Vida’s Got Ass And I Like It

Vida’s Got Ass And I Like It !

Actress and model Vida Guerra is someone that many of us guys have come across and immediately taken a second look at her picture. And it’s easy to see why as this voluptuous  female that sets the male ire rising . And if you’re wondering how it is that you’ve not seen more of the Cuban born American Latina . Just head to your nearest newsstand or local establishment that sells such male oriented magazines as FHM or GQ and you may well see a rather lavish and tastefully done pictorial of the beauty . What’s not to like once you’ve seen Vida’s more than ample assets ?

A  locquacious   Vida   Guerra .............
A loquacious Vida Guerra ................





 The voluptuous   Vida  showing  off  her  assets ...........
Vida shows off her vital assets and it's clear to see why they're valid .............




Yes my  buns  are   real ................
Yes these are my buns . Do you like them ?







"I could   tear  this  all  off  and  show  you  more ".................
"I could tear this all off and show you a lot more . Would you like that ?"





Vida lets   it  all  hangout.  Well  I'd  definitely   like   for  her to  do  that  !
Vida lets it all hang out and I think that the show'd definitely be worth it !





All  of  this   and  so  much  more  .  Aah  !
All this and so much more . Aah !





You  know  it's   at times  like  this  you  can  see  why   she  likes  to  play  with  herself.
It's at times likes this why you can see that she likes to play with herself. Wow !!!!!!!




Call  me   a  pervert   I  don't   mind    what's   your  excuse  ?
Call me a pervert but what's your excuse ?






To  portend   of  what   we   can   and   will   expect  in  the  future   who’s  to  say ?  But   I  can  tell   you   this   I  for  one  won’t  be  at all   disappointed  if  Vida    continues  to  make  these   sort  of   pictures  a  staple.    It’s  her  ass  and   I  like   it  !




Can  it  get  any  better  than   this  ?
Can it get any better than this with Vida Guerra ? I think not !









And   there  we  have  it  a   very   insightful   look   at   Vida   Guerra  and  I  for  one  hope  that   you   like  the  content  matter.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Say what you will the pictures are alright but the slideshow gives this pictorial even more justice !


Fabolous ……..feat’g Tamia …………….. “I’m So Int You ”


Alan Parkins aka tophatal …………………………. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Vida’s Got Ass And I Like It

  1. aero

    In all honesty everyone is so in awe of either J-Lo’s ass or Kim Kardashian’s . But were each of those measured against Vida’s . Then it’d be no contest ! This chick has got ’em both beat by handy margin and then some !

    J-Lo’ butt damn fine !

    Now don’t get me wrong I’d knock boots with both J-Lo or Kim given half the chance. I’m an English gentleman aren’t I ? And even we’ve been known to let our hair down once in a while . LOL,LOL ,LOL !!!

    Kim’s butt also worth the wait and a damn good ride !

    Holla’ back at your boy and let me know what you think ?

    Alan Parkins

  2. Ah…best posting yet…even though I like my wimmin just a tad smaller, those attributes will get her in my door…..

    1. al clements

      Any smaller and she’d be able to fit in your pocket . LOL,LOL,LOL !!! Attributes and a very good pair of assets will always catch a guy’s eye !

      As you can see Katie Price’s assets are well rounded and seem to point in the right direction .

      And sportchump’s and ” one of my own personal favorites” Denise Milani has the very same attribute as well .

      Esther Baxter

      From the ethnic standpoint there’s Esther Baxter, & Brittany Dailey for good measure . As well as Melyssa Ford . London.

      Brittany Dailey

      Melyssa Ford

      Need I say anymore on the matter ?

      Alan Parkins

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