Image ? Image And A Self Conscious League

Image ? Image And A Self Conscious League

I found this story somewhat unbelievable when I’d heard that Detroit Lions’ President Tom Lewand has plead guilty to a DUI charge . Now far be it for me to suggest that it should just be the players that be held accountable for their actions both on and off the field of play. The image conscious NFL has been somewhat none compliant on this issue concerning the team executives . Had this been an NFL player pleading guilty to these serious charges then the story would be front and center with everyone opining on the matter. Instead it has been placed at the foot of the sports pages almost nowhere to be seen.



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Courtesy of The Detroit News

Lions’ Tom Lewand apologizes for ‘very, very serious mistake’

By Tim Twentyman , The Detroit News

Roscommon, Mich. –Tom Lewand stood in front of 83rd District Court Judge Daniel L. Sutton in Roscommon on Friday and admitted his guilt.

Charged with driving under the influence June 25, the Lions president pleaded guilty to operating a vehicle while visibly impaired, a misdemeanor. He was sentenced to six months of probation, received a $532 fine and will have to complete an “intensive” outpatient alcohol recovery program. He is also not allowed to consume alcohol while on probation.

If Lewand does not complete the program or violates probation, he could spend 60 days in jail, according to Sutton.

“I’d first like to thank Judge Sutton and prosecutor (Mark) Jernigan and Sheriff Stevenson for their professionalism and efficiency in dealing with this matter,” Lewand said afterward. “As I said before, I offer my complete apologies for my actions. I take full responsibility for them.

“I’m glad that this portion of those consequences for my actions is completed and I look forward to coming out of this a stronger and better person as a result of it.”

Lewand was stopped the night of June 25 by Roscommon County sheriff’s deputies on M-55 after deputies saw his Lincoln MKX moving erratically while exiting the Limberlost bar and restaurant near Houghton Lake.

Lewand failed a sobriety test, and when he refused to take a breathalyzer (PBT) test, he was handcuffed and arrested. The charge of failing to take a PBT test was dropped as part of the plea deal.

Lewand was in Houghton Lake attending the 30th annual Kolo Golf Outing, a charity event founded by Bob Kowalkowski, a former Lions offensive lineman who died last September.


Click on link to read this article in its entirety .


Commissioner Roger Goodell has been playing his cards close to his chest where no one can see them . And now when “the image” of the NFL is at its lowest up comes a story that would have most asking what the hell is going on ? An NFL executive being charged with drunk driving and the league itself has yet to issue a statement on the matter. Never mind that the Detroit Lions have not issued a statement on the matter but rather a curt apology from Lewand and that has been it. Why oh why am I not surprised by any of this at all ?

Call me crazy but now that the LeBron James’ saga is now over perhaps the most disappointed individuals are none other than the Cavaliers’ fans . But what I found most surprising was the fact that comedic actress Betty White had an opinion on the matter and the actress was very eloquent in her thoughts on the matter. White went so far as to suggest that she’d have spent the night with the young superstar if it was enough to entice him to remain with the team . Pardon me for saying but this might well have been the straw that broke the camel’s back as LeBron probably didn’t want it to get that the cause of him remaining in Cleveland was the fact that he bedded the octogenarian actress. Way to go LeBron , you missed out on a glorious opportunity but that being said could you have handled Betty to begin with ?

Hold unto your horses but the New York Yankees lost out on obtaining Seattle Mariners’ starting ace Cliff Lee . The two sides couldn’t agree on the compensation sought by the AL West team. And instead Lee will make his way to the Texas Rangers within the Mariner’ own division. As to the Yankees they may well now pursue other opportunities in terms of acquiring a starting pitcher to add their already burgeoning roster of pitchers. And it appears that team GM Brian Cashman won’t let this minor occurrence get in his way of strengthening the roster of this team. As good as they’ve been Cashman knows that nothing can be overlooked not when you’ve got both the Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays chasing you down within the division __(AL East) . Now when it’s all said and done the defending World Series champions would like to make another return to the postseason and thereby successfully defend their crown. Nothing less is expected from the organization where success is deemed the pinnacle and where “failure” is seen as not an option.

HBO the much vaulted cable network more widely known for its dramatic staple and first runs of box office success movies is also home to rather influential niche in the sport of boxing. Especially within the heavyweight division but recently the head of the sports programming Ross Greenburg has stated the cable network is no longer interested in televising fights within the heavyweight division as the public interest is no longer there. Now that statement should not come as a surprise to anyone with a keen interest in the sport. But given the lack of credibility within the division and wherein the two best heavyweights refuse to meet each other in an undisputed unification bout because of familial ties. This decision will have some serious ramifications for the sport as HBO and its parent company Time Warner are one of the primary sponsors of PPV. And without that to hang its hat on then the division and the various international governing bodies within the sport are at something of a loss. And for champions Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko the big paydays that they’re both no doubt looking for won’t be forthcoming, not unless they are prepared to fight each other in an undisputed title unification bout. The fighters , their managers and respective promoters have simply made a mockery of the division and the pretext that the problem as to the malaise within the division has nothing to do with them is a complete misnomer. As it has everything to do with and the diabolical situation within the heavyweight division.

The fact of the matter is that the division has not had an undisputed heavyweight champion since the retirement of the British fighter Lennox Lewis in 2004. And since then the championship has found itself in its various forms in the hands of the Ukrainian, Klitschko brothers. Ability wise , watching either brother fight is a rather mundane and at time painful experience . A tooth extraction without the use of anesthesia would be far less painful than watching either Vitali or Wladimir Klitschko. And such is the scene of heavyweight boxing that there are no real credible opponents within the division and that’s with due respect to WBA champion David Haye .

Well known and legendary promoters Don King and Bob Arum once the most gregarious of showmen seem to be more interested in dividing the spoils between them in the lighter divisions. And for King this would be something of a come down given the stable of credible heavyweight fighters that he’s either managed or promoted over the years. And Bob Arum for his part , well his main concern is to create the buzz and promote what has been described as what will be the biggest fight in boxing . The proposed bout between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquiao promises to be that and a great deal more . But as of yet no concrete timetable has been set as to where the bout will be staged. This much we do know however , it will be by far the most anticipated and biggest grossing fight in history without a doubt. And the fight itself will be co-promoted by Top Rank Inc , Golden Boy Promotions Inc in conjunction with Mayweather’s own fledgling promotional company.

Everyone involved in that aspect of the bout will end up being a winner. At $49-95 per viewer and with an anticipated 2 million buys expected the gross via the sales only here in North America will top $100 million and when one takes into account the international interest that figure is liable to double without taking into account ticket sales and merchandising .

A $200 million grossing fight would be unimaginable but it is in the offing should this proposed bout take place. One would expect both fighters to be handsomely rewarded for their exploits and suffice to say that having fought then retirement could very well be beckoning for both fighters. With Pacquiao pursuing a political career in his native Philippines and Mayweather looking to cross over into the business side of the sport , boxing could very well face some lean times ahead.. Say what you will however much of this malaise within the sport has been brought about by the lack of authority from the various international governing bodies and their unwillingness to do what is inherently best for the sport.


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If sport is so much about its image then why is it a great deal of the time when there’s something inherently wrong , so why is it that the proper authorities are so slow to act ? The answer could well lie in the fact that those who are actually in power either have very little intelligence or they are for all sense purpose merely a puppet while it is the marionette who is indeed pulling the strings . Your thoughts on the topics raised in this piece are welcome and I will do my best to respond with a succinct and clear answer. Thanks as always for the continued support as it’s greatly appreciated !

Alan Parkins aka tophatal ……………… 🙂

Chris Brown ……….. feat’g Tyga & Kevin McCall …….. ” Deuces”

30 thoughts on “Image ? Image And A Self Conscious League

  1. Can someone answer me this question had Lewand killed somebody while driving impaired what would Goodell be doing about now ? I was under the impression that player policy conduct also applied to the executives of the NFL and not just the players !



    Playboy model Alison Preston. I do hope you like her ? ___ 🙂 _ 🙂 _ 🙂

    Alan ……………….

  2. Just because the heat have three good players does notmean they will have a title. Just ask Real Madrid and their high priced talent. Flame out city. The NFl has a huge booze and drug problem. Just ask Jim Irsay.

    1. Chris Humpherys

      Another asshole apologizing after the fact ! Had he killed someone while driving impaired he’d have lawyered up and try to apportion blame elsewhere.

      Remember Donte’ Stallworth and his actions ? Blew a .124 and had marijuana in his system when he killed that Miami resident and tried to suggest that the weed didn’t impair his judgment ! Another dumb ass athlete who essentially got a pass because of an idiot Miami Dade DA’s Office ! Miami Dade DA Katherine Fernandez-Rundle is an airhead !

      Alex Penelas singing her praises is probably because she’s given him a piece of ass !


      Alan ……….

    2. Chris Humpherys

      He’s in a position of authority and he ought to be the one setting an example not flouting the law. You’re telling me that this moron Damon Evans couldn’t have called for a taxi or have a family member pick his ass up ?

      “Hey coach Yoculan they say once you go black you never go back . Wanna try and see it happen ? Bruthas hung you know and I’ll rock your world” ! Damon Evan former Bulldawgs’ AD.

      Alan ………….

  3. That’s my kind of playmate!! Maybe, just maybe, since the owners and staff (except for the Head Coach) are not “visible” the NFL doesn’t care. I dunno…to me DUI’s have become so common even amongst the “civilians” that I cannot get that upset about em…though serious, the level for interdiction is so damn low now, one beer could just about get one busted for DUI. It is .08 here, many are .05…Hell I used to drive better drunk…and I MEAN drunk! Less than 3 large beer drafts made it risky to operate my MC…sense of balance screwy, but Liquor?? Not as much…something to do with volume…but

    1. al clements

      It never ceases to amaze me how people can try and overlook drunk driving as just another social behavior that doesn’t have its dangers. Only a complete idiot would continue to think that way in this day and age especially given the number of deaths on the highways from this type of incident alone.

      Here’s an added treat for you . An additional slew of Playmates .

      Playmates in Vegas .

      A Playmate who wasn’t a participant in the 4th July Nathans’ Hot Dog & Bun eating contest. What a pity !

      Neriah seems to be eking to get out of her panties don’t you think ?

      Those darlings of Playboy The Dahm triplets.


      Alan …………..

  4. OK, a couple of things here.

    I do think enforcing a conduct code for execs is really not all that necessary, as most fans have no idea who anyone in the Detroit Lions front office is.

    Take for example Ron Washington manager of the Texas Rangers, who tested positive for cocaine at some point last year.
    And why exactly are we drug testing the managers again? Seems like a waste of time to me.

    As for Goddell, he’s still a moron, but if there were rules that were supposed to apply to these execs, they would have to create a whole separate union and develop a conduct policy for a group of people who in reality aren’t even visible to the community which could literally take DECADES. Is it really worth it?


    1. Ravenation LLC

      Do you also believe in pixie dust and fairy’s ? Get real if they’re also a part of the NFL and Goodell is about the image of the game both on an off the field then the rules ought to apply to the execs as well.

      You can’t simply just make the players an example while overlooking the behavior of the executives. Here’s an instance let’s say a GM was accused of either sexual harassment or sexual battery do you believe that Goodell should ignore that as well ? Get real and start to think rationally .

      Alan …………

  5. Also, DUI is an individual thing. As comedian Doug Stanhope has been quoted as saying “If I can pass my driving test at .15, I should be able to drive at .15” DUI is a very personal and situational thing.

    And can everyone posting on this site honestly say that they’ve never driven after they’ve been drinking? Of course not. At least Al is willing to admit it, as am I.

    As for boxing, there was a time when I thought tht MMA would eclipse boxing as the dominant combat sport, but for the record now I couldn’t care less what happens in either on of them. MMA is tired, and boxing has taken so long to make this fight happen I almost don’t give a sh_t about that either. Pacquaio is going to kill him anyway.


    1. Ravenation LLC

      If a member of your family were the victim of a drunk driver what would your thoughts be ?
      It may well be a personal choice but it’s an idiotic one to endanger the lives of others when your capacity to operate a vehicle becomes blurred.

      Personally I believe that the law at times is far too lenient on drunk drivers . Much of the time it’s like being slapped on the wrist and being told not to do it again. These are grown adults and not fu_king children . Look at the mayhem caused by Leonard Little when he took the life of an innocent victim while driving impaired ? Six months jail a suspended license and fine ? WTF ? Never mind he got popped again by cops and this time no one was injured . Where’s the sense ?

      The rules that Goodell has initiated applies to all employees of the NFL including the execs. ESPN researcher Jeremy Green and son of former NFL coach Dennis Green got popped for kiddie porn do you think he ought to be treated lightly ?

      * Click the link to view the story

      Alan …………………

      1. It depends. If he works for an NFL team than yeah he should be punished by them. But if he’s just related to someone involved in the NFL the courts should handle it.


        And don’t get me wrong, if he got popped for kiddie porn there’s all sorts of shit wrogn with him and none of it should be taken lightly from a legal standpoint.


    2. Ravenation LLC

      MMA has eclipsed boxing by far as it out grosses the sport now in terms of revenues attained from PPV. Not only that the matches are far more competitive than any boxing match you’re liable to witness. Boxers rarely want to fight the best amongst their division and that’s why we’ve got a mediocre heavyweight division and the ongoing bull_hit of the on again off again proposed fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao .

      Carmella de Cesares ….. NFL player Jeff Garcia’s wife .

      Never one to let things hang out Carmella looks real hot !

      What the hell did Garcia do to land this fine piece of a_s ? He’s got to be hung like a horse as that’s the only explanation that I for one can think of ?


  6. Man, I sure hope Pacman and Mayweather fight. It sounds like they will, but who the hell knows when it will happen. Goodell won’t do anything about this. Owners are on a different level than the players. They are worth more to the league since they are signing the paychecks.

    1. chappy 81

      Money won’t be an option for a Mayweather __ Pacquiao fight as there’s a built interest there already as both have their legions of followers. The real problem could end up being how they split the gross receipts . Like I said there’s a likelihood that this will be the biggest fight in boxing history as well as PPV.

      Money (Mayweather) way well want a 60-40 % split because he feels that he’s the bigger name ? And $200 million ain’t to be sniffed and turned down no matter what ! They’d each be idiots to turn down that sort of a money making opportunity.

      As for the heavyweight division it has become a complete and utter joke !

      And that’s what these two would be doing in the sport.


      Alan …………..

  7. al clements

    Bobby Gee

    The NFL much like the elected idiots within Congress would like for us to have implicit faith in their judgment and character. It’s akin to willingly and knowingly letting a pedophile into your home to look after your kids. Ultimately no good can come from it all as something reprehensible is bound to happen.

    Alan ………..

      1. Rventon LLC Meehn

        You do remember the mess that Donte’ Stallworth caused don’t you ? nd let’s not forget the Rams’ Leonard Little ether. So stop being so damn naive ! Little got popped not once but twice for DUI and killed someone the first instance and got little or no jail time for the second so take your head out of the clouds for once and come back down to earth.

        Bob Arum is a frigging racist and a fuc_*%ng douche-bag ! He can’t be trusted to tell the truth no matter what !

        tophatal ………… 🙂

  8. Please…………….He’s a basketball player. Move on. There’s more to Cleveland and Ohio in general than one LeBron James. His ego is big enough without his reading his old home town paper and seeing/reading that he’s crushed people’s lives :

    1. rumu

      And when LeBron grows up what do you think that he’ll want to become
      other than a global icon and NBA basketball player ? He’s been handled and
      coddled along the way and he loves the attention and he’s like an
      adrenaline junkie when all eyes are on him. Unfortunately we’ve seen
      that he can’t handle real pressure or losing very well. If that were the case then
      we’d have seen signs of maturity from him.

      As for ESPN’s Jim Gray anymore ass kissing and it could’ve
      proven to have been really uncomfortable.

      Alan ………………..

    2. rumu

      Other than Buckeyes’ football and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame what does the state of Ohio now have ? Please don’t day Bengals’ and Browns’ football as they haven’t been pertinent in years !

      James is merely just another personification of what we’ve come to expect from a self absorbed primadona athlete . “It’s all about me and no one else ” !


      Alan ………….

  9. Bobby Gee

    This Heat team could either do extraordinarily well this upcoming season or they could end up looking like that Lakers’ team that lost to the Pistons in the NBA Finals of 2004.

    They were made to eat humble pie and didn’t at all like the taste of it.

    “We’re da bomb and we’re gonna kick some ass around the league ” !

    How much hot air was there in that locker room at the time ?

    They had their asses handed to ’em by the Pistons in those finals as they won out 4-1 . After that both Malone and Payton folded their tents bitched and whined that the other Lakers’ on the team weren’t willing to play nice or pass the ball.


    Alan …………………

  10. I’m not suprised Lewand drinks considering who he works for. There is no excuse for someone of his means not taking a cab.

    I thought for sure that Betty’s proposal had sealed the deal for Cleveland, but I guess Lebron figured he could get all the mature tail he needed in a town like Miami.

    I miss boxing and I can’t seem to get into mma fighting (too much wrestling). I hope someone can bring the sweet science back to prominence.

    1. aero

      Lewand although he might not serve any jail time as it’s more likely than not he’ll be placed on probation . But the Lions’ hierarchy and the league itself should take a look at this incident. I doubt that anyone would’ve found this less serious had he killed someone. It pisses me off when I hear idiots try to excuse the actions of a drunk driver for any reason. It shows a complete lack of intelligence if nothing else.

      Once Mayweather and Pacquiao retire then the death knell will be there for the sport. The heavyweight division is a joke and many of the lighter weights with the exception of the welterweight and lt middleweight has any real talent.

      Things could change within the sport we we to allow females to compete wearing nothing but a thong and a bra .


      Alan ………..

  11. Ravenation LLC Meehan

    The justice system here n the US certainly isn’t far and equitable for everyone . It is in fact one great big fuc_*ng joke ! See it on daily basis within the legal setting of a full service law firm where I work.

    Nowhere near the best system in the world as some would like to believe .

    Kyla Ebbert poses for Playboy.


    tophatal ……….. 🙂

  12. Boy,would I LOVE to stud THAT buxom blonde!!!(But then,I’d LOVE to stud

    1. Black Cowboy Brett

      Which of the busty blondes is it that you’d want to lay the wood to ?

      “Come and plough my farrowed fields Cowboy Brett . I dare you ” ? Katie Price aka Jordan .


      tophatal ………… 🙂

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