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Do The Right Thing …………….. You’ve Been Bamboozled

Do The Right Thing …………….. You’ve Been Bamboozled

Did I miss something but since when did respected movie director Spike Lee become a conduit for the front office of the New York Knicks ? I know that he’s an avowed fan of this team but now it’s becoming somewhat ridiculous when Lee is now an intermediary for the front office as they seek to lure Denver Nuggets’ guard Carmelo Anthony. As we’re all now aware the front office of the Nuggets though they’ve to yet state it categorically that it’s their intention to trade the player. In the last year of his existing contract the Carmelo Anthony hasn’t stated his intent to re-sign with the team. The uncertainty for the Nuggets also stems with the growing concern of the health of coach George Karl . Having undergone chemotherapy for throat cancer the coach’s recovery has been slow but there’s a lingering concern that even with a full recovery there will be times when Karl’s mindset will not be completely about the game and that is totally understandable. At the same time there seems to be rumblings of discontent from the player though no formal statement has been made by him to that effect.


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Given the possible upheaval and impending uncertainty one would’ve thought that the the organization would seek to trade the player now prior to the start of the season by looking to get an equitable return. The number of teams out there that would desire Anthony at this moment in time aren’t thought to be that many and with a number of them now having settled into their roster setups as they prepare to embark on their season . It’s extremely difficult to see which teams are seriously interested in making a trade for Carmelo Anthony at this juncture. Now as I alluded to earlier the New York Knicks it appears have been monitoring the situation closely and are intent on making Anthony their next acquisition. In joining the Knicks alongside Amar’e Stoudemire I don’t view the team as an immediate threat within the Eastern Conference . Most certainly however, they will improve but to my mind unless the complimentary players surrounding Stoudemire and perhaps the newly acquired Anthony actually step up their play this will be a team that will suffer the pitfalls expected of being forever perceived as a woefully inept team.

Knicks’ GM Donnie Walsh , owner James Dolan and head coach Mike D’Antoni no doubt want to facilitate this trade as quickly as possible. And with the start of the season merely a week away should this trade not go down then we are likely to see an organization showing a great deal of uncertainty and a team not knowing what their perceived direction ought to be. The trade deadline though early in the season it does create something of a dilemma should the Nuggets then seek then to trade away the player as it readily promotes the fact that they’ve already given up on their season. Granted , the nucleus of this roster is a veteran one with veterans such as Chris Andersen , Al Harrington , Kenyon Martin and Chauncey Billups. And though the team had an excellent postseason last year where they would succumbed to a more competitive and resolved team in the Los Angeles Lakers in Western Conference semi-finals who would then go on to win the NBA Finals .

Rosie Perez seen here dancing to the theme song from Spike Lee’s seminal movie ‘Do The Right Thing’ . Theme by Public Enemy ………. “Fight The Power”

While no one doubts that Nuggets would want to remain competitive it’s extremely hard to see them doing so were they to relinquish the services of Carmelo Anthony. But given the player’s reluctance to commit to the organization and to my mind the owner Stanely Kroenke his son Josh Kroenke , team President and their willingness to complement Anthony with players matching his talent and zeal then the possible trade of the player might well just be the best possible move that can be made that is acceptable to all parties. If nothing else it gives both groups the chance to start afresh .

Now if the perceived trade to the Knicks does happen then this doesn’t automatically change the overall picture within the Eastern Conference but it most certainly gives notice that the Knicks and their fans mean business. Granted the landscape within the conference still will revolve around the Miami Heat and their trio , along with the Boston Celtics and Orlando Magic. How this all plays out will be incumbent upon the desires of the teams mentioned. The pressure will be on the Miami Heat led by Dwyane Wade , LeBron James and Chris Bosh. And with the organization’s financial combined commitment to the trio by team owner Mickey Arison said to be upwards of $200 million it is understandable to see how and why the organization is hoping for a quick return on that investment . Having lost in excess of $45 million in 2009 nothing short of an NBA title win will be considered anything less than their season being viewed as a success. The vast majority of teams who’ve the Heat on their schedule this season are said to be doing a blistering business in terms of ticket sales. And for the Miami Heat from a commercial standpoint the re-signing of Wade along with the acquisition of Both and James had led to a financial windfall of spectacular proportions. Both ABC/ESPN , NBA Tv and TNT Sports whose televised coverage of the NBA has become the staple for the fans of the game. Each of the broadcast outlets in question have not only beefed up their coverage of the Heat but they are also using the team as part of their overall marketing and promotional programming schedule.

Now while I’ve no doubt that the Heat are and will remain bona-fide favorites within the Eastern Conference and the thinking will be that they’ve but to play above average basketball merely to make their presence felt . I do believe that they’ll become complacent and it could very well lead to their demise. Overlooking this all will be team President Pat Riley and his subordinate coach Erik Spoelstra . Perhaps no other coach in the NBA will be under more pressure to achieve this season. And should Spoelstra and this team falter in any way then it wouldn’t at all surprise me to see Riley step down from his executive position and assume the reins from his protoge`. Behind that alleged calm persona of Riley belies and individual who’s a chameleon and a narcissist at heart. Nothing would give him more pleasure than to win another NBA title as a coach and then rub it in the faces of the press and public who view acquisition of both Lebron James and Chris Bosh as simply a PR stunt .



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For James Dolan and Donnie Walsh the big splash of landing Carmelo Anthony would make the Knicks more relevant as an organization and team within the NBA. Even if they are one the most valuable NBA franchises it means absolutely nothing when you’re still viewed as something of a laughing stock around the league. My own perspective concerning this all is that should this coup be pulled off and with Anthony joining the New York Knicks will that now enable Spike Lee to actually either become a an executive with the Knicks’ organization ? Furthermore what does that tell you about Lee as a sport’s fan if he’s able to make this happen when an alleged basketball mind in the guise of Isiah Thomas as an executive and coach simply wreaked havoc within the Knicks’ organization and almost brought it to its very knees ? Kind of makes you wonder who’s …….been doing the right thing and who’s been bamboozled here doesn’t it ?

Do you envisage Carmelo Anthony being traded at some point in the season and if so to which NBA team ? To your mind would he be a perfect fit within the Knicks’ organization should that particular trade ever take place ? Chime on in with a comment as you deem fit.

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How Can It Have All Spiraled Out Of Control Like This ………?



 How  Can   It   Have  All   Spiraled   Out  Of  Control   Like  This   ? 








With  the  abrupt   firing  and  departure    of  Terry Porter  from  the  Phoenix  Suns.  It  can  be  said  that   fallout  from it  all   has  been  staggering.    Never  mind  the  fact  that  it’d  been   rumored  that   the  franchise   was  prepared  to   trade their   All  Star  forward  with a  view   to changing  the  whole  identity  of the  team. 



Alvin Gentry (foreground)  and  Steve  Kerr  have  some  fun  whilst  awaiting  questions   from  the  convened press.......
Alvin Gentry (foreground) and GM Steve Kerr have some fun whilst awaiting questions from the convened press. picture appears courtesy of nbae/getty images/ David D Garrabant .............





This  season   the  team   has  not   so  much  stumbled  but   merely    fell   out  of   starting   gate.  And   they’ve    yet  to   show  any  glimpse  as  to  what   had   made  them  so  successful   under  their  former  coach  Mike  D’Antoni.    General  Manager  Steve Kerr  has  bungled  his   way   through   transactions  that   they  weren’t  exactly   of   benefit  to  the  team  overall.     Since   the  trade   of   the   Shawn  Marion  and  Marcus  Banks   whereby  in   return   they  obtained   15  time  All  Star  center  Shaquille  O’Neal from  the  Miami Heat.   The  team  has   really   struggled    to show   some   semblance    of  consistency.   And    even   with  the   acquisition  also  of  Jason  Richardson     things   have  somewhat   gotten  back  on  an even  keel.    But  the   player  himself   has   proven  what   those   within  the  league   have   known all   along.  He’s   something   of  a  knucklehead.    He’s   been   suspended   for   one   game     by the  team  after a  traffic  incident  that’s  somewhat   disturbing.




Suns' cheerleaders   perform  at  the 2009 All  Star  Game   held  at  the  US Airways   Center  in Phoenix  ,  Az.   picture  appears  courtesy  of   ap/photo/ Dennis   Brunton ............
Suns' cheerleaders perform at the 2009 All Star Game at the US Airways Center in Phoenix, Az. picture appeaers courtesy of ap/photo/ Dennis Brunton ..............






They’re  still  the   same   offensive  minded   team   and   albeit  that  Porter   was  brought  in  to   put  some  defensive  toughness   into the   team.   The  same   old  persona   remains  on  a  team  that’s   still   trying  to   find  a  new  identity.   Kerr  for  his   part   hasn’t   really provided the   fans   with a  sound  explanation   as  to the   travails   of  the  team.  But   one   would   dare   believe that   the  fans  themselves   must’ve  been   baying   for  his   blood upon  the  announcement   that   Terry Porter  had  been   fired.  Never   mind  the   fact  that  he’s   offered   no  specifics  other  than to   suggest   that   the  team  is   now going   in  another   direction.    As  to   what  direction  might  be   is  open   to  a   great   deal  of  debate  and   conjecture.