A-Fraud It Was The Best Of Times And The Worst Of Times Not More Of The Same ..




A-Fraud  ….  It Was The  Best Of Times And The Worst  Of  Times Not  More  of  The  Same 







If  baseball   didn’t  need  to   shoot  itself  in the  foot   again. Then  the  allegations  now  coming  out  concerning  the  game’s  perceived  best  player is  somewhat of  a disturbing  one.   The  article  written  in Sports  Illustrated  alleging   Alex  Rodriguez’s  use  of  steroids  in  2003  speaks  as  to  what’s  still   wrong   with the  game.    Granted  at the  time   there  was  no  steroid   policy   in the  league.    It  does  beg  the   question  why   in  2007   when   conducting   an  interview  with  journalist  Katie  Couric   in 2007 on  the CBS’  magazine  program  60 Minutes. The  player  stated   that  he’s   never    used  an  illicit   substance ?  Couric  specifically   asked  the  player  with    regard to   steroids and   he  implicitly   replied  “No”.





Rodriguez’s response  as  it  now  stands  is that  any  comments  forthcoming  will  have  to  come  by  way  of  the  Players’  Union.  When  questioned  about  this   prior  to  the  incident  becoming  public by  Selena  Roberts. He commented  that  it  would be  addressed   by  the  union. His  agent  Scott   Boras whilst  not making  a  statement  on  his  client’s   behalf .   His  only   comment   has  been  to  make  the  case  that while   Rodriguez  is  out  of  the  country  at  present.  He  cannot  make   a  statement   substantiating  or  denying  the  allegations.  




Rodriguez along  with  his  then  wife   Cynthia  and  Katie Couric  in  their  "60 Minutes" interview  of  December 2007....
Rodriguez with his then wife Cynthia and journalist Katie Couric in their "60 Minutes" interview conducted in December 2007 ................. picture appears courtesy of getty images/ Mark Cuthbert ................


Rodriguez along  with his  then wife  Cynthia  and  Katie Couric in  their “60 Minutes” interview  nducted  in  December 2007 .





No  wrong doing  there   mind  you   as  his   answer  to  the  question wasn’t  to  a  law   enforcement  official.    Nor  was  it   part  of   any ongoing   legal   proceeding.  But   what   does  that  say  as  to  the  player’s  veracity  and  persuasiveness  when  it comes  to   making   himself   a  likeable  commodity.  The highest  paid  player  in the  game  and   one   whose  leadership  skills  have  always  come into  question.     His  abilities  are   without   doubt  are  unquestionable.  But  it  does  set  a  troubling   ball  in  motion.  This   all comes  back  to  2003  when  the   game   was  conducting   testing   though  it  wasn’t   part  of  the  yet  to be  edict   for   a  steroid   policy  which   was  adopted   in  2004.






Though  at the  time  the  player  was  on the  Texas Rangers  roster.  It  can  be  said  that  it shouldn’t  make this   situation any the   less  dire.  Rodriguez  for  his  part  has  been  more than  happy  to  make   himself   the   ever  so  likeable  commodity   as  a  player  who’s   amenable  to  corporate  sponsors. Bearing  in  mind  also  the  player that  year  would    go  on  to  win  the  AL  MVP  award  for  that  season.   It  may  sullen  his   reputation  but  at the   same  time  it  points  to  the  nonsensical   farce  as  to  the  overall   policy  and  how  it  was  adopted  by  Major League  Baseball.  




Rodriguez  and  his  family   his  ex wife Cynthia  and  their  two  young daughters  in Miami  Beach , Fl .    picture appears  courtesy  of  ap/photo/ Paul Robertson...........................
Rodriguez and his family , his ex wife Cynthia and their two young daughters leave a restaurant in Miami Beach , Fl . picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/Mark Robertson ........................



 Rodriguez and his family, his  ex  wife  Cynthia  and  his two  young  daughters in Miami Beach.








In 2004   Rodriguez  was  traded to  the  New York  Yankees  for  Yankees’  first  baseman  Alfonso  Soriano.   There  are  those  who  are  questioning  the  privacy  aspect of  this  all. And the  fact that  the   article   itself  was   researched  and  verified.  But  the  league   itself  and   the  pretentious   stance   that  it   has   taken  with  the  issue.    Sealed  or not   the  fact  of the  matter  is  that   had  they   dealt   with  this   very   issue   with  some   expediency  rather   than   being  complicit   in   much  of  the  subterfuge   that  has  taken  place.  Then  perhaps  we’d  not  be  in a  situation where  at almost  every  turn  we’re   now   questioning  the   statistics   of  many  of  the  players  in  the  game.   The  league  has  its   policy  in  place and   several  players   have   received   the  mandatory   50  game  ban  for  a  first   transgression.  But  simply   put  though  the  numbers  are   down   the  suspicion  is  still   there   that   players   are  still   using   some  form  of  an    a  banned  substance.  And  no  matter   how   ,much  testing  is  being  done  and  the  voraciousness  of  it all.  It   really   has  done   very   little   to stem  the   tide  of   suspicion  allround.






Rodriguez  at the plate  meting  out  no  mercy  against  the  Seattle Mariners  .   pictures  appears courtesy  of ap/photo/Bill Kostroun ............................
Rodriguez meting out no mercy at the plate against the Seattle Mariners in AL game . picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/Bill Kostroun …………………..



Rodriguez at the  plate  meting  out  no mercy against the Seattle  Mariners  in AL  game.  picture appears  courtesy of  ap/photo /Bill  Kostroun …………




There’s  the  belief  that  some   use   of  an  illegal   substance   is  rampant   but  as  to  who’s   using.  We  can  really  only  speculate   on the  matter.   We’ve   seen  the   waters  muddied   by  the   actions  of  a  number  of  players.  And   now   amidst   all   of  this   we   have   perhaps   the  one   player  that many   felt  might’ve  above   it all  caught  what   could  be  perceived  as  a  lie.  Say   nothing  of   which   we   still     have    the  protracted  legal   case  of   Barry   Bonds   and  the   federal  authorities.   That   particular  scenario  is   now  being   played   without  within  the   judicial   system  and  one  wonders  how  that  will  all  end  ?.








Sports Illustrated   article   was  written  by  Selena  Roberts and  David Epstein ……………   To  read  article   click  the  highlighted  link provided. 







pictures  appears   courtesy  of  getty images  and   associated  press …………………


5 thoughts on “A-Fraud It Was The Best Of Times And The Worst Of Times Not More Of The Same ..

  1. The problem with A-Rod’s press conference is not what he said. The real problem was that he didn’t say enough. There are still many things we don’t know. I honestly think the best bet for baseball to save the game and its fans is to just move on. We don’t see this happening in any other sport. The guy did steroids, he apologized in my estimation half-heartedly, but let’s just move on. Judge the guy if you want, but judge him from what he does from this point on since we don’t truly know what happened in the past.

  2. PeterPupello
    You state that we ought to judge him from tnis moment on ? Unfortunately we can’t do that as there’s still a preponderance of lie that are coming out of the player’s mouth. Wherein it’s now coming to the fore as to his involvement with Angel Presinel a known
    facilitator of steroids to players within the game.

    Now are you still of the opinion that what he’s told us can be taken as fact ?

    tophatal 1…….

  3. Peter Pupello
    We can’t just drop the issue as it does nothing to satisfy our need. And what happens when the next crop malfeasance breaks out. Ought the fans as well as baseball ignore it ? As it is that’s what the games’ hierarchy did along with the owners and players’ union. And in doing so they’ve defrauded the fans and general public alike. And at the same time completely tarnish the legacy of the game and thereby damaging irreparably.

    tophatal ………………..

    1. Ernestine Hargrove

      Thanks for chiming in with a comment. Unfortunately for us A-Rod still hasn’t been upfront as to his steroid use and with this latest implication as to his involvement with Dr Anthony Galea , there very well could be more to come .

      This has been baseball’s dirty little secret all along that Commissioner Bud Selig and former union chief Donald Fehr wanted to keep hidden from prying eyes as they were making so much money and at the same time defrauding the public and the fans .

      Alan Parkins

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