Black Hawk Down ……..Black Hawk Down ……..Only In This Case It’s Not A Rebel Force That Have The Hawks On The Run ………..

Black Hawk Down ……..Black Hawk Down ……..Only In This Case It’s Not A Rebel Force That Have The Hawks On The Run ………..

The NBA Playoff series between the Atlanta Hawks and the Milwaukee Bucks might well be one the more entertaining and quite possibly one of the most enthralling series’ playoffs in the postseason. Never mind the fact that you have the number the three seeded Eastern Conference Hawks on the brink of elimination , down 3-2 to the Bucks in this series . Do you get the impression that we may well be witnessing one of the more astonishing upsets and surprises of this NBA postseason ?


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If any of you have seen the the , Ridley Scott directed war drama ‘Black Hawk Down’ (2001). Then you’ll know the background to what was an actual fact based situation that took place in Mogadishu , Somalia. The events surrounding the US military’s plight in the country led many to believe that their involvement there was badly timed and to an extent unwarranted. But given the fact that American citizens’ lives were at risk in the civil war torn country the actions taken by the Clinton administration at the time were understandable. However the loss of so many US Marine lives was never envisaged against what was deemed to be at the time a bunch merely well armed rabble rousers. Unfortunately the US underestimated the Somali militia’s intent and that of the warlord’s leadership at the time.

The case can be made here that the Atlanta Hawks led by their coach Mike Woodson and his coaching staff have simply underestimated the resolve and coaching ability of the Bucks’ Scott Skiles and his staff . Led by rookie sensation Brandon Jennings and his main partner in crime John Salmons . The Milwaukee Bucks have made this postseason appearance “an almighty nightmare” for the Atlanta Hawks. Needing now, but one more win to dispatch the third seeded Hawks out of the playoffs. What looked to have been something of a cake walk of an appearance has become anything but that. And instead of lives being lost it has actually been the reputations of players such as Joe Johnson , Mike Bibby , Al Horford , Josh Smith , Jason Collins and the entire roster that is now on the cusp being laid bare in tatters.

Hawks’ fans are no doubt dejected to know that what they may well have deemed to be a promising season is now essentially looking to be something of an aberration. Never mind the support shown for the team at Phillips Arena , Atlanta , will now essentially become something of an elephant’s graveyard should they bow out of the series . The startling thing is , given the confidence now being shown by the Milwaukee Bucks it would be somewhat naive for the Orlando Magic to think that should they face this Bucks’ team in the conference semi-finals , their task will be made all the more easier because of the Bucks’ lack of postseason inexperience. If anything the pressure will be “amped up and will be squarely placed on the shoulders of this Stan Van Gundy coached team to prove their worth. And nowhere will that pressure be more felt , than upon the large frame and shoulders of Dwight Howard , the team’s best player. His postseason travails have been well documented , given his lack of maturity and continuous foul problems. They may well have dispatched and overwhelmed a Bobcats’ team that was simply there , making their owner Michael Jordan proud. Never mind that it also once again added to the legitimacy and claim that Larry Brown is one hell of coach who can literally turn water into wine !

My God, almost everywhere Larry Brown has been over the course of his illustrious NBA career , he has turned an NBA franchise around. OK , we can all attest to his failings with the New York Knicks . But look at who he had to deal with apart of from the bunch “misfits” and “malcontents” on the roster ? Isiah Thomas and James L. Dolan were hardly what one would deem to be the “epitome” of ” success” and “ambition” from an executive standpoint !

Now , if the Hawks are to “play themselves back into this series”, then Horford , Johnson and Smith will have to lead by example. And not only that but Mike Woodson had better get up off his ass and start to prove his worth as a coach . His opposite number in Scott Skiles has simply made Brown look like a novice throughout much of this series .

Over in the Western Conference I’m hoping that the San Antonio Spurs can close out their series against the Dallas Mavericks . I’ve put myself out on the line by stating in print that if the San Antonio Spurs lose the series . Then I’m prepared to give up sex for six months ! Sportschump is even now holding me to that claim. And this case I will most definitely be a man of my word. If you’ve served in the military and especially as a Marine , then you’ll know that their word is their bond ! In my case it’s the British Royal Marines and I’m proud to have served in that context ! Unfortunately , for the girlfriend that may well mean her buying some size D batteries and making use of a certain vibrating sexual device. It’s the “pleasure principle” as Janet Jackson so aptly says ! I wonder how she’s doing since her split with Jermaine Dupri ? Any bets to be taken that she’ll have someone at her side within the next 6 to 8 months ?

Movie trailer for “Black Hawk Down”

Simply put, I hate that ingrate Mark Cuban and his antics not primarily as an owner but also in his guise as an alleged businessman and entrepreneur. Having gotten off on insider trader charges, knowing full well the information obtained was done so surreptitiously and illegally , he went full steam ahead with his business dealings. But then again I ought to be apportioning blame also upon the Justice Dept and SEC (Securities & Exchange Commission) for their piss poor handling of not only the indictment but the case also. But then again , these two governmental agencies have been about as proactive in going after the “big wigs” on Wall St who’ve essentially led about the almost cataclysmic demise of US economy. Never mind what has taken place within the banking and financial mortgage industry. Still feel that your money is safe within a bank even if it’s federally insured courtesy of the FDIC ? As good as that specific governmental concern has been they’ve still had to shut down over 260 financial institutions within the last four years.

With game six of the series to be played at the AT&T Center in San Antonio , Texas. This Gregg Popovich coached team knows that with this being its chance to close out the series clinically, with a victory. All that is required of them is to “deal the decisive blow” in tonight’s game . There’s no real margin for error at this juncture, at all ! Better to win the “series” 4-2 rather than having to be forced to a game seven back in Dallas ! .


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Two teams in the Milwaukee Bucks and San Antonio Spurs looking to pull of an apparent upset. But on the face of it would you really deem it an upset to begin with , knowing what you know about their opponents ? Chime in with a comment on the topic and as usual thanks in advance for the continued support. It’s greatly appreciated !

Edwin Starr ………………..” War” What Is It Good For

Alan Parkins aka tophatal …………………..

<font face="perpetua"  size="3">   Beverley  Slade    .........well   worth    looking  at   don't  you  think  ?   </font>

Beverley Slade looking to amp up the temperature in the bedroom. How’d you feel about that ?


<font face="cambria math"  size="3">    Amber  Rose   looks  like  a  real   nasty   girl   who's   uninhibited   by    anything  at  all  .   Wha'   do  you   think   ?  </font>
Amber Rose looks like a real nasty girl who's uninhibited by anything at all . Wha' do you think ?


8 thoughts on “Black Hawk Down ……..Black Hawk Down ……..Only In This Case It’s Not A Rebel Force That Have The Hawks On The Run ………..

  1. This is why, as a Magic fan, I wasn’t worried about the Hawks in the next round.

    This is why I wonder why so many people in the league consider Joe Johnson a top-ten player in the league.

    This was a game that I almost turned off, assuming it was over. Apparently the Hawks did the same thing.

    You have to hand it to both Skiles and Sloan who are coaching the shiznit out of the teams who are severely undermanned.

  2. Chris Humpherys

    That’s what happens when you’ve the players and coaches on the same buying into each others’ abilities.

    As you’ve alluded to Sloan and Skiles have their teams playing top notch ball. And it’s the same thing too surprisingly with Gentry and the Suns. But at the end of the day it all comes down to consistency more than anything else ! Those who have it reap the rewards and the glory. Those who don’t get bounced out and end up heading home with their tails ‘tween their legs !

    Talkin’ ’bout things that bounce how ’bout these jiggly bits ?

    Alan Parkins

  3. Dramatization of the events in Mogadishu , Somalia . War is never good !

    US underestimated the resolve of the enemy and now they’re making the same mistake with the Taliban and Al Qaeda .

    Having served also in N Africa as part of UN peacekeeping force . What I’ve seen is ravaging to say the very least. Same too in Ireland with the IRA !

    Alan Parkins

  4. First off, I hope the Mavs win somehow. I’d like to see you really survive without sex and a have a girlfriend for six months! I don’t think it will happen though, but if Butler keeps at it the way he has they have a shot. I saw something that Butler has 27 points in their wins and 11 in their losses. I’d say their fate rests on his shoulders…

    I can’t believe the Bucks won last night. The Hawks are falling asleep at the wheel. Doesn’t look like Joe Johnson is going to be worh a huge contract!

    1. chappy

      It’s obvious you haven’t read the comments inter changed with sportschump. I had to do that already when I was on deployment in N Africa . Six months with a UN peackeeping force. So hold your horses ! Marines no matter what cloth they’re cut from can tough it out. How ’bout yourself ? You’ve never been in the military so you don’t make the assumption right off the bat . Take some time to see what these can and really do .

      The series ‘tween the Hawks and the Bucks has been terrific as far as I’m concerned ! Unfortunately for the Nuggets the loss of George Karl because of him having to undergo chemo for throat cancer placed the team in an unenviable position and at an immediate disadvantage ! Dantley is simply
      “no George Karl when it comes to coaching !

      Pop will have the guys in the right frame of mind tonight if not several of them could end up with a new orifice to breathe out of courtesy of their coach . He doesn’t suffer fools gladly !

      Alan Parkins

    2. chappy 81

      Well the Mavs lost. So that now means I can still have copious amounts of sex and not feel guilty at all ! As for Cuban and the Mavericks they ought to swear off sex and learn how to play the game of basketball competitively !

      So my Spurs now get to go on to the conference semi finals. I guess Burrola can’t retract that asinine statement of his now can he ?

      Alan Parkins

    1. Chris Humpherys

      Well it couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of guys in terms of the loss ! Now Cuban can shut the f_ck up and stop denigrating the opposition rather than eliciting his own god-damn team to show that they’ve got a friggin’ backbone !

      Alan Parkins

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