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If You Say It Then You Had Better Have The Balls To Back That Sh#t Up !

If You Say It Then You Had Better Have The Balls To Back That Sh#t Up !

I’m always befuddled when I hear a player stand up and make bold statement even if it is meant to rally the troops as they say ! Well no sooner have we heard one statement made now we have the Detroit Lions’ defensive tackle Ndamokung Suh making the claim that the team is quite capable of going …… 16-0 this season . Unless I’m mistaken it wasn’t that long ago Lions went 0-16 ( 2008) to become the first NFL team in history to lose all of their regular season games since the league went to a 16 game schedule. Suh either believes that highly in this team or he is truly naive to think that a quarterback in Matt Stafford who at best is serviceable but has yet to play a full NFL season is actually capable of leading the team to an unbeaten season.


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The Lions finished last year with a 6-10 record within the NFC North and actually struggled to make their presence felt within the league as a whole . Statistically as a team the Lions struggled in all facets of the game and from a defensive and offensive standpoint the struggles of the Detroit Lions manifested itself in a multiple of ways . I am not so sure that Jim Schwartz and his coaching staff having gotten a spark of life from this team is now capable actually boldly leading them to aware Suh believes that they can be ! As I’ve alluded to before , Matt Stafford is injury prone and from week to week you simply can’t be sure that he can play a full four quarters without getting a hang nail much less turf toe. For all of the hype that surrounded the player upon his entry into the NFL , there has been nothing that he has achieved that would suggest to me that he now is actually capable of leading this Lions’ team past the current Superbowl champions the Green Bay Packers or the other occupants of the NFC North , namely the Minnesota Vikings or Chicago Bears for that matter ! Most notably the Bears and Packers were two of the teams that made the postseason last year .

This season the Detroit Lions will have their hands full within the NFC and in particular over the course of their season as their schedule unfolds . It is incumbent on the Lions that they get off to good start in order to get some semblance of a rhythm going . The season could very well be shortened given the mere fact that the league hierarchy , team owners and NFLPA (union) are at an impasse in resolving the month long NFL lockout . And as cordial as some owners would like to have us believe that these negotiations are going there’s no real light at the end of the tunnel as of yet . NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell whose statements on the existing negotiation process has been minimal at best . New England Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft believes that only through continuous negotiations between the parties concerned can there be some sort of accord be reached. From my own perspective this has simply been nothing more than an image exercise of which neither party has executed or handled this situation well at all. The NFLPA and league hierarchy (NFL) have simply forgotten that they have alienated the fans but moreover the apparent greed that has set in both on sides has clouded their judgment .

If Suh’s prognostications are to come true then he and in particular his new defensive partner Nick Fairley will have to be fulcrum that holds this defensive line together . The Detroit Lions’ defense as the season progressed were able to shown signs of improvement but their lack of cohesion and inconsistently proved costly when it mattered most. On offense we saw what wide receiver Calvin Johnson was actually capable of alongside his teammate running back Kevin Smith . The two provided a lot of the offense that was produced by the Lions over the course of the season .

Now it goes without saying the Lions will live and die dependent upon the health of Matt Stafford and his overall productivity . And while I’ve no doubt that the player will have his moments t hose moments are liable to be few and far between . The Detroit Lions have remained a conundrum and an engima all rolled into one but the history of the organization and the fact that each Thanksgiving the fans have to endure Lions playing in this traditional seasonal game. And given that this season (week 12) the NFL in its infinite wisdom will make sure that tradition continues in that pairing of the Lions playing the Green Bay Packers at Ford Field , Detroit , with the Dallas Cowboys playing the Miami Dolphins at Texas Stadium , Arlington, Texas . Now don’t get me wrong I am all for tradition where it is warranted but with the apparent idiocy of the NFL hierarcy and their belief that the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions playing their respective opponents on Thanksgiving is the best possible form of entertainment that they could possibly serve up for the fans is akin to asking a vegetarian to become a carnivore because the taste of meat is far better than eating vegetables alone. And that’s with due respect to carnivores and vegetarians out there ! The relevancy of these two teams playing on Thanksgiving each year has lost all meaning for me as an NFL fan as I’d rather view two talented teams actually playing competitive football ! And when I last looked neither the Cowboys or Lions were actually capable of doing that on a consistent basis over the course of a season .

The Lions’ front office led by GM Martin Mayhew has formulated a plan that he and the ownership group led by Bill Ford Jr , as they seek to make this franchise relevant once again. It seems unfortunate to see the Detroit Lions fall so far in the aftermath of the excitement provided by their Hall of Fame running back Barry Sanders . And for those of us who have witnessed those lofty days when the Lions actually roared , now if anything they’re like a kitten looking to be fed a plate of milk . Meow , meow !

At this juncture I’d like to say that I hope that Ndamokung Suh isn’t made to eat his words ! It’s one thing to make those bold statements but if you’re simply unable to back it up and the team then becomes an embarrassment on the field of play then once can only hope that the player is prepared to proffer up some form of apology to the fans . God knows, the Detroit Lions simply have done nothing right to indicate they are actually on the road to success , not with the inconsistency of Matt Stafford and a defense that seems to be unsure of itself at any given moment . Suffice to say it will be interesting to see whether or not Suh is made to eat those words .

And speaking of eating words can there be anything more galling than to keep on hearing that the Dallas Cowboys can be viewed as perennial contenders for the Superbowl ? One postseason win in the last decade and an owner in Jerry Jones who still feels that he’s a better general manager than his peers within the league . Chances are Jones on his best day has about as much acumen for spotting college talent bound for the NFL as a blind man could tell you the measurements of aspiring actress Denise Milani . And for those of who’ve viewed the stunning Milani will know that this beauty has the curves in all the right places .

The Dallas Cowboys and Texas Stadium are gigantic as are the egos of half the players on the team . Tony Romo is viewed as a Pro Bowl caliber quarterback but if anything he possesses the spine of a gutless coward . I’ve always maintained that Romo was more a Hollywood ” wannabe” than a NFL player ! And until he applies himself and leads this team by example then the Cowboys will always be considered an also ran or average team at best . This season if anything we will either see Jason Garrett show his real strengths as a coach or we may well see the Cowboys flounder . The NFC East they say is up for grabs this season and if anything the Dallas Cowboys have a chance to prove their worth . Mile Austin , DeMarcus Ware , Jason Witten , Dez Bryant and Romo will certainly have to lay to rest once and for all that they are good enough not only to win the NFC East but also worthy of being viewed as a Superbowl contender . Year in and year out those moronic idiots who provide the NFL analysis at ESPN continue with the hyperbole about the greatness that seems to be the Dallas Cowboys . I sometimes wonder whether or not Jones actually has these as#holes on the Cowboys’ payroll ? Maybe that’s presumptuous of me but then again I may well be wrong !



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If there is an NFL season to be had how do you see both the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions faring ? Simply leave a comment as to your thoughts and as always thanks for the continued support as it is greatly appreciated !

Alan aka tophatal …………………

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(1) Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, right, stands next to defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch during a break in practice drills at Detroit Country Day School in Beverly Hills, Mich., Friday, June 10, 2011. AP Photo/Carlos Osorio ……….

(2) Detroit Lions quarterbacks Matthew Stafford, left, and Shaun Hill, second from right, talk with team president Tom Lewand, right, during the team’s annual golf fundraiser, Tuesday, June 7, 2011, in Dearborn, Mich. AP Photo/Carlos Osorio …..

(3) NEW YORK, NY – APRIL 28: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell poses for a photo with Nick Fairley(1) 13th pick overall pick by the Detriot Lions, during the 2011 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall on April 28, 2011 in New York City. Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images …..

(4) Jim Schwartz, center, head coach of the Detroit Lions poses with General Manager Martin Mayhew, left, and Tom Lewand team president after a press conference to introduce him as the Lions new head coach on January 16, 2009 at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan. Gregory Shamus / Getty North America ……..

(5) Denise Milani and her ample 38″ DD’s . What’s not to like about the curvacious form of this Czech American beauty ?

(6) Care for a peek of Milani’s assets ? There’s always something to like isn’t there ?

(7) Get the feeling that there’s more that Denise has to offer us all ?

(8) Tyron Smith, 9th overall pick by the Dallas Cowboys, holds up a jersey on stage during the 2011 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall on April 28, 2011 in New York City. Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images ……..

(9) MINNEAPOLIS, MN – APRIL 19: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell (L) and NFL owner Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys arrive for court-ordered mediation at the U.S. Courthouse on April 19, 2011 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Mediation was ordered after a hearing on an antitrust lawsuit filed by NFL players against the NFL owners after labor talks between the two broke down last month. Photo by Hannah Foslien /Getty Images …….

(10) Tony Romo (9) of the Dallas Cowboys looks on against the Philadelphia Eagles on January 2, 2011 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Cowboys defeated the Eagles 14-13. Getty Images / Jim McIsaac …..

(11) Miles Austin (19) of the Dallas Cowboys scores a third quarter touchdown on a 3 yard pass from Jon Kitna (3) as DeAndre Levy (54) of the Detroit Lions defends during the game at Dallas Stadium on November 21, 2010 in Arlington, Texas. The Cowboys defeated the Lions 35-19 . Getty Images /Leon Halip ………

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All We’re Asking For Is Accountability ………The Fans That Is …… !


All We’re Asking  For  Is Accountability  ……….. The  Fans  That  Is





Well  the  NFLPA  has  a  new   Executive  Director  and   it is   his   intention   he  states  to   have   an   amicable   relationship  with  Roger Goodell   the  Commissioner  of the  NFL.



NFL Commissioner  Roger  Goodell  ..........
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell . picture appears courtesy of getty images/ Phil Massey ....................




In  making  their   choice   of  choosing   DeMaurice  Smith  the  Players’  Association  and  have   broken  with  tradition   by  naming  an  outsider to  lead  their  union.  Smith  who’s  a  lawyer   by  profession   brings   with  him  a  great   deal   of  knowledge   but  primarily  in  the  field  of  corporate   litigation.  So  it’d  be   wise  to  presume  that   he  possesses  all   of  the   communicative   skills   one   would   expect  of a  trial  lawyer.  That   being   said   the   union   and   how  its   members   are  now   being   perceived   by  the  public   may    be  of   greater  issue  and   concern   for  Smith  .  Rather  than  the  cordial    relationship   that  he  for  one   states  that    he’d    like   to  maintain  with  Goodell.



DeMaurice   Smith  the  new Executive  Director  of  the  NFLPA .  Smith  takes  over  from the  late   Gene  Upshaw.   Smith  is   a  partner  in  the  DC law   firm   Patton Boggs.
DeMaurice Smith seen here in his office of the DC law firm Patton Boggs. Smith is the new Executive Director of the NFLPA. He assumes the position from the late Gene Upshaw. picture appears courtesy of afp/ Todd Daniels .................



With  the  collective   bargaining   agreement   about  to  be  opted   out of  at  the     behest   of  the owners    not   being  prepared  to   play  ball  with  union.  One   can   well  understand  that  things  could    become   very   contentious   between   the  two  parties.   It  won’t  be  so   much  that   the  agreement  itself    can’t   be  dealt   with   in  the  appropriate  manner.   But   with  the   now  acute  economic   climate  the  players  aren’t   prepared   to    make   any  sort  of   concession   to   the  owners  that’d  weaken  their   position   overall.  They’d  rather   be   in  the   driver’s  seat  and   not  a  passenger.    And   in  a  business   where   it’s  gross   revenues   is   in  excess   of  $7.8bn .   That’s  a  great   deal   of   money   that    the  union  sees  that   ought   to be   placed   within  their   own   coffers   by  way  of  the   agreement   in   place.   The   combined  value   of  all   32   teams   is   in  excess  of $20 bn.   And   their   television  package   alone  annually   is  in   the  range of     $900m.   The    contract   is   set  to   expire    in   2010.   But   this   plays   only  a  marginal   part  in   terms  of   the   gross   revenues   that   the   league    garners   each  year.   When   one   takes  into   account   the  sales  and  merchandizing    domestically  as  well  as   internationally.   You  can   see  why  it  is  that   the  NFL  is  in such   an  enviable   position.   It  has   turned   owners   who  came   into  the  league   as  millionaires   into   billionaires.  And  multi  millionaires   into   multi  billionaires.   



Cowboys'  owner   and  GM  Jerry  Jones  ............
Cowboys' owner and GM Jerry Jones. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Matt Waters ...............




All   of  the   franchises  within  the  NFL   have  seen  their   values   appreciate  greatly   over   the  past  five  years.  And it   certainly   hasn’t  exactly   been  a  blight  to   the  owners  concerned.  And   now   within  the  midst   of  an   economic    downturn .  We’ve    not  exactly  seen  a   tightening   of  the  belts   of  many  of  the  teams.   Though   it can   be  said   that   some    teams   have   taken   note.   The  NFL itself   has   laid   off   workers   within   its    head   office    in New  York.  Some   teams   have   followed   suite    but   by   laying   off   ancillary   staff   that  it   deems  not   needed or necessary.   But    yet   the   wage  demands  of the   players    are  still  at a disproportionately   high  level .  Where   one   might deem  it   to   be  overly   opportunistic.   So  much   so  that   we’re   now  starting   to see   outrageous   demands   being   met    by   teams   who   in  all   reality   have   either   lost  their   minds.  Or   the   mere   fact  that  in  their   overzealousness   to    chase   the   immediacy   of   success   warrants   the   spending   of   the  vast   sums.  They   deem  that   whatever   it  will   take   will  be   worth  it   in  the  long  run.   At   this   juncture   there aren’t   exactly   any   guarantees  that   the  success   envisaged  will    follow.



Wahsington  Redskins'  owner  Daniel  Snyder  seen  here speaking  at a  new conference  honoring  former  Redskins'  greats  Darrell  Green  and  Art  Monk.
Washington Redskins' owner Daniel Snyder seen here speaking at a news conference to honor former Redskins' greats Darrell Green and Art Monk . picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Marcus Landry .................




Teams   such   as  the  Dallas  Cowboys  and  Washington  Redskins  with  their   deep   pockets   and   known   for their  overspending.   They  haven’t   been  the  bastions of  success   over  the  last   couple   of  years.  If   anything   they’ve   become  all   too   well  known   for  their   mediocrity    on  the   field   of   play.   And   the   outsized   ego’s   of  their   owners   and   the  off  the  field   antics    of  some  of  their   players.  Jerry Jones   and   Daniel  Snyder  respectively   have   become   the  embodiment   of  what  the  all   power   hungry   NFL  owner    has  become  all  about. In  their   zeal    to   win  at all   costs   ,  it  appears   whatever  it  takes    does    take   a  back  seat   sound  judgment . They’ve   been   known   for   more  hits   and  misses  when  it    comes to  the  conducting  of  their  operations .  But  then   if  they’re  still  making    money   it  doesn’t   really matter  to  them  at  the  end  of  the   day.    But    for   their    long   suffering    fans   they   may  well  see it  differently.  Especially   when   it comes  time   to   the   renewal   of  the  season   tickets.    Those   increases    along   with that  of  the  general  admission   prices  do   tend   to  take   a  bite    of   a   fans’ discretionary  spending.  But   yet   the   owners  are   of  the   opinion    that  the  fans   are   only    all  too  willing   to endure  this. 




Boy Does It Suck To Be A Pariah


Boy  Does It  Suck To  Be A  Pariah  …………..





Consider  this   fact  that   as  of  last   season  the  Dallas  Cowboys   were   considered  the  team  to beat  upon  the  start  of  the regular  season  .   As  the  season   unfolded  we  saw  the  team  at time   show  some   brilliance.    But  all  too  more  often than  not  it  was   inconsistency  and    if  nothing  else a  great   deal of    bickering  and   backbiting  amongst    the  players   and    staff. 



Owens'  children's  book  Little T Learns  To Share  ..........
Owens' children's book written as a guide for young kids in self esteem, sharing and the respect of one's peers. Improbable as it may seem when one considers Owens' demeanor towards others especially former teammates. ............ picture appears courtesy of Corbis/ Alejandro Pena .........................





In  the  midst  of this  all    had   the   ring  master   (owner)  Jerry  Jones   orchestrating  the  show.  What   was    meant  to  be  a     professionally   ran  NFL   franchise   suddenly  began  to   look  like  a  PT  Barnum   circus  show.   And  to  great  effect    the  show  itself   had  its  own  cast  of  clown    characters.   From   Jones   , himself  on  down  to  assistant   coach  and  offensive   coordinator  Jason Garrett  ,  head  coach    Wade  Phillips.    And  less  we forget   that    the   cast  of  players  that   ranged    from  Adam ‘Pacman’  Jones,  to  Terrell Owens  ,  to   Roy  Williams , to  Patrick Crayton , to  Marion Barber III  ,    to  Tony  Romo   the   alleged   franchise   quarterback  that’d  lead  the  team  to  the  promised  land.    There   was   more chance   of  that  happening    had   Moses’   body  been   found   exhumed    and   him   being   placed   in  a  Cowboys’  uniform.   But  alas    more  than  a  decade  later  and   none  the   wiser    the  Dallas   Cowboys   have  yet   to  win  a  playoff   game.



Romo and  Owens  on the  training  field  not  quite  the  cordial   display  one  would  expect  between the  two  former  close   teammates.    picture  appears  courtesy of  ap/photo/  Martin   Westwood  ..............
Romo and Owens on the training field not quite the cordial display one could come to expect of the two allegedly close former teammates. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Martin Westwood ..............





Well  the   debacle   that   was  the  Cowboys’  season  had  led   to  more   strife  than   seen  in  an   episode   of  a   daytime  soap   opera.   With  the  on  and  off   the   field    shenanigans    that   went   on.  Someone   had  to  be   apportioned  the   blame   for  what   had   transpired.    The    thing     being  asked   was   who’d  be   cast   in  the   role   of  the  villain   when  it  was  all  said  and    done.   Surely  not   the   glamour    quarterback  with  the  hot   girlfriend   and  her acting and singing   alleged   talent ?    Or   was it   to  be   the  broken   down   alcoholic   cornerback   whose  run-ins  with   the  law   were  about   as  frequent   as   Lindsay Lohan’s   visits to   rehab. 




Cowboys'  wide  receiver   Terrell  Owens (81)  celebrates  a  touchdown  during   an  NFL  game against the  Green Bay Packers   by appearing  attempting  to  consume  some  popcorns  on the  sidelines .    picture  appears courtesy  of  getty  images /Matt  Salmons  ..............
Cowboys' wide receiver Terrell Owens (81) celebrates a touchdown during an NFL game against the Green Bay Packers. Owens can be seen here attempting to consume a bucket of popcorn as a way of amusing the fans in attendance. picture appears courtesy of getty images /Matt Salmons ...............



It  seem  that  if  there  was  to  be  someone  that    would  be   apportioned  the  blame  as to  the  team’s   failures.  Then  it’d would    have  to  be  the  mercurial    and  often   outspoken   but   yet  talented veteran   wide  receiver  known  as  Terrell  Owens.   He’s   carried   so  much   baggage  with  him  along   his professional    career    enough   that   would  do  Louis  Vuitton  proud were  he  alive  today.  I’m  surprised  that  Owens  himself   isn’t  a   paid  spokesman   for   the  company.   But  then   again  we  were  once   reminded  that   there     were   twenty   five  million   reasons  why  Owens  wanted  to   remain  a  Dallas  Cowboys’  player.



A somber  looking   Terrell  Owens   looks  on  having   answered  questions  concerning  the  team's   regular  season   performance .  The  press conference  was  held  at the  team's   training  facility  in  Irvine  Tx.,   picture  appears  courtesy  of  ap/photos/   Tom  Penders ..................
A somber looking Owens looks on having answered question on the team's regular season performances. The press conference was held at the team's training facilty in Irvine, Tx. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Matt Salmons .......................








Well  that  day  is  no  longer  here   as   Owens  was  cut   by  the  team  no  doubt  at  the  behest of  the  ring  master   himself   ,  Jerry   Jones.  Ought  we  to be  surprised  by  the  decision ?   Hell    no  !    Considering   what   has  transpired   in  Owens’   previous    places   of   professional   domicile.  One   ought  to  be  surprised  that  he  lasted   this  long  in   Dallas.   Now  the  question  one  could   ask   is   what   path   his    career  should now   take  ?    His   resumption    as a  kids’  novelist  or  to once  the   again  beat  the   well   worn   path   as   a   nomadic   wanderer   in the NFL ?   Someone   surely has  to  be  interested   in the player    and   the  undoubted   skills  that  he   brings.   But  the   caveat  here   has  to  be   buyer  beware .




Excess  baggage  courtesy  of  Terrell  Owens  .......cartoon  appears  courtesy  of  Frank  Galasso  ...............
Excess baggage Terrell Owens ......... cartoon appears courtesy of Frank Galasso @ copyrighted property .......




So   at  this   juncture    do  take   a  stab  at   answering  the   question   where   will   Owens   end  up   or  quite   possibly   in  what   professional   field   might  he  end up  in once  and   for  all.

And The Survey Says …………..

And    The  Survey Says  ………………..








Well  once  again   it’d  appear  that   the  Philadelphia  Eagles  and   their  Pro Bowl  quarterback  Donovan McNabb  may   be  coming to  an  impasse.  With  McNabb  seeking  an  extension  to  his  contract , the  player  has  also   made  it   clear  that   he’d  also   like  to  see  what   direction  that    they’re  apparently   going  in.    In  particular   when  it  comes  to   strengthening   the  roster.  



Eagles' Pro Bowl  quarterback  Donovan  McNabb ..........     picture   appears  courtesy of ap/photo/Matt  Dorsey .............
Eagles' Pro Bowl quarterback Donovan McNabb . picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Matt Dorsey ...............



For  the  last   two   years   the   team  has   been   underserved   in  terms  of  its   receiving   corps  and  the   lack  of   a  real   running  game.  Owner   Jeffey  Lurie  and   General  Manager  Joe  Banner   haven’t  exactly   been forthcoming   when  it  comes  to  putting  a  competitive  team  on  the  field  of  play. Looking     primarily at   McNabb  and   Brian  Westbrook   this   team   lives  and   dies   by  the   performance    of  their   aging   veterans.  And  but   for  their   defense   it   has  to  be  said   that   there   isn’t   much  to  this   team  athletically   or   competitively.





Coach  Andy  Reid  has  been  through   his  own  torrent  of   emotions  with  the  Eagles   on   and   off  the  field. And  the  toll  that  it  has   taken  on  him   emotionally   could  well  be  leading   him   to  make  a  decision    that   has  been   long  overdue.    If  nothing   else   this  last   season  he  was  able  to  perhaps  pull  of   his  best   coaching   accomplishment   in  years.    Making  lemonade  out   of  let’s   just   say  sour  lemons   was  quite  astonishing  when  one   considers  the  season  that   the  team  had.   




Philadelphia Eagles' coach  Andy  Reid (left), cornerback Asante'  Samuel   and team owner   Jeffrey  Lurie  pictured  after  the  player's  acquisition  from   the  New  England Patriots  in  2008.   picture  courtesy  of  ap/photo/ Matt  Rourke ..............
Philadelphia Eagles' coach Andy Reid (left), cornerback Asante' Samuel and team owner Jeffrey Luria. The player along with the coach and team owner are seen here at the press conference to publicize Samuel's acquisition by the Eagles from the New England Patriots . picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Matt Roarke ................................




They’d  been  left   for  dead   for   sure   and  managed   to   come  back   from  the  abyss  to  make  it  all  the  way   to  the  NFC  championship  game.  There  they’d   fall  to   the  unlikely  Arizona  Cardinals.   The   game   itself   basically  sealed  the  Eagles’  fate   for  the   season  and  any   postseason  ambitions  that  they  had.  If nothing  else   it  proves   that   the  franchise   was  capable  of  facing   adversity  head  on.   But  when  it came  to  that  final   push  it  was  clearly   beyond   them.







Philadelphia   Eagles’  fans  are   loyal   to  a  fault.   But   at the  end  of  the  day  there’s  only   so  much  that  they  can  bare.    And  it  can’t   have   escaped  anyone’s  notice  that   went  things   aren’t   going   right   for  the   franchise   they   the   fans   tend  to  let   their   emotions  run  away  with  them.   And  in  doing   so  they   tend to  go  overboard   when  it  comes  to  voicing     either   approval or   disapproval  as   to   where  the  franchise  is  going  or  what  it  is  that  they’ve   achieved. 




Philadelphia  Eagles'  GM  Joe  Banner .   Of  late   Banner  has been  under  pressure   to  improve  the  roster  of   the  franchise.   And  his  veteran   quarterback  McNabb has  let  it be known  that  he's  not  yet  prepared to  sign a new  contract  until  he's  seen   what   improvements  are  made  by  the  organization.    picture appears   courtesy  of  ap/photo/  David Hirschfield ................
Eagles' GM Joe Banner of late has been under a great deal of pressure to improve the team's roster. Team quarterback Donovan McNabb has let it be known that he's not yet prepared to sign a new contract as of yet until he's seen the improvements that'll be made by the organization. Under no illusions Banner knows that it's now or never for the franchise as a whole. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ David Hirschfield ......................




It   has  to  be  said  that  when   it was  announced    that   McNabb   had  been  drafted  by  the  franchise.   His   arrival    was  accepted  with  all  the  fervor   of   a  group  who’d  thought   that   they’d   been   betrayed   by  an  ownership  and  management  who  clearly  didn’t   know what  the  hell  it was  that  they  were  doing.  McNabb  through   the  ensuing    years   has  proven to  the  fans   that   he  could   lead   the  franchise.  Albeit   that   his   leadership   skills   have   come  into   question  repeatedly  over   the    years.   In-fighting   and   very  little  real   communication   or  leadership   has  all  but   led   this   franchise  to  implode.     Self   indulgent    behavior   and   no  one  is   prepared  to   held   accountable  for  their   actions.   And   one   could   see  that   in  Andy   Reid ,  here   was  a  coach   who’d   all  but  lost   the   team  when  it  really  mattered.  Confidence   in them  may   well   have   been  the   real   issue.





If  the  quarterback’s   demands  aren’t   met   then   it   has  to  be  said  the    team  has   to   move   in a  completely  new   direction  altogether.    Contract  extension  or   not  this   team   has   progressively    either  made it  to  the   top  of  the  mountain.   But   then  all   too   quickly  fallen  off   the  summit    inexplicably  without   a  reason  as  to   its   shortcomings.    It   were  as  if   it’s    half    expected  to  be  that   way,  season  in,  season   out    for  the  franchise.   Mediocrity  and    the   contrivance  that   as  long   as  they   defeat  the   Dallas   Cowboys  and  the New York  Giants during  the   regular   season   that  is  enough   for  the  team   in  terms  of  success.





Reid   and  McNabb  congratulate  one  another  on  the  sidelines   during  an  NFL  game .
Reid and McNabb congratulate one anotjher on the sidelines during an NFL game . picture appears courtesy of getty images/ David Embley .......................




If   we’re   going  to   question  the   actions   as  to   what    McNabb  is  after then  we’ve  also   got  to  look  at   whether    or  not  what  he’s   trying  to   achieve  is  actually  worthwhile.    In  the  past   he’s   made  this   type  of   request   before .   He    got   his   wish    when  the   team  made  the   trade   for  the  often   troubled,  talented  and   mercurial  Terrell  Owens.   Not   quite   a  match  made   in  heaven.    But   it  proved   profitable  in  the   fact that   it  took  them  to  the  Promised Land   by  way  of a    Superbowl  appearance.   However   in   the    aftermath  of  the    loss  to  the  New  England  Patriots .     It   soured   the   relationship   between  the  two   players   and   we   were  left   wondering    who  of   the    two   may   well  have  been  the  more   immature  ?    Name  calling  and   other   such   child  like   tendencies  and   it   has  to  be  said   watching  the  events  that’ve   unfolded   in  Philadelphia    has  been   akin   to  watching   a    daytime   soap  opera.  Only   in   this   case   there’s   no sex   ,  murder   or   hint  of    the  questioning   of  a  cast member’s   sexuality.   There   may   well   have   been  Owens   questioning   McNabb’s   intestinal   fortitude    at  the   end  of  the   game  itself  .  But   that   was  then   and  this   is   now.    And   it’d  appear    that   it’s   the  player   who’s   now   questioning  the   resolve  of   the  franchise   and  its  overall   ambition.  






And   should   the  unthinkable   happen   and  they   seek  a   parting  of  the  ways.   Then   I’d   like  to  think   that    both  parties  will    have  thought   this   out    thoroughly .    It’s   not as  if    McNabb   can’t   survive   without    Philadelphia.  The   question   is   however  can   the  Philadelphia   Eagles    survive   without  Donovan  McNabb  ?.    Because  if  anything   the   fans   before  McNabb   didn’t  really    have   all  that   much  to   really   cheer about   as  to  their    fortunes.    Now   in  the  wake  of  what   could   be  a   monumental   mistake.   I   doubt   that  they’re   going   to   like    the   view   of   someone   else   helming  this   team.     McNabb   may   well  be   testing  that  resolve  or   he   may   well    be   looking  to    maneuver   his  way   out   of  Philly.    But  in  reality    should    push    come  to   shove  ,   someone  if  not   both   parties   will  be   looking   to   profit   from  this   all.      The  question  is   who   at  this  present    moment  in  time   has  the  upper   hand   in  this   all  ? 

It’s A Dirty Business Is This Business We Call Sports …………And Then Some ……

Well it certainly goes without saying that the bloodlust and bloodletting that’s known to take  place within the boardroom is no different from that within the field of sports.We’ve seen it already happen within the  NBA this  season. Albeit  that  the season there  is  over a much  longer season.  However  the season that is  built around the NFL is one seventeen  weeks  give or take. And then you have the postseason itself where the  success there is very  much  predicated on the  immediate  results.  For the likes of fallen coaches Eric Mangini,Romeo Crennel  and Rod Marinelli  they’ll never come  to know what it is to equate  success  in the postseason. Well at least  not this season anyway ! 
Laverneus  Coles  of the  New York Jets  adresses the press after the  announcement  of the recent firing of  Jets' coach  Eric  Mangini ......
Lavernues Coles of the New York Jets addresses members of the press who convened at the Jets' facility to question players as to the recent firing of the coach Eric Mangini ..............

Lavernues Coles of  the New York Jets addresses members  of  the convened press  to answer questions as to the firing  of  the team’s coach  Eric  Mangini. picture appears courtesy of  ap/photo/Rich Schultz …………….


Each of the above mentioned  individuals  were  placed  under the scrutiny  of  expectful wishes.  And  they failed miserably  though  in some respects much  of it  was not  of their own making. But  at the  end of the  day  it is  the coach  who  has to take blame  for the  lack  of success  on the field of play.  With the firing of all three coaches by  their  respective franchises the New York Jets,Cleveland Brown and Detroit Lions. All three  men became casualties of the merry-go-round we’ve come to know as the coaching  carousel. Albeit that it’s not expected that either if any of the three will ever find themselves back  as a candidate for a mangerial position  within the NFL.  Crennel’s own  boss GM Phil Savage  also found  himself  out  of  a position  when he  too was let  go by Browns’ owner Randy Lerner. The axe does tend to swing  both ways then ?


Romeo Crennel the now former coach of the Cleveland Browns looks up  at the scoreboard during  the  game  between  Cleveland and the  Pittsburgh Steelers. The Browns would go on to lose  the  game 31-0  and  post a 4-12 record  for  the season.
Romeo Crennel the now defunct coach of the Cleveland Browns looks up at the scoreboard during the game between the Browns and Steelers.......

Romeo Crennel the now former coach of the Cleveland Browns looks up at the scoreboard in a  game played between the Browns and  Pittsburgh Steelers. Crennel’s team would go on to lose  the game 31-0 and post a 4-12 record for the regular season. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/Tony  Dejak …..


But as much as we see with each passing season  coaches let go because of  the undue pressure that’s placed upon them to succeed. What  does that  tell us  about  the state of  the game itself whereby a single mistake by a player or official  may well be all that it  takes  to sink the career  of a coach ? However it can also be said  that a coach  should be  able to instill   into those whom he  leads  what it is  that is expected of them. And that he  ought  to be able  to communicate  with them effectively. If the players themselves aren’t willing  to buy into what it is that the coach is  srtiving  to  achieve. Then how  will they go about  achieving  the success that they all strive for ? If those teams aren’t prepared on the day to meet  an opponent  then the  result endured is all too appropriate. Seventy percent of the game may well be physical but the remaining  thirty percent being said to be psychological, is  just as important, if  not more  so.


Lions' GM Martin Mayhew foreground  and  Team  President Tom Lewand  make the  announcement  that  coach Rod Marinelli had been terminated effectively  immediately ............
Lions' GM Martin Mayhew foreground and Team President Tom Lewand formerly having made the announcement that coach Rod Marinelli had been fired take questions from the convened press at the team's Allen Pk, Michigan team facility...............

Martin Mayhew,foreground, is the General Manager of the Detroit Lions. Seated alongside Mayhew at the convened press conference is  team President  Tom  Lewand. The announcement  being made  was that the franchise’s coach Rod  Marinelli as well as  several  members of  his coaching staff wouldn’t be  returning  next season. picture appears courtesy of  ap/photo/Paul Sancya ………………..


As to the travails  of  those coaches  who escaped the axe,guillotine or whatever rudimentary instrument one  might like to imagine being  swung above their head. Is it  fair  to believe  that they’re lucky  to survive  this most gruesome of rituals, given the evidence that come next season they too will  be  under even more  scrutiny not just from their owners and fans  alike ? If  anything  the quartet  of  NFL coaches  who’ve  succumbed  to the perfunctory  ritual of being  shown the door this season  are  the  one who ought to be  thought of as being  lucky. Granted expectations were  heaped upon their  shoulders  and  albeit that  they  failed. But who amongst us would  want  to be placed in that sort  of  a situation from the outset ? And less I’m not  mistaken unless  you’re Jesus Christ  himself  you’re indeed  being  asked  to perform  a miracle. And last I looked the coaches within the NFL  aren’t being viewed as the Messiah but yet the situation for which they of their own volition choose to be  placed within  are looked  upon as deities when they  succeed.  But  are either viewed  as oafs or buffoons  when they  falter. 


Cowboys' coach Wade Phillips  wraps up  his  press conference  with media  at the  Cowboys' Irving facility  in  Texas.
Cowboys' coach Wade Phillips wraps up his press conference with the convened press at the team's facility in Irving , Texas. .................

Wade Phillips  wraps up his  press conference with the members of  the press at the  team’s  facility in Irving, Texas.  Phillips and his much heralded team failed to make  the playoffs this  year having posted a 9-7 record this season.  They sufferered  a humiliating  season ending  loss  to their divisional rivals  the  Philadelphia Eagles 44-6. Thereby  depriving  themselves  of a postseason  berth  in the playoffs. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Tony Gutierrez ….. 


We know  that they’re highly paid individuals and they come  at a premium.  But are they infact any different from a titan of  industry  who’s asked  to lead a multi-billion dollar conglomerate ?  By their decisions  made  on and  in some cases off the  field can lead tothe success that’s envisioned by the hierarchy  of a franchise  as  well  as that of the  fans  themselves. And be that as it may one can only summize  that the coaches  who  aspire be amongst the professional  ranks  of the NFL have not  only belief in their own abilities. But also in that of the people who hire them to undertake such a demonstrative task. Failure at any price isn’t an option but  what ought to matter are the strategies  and the acceptable  risks that are part of that endeavor. So much of  what’s  predicated as  success  within the NFL nowadays isn’t just  about the  results on the field.  But it also has  a lot  to  do with the business  side of  the issue off  the field.  A languishing  and  less than what’s  deemed successful franchise  can  cost a team and  its  owners tens of  millions  of  dollars  each year in revenues. And the  bottom line at the end  of  the day may well be  all that matters  to a number  of  owners  no matter what  their  own wealth constitutes.  Though many  of them will  have  you know  that  certainly isn’t always  the case. But  when  have you  ever  known a wealthy individual not to want just a bit more money lining their pockets or bank accounts looking considerably  fatter ?


Herm Edwards of  the Kansas City Chiefs strolls  the sidelines  his  teams succumbs to another loss  this time at the  hands of the Cincinnati Bengals......
Herm Edwards of the Kansas City Chiefs strolls the sidelines as he has to endure, suffer and succumb to the Cincinnati Bengals in 16-6 loss on Sunday in the team's final regular season game............

 Herm Edwards of  the  Kansas City Chiefs  strolls the sidelines  having to endure  his team’s  16-6 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals in his team’s final regular season game. The  game played in Cincinnati ensured that the Chiefs ended  the season with a  2-14 regular season record. picture  appears  courtesy of  ap/photo/Al Behrman ………………



I won’t begrudge those who  make the  decisions to fire an individual  if  they  fail to offer  a succinct reason as  to  why they  ought  not to be. I  do know that there are also some  who were  more deserving  of  the  fate than  others.  But  I’d also  preface  this  with a caveat.  Becareful  of  what you  wish  for  as  you aspire on down the  road  to find the person who you deem fit  enough  to lead your  franchise up  from the depths which  they now find themselves within.  Because at the  end of  the  day it’s  not only  the  fans who  you may also  be  answerable to but also  to  your  own lust  for  untold  wealth and the greed  therein  that  goes along  with it.  But also  your own  conscience  whatever persona, form  or  guise it  may well take.  Afterall  this may well may be  a business  first  but  in large part it is  nothing more than a rudimentary form or entertainment for  us all.







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