Did I Miss Something But The Lane Kiffin Fallout Is Making The USC Trojans Look Bad. That Being Said The Program Was Already Stinking Up The Joint To Begin With ……. !

Did I Miss Something But The Lane Kiffin Fallout Is Making The USC Trojans Look Bad. That Being Said The Program Was Already Stinking Up The Joint To Begin With ……. !

When I first heard the news that USC Trojans’ Athletic Director Mike Garrett viewed the Tennessee Volunteers’ football coach Lane Kiffin was the right person to be succeeding the now departed Pete Carroll as the program’s next football coach. To say that I was surprised was a clear understatement. With Kiffin now being succeeded by Derek Dooley in Tennessee, as the new head football coach. The new Trojans’ coach can now start to lay the foundations of what he believes will be a new direction for this Trojans’ football program that underachieved and underperformed with Carroll at the helm. In reality the program had been declining somewhat under Carroll for the past two years . And it was clear for all to see.

Formal introductions are made as Lane Kiffin is introduced as the new Head Coach of the USC Trojans’ football team.

With that said , the fallout that is now taking place and with allegations that members of Kiffin’s staff having been in touch with recruits that’ve signed with the Tennessee program. It is now being alleged that they were trying to lure those recruits to either renege on their commitment and come to USC or simply come to join Kiffin , if they had not made a commitment to the Vols’ program. One has to bear in mind that no sooner had Kiffin joined the Volunteers’ program last year. Within months of him having done so, there were several allegations being made against the coach and the fact that he’d either directly or indirectly contravened several NCAA recruiting violations. Not only that he had the temerity to make allegations against his then counterpart at the ‘University of Florida coach Urban Meyer. All of which proved to be groundless and for which Kiffin hadn’t formally apologized. He however, weighed it down by stating that he was unaware as the NCAA code of conduct of what was deemed as appropriate in such dealings. Either it’s me but clearly Lane Kiffin is as unintelligent as first thought ! Either that or his loutish and boorish behavior is something that he believes will be something that will endear him to the fans. Somehow I don’t think that it worked there in Knoxville, Tennessee . And it’s unlikely to work either, with the fickle fans there in Southern California.

Pre press conference drama as Lane Kiffin announces his departure from Tennessee to take the position with USC. Could he have been more disingenuous during his stay there in Knoxville , Tennessee ?

Courtesy of USA Today

Tennessee may make it tough on Kiffin ….

By Reid Cherner & Tom Weir

Parting is such sweet sorrow. Then after the tears are wiped away it often gets ugly.

That’s where the University of Tennessee and Lane Kiffin are right now, with the Vols volunteering to help investigate the new Southern Cal coach’s football program.

UT athletic director Mike Hamilton told the Knoxville News Sentinel he will investigate whether USC staff had improper contact with Kiffin’s former recruits at Tennessee.

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The problem with Lane Kiffin is that he simply thinks that riding into town on his white steed, he’s essentially become the savior of a program. His body of work at the collegiate and professional level within the NFL would suggest that the exact opposite. His record with the Oakland Raiders was mediocre at best . Albeit, that he had to deal with the aging and completely ‘out of touch persona’ of Al Davis. And if anyone is to believe that a
7-6 record within the SEC is a great start and end to a season with such an esteemed program as that of the Tennessee Volunteers. Then clearly something is awry with their thinking !

New USC Coach Lane Kiffin acknowledged being involved in a car accident while head coach at Tennessee in August and said he had fallen asleep at the wheel.  photp  appears  courtesy  of  the Los  Angeles  Times / Robert Gauthier ..............
New USC Coach Lane Kiffin acknowledged being involved in a car accident while head coach at Tennessee in August and said he had fallen asleep at the wheel. photo appears courtesy of Los Angeles Times / Robert Gauthier ...........

Lane Kiffin should think himself somewhat fortunate that in just over the space of a year, he’s held two coaching jobs with two of the most storied programs in all of collegiate football. As to the reasons why Mike Garrett should feel that his coach is the right man for the job , merely stemming from his prior tenure as an assistant with Pete Carroll shouldn’t have been the deciding factor in this decision. But clearly it is one that Garrett and the faculty are prepared to live and die by. The fallout from this could prove to be disastrous if the program isn’t successful under Kiffin’s tenure. The expectations within the Pac-10 and that of the Trojans’ fans will be high. And a ‘9-3 season’ or anything less than that won’t be deemed to acceptable to the fans there, in general. They’re use to seeing the program challenging for national honors on a consistent basis. And it’s clear that Lane Kiffin will be judged by the bar set by his predecessor, Pete Carroll. Those are indeed a giant pair of shoes to fill.

Courtesy of The Los Angeles Times

Tennessee ivestigated Lane Kiffin’s car accident last summer

New USC coach told Mike Hamilton that he fell asleep at the wheel

By Ben Bolch , The Los Angeles Times

Reporting from Knoxville, Tenn. – Tennessee Athletic Director Mike Hamilton said Tuesday the university investigated rumors that have recently appeared on the Internet that Lane Kiffin had been drinking and was with female students at the time of a car accident last summer, but “we were never able to substantiate any of that.”

Hamilton said Kiffin, who resigned as Tennessee’s football coach last week to take the same position at USC, acknowledged being involved in the accident after it occurred in August and said he had fallen asleep at the wheel.

“I had staff members verify that he was at the office until a certain time shortly before that and that he had fallen asleep,” Hamilton said. “It was a late-night deal and I never was able to find out anything to the contrary.”

Kiffin, through a USC athletic department spokesman, declined to comment on the accident.

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With the NCAA findings, as to the programs ongoing problems concerning the basketball program under one time coach Tim Floyd and his dealings with former Trojans’ player O J Mayo. And the continuous allegations of wrongdoing, with the football program itself under Carroll and the transgressions of a number of past and present players. The allegations now being against alleged against Kiffin’s staff only further sullies the reputation of USC. One that either way can now view as being warranted , given the fact that Garrett wanted the NCAA let him allow the program to impose their own sanctions, as a way of circumventing whatever punitive or more harsher sanctions that may well be brought to bear and imposed on the program. What this might suggest is that Garrett and his subordinates have been fully aware as to what had been going on right underneath his very nose. But the fact that all of the rotten apples has brought about almighty stench is now enough for him to be proactive enough, to try and clean up the mess. Have you ever tried to shovel sh_t with a teaspoon ? Because this is in effect is what Garrett is now trying to do. And with Kiffin’s alleged actions, it won’t at all be making his job any easier whatsoever !

As to the NCAA and their continued walk amongst the ‘walking dead’ as to their lack of determination in dealing with the USC program. It merely suggests that while the Trojans’ football program is continually viewed as a ‘cash cow’ . That it has now become ‘off limits’ to any sanctions that many believe ought to be placed upon the program. In essence the hypocrites within the NCAA hierarchy are no different to the those behind much of the malfeasance behind what has taken place and now is still taking place not just within the USC athletics’ program but right across the collegiate athletics’ landscape ! The NCAA hierarchy has its own head so far up its own ass that the last time they saw daylight , even they couldn’t tell what time of day it was , much less what day of the week it actually was !

If over the next two years the USC Trojans aren’t even in the hunt for a national championship , you can bet your ‘bottom dollar’ that the faculty and in particular AD Mike Garrett may well be rethinking the whole issue concerning Kiffin and whether or not it’s still worthwhile to keep him in place as the program’s head football coach. It’s one thing to take a chance on someone but it’s one thing when all they’re just serving up is nothing more than a few asinine sound bytes and not much else tangible to back up all of that ‘talk’. We saw it there in Tennessee and we’re beginning to see it all over again all too clearly in Southern California. After a while the fans and boosters may well get sick and tired of it all , or they may not.

11 thoughts on “Did I Miss Something But The Lane Kiffin Fallout Is Making The USC Trojans Look Bad. That Being Said The Program Was Already Stinking Up The Joint To Begin With ……. !

  1. Ahh, this is so satisfying to me. Its basically the NCAA’s last shot right? I mean, USC is up the creek without a paddle, loses their head coach after he finds out that they are going to be investigated, then hires a new coach… now this new coach isn’t someone who is clean… its Lane frickin Kiffin.

    Now give him this: he does have twice as many wins (12) as he does NCAA secondary violations.

    It’s just so satisfying that SC pissed in the NCAA’s eye, and then forgot to zip up their pants before blaming it on their basketball team.

    1. ucla13usc9

      I don’t know what the mindset of Mike Garrett might’ve been at the time. But it’s clear that as the Trojans’ AD – his mind hasn’t been elsewhere. In selecting Lane Kiffin as the Trojan’s new head coach is akin to throwing gasoline unto an already raging out of control ‘brush fire’. Things are bound to get worse before they get better . And that’ll be predicated on how Kiffin handles himself and the team.

      My own personal thought was that there were far more viable candidates out there. But the Trojans’ faculty simply went for what they view as the ‘quick fix’ with this particular ‘hire’. It could very well implode on them because of the ‘baggage’ that Kiffin brings along with him as well as the controversy that already surrounds the USC Trojans’ athletics program.

      Alan Parkins

    1. al clements

      The NCAA had already started an investigation into the entire USC Trojans’ athletics program. But just like the Federal government they tend to move at a snail’s pace when conducting any sort of an investigation. When have you ever seen the government actually conduct an investigation with due diligence ? And that includes those empaneled to conduct the ‘9/11 Terrorism Attack Commission Report’ . They’re merely not touching USC because they’re a monumental ‘cash cow’ for the NCAA , Collegiate Football and the BCS .

      The whole system is now so corrupt that you simply can’t differentiate the supposed ‘good guys’ from the ‘bad guys’. Both now share the same dubious virtues and that’s ‘greed’ !

      And we’ve still got to remember that the NCAA still hasn’t got a president to replace Myles Brand , the last President of the NCAA. So it just goes to show what a messy state collegiate athletics is in all round. They simply cannot be trusted to what is in the best interests of the student athlete much less collegiate athletics as a whole ! They ‘serve’ only ‘one master’ and that’s the power of the ‘green’ as in ‘money’ …… ‘dollars’, ‘moolah’ . Call it what you will.

      Alan Parkins

  2. I hear that one local attorney wants to name a local sewage plant after Lane Kiffin to commemorate his brief stay in Knoxville.

    It’s one thing to land job after high-profile job but how in the world did he cover up a situation like the one above?

    1. Chris Humpherys

      That’s not such a bad idea to begin with. Kiffin is a joke as a coach and I seriously doubt that he’ll have the success attained by Pete Carroll .

      He will struggle in the Pac-10 for sure as the program has been on the decline ever since they lost both Norm Chow and Steve Sarkisian .

      Alan Parkins

    2. Chris Humpherys

      One more thing also , until the NCAA installs a new President. I seriously doubt that we’ll see any sanctions place against the Trojans. Mind you I still don’t believe that Trojans’ AD Mike Garrett can be trusted to tell the ‘whole truth’ as to the real depth of the violations that went on prior to and after Reggie Bush .

      And anyone who also believes that Pete Carroll and his entire coaching staff weren’t aware as to what was going on , then they need to have their heads examined. It was also blatantly covered up and ‘hush-hush’, that it begs depravity in terms of its largess .

      Alan Parkins

  3. That pre-press conference is great! I love how they try to decide what angle they want to play! Anyways, I don’t see how he could not take the job. He’s going back to Cali, and is running at a pretty easy place to recruit. Nmandi says he’s a good coach, so I’ll take his word for it…

    1. chappy 81

      Give me a break ! A Raiders’ player saying that Kiffin is a good coach ? They wouldn’t know a good coach if he came up and bit them each on the ass for good luck. You’ve not had a good coach since Gruden left the ‘joint’ . So spare me the idiocy of statements emanating from the mouth of a Raiders’ player. They’re poorly coached team and an even worse ran organization. But yet the fans within Raider Nation continue to put up with the diatribe that they’re continually served. They’re all of the belief that this team and organization still has credibility within the NFL .

      That’s akin to saying that John McCain would still make a viable candidate as the GOP nominee in 2012.

      Alan Parkins

      1. Rob Ryan was a damn good coach. I wish we gave him a shot at the head coaching spot, but he never got his chance… If a coach gets good reviews from one of our most honest hard working players I’ll take his word for it. Regardless of his fights with Skeletor he’s a players coach…

  4. chappy

    And how did Nnamdi Asomugha’s stats ‘pan out’ this year ? All of this hype and he couldn’t get the job done. Let me know when he’s made at three or four Pro Bowls, then I might listen to what he’s got to say.

    As of now all he’s giving us are his assumptions on a coach. What validity do they really have ? We’re talking Lane Kiffin not Tom Flores for Christ’s sake. Stop drinking too much of the Kool Aid or whatever else you’re imbibing and think rationally.

    The Raiders’ coaching staff and front office have about as much credibility as the Members of Congress at this juncture. I wouldn’t trust either as far as I could spit !

    Alan Parkins

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