David Stern You’re Allegedly A Better Man Than That Don’t Insult The Public’s Intelligence …………..

David  Stern  You’re  Allegedly  A  Better  Man  That   Don’t  Insult  The Public’s  Intelligence  ………………


9 thoughts on “David Stern You’re Allegedly A Better Man Than That Don’t Insult The Public’s Intelligence …………..

  1. Top,

    I don’t know what to make of the NBA’s financial crisis. All I know is I have been seeing a lot of empty arenas for the past several years, so I don’t think the tanking economy is totally to blame. All I can do is wait and see what happens while hoping for the best, for the fan’s sake. After all, the league has a ton of money in salaries on the line. I’d hate to see the NBA have to declare bankruptcy, but I don’t they’re at that point right now.

    Great job on this BTW!


    1. Mean Dovine

      Greed much like anything else is what separates the ‘big man’ at the top of the totem pole and the little guy working for pennies at the bottom of it. One would’ve thought with all of the so called business acumen within the NBA that they’d have the foresight to prepare themselves for such an instance ?

      Alan Parkins aka tophtal 1

  2. Mean Dovine
    Well I for one think that this isn’t the appropriate route that they ought to be taking . It sets a bad precedence to begin with. They’ve made millions of the backs of their patrons the fans. And much of that has been stashed away in their accounts. At the same time we’re to believe that these multi millionaire and billionaire owners aren’t able to properly manage their franchises ? It is especially distasteful when one thinks that a small business owner can’t even get his foot in the door to see a bank official to obtain a loan to stave of shutting down their business. But yet more likely than not the banks’ll only be all too willing to acquiesce to the likes of Stern and his minions.

    It sets a bad example and only goes to show that the once mighty US is now nothing more than a nation devoid of initiative , morals and ethics in not only business but also in the way of compassion towards its citizens.

    tophatal 1……………..

  3. If the teams can afford to pay their players salaries the owners should not complain when their arenas are half empty. They are still profiting through merchandising and also tv income. The fans end up shouldering the cost of operation through exorbiant ticket, merchandise, and concessions prices.

    1. Vito Farello

      It’s been the mismanagement and financial responsibility that has led to the mess we’re now seeing within the NBA. It’s also the same situation that has led each of the four major sports to cut within their organizations. Look at the tumult that it has caused within NASCAR ?

      My apologies for not responding back sooner. But I’d been away on business for some time .

      Alan Parkins

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