Is This What $100 Million Gets You Nowadays ?

Is This What $100 Million Gets You Nowadays ?

I’m sorry but whatever seems to be now erupting within the Washington Redskins is a tour de force in comedic madness . I was very much under the impression that the organization and their defensive player Albert Haynesworth  had essentially called a truce . Instead we are now finding out that there’s an even greater impasse between the player, his coach Mike Shanahan , the coaching staff and teammates . It’s bad enough that the season for the Redskins has once again fallen into a crevasse of ineptitude. Mike Shanahan , his assistant Kyle Shanahan haven’t improved this team one iota ! Furthermore in Shanahan’s inept attempt to prove that he’s in charge he chose to embarrass his veteran quarterback Donovan McNabb . Who didn’t feel that it would be the rest of the NFL and the fans who’d have the last laugh after this charade and allout idiocy on the part of Shanahan ? =========================================================

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A team that was thought to quite possibly challenge the Philadelphia Eagles , New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys </a. for divisional supremacy within the NFC East has been anything but that ___ a team . Suffice to say that watching the Redskins play at Fedex Field has become a comedy of errors. Team owner Dan Snyder has had problems running this organization as a business and to see an individual who’s greatly admired within circles by his peers in the business world. Personally I just can’t see it but it’s all in the eye of the beholder . Haynesworth for his part has added nothing to this team since he was acquired via free agency . This being the same player whose career with the Tennessee Titans had been a success and where he’d made several visits to the Pro Bowl as a Titans’ player. However, Haynesworth not content with his situation with the team at the time chose to parlay his status by garnering a 7 year $100 million deal with the Washington Redskins of which $56 million was in guaranteed money. At the time I thought the contract itself was preposterous and non-sensical . But then again those of us who’ve seen the Redskins operate over the years have seen this organization simply overpay for players who are either past their prime or whose talent has been vastly exaggerated.

There’s absolutely no chance that the Washington Redskins would choose to cut the player given the fact that they still owe the $32 million of the guaranteed money due. Do you get the feeling that the front office of the Redskins aren’t completely sure as to what the hell they’re doing from one moment to the next ? Kind of how certain federal agencies are now operating within the Obama adminstration ? We have a Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Ben S Bernanke whose every utterance now sends shivers up down Wall St . And a Homeland Security Chief in Janet Napolitano  who ovesees the TSA and their now well publicized airport body searches. Don’t get me wrong I’m all about national security and anything that can derail the ambitions of home grown and foreign terrorists, I do feel that the agency’s actions are a necessity. My only problem here is the fact that I’m not completely willing to have a TSA employee feel that it’s appropriate to body search me as if it’s being done for their own self sexual gratification . And less we forget we also have a Treasury Secretary in Tim Geithner whose every word concerning the malaise that has befallen the economy has me asking how and why the fu_k was he hired and why was he nominated in the first place ? Prior to his tenure as Treasury Secretary he’d worked for the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and as we know this is the very same individual that claimed errors made in his none payment of personal income tax was a mistake. Yes a mistake ….an honest mistake . But you might feel more aggrieved if I were to advise you that also as a senior employee at the Federal Reserve Bank in New York City, Geithner played his part in assisting none other insurance giant AIG in their egregious speculative behavior in numerous financial markets around the globe. And as we all know the insurance giant had to be bailed out to the tune of $150 billion ($150,000,000,000) of taxpayers monies. The only thing that needs bailing out here with the regard to the Washington Redskins is for the organization to seek a trade of Albert Haynesworth. Clearly the player’s career has run its path with the Redskins and it’s also clear that Mike Shanahan has no faith in the player’s abilities whatsoever . What might be even more disturbing and incredulous is the very fact that with the player now having been suspended by his coach they are no better off than before . The Redskins’ season as it now stands is tenuous and there’s not even a remote chance that they can salvage this season and play with any modicum of respect. The situation now facing Snyder is whether or he can let this mayhem continue with there being such a divide not only in the locker room but no actual semblance of respect between the players and coach.

From my own perspective I don’t even feel that the situation that transpired betweeen Donovan McNabb , Mike and Kyle Shanahan is actually at an end. It’s merely time before I feel that there’ll be another parting of the waves and that another impasse is created between the player and both coaches. On and off the field the Washington Redskins are a complete mess and given the soap opera drama that has taken place within this division with the Dallas Cowboys and their roller coaster season , with the subsequent firing of Wade Philips by owner Jerry Jones . Philips’ successor Jason Garrett seems to have the team back on track but once again the hopes that Jones had for this team in terms of a postseason berth and playing in the Superbowl is now a pipe dream. What else can now happen you may ask ?

Well with Wade Phillips , Brad Childress and now the Denver Broncos’ Josh McDaniels  having been fired this season the managerial count now stand at three coaches having been fired this year. And by season’s end we could well see several others bite the dust . It’s no surprise that the Cincinnati Bengals’ coach Marvin Lewis won’t be returning to the Bengals next season . The team had been befelled by their own sheer ineptitude and it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the choice is that of Lewis’ and not from the front office. The one bright spot for the team may well have been the play of wide receiver Terrell Owens who’s been the sole reason perhaps to see him play. He leads all players in terms of the team’s offensive receiving categories and for Carson Palmer whose own performances have been understated at best. Owens’ receiving partner Chad Ochocinco  has been a complete bust this season and it’d be reasonable to suggest that he might not be part of any plans the Bengals may well have in the future .

McDaniels’ dismissal by Broncos’ owner Pat Bowlen wasn’t completely a surprise but the real issue here may well have been the fact that Bowlem had reiterated that he wasn’t about to let go of his coach. But with the preseason upheaval that took place with the trade of Jay Cutler and then the fallout between Brandon Marshall and McDaniels . Both players have now found new homes , Marhsall with the Miami Dolphins and and Cutler with the the  NFC North leading Chicago Bears . But what might’ve been the straw that broke the camel’s back was the behavior by McDaniels and the team’s videographer in taping the San Francisco 49ers walk through in their game played at Wembley Stadium in London , England earlier in the season. The NFL front office was made aware of this but neither McDaniels or any member of his coaching staff reported the incident . Both team and coach were fined and Spygate II came to something of an abrupt end . And there are idiots about the blogo-sphere who felt that the Patriots deservedly got was coming to them when Bill Belichick  took part in such an act . I reminded a number of patrons to my site that this practice was widespread around the NFL and that it only comes to light when a team has been caught . Anyone who feels that this will be the last time that we’ll hear of such an incident needs to have their heads examined as it seems to be customary for a number of coaches and their staff around the NFL. For Pat Bowlen this is simply another reason of an owner whose cognizance of a situation isn’t clear. The Broncos now find themselves in a situation with having fired Josh McDaniels they’re now in a position where they’re paying McDaniels and his predecessor Mike Shanahan who was also fired by Pat Bowlen. When Shanahan was fired he was still owed two years on his contract in the case of McDaniels he’s owed three years on his original five year contract. Do you get the picture I’m painting here concerning the idiocy of some of the NFL owners and GM’s around the league as to how they deal with their managerial problems ? Far be it for me to say but who’s providing the legal counsel for these owners ? And have they never heard of installing a buyout clause in an employee contract ? Now Bowlen and the Broncos are on the hook for at least $ 8 million this year alone in paying both Mike Shanahan and Josh McDaniels. And the general public thought that only the federal government knew how to squander money ? Not so it appears when it comes to professional sports franchise owners as they all seem to be a law unto themselves. In this day and age where athletes can and are earning multi million dollar contracts and the coaches aren’t too far behind in that situation I find it hard to believe that common sense isn’t being used by the executives and owners who are the custodians of these teams ! ===================================================================

=================================================================== Picture gallery for your perusal . Your thoughts if any as to how you view the issues raised within this piece and that of what we’ve seen happen in the NFL this season either on or off the field of play . Thanks as usual for your continued support as it’s gratefully appreciated .

Alan aka tophatal ………………

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15 thoughts on “Is This What $100 Million Gets You Nowadays ?

  1. ‘Mike you do know that I spend a lot of money to make a lot of money don’t you’ ? ‘ Yes Dan I know that and I’ll do my best to make sure that it’ll be money well spent ‘.

    Is it me but was Zorn as such a better coach than Shanahan at present is proving to be ?
    If he doesn’t turn things around both he , his son and the talentless Bruce Allen will be sent packing that’s for sure ! Shanahan hasn’t been relevant within the NFL in over a decade.
    Can we simply say yet another retread ?


    tophatal ………….. 🙂

    1. al clements

      Haynesworth and Lindsay Lohan need to be in rehab where they’ll get the best possible help available courtesy of either Dr Phil or Dr Drew Pinsky .

      Kids look at what alcohol and drugs can do for you ? You can end up like starlet Lindsay Lohan …. though it’s not recommended .

      Don’t call me fat I’m merely chunky …… that’s what Campbell’s soups merely do for you. Albert Haynesworth

      😦 _ 😛

      tophatal ………. 🙂

  2. al clements

    Haynesworth is no different from any other self absorbed over rated , over hyped primadona athlete ! Why the hell the Redskins made such an extravagant outlay and in return they’ve got absolutely nothing ….. nada , zilch , kaput !

    Only Al Davis and Dan Snyder along with Jerry Jones have been simply dumb enough to overpay for talent that borders on being inept !

    There’s book smarts , street smarts and just plain common sense and to my mind none of that trio has any those traits at all !

    tophatal …….. 🙂

  3. This just in the Titans don’t want Albert Haynesworth back ……… not with his baggage with Moss and Young still being there . Can you imagine that locker room ? Jeff Fisher had better lave of his own accord rather than being forced out by an ingrate like Bud Adams .

    Jackson 5′ I Want You Back .

    Devoted to Albert Haynesworth

    tophatal ……… 🙂

  4. I can’t help but watch that video of Haynesworth staying down on the field while the play is going on and wonder what’s going on with that guy.

    Never mind the money they paid him. What’s up with his competitive spirit?

    1. Chris Humpherys

      A couple of years playing with the Titans and all of sudden Haynesworth was full of himself. He’s no Ray Lewis or Ed Reed for that matter ! He’s not even fit to sniff either of their jockstraps !

      As for the money ? Well you know how the Redskins operate ? Why’d you ask ? Bruce Smith and Deion Saunders were way past their prime when they signed with the team and what the hell did they prove ? Simply put Dan Snyder is a dumb ass ….. nothing more nothing less ! Can’t believe he’s made a multi billion fortune as an entrepreneur and businessman .

      As for Haynesworth no team in the league will want him after this unless they’re out of their friggin’ minds that is .

      Dan Snyder , Jerry Jones and Bud Adams may well be three of the biggest douche-bags of all the owners in the NFL ! I’d include Al Davis but as we all know his problems have already been well chronicled .

      Ay Papi ! Vida Guerra

      tophatal …………. 🙂

    2. Chris Humpherys

      In all honesty do you buy any of what Meyer is now selling the public as to his reasons for re-signing from the Gators ?
      He’s never taken well to criticism as to his coaching or that of his team when they’ve failed miserably. Now he’s walking away and using his family as a crutch for this weak ass decision !


      tophatal ……….. 🙂

    1. aero

      Had Albert signed with the Bucs the fans in the area would’ve been rippin’ the Glazers and organization a new one right about now !

      I’m just glad that this is Shanahan’s and Snyder’s problem to deal with ! Although I do believe that the four game suspension won’t be upheld as the NFLPA (union) may well intervene on the player’s behalf.


      Perhaps Albert can let nurse Danni help let go of some of those inhibitions of his as I’m sure she’d find a way to cheer him up ?


      tophatal …. 🙂

  5. I saw a good interview yesterday with one of his teammates. He was saying that Albert pretty much does what he wants and even in the film room the coaches will explain how everyone else should do it but won’t include Albert because he marches to the beat of his own drum! I thought it was comical that the coach’s don’t even care about him anymore, and rightfully so. Is it just me or is it funny that the Nationals locked up Werth for the same kind of ridiculous contract Haynesworth got. What is going on in our countries capitol!?! I guess they want the national debt to grow!

    1. chappy81

      And that’s been the problems as Shanahan and the team there have given him way too much leeway. Who’d you say is the leader on that Redskins’ team if you had to name someone ? Seymour to my mind is the leader on the Raiders and he’s well respected by the players and coaches alike.

      On the Redskins no one has any respect for Shanahan whatsoever and that has been one of the integral problems for the Redskins this season. It’s been over a decade since he’s taken a team to the playoffs so is there anything else that needs to be said ?

      Selita Ebanks

      If there’s no one who commands respect on a team then this is the sort of crap that tends to happen . Simply look at the Bengals and their piss poor season ? TO is playing lights out football but as for the rest of the team they simply have no pride or a sense of purpose !


      tophatal ……….. 🙂

    2. chappy81

      Do you think that it’s by luck that Prokhorov bought the Nets when no other buyer was out there ? Stern and his minions knew that there were very few wealthy beings interested in owning a US professional sports franchise.

      Mikhail Prokhorov . Do you think he ever got an invite to Jay’s 40/40 club ?


      Philip Anschutz

      Also consider this the Spanos family have sold 30% of the Chargers to multi billionaire Philip Anschutxz co-owner the Lakers and who also owns the Staples Center , Nokia Theater as well as the Home Depot Center in Carson , Ca,. His holding company is AEG who owns Ticketmaster and LiveNation the concert promoter’s group.

      In reality now you’ve got to have capital in excess of $500 million just to be merely be seen as a worthwhile investor in any sort of going sporting concern. There are very few people in any of the four major sports that you can actually say that about as of now.

      tophatal ……….. 🙂

  6. Chris Humpherys

    I’ve replied to the piece on Meyer and you obviously no doubt read the comment I left on your chatroll . My own thoughts on the matter is that it’s one big croc’ and a lame ass excuse from the coach !

    He’s an even bigger fool if he thinks that his successor will want him around in some capacity not if his decisions could very well be undermind .

    😦 _ 😛

    tophatal …………. 🙂 .

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