Whoop That Bitch Pt 2

Whoop That Bitch Pt 2

Unless I missed something but the ongoing Clemens’ investigation into his alleged perjury and obstruction of justice seems to be taking a turn for the more ludicrous. It’s now being reported that the Justice Department in conjunction with the FBI have subpoenad the medical records of the player while he was part of the Toronto Blue Jays’ organization. Is there anything more ludicrous happening in the world of sports at present than this charade ? Considering the taxpayers’ monies that has so far been spent on the Barry Bonds’ trial and the fact that the prosecution has yet to obtain a guilty verdict. Their whole case has been moored in the fact that they had been expecting Bonds’ personal trainer Greg Anderson to testify against the former Giants’ slugger. Enough said on the situation as we now know that Anderson had no intention of implicating Bonds in any wrongdoing despite the testimony given by former BALCO founder Victor Conte .


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Bonds’ trial was suspended pending an appeal of an appellate court judgment that didn’t favor the prosecution’s wish to have evidence introduced into the ongoing proceedings. Now with the situation still not having been satisfactorily reached to the Justice Department’s satisfaction the case will resume in early April 2011 with the prosecution finally looking to obtain a guilty verdict and the imprisonment of the player on the charges of perjury and obstruction of justice. To my mind if the federal government can afford to spend in excess of $15 million on a trial which seemingly doesn’t have much bearing on our lives then clearly there’s something to be said about waste on the part of the federal government . God knows with the upcoming terrorist trials they will have to be much more forceful in the presentation of their case.

As to Clemens’ situation and the fact that baseball under the hierarchy of Bud Selig seems to be taking a wait and see approach as to what will take place. Can we now put aside the notion that MLB is actually on point when it comes to their drug policy ? This being the very same hierarchy that has seemingly had the likes of Alex Rodriguez , __ Mark McGwire and a slew of other players came forward and for whatever reason they’ve all stated that they’ve either used anabolic steroids or HGH at some time in their career knowing full well at the time it was against the rules of the game. Not content with that Bud Selig took it upon himself to welcome back McGwire in no uncertain terms by stating that the player was a man of integrity. Get the fu_k out of here ! Each of these players profited greatly from their lies but yet they’ve gone unpunished. I’ve been told that it would serve no use to make these players forfeit any monies by being hit financially in the pocket. But low and behold the thinking is that this isn’t necessary because the players in question have suffered enough . Well how much has the public suffered with the subterfuge that has been perpetrated upon them by MLB and the players ? No one seems to be overly concerned with that but I guess when the public is use to being shat upon then they can take it !

Well there’s now a plaque and statue now standing in the front of Miller Park home of the Milwaukee Brewers. That plaque and statue is of none other than the MLB Commissioner Bud Selig. There are times when one has to ask the question what the hell is going on in the world of sports ? Selig in the last two years has received a compensation package in excess of $30 million. Could it be that with the financial mess that’s now awry in the game of baseball but we’re led to believe that the game of baseball is in a great place financially. Given the fact that both the Pittsburgh Pirates and Florida Marlins now have something to hide and that the fact the vast majority of the teams in the game are trying to stave off financial ruin. There has to be a point where the team owners and the commissioner’s office will either have to be straightforward with the public rather than continuing to blow smoke up everyone’s ass. It’s something that they and the Congress seemingly do with so much adroitness that it’s hard to tell where the truth begins and the lies seemingly become a part of this great never-ending charade .

Now as the season winds down and the playoffs will soon begin it has to be said that the teams now in the hunt for the berths for the respective league pennants. It’s easy to say that the Philadelphia Phillies are looking to a return to the World Series but this time around it may not be as easy as first thought. They’ve been playing way too inconsistently and it has to be said that even with home field advantage there’s still no reason to believe that the NL will have what it takes to usurp a team from the AL . A case can be made that the best all round team given their pitching , offense and defense , the Tampa Bay Rays are the team to beat within the division . But as of late their record (86-55) has been a little inconsistent and with the always astonishing Minnesota Twins now having the third best record in the league there’s a lot to be said for this team. They play with abandonment and have their fans simply wishing for more when they’re playing at Target Field in Minneapolis, Minnesota .

It has to be said that with the ongoing events of the season one hopes that whatever is in store for the fans and the game in general let’s just hope that it will be something that the fans and public alike can appreciate . What thoughts if any do you have on the season so far and which team has been a complete surprise to you this season ? Chime in with a comment as to your thoughts on the subject matter .



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NB If at all interested in reading part one of Whoop That Bitch simply click on the link shown ?

Alan aka tophatal πŸ™‚


Melyssa Ford rocks yo ! Who wouldn’t want to tap that ass ?

Flavor of the day Melyssa Ford ! Hoo-rah !

8 thoughts on “Whoop That Bitch Pt 2

  1. I gave up paying attention to this shit months ago…hell they all used is the cry….now change things and let it go…nah the Justice Department hates to be found wrong or incompentent. That’s like guy running for Gov here…claims “everybody” said he wouldn’t go after corrupr politicians….true, he did…..all Democrats, not one Republican; dourse Tom is a GOP member……

    1. al clements

      Is as you say Congress can repeatedly hike up their salaries but when it comes to share waste within government these assholes are like blind men in the midst of a mine field. It doesn’t matter what side of the aisle the idiocy comes from they’re all complicit in the mess.

      It’s the same way in baseball with the owners , the game’s hierarchy and the union (MLBPA) itself.

      Personally I’d like to see a flock of pigeons simply swoop down and defecate all over the plaque and statue of Bud Selig there at Miller Park in Milwaukee ! ‘nough said !

      Yankees fan/

      Yankees’ fans need something to cheer them up so I’m pitching in with this picture.

      tophatal πŸ™‚

    1. Chris Humpherys

      The idiocy that’s going on within the game won’t stop ’til a team folds <financially)and that’s when Selig , the players , owners and union will begin to realize that something drastic has to be done. As of now they’re all living in a world of make belief !

      Can we now all agree that ’til the season ends almost anything can and will happen to the teams in the hunt for a playoff spot ?

      The Rockies are now making a mockery of the NL West . They’re now making both the Giants and Padres if not sweat bullets then they’re probably sh_tting them right about now !


  2. Soon after an asterisk is placed beside the statue of Selig, he and all the juicers should pack up the shrunken testicles and ride into the sunset. Adios boys!
    I’m so ready for the playoffs to begin.
    Go Rays!

    1. aero

      I’m calling a flock of pigeons to repeatedly swoop down and defecate on that statue . An asterisk means absolutely nothing at this juncture !

      The Rays are making the Yankees sweat it out at the moment .

      Go Rays !


  3. I’m loving how this has played out. Clemens is a retard for even going to those original hearings, and is making himself more guilty everytime he opens his mouth. I guess it just goes to show you spending a lot on lawyers doesn’t always guarantee you are going to get the best representation!

    1. chappy

      He (Clemens) simply didn’t have a choice as he’d been subpoenad by the Federal government (Congress) to appear. Once he showed up his balls were in a vice to begin with. Rusty Hardin his lawyer has given him some real dubious advice and now he hasn’t a pick axe or shovel that can dig him out from how deep in the shit that he’s now fallen into .

      But what be even more asinine is how Clemens is trying to apportion blame elsewhere. He’s thrown his wife under the bus, Pettite too and as we know he thinks that McNamee is a bastard ! What else is there to come but the taxpayers’ monies being wasted ? He should’ve copped a plea to a lesser charge from the Justice Dept when it was offered . Dumb ass now chooses to fight in the courts (Federal) and so far all of his calls for the defamation suit lodged against him have been turned down. Now he’s got to answer perjury charges and obstruction of justice indictment lodged against him by the Justice Dept. You cross the justice system and you will get burned . Someone should’ve told Clemens that to begin with . His lawyers are a bunch of cretins !

      Your honor I’ll gladly come to your chambers so that you can play with my gavel ! As you know I love to role play .

      tophatal πŸ™‚

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