It’s Not Always About The Money But Common Sense And Where The Heart Takes You

It’s Not Always About The Money But Common Sense And Where The Heart Takes You …..

I don’t know if I should feel nonplussed or bewildered by the naivete shown by some people be it from a lack of intelligence on their part or just sheer stupidity. It’d appear that several baseball fans many of whom are Texans and writers of a certain blog post are surprised that Cliff Lee has chosen rejoin the Philadelphia Phillies rather than opting for more money that had been offered by both the New York Yankees and Texas Rangers . The Yankees with their burgeoning pockets and vast financial resources in reality had met their match in the Texas Rangers who were backed financially by several noted Texas billionaires and the fact that team President Nolan Ryan and CEO Chuck Greenberg had recently negotiated a $3 billion television deal (20 year) with a prominent cable and broadcast outlet.

The Yankees who’d upped the ante in this ever increasing stake of ‘chicken’ went as far to offer the player an option of a six year $150 million deal which was something of a sticking point originally for Yankees’ GM Brian Cashman as he was reluctant to offer Lee’s agent Darrell Braunecker such a deal on behalf of his client, with an option for a seventh year.. The Rangers’ for their part may well have felt that they had the inside track given that the player and his family were happy being in Texas and with his home being relatively close in his native state of Arkansas . Ryan for his part along with manager Ron Washington and GM Jon Daniels had hoped that with Lee’s performances in the postseason and his camaraderie with his teammates that a decision would be something a formality. What many hadn’t realized was that the Phillies along with their GM Ruben Amaro Jr. had been in contact with the player and his agent gauging his interest in returning to the Philadelphia Phillies where he’d played for the team last year.


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Another determining factor in Lee’s decision to forgo the chance of playing for the Yankees was the treatment received by Lee’s wife and family at several of the games attended by them in the ALCS when the Rangers took on the Bronx Bombers for the AL Pennant at Yankees Stadium . Typically up to their somewhat obnoxious behavior for which an apology hasn’t been forthcoming from anyone within the Yankees’ hierarchy Lee’s family was subjected to a torrent of verbal abuse and profanity, some of which was directed to his children and in particular his son who happens to be a leukemia survivor but who still has some health related issues because of the illness. If that wasn’t a precursor to perhaps one of the reasons why he chose not to join the Yankees then I can’t think of another pertinent reason.

The Yankees as always are viewed as the presumptive favorites to win the World Series year in and year out . But given the fact that we’ve now begun to cracks in their armor many believe that the team is now on something of a downslide . Their pitching remains suspect beyond their ace CC Sabathia and with an aging Mariano Rivera one can never be sure what you’re now going to get. Beyond that there also seemed to be something of a cooling of the relationship between team captain Derek Jeter and Cashman while that player’s contract was being negotiated . Tensions rose and it appears that Cashman rather callously sought to offer Jeter an out if he didn’t feel amenable to the team’s offer . Calmer heads prevailed but you got the feeling that although denials have been forthcoming there was reason to believe that all wasn’t well within the …….’ house that Ruth built’. And beyond Sabathia and Rivera one has to also look at the Yankees’ pitching roster and realize that the effectiveness and resilience one had come to expect just is no longer there. Andy Pettite remains but a back spasm or shoulder injury away from having a prolonged stint on the disabled list and does anyone truly fear Joba Chamberlain or Phil Hughes for that matter ?

What we do know is that the Yankees’ offense remains prodigious in the regular season with the like of Robinson Cano , Nick Swisher , Alex Rodriguez and Jeter setting the trend. But things seems to have dropped alarmingly this past postseason wherein Rodriguez was non- existent and little or nothing was seen from Swisher or Curtis Granderson during the postseason albeit that they had their way with the Minnesota Twins in the ALDS . What we can be sure of however is that the Yankees will once again resort to whatever means necessary to strengthen their roster. And one can assume that managing general partner Hal Steinbrenner can’t have been too pleased seeing their divisional arch rivals the Boston Red Sox acquire both Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez this off-season . Suffice to say that things will be highly combustible and competitive in the AL East this upcoming season .

As I alluded to earlier the Texas Rangers with their now vast financial backing may well have felt that they were major players in the ‘Cliff Lee sweepstakes’ but clearly what they hadn’t counted on was a third party entering the fray and bidding for Lee’s services. And as resourceful and amenable as they were to the player it was becoming clear that he wasn’t necessarily happy with his tenure in Texas. So much was placed upon his shoulders as the mainstay and ace of the team and in terms of a reliable enough rotation to back him up beyond C J Wilson and closer Neftali Feliz there wasn’t a great deal there that was awe inspiring as can be witnessed from the rotation’s and team’s overall performances in their World Series’ loss to Bruce Bochy’s _____ San Francisco Giants . That too could have weighed heavily on Lee’s mind and the mere fact also that the Giants dealt with them with such ease . For Reuben Amaro Jr this is a coup-de-gras as the Phillies now possess quite possibly the most formidable pitching staff in all of baseball headed up by Roy Halladay , Roy Oswalt , Cole Hamels , Joe Blanton and now with the addition of Lee and less we forget the Phillies’ wily veteran Jamie Moyer who can still befuddle batters with his pitching after two decades plus in the game . Never mind taking to the account the bullpen and closer Brad Lidge . Does anyone now not believe that Phillies’ manager Charlie Manuel , his coaching staff aren’t now licking their chops and can’t wait for Spring Training to come around ? The Phillies once again have to be viewed as the prohibitive favorites in the National League and that’s with due respect to the reigning World Series champions the San Francisco Giants .

For the Rangers’ fans or for that matter any baseball fan out there just because the money being bandied about is seen as grotesque it doesn’t always mean that the player is willing to pursue that treasure trove . Clearly this wasn’t simply a decision taken by Lee to be simply about the money because it all boiled down where he felt comfortable and perhaps where he felt the best opportunity to win actually lay. Merely because the Yankees have the cash doesn’t make them the perfect fit or the ‘perfect team’ for that matter ! If anything in spite of their success what they seem to have a problem with a great deal of the time is to truly function as a team when it really matters most. Unequivocal success or not the New York Yankees showed that this past postseason when placed under undue pressure they are not always able to rise to the occasion .



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As to the immediate future of the Texas Rangers they will now have to rethink their whole strategy moving forward and how best to proceed. The Phillies for their part now have the prized free market acquisition of the off season and simply feel that a five year $120 million contract is money well spent on their part given the vagaries of the market and the ambiguity that has taken place this off-season concerning the ever escalating salaries now being paid. And for Cliff Lee can anyone truly fault him for the decision that he made given the opportunity that now arises ? Chime in with your own thoughts on the matter anything else concerning the baseball off-season that caught your attention .

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Eye candy ………. Keyshia Dior


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8 thoughts on “It’s Not Always About The Money But Common Sense And Where The Heart Takes You

  1. There’s not enough Band-Aid about to fix the numerous problems with the Yankees’ pitching rotation and that’s the reason behind the angst of the Yankees’ fans and their ownership.

    As to the naivete shown by those who simply forget that the Yankees aren’t the only ones out there with deep pockets wake the hell up and smell the coffee and do your homework !

    This may well sum up what Cliff Lee is all about ………….Phil Collins’ ‘Take Me Home’

    tophatal …………….. πŸ™‚

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  3. Lee going to the Phillies have a lot of persons shaking their heads. I understand almost totally. Loyalty cannot be bought or sold all the time. Lee really wanted to be in Philly, thus……..

    1. al clements

      I can understand Lee’s argument even with the fact as he states it gives him the best chance to win …. and win a World Series title . In truth neither Nolan Ryan or Jon Daniels has done nothing to infer to the player that the Rangers would be getting better by strengthening their roster even with the money that they now have . Furthermore that Yankees’ pitching rotation even now is still suspect no matter how you look at it. And that won’t be pleasing for the Yankees’ hierarchy or Joe Girardi for that matter. They’re now going to have to play catch up to the Red Sox within the AL East .

      Last but not least after the way those Yankees’ fans treated his family at the stadium during the Yankees’ homestretch during the ALCS why the hell would he want to go there ? His family didn’t deserve that at all even if as a player he was part of the opposition. And certainly his wife and in particular his son shouldn’t have been subjected to such abuse and profanity espectially in light of the child’s ailment which in some cases they were mocking. Scumbags it appears don’t get any worse than a verbose Yankees’ fan !

      tophatal …………… πŸ™‚

  4. It’s refreshing how he made his decision. I’m happy he didn’t go to the Rangers or Yankees, because that means the A’s won’t have to face him much! I hope the Yankees miss the playoffs this year, that would be awesome!!

    1. chappy81

      For me it essentially came down to the fact that his family was treated like dirt while they attended the ALCS games at Yankees’ Stadium and at no time after those incidents took place did anyone from the Yankees offer an apology. Call me naive but I thought the comments to his wife and immediate family was horrendous and unwarranted.

      The Yankees will struggle this upcoming season and Cashman and the whole front office knows it that’s why they’ve been so quick off the mark once again in trying to attain the top free agents out there. Consider this also the Red Sox had actually approached Mariano Rivera about signing with them as they were unsure with regard to Papelbon . But when Mo’ decided to re-sign with the Yankees they obtained Bobby Jenks instead from the White Sox . That Red Sox bullpen and pitching rotation looks real good at this juncture.


      tophatal ……………………. πŸ™‚

    1. Chris Humpherys

      Let’s put it this way what the Phillies are now doing is no different than what the Yankees did thru’ the nineties . And as we all know they went to several World Series winning four of six along the way. Don’t hate appreciate .

      Charlie Manuel and Ruben Amaro know what they’re doing and essentially if you want to compete and be the best in today’s game it means having to spend. Try telling that to the Rays’ front office at this juncture and see what their response would be ?

      If Joe Maddon simply thinks that by bolstering their bullpen while losing front line pitching and offense they can still compete then he needs to take a look at what’s happening around him rather than making these asinine remarks . That simply does nothing for the fans at all !

      tophatal ………………………

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