Cable is formally introduced as the head coach of the Oakland Raiders . Sound bytes asides what Cable set out to do has yet to manifest itself into anything tangible. You might as well be chasing a leprechaun for his pot of gold , rather than take in the diatribe that Cable was spewing out. More nonsense than anything else but it makes for good press amongst the beat writers and tv journalists there at the time.

As much as it doesn’t pain me to say this , the longer this comedic sideshow carries on in the offseason as to whether or not Cable is fired by Al Davis. The more asinine and lacking in credibility the Raiders’ organization will continue to look. The fact that they even approached the Stanford Cardinals’ coach, Jim Harbaugh is enough to suggest that the Raiders’ front office and that of owner , Al Davis wasn’t entirely happy as to the way that their season ended. Much of that can be blamed on the complete lack of adept coaching from Cable and his coaching staff . And the mere fact that the hopelessly over-rated and detached quarterback, JaMarcus Russell is about as useful to this team as ‘a dose of gonorrhea’ . Both are simply out of their depth and merely treading water before capitulating and capsizing. Were this The Titanic, then this vessel would’ve already sank with no survivors anywhere to be seen. This is actually how bad this organization has now become and it starts from the front office, on down.

Former NFL GM and now CBS NFL sports’ analyst, Charley Casserly discusses the Oakland Raiders with program host James Brown.

Now I can understand the the loyal and devoted fans within the Raider Nation but simply put there can only be so much that the fan ought to be allowed to tolerate before speaking out. But instead all one continues to hear in large part from many within the fraternity is ……’that next year will be our year’ ! That’s the same sort of asinine notion and credo one would now come to expect from fan is who’s on the verge of being brain dead’. They’ve no actual semblance of reasoning or rationale as to what they’re now seeing in front of them concerning the team. But yet the thought is still there that they can ultimately achieve something. Well unless they intend to rise up from the ashes like a phoenix then that particular scenario is unlikely to happen anytime soon. And the continued ignorance that’s continually shown by the analysts and pundits alike with regard to the Raiders’ plight never ceases to amaze me. Instead of being open and upfront they’ll opine as to whatever other woes they deem fit to discuss concerning the organization without stating the obvious. In not doing so they show that they themselves lack complete credibility when it comes to discussing the topic in great depth.

As to the offseason in the NFL, we know that the business of the game has now become a year round thing. Even when baseball and basketball is at the height of their seasons respectively, within MLB and the NBA . There’s more concern shown for what happens within the NFL than anything that’s said to be going on with these other two sports. That is the unique thing about the NFL and ‘its complete dominance’ of the domestic sporting landscape.

‘The Village People’ render their international dance hit from the seventies ‘YMCA’. Who knew then that they’d set about a revolution and make the YMCA a place of distinct nuances in terms of behavior ?

Celebrity  wannabe  and   reality  star  Anna   Benson ,  wife  of  former  Mets  and  Orioles'  pitcher   Kris  Benson .
Celebrity wannabe and reality star Anna Benson , wife of former Mets and Orioles' pitcher Kris Benson .