When It Rains It Simply Pours But With The Oakland Raiders It Literally Turns Into A Friggin’ Monsoon …………..

When It Rains It Simply Pours But With The Oakland Raiders It Literally Turns Into A Friggin’ Monsoon …………..

Just when I thought it was palatable enough not to want to ‘hear another story’ about Brett Favre or the Oakland Raiders. No sooner said than done , it is about to become a torrential monsoon that we’re about to be inundated with concerning both. No doubt the ‘boys ‘ at both ESPN and Foxsports will start to behave like members of ‘The Village People’ as they declare their wantoned lust for everything that is Favre in terms of a story. And with regard to the Raiders there’ll continue to be overt speculation as to whether or not head coach , Tom Cable will be fired by the venerable Al Davis . These are the questions that I for one am not interested in by any stretch of the imagination. But as the sports news' cycles goes on and these are the themes that the broadcast outlets believe that the fans are genuinely interested in.

Quarterback Tony Romo (#9) of the Dallas Cowboys congratulates quarterback Brett Favre (#4) of the Minnesota Vikings on their 34-3 victory during the NFC Divisional Playoff Game at Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome on January 17, 2010 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  photo appears  courtesy  of Getty Images/  Elsa ..........
Quarterback Tony Romo (#9) of the Dallas Cowboys congratulates quarterback Brett Favre (#4) of the Minnesota Vikings on their 34-3 victory during the NFC Divisional Playoff Game at Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome on January 17, 2010 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. photo appears courtesy of Getty Images/ Elsa ..........

Courtesy of ESPN.com

Sources: Harbaugh rejects overtures

By Adam Schefter

The Oakland Raiders have spoken to Stanford head coach Jim Harbaugh about becoming their head coach, sources inside and outside the organization said, but Harbaugh did not express interest in the job.

The Raiders also have spoken with former offensive coordinator Marc Trestman, who now coaches in the CFL.

A source said Jim Fassel also talked to Oakland about the job but the former NFL coach, in an interview with Sirius/XM Mad Dog Radio on Wednesday, denied speaking to the Raiders.

“I’m not lobbying for the Raider job. I have never in my life rooted for a coach to be let go so there’s an opening. I never have. I’m in the same fraternity,” Fassel, who is the head coach of the Las Vegas Locomotives of the UFL, said.

Tom Cable’s status as Oakland’s coach remains uncertain at best. He was scheduled to meet with owner Al Davis last week, but the meeting did not take place. The future of Cable and his staff remains up in the air until that meeting occurs.

Cable has pointed to the team’s improvement after Russell’s midseason benching as proof that he deserves another year to get the Raiders back to the playoffs.

Herrera said Davis and Cable have talked extensively since the season ended, with many of those discussions coming by phone.

“Most of the characterizations of Al Davis’ meetings with the head coach being short or brief are not true either,” Herrera said. “Mr. Davis has had meetings of some depth with the head coach. There have been meetings and meetings of substance.”

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Now while we can all appreciate what a wonderful season Favre and his Minnesota Vikings’ teammates have had thus far. The pundits are simply making it out to be as if this were all ‘a one man show’, wherein the roster of the Vikings are just a secondary part to the team’s overall success. Granted, the front office of the Vikings, as well as their coach, Brad Childress , went ‘out on a limb’ to obtain the services of Favre. But had this scenario gone completely ‘south’ . What would we be now talking about ?

Far be it for me to suggest that the Vikings are now winging it , in the hope that Favre can lead them to the ‘Holy Grail’ of a Superbowl berth and a win. But much of that’ll now be predicated upon the resilience that they show when they meet the NFC South’s New Orleans Saints in the conference championship game this weekend .

Courtesy of NFL.com

Raiders interview assistants, but Cable’s future unclear

Raiders owner Al Davis has interviewed at least two candidates for positions on the staff this week, and both have ties to coach Tom Cable. Despite published reports, however, the team has not interviewed anyone for the head coaching job.

As Cable’s status for 2010 continues to linger, it’s worth noting that Hue Jackson, who interviewed for the offensive coordinator job, according to sources, and Mike Waufle, who interviewed for a defensive line position, according to sources, worked with Cable during their college coaching days.

Jackson, Ravens quarterback coach, was on the staff at Cal State Fullerton with Cable in 1990. The men then later worked together at Cal in 1996, when Jackson was the offensive coordinator and Cable was coaching the offensive line. Jackson has a deep history of working with young quarterbacks, and developing JaMarcus Russell is paramount to Davis, who selected Russell first overall in 2007 and has paid him over $30 million already.

Waufle, most recently the defensive line coach with the Giants, coached with Cable at Cal from 1992-1997, with Waufle coaching the defensive line and Cable the offensive line.

The Raiders have not interviewed any candidates for the head coaching job, according to sources. Davis has noticed the fine work being done by Jim Harbaugh at Stanford, but it is unlikely he could lure Harbaugh there. If Davis made a change at head coach, Jim Fassel, Marc Trestman, Kevin Gilbride and Winston Moss would be names worth watching as well.

However, it could well be that Cable will continue to serve as head coach, with some changes to the staff. Cable’s preference for quarterbacks other than Russell was apparent this past season, and with better results, but pairing Jackson with the young passer might be a possible solution to the conundrum without making changes at the top of the staff.


Tom Cable is formally introduced as the head coach of the Oakland Raiders . Sound bytes asides what Cable set out to do has yet to manifest itself into anything tangible. You might as well be chasing a leprechaun for his pot of gold , rather than take in the diatribe that Cable was spewing out. More nonsense than anything else but it makes for good press amongst the beat writers and tv journalists there at the time.

As much as it doesn’t pain me to say this , the longer this comedic sideshow carries on in the offseason as to whether or not Cable is fired by Al Davis. The more asinine and lacking in credibility the Raiders’ organization will continue to look. The fact that they even approached the Stanford Cardinals’ coach, Jim Harbaugh is enough to suggest that the Raiders’ front office and that of owner , Al Davis wasn’t entirely happy as to the way that their season ended. Much of that can be blamed on the complete lack of adept coaching from Cable and his coaching staff . And the mere fact that the hopelessly over-rated and detached quarterback, JaMarcus Russell is about as useful to this team as ‘a dose of gonorrhea’ . Both are simply out of their depth and merely treading water before capitulating and capsizing. Were this The Titanic, then this vessel would’ve already sank with no survivors anywhere to be seen. This is actually how bad this organization has now become and it starts from the front office, on down.

Former NFL GM and now CBS NFL sports’ analyst, Charley Casserly discusses the Oakland Raiders with program host James Brown.

Now I can understand the the loyal and devoted fans within the Raider Nation but simply put there can only be so much that the fan ought to be allowed to tolerate before speaking out. But instead all one continues to hear in large part from many within the fraternity is ……’that next year will be our year’ ! That’s the same sort of asinine notion and credo one would now come to expect from fan is who’s on the verge of being brain dead’. They’ve no actual semblance of reasoning or rationale as to what they’re now seeing in front of them concerning the team. But yet the thought is still there that they can ultimately achieve something. Well unless they intend to rise up from the ashes like a phoenix then that particular scenario is unlikely to happen anytime soon. And the continued ignorance that’s continually shown by the analysts and pundits alike with regard to the Raiders’ plight never ceases to amaze me. Instead of being open and upfront they’ll opine as to whatever other woes they deem fit to discuss concerning the organization without stating the obvious. In not doing so they show that they themselves lack complete credibility when it comes to discussing the topic in great depth.

As to the offseason in the NFL, we know that the business of the game has now become a year round thing. Even when baseball and basketball is at the height of their seasons respectively, within MLB and the NBA . There’s more concern shown for what happens within the NFL than anything that’s said to be going on with these other two sports. That is the unique thing about the NFL and ‘its complete dominance’ of the domestic sporting landscape.

‘The Village People’ render their international dance hit from the seventies ‘YMCA’. Who knew then that they’d set about a revolution and make the YMCA a place of distinct nuances in terms of behavior ?

Celebrity  wannabe  and   reality  star  Anna   Benson ,  wife  of  former  Mets  and  Orioles'  pitcher   Kris  Benson .
Celebrity wannabe and reality star Anna Benson , wife of former Mets and Orioles' pitcher Kris Benson .

8 thoughts on “When It Rains It Simply Pours But With The Oakland Raiders It Literally Turns Into A Friggin’ Monsoon …………..

  1. Good story….but what is a MOONSOON, mebbe that Benson broad?
    My opinion is that as long as Davis is “allowed” to run the Raiders they willl be cellar dwellers. At this juncture even the magic of the “old” Chuck Noll in his best years couldn’t resurrect the Raiders.
    As to Brett…he is a hell of a QB, but a lot of credit MUST go to the TEAM….Fox, ESPN, etal, seem to forget this “small” fact.
    I wish the Vikings well, but with Brees and company hitting on all cylinders……?

    1. al clements

      My bad ! That’s what happens when you spend time looking at suggestive pictures of a female such as Anna Benson. The lower extremities of one’s body seemingly takes over your thought process altogether.

      Anna just makes me feel giddy all of a sudden !

      I think that the match-up between the Saints and Vikings will come down to who makes the least amount of mistakes and which team possesses the better running game on the day. However if it should come down to a shootout with both Brees and Favre having to sling the ball to all parts of the field. Then the advantage may just well lay with the Saints. As Brees isn’t that prone to making too many mistakes. The Vikes do possess one the better defenses in the NFC . So it’ll be very interesting to see how this game plays out.

      FHM’s 50 Sexiest Women In The World 2006 edition.

      Any chance we’ll see Palin on the list in 2010 ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

      Alan Parkins

  2. If the Raiders hope to regain their reputation, they must start playing defense with that old attitude. If their is common thread to be found in your post it is that the Vikings are winning on defense and solid offensive game management(not soley because of favre). The Raiders need to return to playing the smash-mouth football that they became famous for.
    Just win baby!

    1. aero

      The Raiders’ front office and their entire coaching staff is lacking in intelligence , credibility ,innovation and anything else that one might be able to think of at this juncture. What’s even worse is that they’re still prepared to hitch their wagon to a bust such as JaMarcus Russell ! That guy couldn’t find the endzone even if he were given an assist the latest ‘state of the art’ weapons’ technology.

      Here’s something to warm up those aching bones of yours. It’s Vida Guerra.

      Alan Parkins

  3. Personally I’d be more surprised if the Raiders did something normal. That’s not their MO though. They like to confuse everyone including themselves. I honestly want them to keep Cable, he led us to some solid victories this year against playoff teams. If Asomugha likes him, I have to too…

    1. chappy 81

      When have the Raiders in their present facsimile been known to do something normal I ask you ? They haven’t got a pot to pi__s in and a window to throw it out of. But yet they and their fans believe that they’ve got some type of credibility around the league. Next season it’ll be more of the same in AFC West with them either scraping the bottom of the barrel looking up at everyone else there.

      About the only worthwhile thing about the Raiders now , may well be their cheerleaders. As a matter of fact I’d rather watch a Lingerie Bowl game than watch the Oakland Raiders at this juncture !!

      Now that’s what I’m talking about !

      Alan Parkins

  4. It’s really amazing that this franchise has become the laughing stock of the NFL.

    I have faith that they’ll become competitive again but it might not be until the man in the silver jumpsuit steps down.

    1. Chris Humpherys

      And I also happen to believe in the ‘tooth fairy’ . LOL,LOL,LOL !!! The Raiders at present are deserving of their fate. It’s been left to a_s sniffers such as JT ‘The Brick’ who still cow-tows to the likes of Al Davis merely because he’s in their employ. How the hell can we expect someone like that to proffer up practical advice and summations ? The guy is a complete tool !

      The Raiders’ roster is now a bunch of ‘ill fitting parts’ and in JaMarcus Russell they simply possess a guy who’s got a cannon of an arm and absolutely no NFL football IQ whatsoever. It’s not as if Tom Cable is a viable candidate to be coaching the team to begin with. The guy has been spinning his wheels the entire time he’s been in the position. They take two steps forward and then fall back three steps back in the opposite direction . But yet their fans still put up with the crap that they’re being purveyed . It just goes to show that they’re not that particularly bright on the West Coast to begin with !

      Read ’em and weep bub’, read ’em an’ weep . Alessandra Ambrosio .

      Alan Parkins

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