Honk If You’re Watching The World Series At Present ? Honk If You’d Rather Watch Paint Dry Or Have Sex Instead ?

Honk If You’re Watching The World Series At Present ? Honk If You’d Rather Watch Paint Dry Or Have Sex Instead ?

Well the ‘Fall Classic’ has started and baseball’s best two teams are left to fight it out in the best of seven game decider is now off to a rather pleasant start . The 2010 World Series presents us with pennant winners the San Francisco Giants and Texas Rangers . And already the series has presented us with a number of sub plotlines . Rangers’ catcher Bengie Molina has the chance to win a ring no matter the outcome of this series happens to be. Having started the season with the Giants the player was traded to the Rangers during the season . Rangers’ manager Ron Washington had something of a tumultuous season wherein it was a matter of faith as to whether or not the Rangers’ front office would stand by their manager after his admittance that he’d succumbed to substance abuse. Rangers’ GM Jon Daniels and team President Nolan Ryan chose to stand by their manager and there was wholehearted support for this stance by the entire Rangers’ team .


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Now perhaps the vast majority of fans might have preferred to have seen the New York Yankees make it to the World Series in their quest to win their 28th title . It has to be said that their fall from grace at the hands of the Rangers was not only a pleasant surprise but also a welcoming one as well. And when one considers that the Yankees’ team payroll as almost four times as much as their opponents in the ALCS it has to be said that frugality now seems to be the way in baseball (MLB) . The payrolls of both participants in this season’s World Series is a combined $155 million . Not overly exorbitant by any stretch of the imagination but had it been the New York Yankees and Philadelphia Phillies as the participants here, then there would have been in almost $350 million worth of talent on display. That being said it’s not always about the talent on display but the desire and the will to win. And the usual bye product of it all one hopes is an exihilarating series .

With the National League (NL) having won home-field advantage throughout the series one could assume that this gives the Giants the advantage that Bruce Bochy and his team sought. Game one of the series proved to be prophetic as this Giants’ team would get off to a resounding start in defeating the Texas Rangers and their ace Cliff Lee ___ 11-7 . The match-up between Lee and the Giants’ Tim Lincecum was all that and more , way beyond what anyone could have imagined or have wished for.

Now it goes without saying that MLB Commissioner Bud Selig and the league hierarchy hopes that not only are both venues AT&T Park , San Francisco and Rangers Ballpark in Arlington , Texas are filled to capacity. But also nationwide the television audience will be one that makes the event a ratings’ bonanza for Fox Televsion and the for the league as a whole. Steady declines in ballpark attendance and in television veiwership has left the game to an extent somewhat bereft of appeal. And it certainly hasn’t helped that the NFL is now in full swing and the apparent start of the NBA ____ season as well. It’s almost as if baseball suddenly becomes the ‘ugly duckling’ that no one has an apparent interest in or lusts for. This seems to be the one time of the year that the game really does have a problem resonating with the fans at large.

A World Series that proves to be a thrilling and excting one would no doubt lure the viewing public and fans to watch the series. The San Francisco Giants are making their first apperance in the World Series since 2002 where they would eventually fall to the Los Angeles Angels losing the series 4-2 . For the Texas Rangers this is their first appearance in the ‘Fall Classic’ and having undergone a change in ownerhsip this has all been a pleasant surprise not only for their long suffering fans but the ownership group led by Nolan Ryan and Charles ‘Chuck’ Greenberg. And given the fate of the organization prior its purchase by this syndicate group one ought to consider the Rangers an extremely lucky organization altogether. Their plight certainly wasn’t helped by the laissez-faire attitude of Bud Selig and his office as the team lay within bankruptcy proceedings and the intransigence being shown by then owner Tom Hicks . Now with a new ownership group in tow and their ambitions not merely being set with this lone appearance but in becoming a perennial contender for years to come it remains to be seen what the future holds for the Rangers at this juncture.

If game one proved to be a disappointment for the Rangers’ fans and the team as whole then game two would prove to be just as disastrous . It would pit pitchers Matt Cain against the Rangers’ C J Wilson and the resultant onslaught would once again be piled on by the Giants as they would overwhelm the Rangers 9-0 . If you thought the hole dug after game one was deep then one only has to look at the situation now that the Rangers face. Down 0-2 and with their offense and pitching now in a tailspin it’s hard to envisage how the they can now find their out this by erasing this series’ deficit and staving off defeat as the momentum has shifted towards the Giants. Had they split the series in San Francisco then one could conceivably say that they’d still be in with a chance. But the mere fact that the Rangers’ offense has been inconsistent and their bullpen seemingly in tatters Ron Washington and his coaching staff have a great deal of work ahead for them as they and the team try to get back on track before the series resumes at Rangers Ballpark on Saturday evening.

As this series unfolds it’ll be interesting to see how the television ratings pan out and the statements forthcoming from the league office. Quietly they have to be thinking to themselves what else needs to be done by them in order to lure the fans to the spectacle of the game and the value it provides in terms of entertainment. While overtures are being made to shorten the regular season and expand the number of playoff teams in the postseason. It has to be said that before any of this is done both the league hierarchy , team owners and the MLBPA (union) led by Michael Weiner will have to address many of the game’s underlying issues concerning the economic viability of the teams and their immediate future.



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What thoughts if any do you have concering baseball’s regular season and as such were there any major disappointments as far as you were concerned ? Also how do you view the World Series as it now stands and do you see the Texas Rangers playing themselves back into contention ? Or do you now seeing the San Francisco Giants winning their first title and erasing the nightmare of 2002 ? Chime in with a comment on your thoughts .

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8 thoughts on “Honk If You’re Watching The World Series At Present ? Honk If You’d Rather Watch Paint Dry Or Have Sex Instead ?

  1. I will have sex with my wife while the paint drys. I tried watching this crap. It stinks to high heaven. It is hard on the eyes. Thhe real series was Philly and the Giants. Giants in four. Boring…

    1. Bobby Gee

      Well it looks as if it’ll be the Giants in five or quite possibly 6 . The Rangers’ bats are almost as silent as the pews and cloisters of an empty church. And it certainly didn’t help having both ex President Bush’s being on hand to throw out the first ceremonial pitch. That’s like having several vultures stand over a dead carcass of rotting flesh. You simply knew that the inevitable was going to happen.

      I hope the wife was appreciative of the fact that you were willing to give up watching the World Series and have sex with her instead ? It’s a man’s duty to tap that booty !

      tophatal πŸ™‚

  2. Ratings are down, Al, as we expected.

    I even heard they were lower than the Phillies-Rays series which one the lowest rated World Series ever.

    It doesn’t help that they’re having to go against the Miami Heat, who seem to be on television every night.

    It also doesn’t help that most people can only name one San Francisco Giant.

    1. Chris Humpherys

      Should we really be at all surprised ? I mean if the Yankees aren’t imvolved then that lessens the ratings by a great deal and with that goes revenues that MLB would come to expect. It’s not like the Superbowl where everyone watches no matter which teams are playing . That’s why young guys such as chappy81 don’t understand the business side of the game and the overall ramifications.

      Who might be the Giant that the fans can actually name I wonder ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!


      Watching Rangers’ bats go silent and seeing JWoww’s melons on screen which is more preferable at this juncture ?

      At this time of the season baseball comes up behind the NBA and NFL . And I’d dare that the overall ratings will be lower than that of an airing of Jersey Shore on MTV ?

      tophatal ……. πŸ™‚

  3. Meh, whatever I don’t really care about the ratings that much. I have been enjoying the games. I guess I like both of the teams more than the teams that beat them so I care… I try not to get too into the ratings, and if I’m interested, I watch if not I don’t πŸ™‚

    I hope the Rangers can win today though, or I will probably watch paint dry…

    1. chappy81

      Well that stands to reason as I’d expect you have some interest as there’s a West Coast team participating. But would you be of the same frame of mind were the two participants the Red Sox and Pirates ?

      Who could’ve foreseen the Giants laying the ‘wood’ to Rangers and simply making them their bitch ? I guess that’s what comes from having two ex Presidents throw out the ceremonial first pitch in game 4 ? Crows and vultures were said to flying over Rangers’ Ballpark after that miscue . It’s essentially nailed the Rangers’ fate in this World Series . Sorry but I’m going there …..” but a bird in the hand isn’t worth two in the Bush as in the case of Dubya and his father George H W ?

      Dubya-and  his   Pa

      Son I think we fu_ked up being at the Rangers Ballpark !

      They might as well have had a cat walk underneath a ladder than having those two imbeciles being there !

      tophatal πŸ™‚

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