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How Do You Stay Fit ?

How Do You Stay Fit ?

Given the state of play and the fact that“physical recreation” is now being taken out of many school systems ? I’m wondering what your thoughts are on this sensitive matter ? Never mind the fact that the education system seems to be going to hell in a hand basket !


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Today I spent with a neighbor as we headed to the local gun range to get off a few rounds just to get the endorphins going. But while I enjoyed myself at the range it certainly doesn’t beat the workout I’d normally get when I hit the my local gym and spar with several friends in the ring or octagon. As many of you know that while I love the sport of boxing . Of late I’ve gotten heavily into the genre of mixed martial arts. An avowed martial arts fanatic , with regard to karate and tae-kwondo. The more I get into working out via this format the more I enjoy the regimen of using this as a form of staying fit.

As such I wondering what if anything gives you “a high” when it now comes to staying fit ? Is it playing ball on the black top ? Or playing baseball or some other sport ? It doesn’t actually have to be a sport mind you, to keep one’s body , mind and soul as one. I know that we all have our affinities with regard to certain avenues in terms of a sport or a recreational activity. So by all means chime on in with your thoughts on the subject matter. I‘ll look forward to reading your comment s as and when you‘re ready.

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