Mya Jane What’s Not To Like ’bout This Beauty ?

Mya Jane What’s Not To Like ’bout This Beauty ?

Earlier today I introduced many of you to this buxom bi-racial Puerto Rican beauty Mya Jane who’s 23 years old. And oh my how wonderful she looks ! Makes you think lascivious thoughts about such a female ! But oh , such is life. And life as such is about appreciating the finer things that the female form has to offer. In Mya’s case the things she has to offer are oh so plentiful and generous in proportions ! So let’s not be greedy and just appreciate and contemplate those wonderful gifts.


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And apart from Mya , I only feel that it would be thoughtless of me not to include some of her friends from that wonderful men’s journal and literary op-ed cradle of knowledge King Magazine . For those of you out there who’ve yet to part-take of this literary aid. Think of it as Playboy meets GQ meets Penthouse. All this and more in amongst the pages for the male recreation and entertainment.

Now it’d be remiss of me not to add at least one or two more of these voluptuous beauties in amongst the mix of shots that I’ll be sharing with you of Mya. So I hope that you can appreciate the great lengths to which I have gone to bring you all this cavalcade of delight ? Amongst those you’ll be viewing are Bierzhhette Amyre .

Another holdover I’d like to introduce you to is 24 year old Renee’ Divine . Make sure that you do enjoy Ms Divine in all of her glory .

So there you go guys just a little from tophatal’s compendium and emporium of some rather delectable ” hot chics” !


Picture gallery for your edification


Alan Parkins aka tophatal ……………………


Gucci Mane feat’g Plies “Wasted”……..


8 thoughts on “Mya Jane What’s Not To Like ’bout This Beauty ?

  1. Some excellent choices to view! However Mya does seem to have more buttock space than I like….but…..
    Check “Playboy” newedt edition…has pictures and story on fmr Gov Spitzer’s “escort”. She is a beauty…story describes how she got into the “business” at a VERY young age and what she is doing now. Also the centerfold is a delectable young beauty….my question is where were they whilst I was growing up? Just think what those Muslim men are missing…….

    1. al clement

      I wouldn’t call it a J-Lo or Kim Kardashian butt. But as far as I’m concerned that’s just enough junk in the trunk to meet all of my needs ! I ain’t scared and I ain’t complainin’ !

      As for Spitzer any moron who can spend $86,000 plus on escorts and eschew paying for his kids’ college education. Well as far as I’m concerned he’s a dumb ass ! As for Ashley Dupre’ , she knew what the hell she was doing and absolutely no one took advantage of her ass ! We’re not talking Sydney Barrow the “Mayflower Madam” here !

      Spitzer wanted his d_ck scratched just like another guy who can’t take care of business at home . Dupre’ isn’t as naive as she’s making herself out to be. She was well known in the South Beach Miami circles as something of a gold digger. She’d go down orally on a hot dog if it meant she’d get paid for doin’ it ! That’s how much of a skank she was and still is !

      Alan Parkins

    2. cont’d

      See remarks above concerning Ashley Dupre’

      Ashley Dupre’ ain’t no saint and she ain’t no prim and proper virgin either ! She’s “given more head” than Jenna Jameson has in the last two years. And Jameson retired from the porn industry in ’07.

      Alan Parkins

  2. Thanx AP, I never heard of this chickie. Mya Jane is very hot with nice bod, nice smile, and big booty. But don’t you think she went a little too far with the boobies. Wayyyyyy too big. Yeah I said it. Tooooo biggggg. Take em down a cup or two. They take away from the curvy shape and booty. Look to J Lo, or Kim K. Nature knew what it was doing. Don’t mess with it…
    Unless you are gonna do porn then its all good.
    So is Mya gonna do porn???

    1. Ronin’

      I doubt Mya will do porn but if she’s still on parade in King Magazine . Then you won’t be hearing any complaints from this quarter. Baby’s got back and a “rack” that I wouldn’t mind placing my head on , as well as a certain part of my anatomy ! And I’m not talking about my hands ! LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

      There’s more bounce to the ounce in her rack than I’ve seen in a long time !

      Alan Parkins

    2. Ronin Storm

      A girl like Mya Jane can do wonders for your sex drive if you want to give up beatin’ the meat or spankin’ the monkey !

      Ben Stiller must’ve really had a problem .LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

      Alan Parkins

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