It’s Gettin’ Hot In Here !

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I’m trying to figure out why it is that the Detroit Pistons’ fall from grace has been so rapid and startling ! The Eastern Conference team’s fall has been all the more surprising because in Joe Dumars, I was of the belief that he was one of the brighter and smart young executives within the NBA ! Unfortunately this hasn’t been borne out by the team’s record at present with their 25-53 record within the Central Division of the Eastern Conference. The division leading Cleveland Cavaliers – 61-17 has a commanding 36 game lead over the woefully inept Pistons !

Auburn Hill, Mi,. Ben Wallace (6) of the Detroit Pistons goes up for a dunk past Josh Smith (5) of the Atlanta Hawks in a game at the Palace of Auburn Hills on April 7, 2010 in Auburn Hills, Michigan.  photo appears  courtesy  of  NBAE/ Getty  Images/  Allen  B  Einstein  ..........
Auburn Hill, Mi,. Ben Wallace (6) of the Detroit Pistons goes up for a dunk past Josh Smith (5) of the Atlanta Hawks in a game at the Palace of Auburn Hills on April 7, 2010 in Auburn Hills, Michigan. photo appears courtesy of NBAE/ Getty Images/ Allen B Einstein ..........

Dumars a “two time” NBA champion and a member of the “infamous” Bad Boys’ team that reigned supreme over the NBA is the now the General Manager of the organization. And he has been instrumental as the architect of the team’s most recent win of the title in 2004 when they upset the Los Angeles Lakers in a rather easy 4-1 series’ win. The following year they would make a return trip to the NBA Finals where they would end up losing to the San Antonio Spurs in a hard fought 7 game series 4-3 . Between 2002 and 2008 it was a regular occurrence to see the Pistons make an appearance in the Eastern Conference Finals. During that period they made six consecutive appearances where they would end up winning two Eastern Conference Finals .Such was the team’s dominance during that stretch that it is hard to imagine how they could not have foreseen the danger signs. Rather than choosing to rebuild and nurture talent from within , Dumars chose instead to remain with an aging roster that had began to show >its age and fallibility.

One of the cornerstones of that success was Ben Wallace who was traded but has since returned to the team. No longer the defensive he once was but on certain nights you get to see a glimpse of what the player once was, when “he was at his very best”. But those are the nights that the fans yearn for a on a more consistent basis not just from Wallace but the entire team .

Today there are three remnants from the success of this earlier decade still on the team’s roster . And they are Richard Hamilton , Tayshaun and Wallace, himself. The team is coached by John Kuester , whose predecessor , Michael Curry , was abruptly fired by Dumars because of the team’s lackluster success and inconsistent performances of last season.

At the core of this team are the three aged veterans in Hamilton, Prince and Wallace. But now there’s a budding youth movement with a group led by Ben Gordon , Rodney Stuckey , Will Bynum , Austin Davis and DuJuan Summers . Dumars for his part , hopes that with that nucleus of young players mentioned the team is on the road to heading in the right direction. With just four games left on the team’s remaining schedule, one would hope to see the Pistons play with a great deal of resolve and a sense of pride . If Kuester and his coaching staff can get any semblance of that from the team then it would bode well for the future of this “storied club” .

As much as we’ve seen the decline of the Pistons . I wouldn’t count them out as being able to bounce back and become a contender once again within the upper echelons of the Eastern Conference. At the moment teams such as the Orlando Magic , Cleveland Cavaliers, Atlanta Hawks and to a lesser extent the Boston Celtics are riding high. But it only takes something fortuitous to happen by way of very good NBA draft pick and the fortunes of a team can seemingly change overnight. Does anyone seem to remember actually “how bad the Cavaliers were” before “the phenom” known as LeBron James rode into town and “took” not only the “city of Cleveland by storm” but also “the entire” NBA ?

This now might be as bad as it gets for the Detroit Pistons. In the future should things be turned around then it’s liable to get hot, extremely hot , as they look to contend not just against the might of the Eastern Conference but also against their counterparts in the Western Conference . And as I alluded to earlier , if they’re able get searing hot in terms of their play. Then the Palace of Auburn Hills could become a place where not too many teams will be able to withstand the heat. Because it’s going to be getting hot in there !

NB The gallery is in place is there to take your mind “off” the bleakness of the subject matter.

Alan Parkins aka tophatal …………….


Phil Collins feat’g Philip Bailey ……….. “Easy Lover”


Actress Vanessa Marcil former co-star of the NBC “hit” drama series “Las Vegas” .



9 thoughts on “It’s Gettin’ Hot In Here !

  1. Guys

    Hard to believe this is the same Detroit Pistons organization that derailed that star studded Lakers’ team that featured Garry Payton , Karl Malone Shaq and Kobe ? Never mind that but they bitch slapped the Lakers on their way to a 4-1 NBA Finals series’ win . “Finals MVP” Chauncey Billups

    Phil Jackson’ Lakers got bitch slapped like the wicked stepchild they appeared to be at the time.

    Alan Parkins

  2. It all went downhill when Chauncy got traded away. He was the true leader of the team. I still love Tayshaun’s game. He needs to get out of Detroit though. Maybe the team is as depressed as the city, and they feel like there’s no hope…

    1. chappy 81

      Let me ask you this first ? What the hell was Dumars thinking to begin with ? Iverson for Chauncey ? Like Bobby & Whitney said ….”crack is whack” ! And Joe should put down the crack pipe once and for all and do “the job” he’s being paid to do.

      This was a match ” made in hell” right from the “outset” ! And the “two of ’em” were deserving of each other !


      The only real excitement to have happened at the Palace of Auburn Hills was the dust up when Artest had “his infamous meltdown “.

      He’s (Artest) not the most articulate or intelligent of individuals to begin with !

      Alan Parkins

      1. I have no idea what Dumars was thinking, but obviously he must’ve been smoking crack at the time. It’s funny to see how teams value guys that have been their cornerstones. They don’t realize how good they are…

  3. Chris Humpherys

    When was the last time you saw a happy Pistons’ fan ? 🙂 Not even Joe D smiles now !

    Take it way Olivia !

    But I bet if I showed this to Joe D he’d smile ? It’s actess & model Olivia Munn .

    Alan Parkins

  4. chappy 81

    ” Crack is whack ” and don’t you forget it . Joe D has had several off days over the last couple of seasons. I mean look at “who” he’s had to deal with ?

    Joe D on crack …… “a bad thing” !

    Joe D coherent and making sense looks like this .

    Allen Iverson and Rasheed Wallace are the type of guys who could definitely force someone to take up “hard drugs”

    Alan Parkins

  5. chappy 81

    You’d have to have removed both of my testicles “lobbed off” my pen_s before you could’ve “forced me” to make such a deal ! Obviously Dumars “likes taking it up the ass” because that may well have been what he wanted all along………………. “anal penetration that is” ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    Alan Parkins

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