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I'm of Caribbean parentage but was born in the UK. I'm a college grad with degrees in Economics, Int'l Fin and and MBA. Avid film and sport's fan who's also a martial arts practitioner. Served in the British military as a Royal Marine. Now living in C Florida and I work within Logistical management.

Vida’s Got Ass And I Like It

Vida’s Got Ass And I Like It !

Actress and model Vida Guerra is someone that many of us guys have come across and immediately taken a second look at her picture. And it’s easy to see why as this voluptuous  female that sets the male ire rising . And if you’re wondering how it is that you’ve not seen more of the Cuban born American Latina . Just head to your nearest newsstand or local establishment that sells such male oriented magazines as FHM or GQ and you may well see a rather lavish and tastefully done pictorial of the beauty . What’s not to like once you’ve seen Vida’s more than ample assets ?

A  locquacious   Vida   Guerra .............
A loquacious Vida Guerra ................





 The voluptuous   Vida  showing  off  her  assets ...........
Vida shows off her vital assets and it's clear to see why they're valid .............




Yes my  buns  are   real ................
Yes these are my buns . Do you like them ?







"I could   tear  this  all  off  and  show  you  more ".................
"I could tear this all off and show you a lot more . Would you like that ?"





Vida lets   it  all  hangout.  Well  I'd  definitely   like   for  her to  do  that  !
Vida lets it all hang out and I think that the show'd definitely be worth it !





All  of  this   and  so  much  more  .  Aah  !
All this and so much more . Aah !





You  know  it's   at times  like  this  you  can  see  why   she  likes  to  play  with  herself.
It's at times likes this why you can see that she likes to play with herself. Wow !!!!!!!




Call  me   a  pervert   I  don't   mind    what's   your  excuse  ?
Call me a pervert but what's your excuse ?






To  portend   of  what   we   can   and   will   expect  in  the  future   who’s  to  say ?  But   I  can  tell   you   this   I  for  one  won’t  be  at all   disappointed  if  Vida    continues  to  make  these   sort  of   pictures  a  staple.    It’s  her  ass  and   I  like   it  !




Can  it  get  any  better  than   this  ?
Can it get any better than this with Vida Guerra ? I think not !




Down And Out But Not Necessarily Forgotten ……………..

Down  Out  And  Out     But   Not  Necessarily  Forgotten ………….

We  all  tend  to  rather   not  see  our  sporting  heroes  or   icons   carry  on  beyond  their    prime.  When that   happens  their   frailties   become  much   more  glaringly  exposed.     Perhaps  the  most  recognizable   of   them   all    may  well  be   Muhammad  Ali.

Fighting  on   beyond   his  prime  and   years .  Those   frailties   were  exposed  for  all  to  see.   And  all  the  more   disheartening   when  he   lost   to   fighters  who  were  at  best   never    in  his  class   when  he was   in  his   prime .  When   Ali  finally  stepped   away   from  the   ring  he   was  merely  a  shell   of   himself.

Chuck   'The Iceman'  Liddell   cometh .................
Chuck 'The Iceman' Liddell who faces on Saturday Mauricio 'Shogun' Rua in a lightheavyweight bout as part of the undercard of UFC 97. The venue for this and other bouts will be the Bell Center in Toronto , Ontario, Canada. picture appears courtesy of ....................

Which  now  me  brings  me  to   real     point   of  this   particular    piece.    In the  upcoming   MMA   extravaganza  of UFC   97Chuck  Liddell once  one of the   golden  boys  of  the  sport   will  meet Mauricio  ‘Shogun’  Rua in a  light  heavyweight  bout   at  the  Bell Center  in Montreal, Canada,  this  Saturday.   Though   not  the  main  attraction  on the  card  which   is  headed  by  the   bout   between Anderson Silva and Thales Leites in  a  highly  anticipated  middleweight  clash.  Two    exponents   who  are   at  the  top  of   their  game   at  this  moment  in  time .   Liddell  the  alltime   biggest   draw   for   UFC  in  terms  of   revenues  attained  via   PPV.

Mauricio  'Shogun'  Rua   who  will  be  facing   Chuck  Liddell  in  an  upcoming  lightheavyweight  bout  against   Chuck  Liddell .........
Mauricio 'Shogun' Rua flexes his muscles at the weigh-in prior to a bout. Rua will face Liddell in an upcoming lightheavyweight bout at UFC 97. picture appears courtesy of Zuffa LLC .........................

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For  him  it’ll  be  the   fight   that  will  either  make   or  break  his   long  and  distinguished    career.     By  no  way   stretch  of   the  imagination   a   loss  at  this  juncture   for Liddell   will  almost   certainly  mean  an  end to   his  career. There’ll be  nowhere   but  down  to   go   from  here   with  a  loss.  However  a   win    would  place   back   amongst  the  upper  echelons   of  elite    fighters  within  the  light  heavyweight   division.   Where  it  can  be   said  there  are  a  plethora   of   top    class   fighters  all   looking  to  sit   atop  of  the  pile.

And  with Rashad  Evans installed  as  the   lightheavyweight  champion   looking  to   secure   a  long   tenure   of    the  title  as   champion.   It  can  be  said  that  he’d  be   more  than  willing to  face   any  and   all    who  prepared  to   challenge   the  title  holder.  He’s   never  been   know  to  sherk    what  he  feels   are   his   responsibilities  as   champion.   He  wants  to   viewed  as  the   people’s   champion  and   not  just   another  fighter   who’s   been  adorned  with   a   title.

Dana  White  President  of   UFC  seen here  discussing  the  death  of   Charles Lewis   at   press  convened.
UFC President Dana White seen here discussing the sudden death of Charles Lewis. White has overseen the infancy and growth of UFC from its inception . He's also an minority stake holder in the organization. UFC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Zuffa LLC, . Which in is owned by the Fertitta brothers. picture appears courtesy of Luiz Castellano ................................


President Dania White he   views   this    whole    event  as    just   another     slice    in  an  already   diminishing  piece  of  the    pie   from  which  the   mixed  martial   art’s  genre   has   taken   away  from   the   fans  of  the  sport  of   boxing.   With   each  show    promoted   under  the   UFC   banner  trademark.   Even  less   is   left   for  the  fans  of   the  once  much   heralded   sport.     So  much   so  that  in the  last   four  years   MMA  has   outstripped   the   gross   revenues    of    boxing  here   in   North  America.     And much  of  that  is   due  to  the  fact   that   boxing   as  a   sport   is   now   devoid   of   real   stars  that    resonate   with  the   fans.   And  within  the   division  once    viewed  as  the  bastion  of  the   sport.   The   heavyweight   division   has  become  the  laughing   stock   of   the  world .     And  with  there  being  no  end  in  sight  as  to  the fact    there  isn’t  a   undisputed   champion  within  the   division.    It  leaves  the  world   looking   elsewhere   for    their   gratification.

Saturday   night’s   event  no  doubt   will  be   something  that  even  the  most   ardent   fans  of  the   sport   are   looking   forward to.  And   as  much   as   we  all   appreciate    a  good    fight.    Shoould  the  bout  between    Liddell   and  Rua    be  anything   but  that  .  Then    at   least   the   bulk   of   the   fight  card   will  offer   us  something  meaningful.   Other   fighters   featured   will   be   Krzystzof    Sozynski  versus   Brian  Stann.    We  also    have   Cheick   Kongo    facing    Antoni  Hardonk,  Steve  Cantwell   versus   Luiz   Cane . The  full  card  is   filled  with    up  and  coming   stars  as  well  as  seasoned  veterans   of  the sport.

Thales   Leites (left)  faces   Nate Marquardt  in  UFC  85
Thales Leites(left) faces Nate Marquardt in UFC 85. Leites will face Anderson Silva in a middleweight bout at UFC 97 this Saturday at the Bell Center in Toronto , Ontario, Canada. picture appears courtesy of Zuffa LLC, @ copyrights reserved ..............

If   there’s   one  thing    that  we  know    it   is that   Liddell  come   out   looking   to   dictate  the   pace  of  the  bout.  Rua    for  his   part    will    not  let   that   happen   under  any   juncture.   They  both  know   that   their   best   showing   will  be   what    the   fans  above   all  else    will  be   looking    for.   Leites    may  well   be   the   slight   favorite  in  the  bout.    But   that  may  well  count   for   nothing  at   all  ,  when  one  considers   what’s  at  stake.

Nothing   would   delight   the  fans  more  to  see  Liddell   be   triumphant  .   And   for    Dana   White   who  has  indicated  that  should    Liddell   lose  the  bout   .   He  can  see  the   fighter   walk  way   from  the  sport  and  off  into   retirement.     For  Rua   a  loss   at   this    stage  of   his  career   won’t   bring  about an  immediate  end  to  his   career.    But  it  would   certainly   lower  his  profile   as   one   of   the  marquee   names    within  the   division.   A   win   would   raise   his  profile   even  more  and    give   him  a  greatr  chance   of   being  the   next    challenger    for   Evans’    lightheavyweight   title   belt.   Liddell    would   like   nothing  better   himself     than  being    the   main   antagonist    in   derailing   Rua’s    hopes  .   And   then     place   himself    as  the  main    challenger   to  Rashad  Evans.

Anderson  Silva  delivers  a  crushing  knee  blow  to  the  head of   his   opponent   Rich  Franklin .
Anderson Silva delivers a crushing blow knee blow to the head of his opponent Rich Franklin. Silva viewed by many as quite possibly the best pound for pound fighter in the genre of mixed martial arts. Though it is felt that George St-Pierre and Fedor Emelianenko may well be his equal. However one may view it the middleweight champion will face a stiff challenge from Thales Leites whom he faces this Saturday at UFC 97 . picture appears courtesy of Zuffa LLC. ................................

Whatever  the   end   result   may  well   be  this   Saturday  within  the  Bell  Center   in  Toronto.   One   can  be  sure  that   the  fans  in   attendance  and  those  watching    via  PPV   won’t   be  starved  of   entertainment  value   or   excitement.     Such  is  the  action  within  the  world   of   mixed   martial   arts.  It’  the  sport    for  those  who    just   want   allout   none   stop  action.   Which  is   more  than   can   be   said   from  what   we’re   now  witnessing  within  the  sport  of   boxing.    It’s  not  that  it  has  become   archaic .  It  is  merely   that   the   desire   that  the   fans   once   had    for   the   sport   is   no  longer   there.      Boxing  has  shot  itself   in    the   foot   repeatedly   and  has  yet  to   realize   that   by   not   making   itself    more  amenable  to   the  fans.   It’s   now  losing   much  if   its  appeal   as   the   genre  of    MMA  has   caught   on   not    just  with   young  male    but  also   amongst    females   as  well.Those  demographics    alone  is  enough    a  solid   foundation  for    MMA  to   build  on  over  the  coming   years.   And   White  as  well   his   stable   of   fighters   have   gone   out   and  made  themselves  all  the    more  accessible   to   the  fans   at  large.

It’s Just Class That’s All Few Have It But Those Who Do Conduct Themselves The Right Way ……….

It’s Just Class That’s All Few Have It But Those That Do Conduct Themselves The Right Way ………………



In high school I loved track and field . The one sport where at times I felt at ease with myself. However once I got bitten by the martial art’s bug . That was it I was smitten. Track and fied though was the regimen that gave me strength and power to build my body. OK so there are some who’ll say lifting weights’ll go a long way as well . And I for one wouldn’t disagree with that at all.


Moses is congratulated  by  teammate Michael Shine  who  took the silver medal  in the event  at  the  1976 Olympics  in Montreal.
Moses is congratulated by teammate Michael Shine having won the silver medal to Moses' gold in the event at the 1976 Montreal Olympics. picture appears courtesy of corbis @ all rights reserved. .............


But of all the track athletes I’ve seen over the years . And it’s been a considerable number even given the exploits of Usain Bolt at the Beijing Olympics. Where it can be said even though he was overshadowed by the exploits of Michael Phelps there in Beijing. Phelps’ own shortcomings since then has been tabloid fodder for the dailies acrosss the world. Somewhat ironic given the fact that Bolt as a Jamaican would be the one you would consider more likely to be taking a hit from a bong. But there again it’s somewhat disdainful to tar everyone with the same brush. No not really as Phelps was being an ass to begin with !


Moses  competing  at  the  Los Angeles  Olympics  in  1984 .  Moses  would  go on to win  his  second of   two  Olympic medals in the event having  first  won  in  1976.
Moses seen here competing in the men's 400m hurdles at the Los Angeles Olympics. Moses would win the second of his two medals in the event having first won a gold in the event at the Montreal Olympics in 1976. picture appears courtesy afp/ Jack Wilson ................


Back to the point of this piece. As alluded to track and field is a sport that I love tremendously and still do. However the sport itself here isn’t given the coverage that it’s normally accustomed to getting in Europe and in the Far East and on the African continent. Here however you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who could tell you the name of the members of the US men’s relay team on the 4x100m team in Beijing. As I said the sport isn’t really given any due attention until the Olympics . And even then it’s got to be because there’s a chance that there’s a competitor and contender that the country actually cares about. US Track & Field (USATF) does a poor job in getting the sport connected to the public at large. And the coverage the sport gets is merely a passing one here in the US.


Moses  and  Mary  Lou  Retton are  seen here  on the  cover  of  SI in 1984. They  were  the  respective  Sports Man  and Sports  Woman of The  Year.
Moses and gymnast Mary Lou Retton seen here on the cover of SI . They were voted the respective Sportsnman and Sportswoman of the Year for 1984. picture appears courtesy of Matthews ......................


At the collegiate level is primarily where the sport garners much of the attention and the interests of the public be enlarge. To say nothing of which many of those athletes are looking to take it to the next level on the professional circuit. Top track stars can make quite a decent living but when measured against that of the more high profiled sports . It pales into insignificance. However the likes of Bolt can make a decent sum when measured the added benefits of appearance money for certain high profiled track meets and the attaining of records. But it’s the off track earnings that can be enormous. And Bolt having garnered three gold medals in Beijing including the sprint double of the 100m and 200m in world record times made a name for himself around the globe. The third was added in the men’s 4x 100m again in world record time. And if anything he’s now the most recognized track athlete in the world. Something of a great accomplishment considering that before Beijing he wasn’t that widely known within the sport at the international level.



Talk To Me Tell Me What It Is You Need ….It Can’t Be All About The Money

Talk  To  Me  Tell Me  What It  Is   You   Need………It  Can’t  Be All About  The Money……..

It seems  funny that  as  the  Major  League  Baseball  season  has  come  upon  us.  It  oughtn’t  to  surprise us  that  many  of the  teams  who’ve   made   a  big  splash  in the  free  agency  market  to  sign   in  some  cases  a marquee player. Those  players  in  particular  will  be  under  a    great  deal  of  pressure  to   justify  the   bounty  that they’re   being  paid.

A general  view  of  the festivities  before  the  game  between  the Philadelphia Phillies  and  Atlanta Braves  on Opening  Day if the  MLB  2009 season.
A general view of the festivities on Opening Day for the first game of the 2009 Major League Baseball season. The game in question was between the reigning World Series Champions the Philadelphia Phillies and Atlanta Braves. The home venue of Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia brought about the start of the season . picture appears courtesyn of getty images/ Ezra Shaw ...........

The Philadelphia  Phillies start   off  the  defense  of  their  World  Series  title  with  a  game   against  the Atlanta  Braves.  The   Phillies  for their  part   are  looking  to be  the  first  team since  the New  York  Yankees in   1998 and  1999  to  successfully  defend  their  title. The  Yankees  would actually  go  on  to  win   a  third  consecutive  title  in 2000.  As  to whether  or  not  they  the  Phillies  will  be  able  to   do this  can  only  be  assessed   by  their   performance  on the  field  this  season  .  Most   certainly  their   All  Star  short-stop Jimmy  Rollins seems to  think   that  they’re  capable  of   doing  so.

Brett Myers  throws out the  first pitch of the game  against the  Braves'  Kelly  Johnson.
Brett Myers of the Phillies throws out the first pitch of the game to the Braves' Kelly Johnson. picture appears courtesy of getty images/ Ezra Shaw ...............

The New  York  Mets for their   part  with  the  additions  of J J Putz and Francisco Rodriguez and  now   veteran  stalwart Gary Sheffield make this  a  team  a  formidable   opponent.   On  both  sides  of the  ball  they’ve  got to be   considered  worthy of   being  mentioned  as  potential  contenders  for  the   World  Series.   However the   caveat   would   be  for  the   team  to overcome  their    near  end   season jitters  and  unraveling.   If they’re  able to  do  that  then  they   can   create  a rivalry  with the  Phillies   that’d  be  worthwhile  watching .

Braves'  starting  pitcher Derek Lowe on  Opening  Day  on the  mound  against  the  Philadelphia  Phillies.   picture appears  courtesy of  getty images/Ezra Shaw  ..............
Braves' starting pitcher Derek Lowe on te mound against the Philadelphia Phillies. picture appears courtesy of getty images/ Ezra Shaw ...............

And  with  the  NL East  seemingly  up  for  grabs   it  makes  this  upcoming  season  seem   somewhat  special.   The  AL East  as  a  division   may   appear to  be  where the  action  and   stories  will come  from .  But  I’d   like  to  think that  the division that  also   possesses  the Florida  Marlins and  the Washington  Nationals as  well  as  the  Braves. One  could   argue  that  here   within the  division  you’ve  got  some  very good  teams.  And  those  teams   may  well  elicit  a  great   deal  of  entertainment   for  their   respective  fans.


If We Build It They Will Come …………

If We Build It …..They Will Come ………

Field_of_Dreams”>‘Field Of  Dreams ‘ starring
Kevin Costner , James  Earl  Jones and Amy  Madigan.    The Florida  Marlins finally  will   have  a  home  venue to  call  their   very  own.  Albeit  that  it  has  come  at  a  cost  and  the  expense  of having  to   work  extensively  to  gain  the   trust  of   the   city  of  Miami,   Miami  Dade  County  government  and  the  state   legislature.

H D Wayne Huizenga  former  owner  of  the  Florida  Marlins and now a minority  stake owner  in  the  Miami  Dolphins.
H DWayne Huizenga former owner of the Florida Marlins and a minority owner of the Miami Dolphins. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Matthew Sharpe .................

And   while  the  residents  of  the   county  and   the  city  of  Miami   in particular  might   feel  aghast   at   the  fact   in  these  dire   economic   times,  a professional   sports   franchise   will  be  obtaining  a    stadium.   It  can’t  have   escaped  their  notice   that   upon  the   franchise’s   inception    there   were   playing   in   the  Miami  Dolphins’  stadium .   That  being   said    the  ownership  carousel  that  has   taken  place   since  the  franchise’s  original  owner

H D Wayne  Huizenga hasn’t   exactly  been a  welcoming  one.    The present  owner   of  the  franchise was  able  to  obtain  the  franchise  with a  loan   from Major  League  Baseball (MLB) at   an  exceptionally   cheap   rate.  One    has  to   remember   also  that  he   basically   sold   the to  the   league   in  order   that   franchise  would   survive. Survive  ?   Well  the  franchise   was  buried   with   the  expediency  of  it    being  a  rotting   carcass.

Marlins'  owner  Jeffrey  Loria  was  originally an  owner  of  the  now   defunct  Montreal  Expos.
Marlins' owner Jeffrey Loria was originally the owner of the now defunct Montreal Expos. Loria a world renowned art collector also owns several art galleries in North America. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Phillip Masters ........

The  Expos  were   cocooned   for   several    years   before   they    returned  to  competitive   play  within  the  league  in the  guise  of   the Washington  Nationals.   The   franchise  itself   at  present   in  the  midst  of   its  own  dilemma.   The   furor    now  surrounding   Nationals’  player  Esmailyn  Gonzalez  and   the   resignation  of  former  GM  Jim Bowden  and  that  of  his   Special Assistant   Jose  Rijo   leaves  the   franchise  in  the  midst  of   an  ongoing  investigation   by   the  FBI (Federal Bureau  of  Investigation).

As  to  the  Marlins  it  gives   them   the  sense  of  purpose  that   they  finally  sought.  In  knowing  that  they’ll  finally  have  a  venue  to  call  their   very  own  and  play  within.   For  their   entire   existence  they’ve  played  in a  venue  that   wasn’t  an  all   purpose   baseball  park .    Unlike   the   rest of  the  franchises   within  the  game.   And  it  certainly  hasn’t   helped  that  MLB  Commissioner   Bud Selig  has  done  to  make   demands   without   ever  having  been  able  to  come   up  with  a  solid   solution    for  the   franchise’s   ongoing   problems.   He’s  has  been  more   about   what  he   perceives   is  the  image  of  the   game   than   deal  with  many  of  the  underlying   issues   that  the  game   faces.     And  now we’ll be   able  to  see  whether   or  not he  and   the  owners   will   have    the  acumen   and   insight  to  deal  with   the  possible   issues  the   game  now  faces  with   the  uncertainty of  the  economic  climate.

Mets' player  Carlos  Beltran  is  tagged  out stealing  second  base  by  Marlins' second  baseman   Dan  Uggla  for the  third  out  in  their  spring  training  game played  in  Port  St Lucie  ,Florida.
Mets' player Carlos Beltran is tagged out by Marlins' second baseman Dan Uggla in the spring training game played between the two teams in Port St Lucie Florida. The Mets would go on to defeat the Marlins 5-4. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Alex Bustamante ....................

It’s  almost  certain  that   certain  revenues   streams  will  be  down.    And  the  game’s  hierarchy  will  have  to  be  totally   reliant   on  the   goodwill  of their   most  loyal   corporate  sponsors  and  the  fans  most  of  all.  For  the  Marlins  this  presents  something   of  a  predicament. As  they’ve   never  been  known  to have   a  hotbed   or   rabid   fans.  If  anything   the   fans  that’ve   remained   loyal  to   the   franchise   have  been  the  ones  at  the  team’s  inception.    But   with   those   days   now   far  behind  them   it’s  been  a  struggle   for  the  franchise   to   have   an  adequate   and  active   fan base.  Rarely   is  there   more   than   15,000   in   attendances   for   a  home  game.    And  one   would   be   right  to  assume  that  the  franchise   is   one  of   the  least   supported  teams   in  terms   of    their   home  attendance .  It  also  paints   something    of  a   poor   picture   as  to  the  support   that   the   game  receives   from  the   fans   in  South  Florida.    The  Dolphins  has  and  will   always   hold   sway   within  the  tri   county  area  of   Broward  , Miami  Dade  and   Palm   Beach County.  But   yet  the  fans  turn   up  with  about   as  much   frequency   as  Halley’s comet.   It’s   indeed  a  sad   indictment   of   franchise   other   than   the  New  York  Yankees  and   Boston Red  Sox   have  been  the  only   franchise   in  the    game  to  have   won  multiple   World   Series   over  the  last   thirteen  years.


All We’re Asking For Is Accountability ………The Fans That Is …… !


All We’re Asking  For  Is Accountability  ……….. The  Fans  That  Is





Well  the  NFLPA  has  a  new   Executive  Director  and   it is   his   intention   he  states  to   have   an   amicable   relationship  with  Roger Goodell   the  Commissioner  of the  NFL.



NFL Commissioner  Roger  Goodell  ..........
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell . picture appears courtesy of getty images/ Phil Massey ....................




In  making  their   choice   of  choosing   DeMaurice  Smith  the  Players’  Association  and  have   broken  with  tradition   by  naming  an  outsider to  lead  their  union.  Smith  who’s  a  lawyer   by  profession   brings   with  him  a  great   deal   of  knowledge   but  primarily  in  the  field  of  corporate   litigation.  So  it’d  be   wise  to  presume  that   he  possesses  all   of  the   communicative   skills   one   would   expect  of a  trial  lawyer.  That   being   said   the   union   and   how  its   members   are  now   being   perceived   by  the  public   may    be  of   greater  issue  and   concern   for  Smith  .  Rather  than  the  cordial    relationship   that  he  for  one   states  that    he’d    like   to  maintain  with  Goodell.



DeMaurice   Smith  the  new Executive  Director  of  the  NFLPA .  Smith  takes  over  from the  late   Gene  Upshaw.   Smith  is   a  partner  in  the  DC law   firm   Patton Boggs.
DeMaurice Smith seen here in his office of the DC law firm Patton Boggs. Smith is the new Executive Director of the NFLPA. He assumes the position from the late Gene Upshaw. picture appears courtesy of afp/ Todd Daniels .................



With  the  collective   bargaining   agreement   about  to  be  opted   out of  at  the     behest   of  the owners    not   being  prepared  to   play  ball  with  union.  One   can   well  understand  that  things  could    become   very   contentious   between   the  two  parties.   It  won’t  be  so   much  that   the  agreement  itself    can’t   be  dealt   with   in  the  appropriate  manner.   But   with  the   now  acute  economic   climate  the  players  aren’t   prepared   to    make   any  sort  of   concession   to   the  owners  that’d  weaken  their   position   overall.  They’d  rather   be   in  the   driver’s  seat  and   not  a  passenger.    And   in  a  business   where   it’s  gross   revenues   is   in  excess   of  $7.8bn .   That’s  a  great   deal   of   money   that    the  union  sees  that   ought   to be   placed   within  their   own   coffers   by  way  of  the   agreement   in   place.   The   combined  value   of  all   32   teams   is   in  excess  of $20 bn.   And   their   television  package   alone  annually   is  in   the  range of     $900m.   The    contract   is   set  to   expire    in   2010.   But   this   plays   only  a  marginal   part  in   terms  of   the   gross   revenues   that   the   league    garners   each  year.   When   one   takes  into   account   the  sales  and  merchandizing    domestically  as  well  as   internationally.   You  can   see  why  it  is  that   the  NFL  is  in such   an  enviable   position.   It  has   turned   owners   who  came   into  the  league   as  millionaires   into   billionaires.  And  multi  millionaires   into   multi  billionaires.   



Cowboys'  owner   and  GM  Jerry  Jones  ............
Cowboys' owner and GM Jerry Jones. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Matt Waters ...............




All   of  the   franchises  within  the  NFL   have  seen  their   values   appreciate  greatly   over   the  past  five  years.  And it   certainly   hasn’t  exactly   been  a  blight  to   the  owners  concerned.  And   now   within  the  midst   of  an   economic    downturn .  We’ve    not  exactly  seen  a   tightening   of  the  belts   of  many  of  the  teams.   Though   it can   be  said   that   some    teams   have   taken   note.   The  NFL itself   has   laid   off   workers   within   its    head   office    in New  York.  Some   teams   have   followed   suite    but   by   laying   off   ancillary   staff   that  it   deems  not   needed or necessary.   But    yet   the   wage  demands  of the   players    are  still  at a disproportionately   high  level .  Where   one   might deem  it   to   be  overly   opportunistic.   So  much   so  that   we’re   now  starting   to see   outrageous   demands   being   met    by   teams   who   in  all   reality   have   either   lost  their   minds.  Or   the   mere   fact  that  in  their   overzealousness   to    chase   the   immediacy   of   success   warrants   the   spending   of   the  vast   sums.  They   deem  that   whatever   it  will   take   will  be   worth  it   in  the  long  run.   At   this   juncture   there aren’t   exactly   any   guarantees  that   the  success   envisaged  will    follow.



Wahsington  Redskins'  owner  Daniel  Snyder  seen  here speaking  at a  new conference  honoring  former  Redskins'  greats  Darrell  Green  and  Art  Monk.
Washington Redskins' owner Daniel Snyder seen here speaking at a news conference to honor former Redskins' greats Darrell Green and Art Monk . picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Marcus Landry .................




Teams   such   as  the  Dallas  Cowboys  and  Washington  Redskins  with  their   deep   pockets   and   known   for their  overspending.   They  haven’t   been  the  bastions of  success   over  the  last   couple   of  years.  If   anything   they’ve   become  all   too   well  known   for  their   mediocrity    on  the   field   of   play.   And   the   outsized   ego’s   of  their   owners   and   the  off  the  field   antics    of  some  of  their   players.  Jerry Jones   and   Daniel  Snyder  respectively   have   become   the  embodiment   of  what  the  all   power   hungry   NFL  owner    has  become  all  about. In  their   zeal    to   win  at all   costs   ,  it  appears   whatever  it  takes    does    take   a  back  seat   sound  judgment . They’ve   been   known   for   more  hits   and  misses  when  it    comes to  the  conducting  of  their  operations .  But  then   if  they’re  still  making    money   it  doesn’t   really matter  to  them  at  the  end  of  the   day.    But    for   their    long   suffering    fans   they   may  well  see it  differently.  Especially   when   it comes  time   to   the   renewal   of  the  season   tickets.    Those   increases    along   with that  of  the  general  admission   prices  do   tend   to  take   a  bite    of   a   fans’ discretionary  spending.  But   yet   the   owners  are   of  the   opinion    that  the  fans   are   only    all  too  willing   to endure  this. 




Mile High In Denver ? This Franchise Is Now Beginning To Make The Raiders Seem Like MIT Or Harvard …………..


Mile  High  In  Denver   ?  This  Franchise  Is  Now  Beginning  To  Make  The  Raiders  Seem  Like  MIT  Or  Harvard. ………




As   the  all  too   ugly   display  of   one   up man ship  plays  out  within   the  Denver  Broncos  franchise.   The   two    characters  in  this  modern  day   homage  to  all   things   stupid,  the  team’s  coach  Josh McDaniels  and  its erstwhile   quarterback   Jay  Cutler are   now  making  this   thing seem  all   the  more   comedic.   The   he  said   he   said    now  makes  the  shenanigans  that  took  place  between  the  Raiders’  Al  Davis  and  former  coach   Lane  Kiffin seem all  too cerebral. 


Josh McDaniels  (left)  coach of  the  Denver  Broncos  and   the  team's  Pro  Bowl  quarterback  Jay  Cutler  (right) .
Josh McDaniels right and the team's Pro Bowl quarterback Jay Cutler . The two are locked in a heated debate regard the player's future with the franchise. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo /Dan Moore ..........................



Now  far  be  it   for  me   to  say  the  intelligence   quotient   factor  here  is   greater  than   anything    that  the  Raiders   possess.   But   when  your two  main  characters   have  all  but  fallen  short  of  calling   each  other  names.  It  can   only   go   downhill  from  hereon  in.     Now  the   thought  will be   who’ll  be   the   first  to  crack  and   sink   to  that  all  too  infantile   level  ? Children  are   allowed  to  play  within  their   sandbox  play   nice  and  then at  times   there   tends   to  be  a  falling   out  sorts.   In comes   McDaniels   and  he  wants  to  stamp  his  own  identity  and  authority  on what  he may  well  have   perceived  was  a  wayward   organization.   But  instead   like  a  tornado  he’s   ripped   through  the    franchise   like  Hurricane  Ike. However in  this   case  the  only   injury   suffered   here   has  been  the   ego  of  the  player .    Having   found    out   that   the   franchise   may  well  have   been  in  talks  to  trade  him.  He   all  but   had a  hissy  fit   and  let  it   then be   known  that  he  wasn’t   happy  with  the  apparent   subterfuge  and   apparent   denial   by   the   organization. 




Now  one  can   assume   that  the   naiveté  shown   by  Daniels  as  this is   his   first professional  head  coaching   position  within  the  NFL ?  It  has   become  all  too  apparently   clear   that   this  may   well  have  been the  case.   And  the  way  he’s   gone  about  this   has   been   poorly  handled.     The  two  have  met   trying  to  iron   out  their    differences   but  it’s   been  much   like  the  peace-keeping   talks   between    the  Palestinians  and  Israeli’s .  Neither   side  actually   trusts   each  other   from  the   get  go.   And   in  the  case  of    Cutler  and  McDaniels  the  road  map  to  peace  here  is   long   and   winding   and   in  no  way  is  it  likely  to  end gracefully in  Denver.



Broncos' Pro Bowl  quarterback   Jay Cutler seen here leaving the  field after an NFL game  played at Invesco Field  in Denver , Colorado.
Broncos' Pro Bowl quarterback Jay Cutler seen here leaving the field after an NFL game played at Invesco Field in Denver , Colorado. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/Scott Sellars ................





And  peace  here  isn’t  about   to  at  a  low  cost.  Someone  will  end  up   having  to  eat  their   words  or   quite   possibly   the  player  himself   as he’s  already   stated   would   be   to  be  now  traded.    A  new  surrounding   with an  all  too  welcoming   organization  may  well  be  the   best   situation   for  Jay  Cutler  at  this   juncture.  Now  as to  where   he   may  well  end   up   is   open  to   a  great   deal  of  conjecture  and   speculation.   There’ll   no   doubt  be   a  great  many   teams    that’ll  be   interested   in   the  player.   He’s  now  become  a  very   desired   commodity    and   the  price    desired  will  be indicative   and  predicated  on   what   the  Broncos  will   no  doubt  want .   




Now   what  I  find  all  the  more   inexplicable  is  the   lack  of  action    by  Pat  Bowlen  as  the  owner  of  the  franchise.   One   would’ve    thought   that  it’d  be   in  his  and  the   franchise’s  best   interest  to   have  this   matter   resolved    expediently  and  with   no    real  harm   being   done.    But  as  alluded  to   in  the  title  of  this   piece   the   franchise   is  now  on  appearance   something  akin  to  being   like  the   Raiders’  franchise  in   terms  of   its  internal   dealings  between  ownership   and  management.   But  in  the  Broncos’  case  here  it’s  management   and  the  player.


McDaniels and  his  wife  Laura   having  just  been  introduced  to the convened   press  in  Denver  as  the  franchise's   new  coach.
McDaniels and his wife Laura having just been introduced to the convened press en masse as the franchise's new coach in Denver . picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Phillip Goodwin ............



Now   as  this   episode   plays  itself   out   one   can  only   ask  what  will   happen  next  ?    Do  the  Broncos  move   the  player   or   have   him   honor  his   contract ?   The   signs  are   that   moves  are  afoot   to   do  the  former  and  that’s   to   avail   themselves  of  the  best   deal    possible  for   the  player.   But  as  to  what  the  asking   price   will  be   who’s   to  say  ?    Suffice  to  say   Cutlers  wants   out     and   McDaniels   has   basically  started  off  on  the  wrong   foot.   And   now    McDaniels  will   have  to    prove   himself   to  the  fans   there   in  Denver  and  also  prove   to  the   powers  that  be,  the   hierarchy  of  the   franchise  that   he’s   their  man.  And  that   they   made   the  right   decision   in  choosing   him  as   the  right   man  for  the  position.   


Broncos'  owner   Pat  Bowlen.
Broncos' owner Pat Bowlen of whom it can be said has sat idly by why this whole mess has become unsavory and embarrassing for the Broncos' organization as a whole. picture appears courtesy of afp/ Matthew Cullen .............



The  funny   thing   is  that  I  for   one  would   like  to   see  this    play  out   much   longer   as  it   has   become  all  so   entertaining.   But   for  the   surreal  goings   on   Los  Angeles   last   season  with  regard  to  the  Raiders  and  then  the  constant  uneasiness   in  San  Diego  with   the  Chargers  and  LaDainian  Tomlinson.   I   really  thought  that  the   AFC  West   in terms  of  the  mediocrity   therein    wasn’t    going  to   give  us  any   real  entertainment   at  all.   Before  the  season  starts   and   the  NFL  Draft   has  come   around   we’re   having   all the    idiocy   one    could’ve   come  to  expect .  





No  word  as   of  yet   if   there’s  another   franchise   who’s  prepared  to   step  down   this  particular   road.    Any  bets   as to  who  might   want   to  be   next  ?  It  doesn’t   have  to  be  a   quarterback  in the midst  of  it  all  at  this  juncture  .