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Now What’s The Dog And Pony Show Really About Anyone Care To Ask Members of The Miami Heat ?

Now What’s The Dog And Pony Show Really About Anyone Care To Ask Members of The Miami Heat ?

OK the hype has yet to be stop and it appears that we’re not liable to see it be come to a close anytime soon. Now it’s getting to the stage where David Stern views this as the ‘life blood’ that the NBA needs in order keep the brand omnipresent in the public’s eye. The Miami Heat and their triumvirate of stars are looking to take their show on the road this season. I’m sorry to say this but this could end up driving me to feel the same way I feel about Brett Favre and his repeated ‘retirements’ and ‘un-retirements’ . As we all know the player’s repeated cries to be loved by the fans and whomever else would be willing to listen was about as welcoming a dose of the ebola virus. Favre for his part while being a great ambassador for the NFL over the last few years has been about appealing as a member of Congress. Albeit that he’s continually viewed as the goose that laid the golden egg for cable broadcast outlet ESPN. Now here comes a ‘marriage’ created in heaven but now seems to be on its way to hell by way of the idiotic bunkum that LeBron James and the station felt was necessary to further widen the player’s appeal..


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As I stated earlier simply making the Miami Heat and their latest escapades the sole reason why we ought to be tuned into the every move of the NBA is like waiting to hear or see what Congress can do for the country at large as it relates to the economy and other acute issues. Less we forget David Stern sought to sell us a ‘bill of goods’ when the NBA sought to borrow $250 million to several teams around the NBA in order for these clubs to remain financially viable. Amongst the recipients of the quarter of a billion dollars doled out was the Miami Heat, whose multi billionaire owner Micky Arison is amongst one of the richest men in the state of Florida and amongst the 250 richest people in America . What am I missing here as it relates to how the NBA hierarchy conducts its business and what we now know to about the owners ? The Miami Heat lost in excess of $45 million in 2009 and then the maneuver set in place to bring in both James , Chris Bosh and along with the re-signing of Dwyane Wade has now made the Heat the team to beat within the Eastern conference. Though it has to be said that the likes of the Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls , Orlando Magic and Atlanta Hawks will be looking to make that target on the Heat’s back ‘ripe to be hit dead center’ and to be taken down.

Miami’s first preseason game against an NBA opponent will be against the Detroit Pistons and it will give Heat coach Erik Spoelstra a real chance to assess his much celebrated triumvirate alongside role players who will be looking to defer to these stars while at the same time complementing the team. Heat President Pat Riley , the Svengali behind this all as he’ll no doubt be looking to this team to make an allout assault on challenging the might of the Western Conference as well as being viewed as the team to beat within the Eastern Conference, it has to be said that there’s a great deal riding on this all. The stakes are high but given the fact that ticket sales have seen a twofold spike as well the executive suites and the sale of Heat memorabilia at AA Arena in Miami . These are indeed some bountiful times for the Heat on and off the court , at the same time it has proven to be profitable for the NBA as a whole. But none of that will mean anything should the team fail to make it to the NBA Finals and win it. Riley , the players and Heat front office may well play this all down but simply look at the access that the team has now granted not only ESPN but several international news and sports’ organizations as they seek to embark on this quest ? And while Pat Riley continues to play this all down by leveling his own criticism at those who’ve voiced their displeasure at the way James left the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Now we all know the travesty of the whole James departure from the Cavaliers played out like a rather idiotic Hispanic tele-novela . Now if you’ve viewed one of those shows you’ll understand they have know they have no plot-line but somehow they tend to attract a captive audience. And that now appears to be the case with LeBron James and his sojourn across the NBA . His supporting cast now happens to be the Miami Heat and even if it’s being viewed as Dwyane Wade’s team it will James’ every move that will be under close scrutiny throughout this upcoming season. And if you thought that James isn’t loving the grand stage of Miami then nothing could be further from the truth Over the past forty eight hours the player has been interviewed by various members of the world’s press elite as they want to know about his every move. Not to be left out of any of this are James’ cohorts Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh as they’ve been part of this ongoing circus and the whole spectacle as it unfolds for the public’s consumption.

As enthusiastic as I am about the NBA and this upcoming season I have to admit that this spectacle concerning the Heat while it may lure a lot of discerning fans I do believe that it could well be bored by it all ! Now that’s not to say that it won’t be a profitable exercise in terms of the teams who’ll have the Heat as part of their regular season schedule . You’ve got to understand there’s money to be made and while there’s been a great deal of criticism from within and outside of the game here’s the caveat to it all who wants kill the goose that lays the golden egg ? This goose the NBA hierarchy will be around for years to come as we’ll no doubt soon see the departure of Kobe Bryant , Shaquille O’Neal , Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan from the NBA within the next five years.Their retirements are bound to leave a great void within the game and the fact that the NBA no longer has a rivalry that it can feed to the masses and the mere fact that there’s no dominant team other than that of the Los Angeles Lakers. And the perceived rivalry that many of us might’ve thought was back to its best with last season appearance of the Boston Celtics in last season’s NBA Finals had about as much revelry as watching Rosie O’Donnell strip to the music of George Michael , not exactly a wondrous sight at all but for others it might just do.

To the other aspirants around the NBA it has to be said that their time to step up will be during the season to show the fans what they’re all about. The Los Angeles Lakers while they’re still the reigning champions they know that this season until they’re actually dethroned no matter what ‘type of dog and pony show’ is on the road the true test will come from the team or teams seeking to dethrone them will still have a fight on their hands. While we’re now seeing the Heat now being regaled as if they were the reincarnation of the ‘Showtime Lakers’ I proffer this as a word of advice , this particular ensemble has done absolutely nothing as of yet to justify any comparison with any of the great NBA dynasty’s or teams of the past ,and until they do all we will continue to see are the likes of ESPN regaling us with their every move . Meanwhile in the background remains Stern and Riley simply grinning from ear to ear like cats who’ve come across several bowls of milk and a room filled with mice. Makes them happy no doubt but for some of us at present we’re simply being bored by this all.



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In the upcoming season is there a team within the NBA which you view as being capable of derailing the ambitions of the Miami Heat ? If so state your reasons why and also which team do you see as a prospective challenger to the Los Angeles Lakers as possible champions of the NBA ?


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Kobe’ll Get His No Matter What ………


Kobe’ll  Get His No Matter  What  ………


OK  so  Kobe Bryant  has  proved  once  again  why he  might  just  be  the  greatest  offensive presence  there  is in the NBA today.  Not  only  has  he  lived up  to the  expectations  one  believed  his  talents   belied.  But  the  euphoria  over the player   now  borders  on  a  God like  status and  adoration of the  player. 





But  there  are  opponents  of  this  view   who  see  and   feel that   LeBron James  of  the Cleveland  Cavaliers may  well  be  the  better   player  at  this   juncture  in their  careers.  Well  last  night  night  Bryant   took  it  upon  himself   to  drop   61  points   on the  lamentable  New  York Knicks.  Whose   defense   shall  we  say  is   about  as  notable   as  that  of   the  Trojans’  defense  of  Troy  when  they   came   under  the  attack  from  the  Greeks.  Suffice  to  say there   was  no  wooden  horse  needed   here  to  break   down  the  Knicks’  defense   at Madison Square  Gardens  last  night. Bryant  and  the  Los Angeles   Lakers   had  their   way  with the  team. 




Wilson Chandler  of  the Knicks  tries to  defend  the Lakers' Kobe Bryant  ......picture  appears courtesy of  nbae/getty images/ Doug  Watts .........
Wilson Chandler of the Knicks tries to defend the Lakers' Kobe Bryant. picture appears courtesy of nbae/getty images/ Doug Watts ..........



¬†Wilson Chandler¬† of¬† the¬† Knicks tries¬† to¬† defend¬† the¬† Lakers’ Kobe¬† Bryant.¬† picture¬† appears¬† courtesy of¬† nbae/getty images/ Doug Watts …………





Defense at   times   doesn’t appear  to  a  part   of   the  Knicks’  culture   under  the  Mike  D’Antoni tome  when  it comes  to coaching.   And  when  it   does   happen  it’s  something  of a  rarity   to  those  who   follow  the  game  as  well  as  the  Knicks  as  a  whole. Now  far be  it  for  me  to  say  that  the  expectations  perceived   when   D’Antoni   took  over  from the  woefully  inept  Isaiah  Thomas  would  be  high.  But  the  mere   fact   that   at this   point  of the season they’re close  to  exceeding  last  year’s  win  total  of  23  games.  That   does indeed  tell  you  how  far they’ve  come.  At  21-26  they  stand  a  full  18  games  behind the  Atlantic  Division leading  Boston Celtics(40-9).  But  there’s  hope  amongst their   most  ardent   of  fans  that  this’ll  be   the year  that  we’ll  see   a  turnaround  from  the  team.   They’ve  been  playing   well  but  not  consistently  well  enough   for  one  to  believe  that  they  can  make  the  playoffs.  The   jury  is  still   out  on  that  at this  juncture.





Last  night’s   game   however   was  a   thrill  a   minute   in  terms of the offense   that  was  on  display.   The  result  itself   speaks   for  itself   whereby  the  Lakers  won  the  game 126-117 with  Pau  Gasol   ably   supporting  Bryant   by  throwing   in  31 points  himself.  The   Lakers’  bench  combined  for  19  points ,  leaving   the  starters   to  produce  the majority  of  the  scoring  on the  night.  Through  each of  the  four   quarters  the  scoring  was   somewhat  even. But  it  was   Bryant’s  display ,  range  and   wide   variety   of  shot  making  that  had  the  fans  beguiled  and  no  doubt  the   viewing  audience  and analysts   alike   searching   for  the right  words   to  describe  the  player’s  feat. 





Duhon   tries  to  drive  the lane  under  the  defensive and watchful  eye  of  he Lakers' Kobe Bryant.  picture  appears courtesy of  nbae/getty images/ Doug  Watts .........
Duhon of the Knicks tries to drive the lane under the defensive and watchful eye of the Lakers' Kobe Bryant. picture appears courtesy of nbae/getty images / Doug Watts .............



Duhon¬†¬† of¬† the¬† Knicks¬†¬† tries¬†to¬† drive¬† the¬† lane¬† under¬† the¬† watchful and¬† defensive¬† eye¬† of the Lakers’¬† Kobe¬† Bryant.¬†¬† picture¬† appears¬† courtesy¬† of¬† nbae/getty images/ Doug¬† Watts¬† ………….¬†







With  Bynum   going  down  injured  and   the  play  of Lamar Odom bordering on  being  nauseous  to say the least. It’ll  now be  down  to Bryant  and   whoever  is  prepared  to  step  and  take on  the  mantle  in adding  some added   offensive  and  rebounding  presence    on this   team .   Gasol   has  proven  that  he  can  do it.  But  nowhere  near  the   consistency   that  coach   Phil  Jackson  requires.  As  to  who  of  their   bench  players   would  be  capable  of  assuming  this  mantle.  The one  player   who  I  feel   might  be  well   suited  to   this  may  well  be  Trevor  Ariza. He’s  certainly   tenacious  enough  and   possesses  that  desire  and  will   to   succeed.   But  it’d  be  far  fetched  to  believe  that  he’ll  be  the  cure to   what  ails  the  Lakers  with  the  loss  of  Andrew  Bynum  for  an  indeterminable  period  of  time. But  if  nothing  else  it’s better to  have  Ariza   on  the court  than  anyone  else  on  their bench.




Wilson  Chandler  and David Lee trie  to  sandwich Bryant who's in pursuit of  the ball.   picture  appears courtesy of  nbae/getty images/ Doug Watts ...........
Wilson Chandler and David Lee look to sandwich Bryant who's in pursuit of the loose ball. picture appears courtesy of nabe/getty images/ Doug Watts ............




Wilson Chandler¬† and¬† David¬† Lee¬† look¬† to¬† sandwich¬† Bryant¬† of the¬† Lakers¬† who’s¬†¬† in pursuit of¬† the¬†loose ball.¬† picture appears¬† courtesy¬† of¬† nbae/getty¬† images/¬† Doug¬† Watts¬†¬† …………….






As  to  Bryant , last  night’s offensive  output   was  a  record  for  a  game  played  between the two  teams.  And  it  certainly  now  adds  fuel  to the  fire  as  to  who  is  playing   the more  consistently   of  the  two, between  Bryant  and  James.  Both  players  have their   own  legion  of  fans.  And   both  are   equally  aplomb   of  showing   off   their   skills  as  and  when  they  wish. They’ve  both  taken  on the  leadership   mantle  for  their   respective   teams  and  if  nothing  else   this  may  well  be  down  to  the  fact  of  the  Olympic   experience  of  Beijing.  If  anything  the  influence  of  Mike  Krzyzewski   and  his    coaching  seems  to   have  rubbed  off   on  both  players. 





Ariza  of  the Lakeras  shoots  against  the  Knicks  with  teammate  Lamar Odom  looking  on .
Ariza of the Lakers shoots against the Knicks while his teammate Lamar Odom looks on. picture appears courtesy of nbae/getty images/ Doug Watts ................



Ariza of¬† the Lakers¬† shoots¬† against the¬† Knicks¬† with¬† teammate¬† Lamar Odom looking¬† on.¬† picture¬† appears¬† courtesy¬† of¬† nbae/getty images/ Doug Watts ……






Over the  next  few   months  it  will   however be  interesting  to  see   how  the  Lakers  will  fare.  The  loss  of  Bynum  while  significant  oughtn’t  to  waylay   the  Lakers’  chances  of  making  the  playoffs.  However  it  does  make  them  somewhat  more   vulnerable.  And  no  doubt  many  of  their   Western  Conference   foes  will  look   upon  the  situation  to  inflict    further  pain  and  suffering   upon  the  team  if  they  can.  The San  Antonio  Spurs   seem to have   found their  footing. And though   Tim  Duncan  and  his   teammates  aren’t  viewed  as the    team  to  beat.  They’ve a  way   of  appearing   ominously   dangerous to   those  who’ll  view  them  as  nothing  more  than  a  team whose window  of  opportunity  has come  and  gone. It’d  be   foolish  to write  them  off  as  they’ve   seen  it  all  before   and  have   acquitted  themselves  well  as  and  when  needed.  But  after  last   year’s   bitter  loss  in the  conference  finals   to the  Lakers.  Nothing  would  be  sweeter  for them  than  to  exact    revenge   on the  team  deemed   everyone’s   favorites to win  it  all   in  the  West.



Gasol of  the Lakers   pulls  down a  defensive  rebound  with  the Knicks' David  Lee  looking  on
Gasol of the Lakers pulls down a defensive rebound with the Knicks' David Lee looking on. picture appears courtesy of nbae/getty images/ Doug Watts ..............



Gasol of¬†¬† the Lakers¬† pulls¬† down a¬† defensive¬†¬† rebound¬† with¬† the¬† Knicks’¬† David¬† Lee¬† looking¬† on¬†.¬† picture¬† appears¬† courtesy¬† of¬† nbae/getty¬† images/Doug Watts……..







So as  we’re  close  to  reaching  the  halfway   point of  the  season. What  seemed  to have  been  ordained   might   just   be  turning  out  to  be   something  of  a  thrilling   event  for  those  who’d   care  to  watch    what  will  happen  in the  ensuing  months.  Can  the Lakers   succeed  or  will  they   fall  because merely   because  of  the absence  of  Andrew  Bynum ?  He  was  sorely  missed  last  year.  And   no   doubt  this  time around  there’s  that  feeling  of   déjà-vu  once  again.   The  irony  isn’t  lost  on their   fans  or  the    organization  as  a  whole.