Talk To Me Tell Me What It Is You Need ….It Can’t Be All About The Money

Talk  To  Me  Tell Me  What It  Is   You   Need………It  Can’t  Be All About  The Money……..

It seems  funny that  as  the  Major  League  Baseball  season  has  come  upon  us.  It  oughtn’t  to  surprise us  that  many  of the  teams  who’ve   made   a  big  splash  in the  free  agency  market  to  sign   in  some  cases  a marquee player. Those  players  in  particular  will  be  under  a    great  deal  of  pressure  to   justify  the   bounty  that they’re   being  paid.

A general  view  of  the festivities  before  the  game  between  the Philadelphia Phillies  and  Atlanta Braves  on Opening  Day if the  MLB  2009 season.
A general view of the festivities on Opening Day for the first game of the 2009 Major League Baseball season. The game in question was between the reigning World Series Champions the Philadelphia Phillies and Atlanta Braves. The home venue of Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia brought about the start of the season . picture appears courtesyn of getty images/ Ezra Shaw ...........

The Philadelphia  Phillies start   off  the  defense  of  their  World  Series  title  with  a  game   against  the Atlanta  Braves.  The   Phillies  for their  part   are  looking  to be  the  first  team since  the New  York  Yankees in   1998 and  1999  to  successfully  defend  their  title. The  Yankees  would actually  go  on  to  win   a  third  consecutive  title  in 2000.  As  to whether  or  not  they  the  Phillies  will  be  able  to   do this  can  only  be  assessed   by  their   performance  on the  field  this  season  .  Most   certainly  their   All  Star  short-stop Jimmy  Rollins seems to  think   that  they’re  capable  of   doing  so.

Brett Myers  throws out the  first pitch of the game  against the  Braves'  Kelly  Johnson.
Brett Myers of the Phillies throws out the first pitch of the game to the Braves' Kelly Johnson. picture appears courtesy of getty images/ Ezra Shaw ...............

The New  York  Mets for their   part  with  the  additions  of J J Putz and Francisco Rodriguez and  now   veteran  stalwart Gary Sheffield make this  a  team  a  formidable   opponent.   On  both  sides  of the  ball  they’ve  got to be   considered  worthy of   being  mentioned  as  potential  contenders  for  the   World  Series.   However the   caveat   would   be  for  the   team  to overcome  their    near  end   season jitters  and  unraveling.   If they’re  able to  do  that  then  they   can   create  a rivalry  with the  Phillies   that’d  be  worthwhile  watching .

Braves'  starting  pitcher Derek Lowe on  Opening  Day  on the  mound  against  the  Philadelphia  Phillies.   picture appears  courtesy of  getty images/Ezra Shaw  ..............
Braves' starting pitcher Derek Lowe on te mound against the Philadelphia Phillies. picture appears courtesy of getty images/ Ezra Shaw ...............

And  with  the  NL East  seemingly  up  for  grabs   it  makes  this  upcoming  season  seem   somewhat  special.   The  AL East  as  a  division   may   appear to  be  where the  action  and   stories  will come  from .  But  I’d   like  to  think that  the division that  also   possesses  the Florida  Marlins and  the Washington  Nationals as  well  as  the  Braves. One  could   argue  that  here   within the  division  you’ve  got  some  very good  teams.  And  those  teams   may  well  elicit  a  great   deal  of  entertainment   for  their   respective  fans.

The  consencus once  is  again is the  NL   East  will   be  a  hard  fought  battle  between the  Mets  and  Phillies.  I’d  somehow  like to see  the  Florida Marlins  be  a  part  of  the   debate.   They’ve   got  a   pitching   staff  would  be  the  envy  of  a   number  of   teams   across  the league.   But  it’d   be   remiss to  think  that  the  Phillies,  Brave  and  Mets  don’t   possess  adequate   pitching  on  their   roster.  With Derek  Lowe anchoring    the  pitching   staff  of  the  Atlanta  Braves.  It  can  be  said   are  of  the  hope  that  they  can   recapture  the   form  of  bygone   years  when  they   had  Maddux,  Smoltz and   Glavine  anchoring  an  all  too   menacing   pitching   lineup.


Braves' catcher Brian  McCann and relief pitcher Mike Gonzalez  celebrate  after the  Braves' Opening  Day victory over the Philadelphia Phillies.  picture appears courtesy  of getty  images/ Ezra  Shaw..................
Braves' catcher Brian McCann congratulates teammate Mike Gonzalez after the team's win over the Philadelphia Phillies in their opening game of the season. picture appears courtesy of getty images/ Ezra Shaw ................

As  much  as  the  country  is  undergoing  some   turbulent  economic  times.   Many of  the  franchises  around  the  league  have  no doubt  seen  fit  to  follow  suit  and  lay off  ancillary staff   they  deem  none  essential  in  their  day to  day  operations.   A  sign of the  times  and  no  doubt  of  things  to  come  concerning  the  game  as  well.   The  viability  of  a   number  of   teams  will   come  into  question   should  things   become   more  acute.    As  to  the  game’s   hierarchy    we’ve  seen  them  all  too  often   obfuscate  their   responsibilities  to  the  game  as  custodians.  As  well  to  their  most   ardent   patrons  the  fans.   Needless to  say Commissioner Allan H. ‘Bud’  Selig will  see  fit   to  give   the  customary  state of  the  game  speech  without   acknowledging   the  financial   difficulties   faced   by   a  number  of   teams   around  the  league.  Within  Selig’s world  it’d  appear  that   all things   are  merely   just  a  part  of   someone  else’s  imagination.  With  the  way  the league  and  the Players’ Union have   handled  the  steroid  abuse issue  within  the  game.  Should  we expect  anything  else  ?

With  the  one  event  that   we   had   foisted  upons  us  as   fans   having  about  as  much  resonance  as  a  docile  mouse  in the  form  of  the  World  Baseball   Classic.  I  for  one  envisage  that  this  upcoming  season  will be   enthralling    for all  of  the  fans  of  the  game.  As  well  meaning   as  the  event   was  meant  to  be ,  in  reality  the  event   itself    became   something  of  a  tedious   bore   once  the  United States’  team  fell at  the  hands of  Japan  in the  semi-finals.   With   their  pride  on  the  line  it’d  appear  that   even  wearing   the  national  uniform   for  the  US  players   was  about  tedious as  having  to  walk  away  from  their  lives  of   luxury   merely   but   for  a  short  period of  time.   Well  paid  stars  who   once   again   came   up   short   ,  just  as  they   did  at   the  inaugural  event.    It  seems   times   heals  no  wounds  when it  comes  to  the  US  participation  in the  World  Baseball   Classic ?

All  things  being   equal   if   the   game   can  maintain  its    rapture   amongst  the fans. It  may   well  survive  the   turmoil that   will  come  about   as  the  economy  continues  to  unravel. With  last year’s  attendances  for  games  being   at  an  alltime  high.  In  total  over  78m  people   attended the  games.   And the  league  average  was  34,000  plus.  This  season  we  may   well  not   see  those   sort  of   numbers  come  through  the  turnstiles.  But  on Opening   Day we  will   see   a number   of   teams  have a throng  of  fans   within  their  various  stadiums.   It’s  hoped  that   this  can  be  maintained  throughout  much  of the  regular  season  and  into  the  postseason  itself.    So  much  will be   resting   not   just  on   Opening  Day itself   but    also  the  well  being  of   the   games  and  above  all  its   fans.   Without  them  the game   will    just  cease  to  be  viewed  as  the  nation’s   passtime.

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