Davidson They’re Who We’d Like To See ………………….





The college basketball season  has  began  and there are a  great  many  things to  look  forward to.  I   for  one  am  looking  to  see if  Stephen  Curry can  carry on   where he left off  last  season.  Though  it can  be  said  that  Davidson  may not be  looked   upon  as  a  powerhouse   within  the  college  basketball  world.   They   did  in  fact   give  a  number  of   teams   a  scare   last  season   in  the NCAA  tournament.


Stephen Curry  of Davidson  tries  to  evade the  defensive presence of   Duke's Greg Paulus  .................
Stephen Curry of Davidson tries to evade the defensive presence of Duke's Greg Paulus ...............


Stephen  Curry of  Davidson  tries to  evade the  defensive  presence of  Duke’s  Greg  Paulus  in  game played in Durham , NC.  The Blue Devils  would  go  on to win  the  game 79-67.  picture appears  courtesy  of  ap/photo/ Sara Davis …………………….






And as  much  as  we  all  value  the  underdog  when  it  comes  to  a  game  of   combative nature.  The  chances  are   that  we’ll   tend  to overlook the  likes   of   a  team  like  Davidson.  Much  has been  made of  the  prowess  of  the  likes of  Tyler Hansborough  of the  North Carolina  Tar Heels  and   the  Kentucky Wildcats’  Jodie Meeks.  It  has   Curry  more than  anyone   else that   I  for  one  have  looked   forward to seeing   this  season.   All  three   players  are   exceptionally  gifted and   talented   in  their  own   way.  But it  has  been  Curry   who  has  got my   juices   flowing  every  time   he  sets   foot  on  court.




Andrew Lovedale  of  Davidson and  Duke's  Jon Scheyer  tussle  over a  loose  ball   during  the  game  ...................
Davidson's Andrew Lovedale and Duke's Jon Scheyer tussle over a loose ball during the game in the second quarter .................



Davidson’s  Andrew  Lovedale  and  Duke’s Jon  Scheyer  tussle over  a  loose  ball  during the  game  in the  second quarter . picture appears courtesy   of  ap/photo/ Sara  D Davis ……………..





lot has   been   said   of  his  prowess  as a  scorer   but   also  of  late  he’s  shown  that  he  can  lead  by  example.  Albeit   that   we  don’t  often  get to  see  the  Davidson  Wildcats’ games being   nationally  televised.  He can score  with  the  best of  them   and  thought  it’s  often  pointed   out that  he   has  a tendency  to be  somewhat  hesitant   defensively.  He  more  than  makes  up  for  this   with  his   prowess  on  the   offensive  side  of the  ball.  And one  can  well  understand  the  reason  why  we’re  unlikely  to  see  the  team  on  a  regular  basis  on  the  networks  when  it come  to the  televising of the  game.  The  Southern  Conference  isn’t  built   around   blockbuster  names   that we  all  can  recognize  at  will.  The likes of  Furman , Chattanooga ,  Elon, Citadel and Appalachian State   don’t exactly  leap  out at  you  immediately. But then  again  we’re  merely  talking  about  what  some  might  deem  the  also  rans  within  the  college  basketball  world.  







And  with  this  team  getting  off  to  a  nice  stat  to their  season . It’s hoped  that  they can  make  it  all  the way  to  the  NCCA tournament  without   much    fuss.  It’s  always  welcoming  to  see  a team that’s  deemed  a  minnow   set  about   taking   on and  then  taking  down  one  of the  Goliaths  of  the  college  game.   Every  year  come   tournament  time   that’s   certainly  what   a  number  of  fans   are looking  forward  to. Should it  come to the  fact  that  we’re  liable to  see   one  of the  titans  get  knocked   down  a  peg or  two  then  so  be it.  It  makes   the  tournament   all the  more   exciting   for us  all. 




Curry reacts after  his  foul in the  second  quarter  of  the  game played in Cameron Indoor Arena , Durham , NC,. ...........
Curry reacts to his foul in the second quarter of the game played in Cameron Indoor Arena, Durham North Carolina..................


Curry  reacts to  his  foul in the  second  quarter  of  the  game played  in Cameron Indoor Arena  in  Durham, NC,. picture  appears courtesy of  ap/photo/ Sara  D Davis ………………






Much  as  I  like the NBA  it’s the  college  game  that  I  think  in  its  purest  form   that  can  be  just  as exciting  as  anything  served up  in the  professional  game. But there are those  amongst   us  who  may  well  feel   the  opposite.  Teams such  as   Davidson  and  others  within the NCAA  aren’t  spoilt  in   terms  of the  athletes   that  are  on  show.  And  if anything   in  pursuing  their   craft  the  players  are  quite  prepared to  do  things  the  right  way.  That’s  not  say  that  the  talent  on  show  is  as great   as what  we  have  on  view  in the  NBA.  But for   every  Kobe  Bryant ,  LeBron  James  ,  Amare  Stoudemire  and  Tyson Chandler  who  chose to   forego   college.  We  have  the likes  of  Hansborough,  Meeks  and  Curry. Many   of  the  players  mentioned  within the professional  ranks  had  their  shortcomings  when  they   first  started  out.  And in  time  they  overcame  those flaws. But  how  much  better  off  would    they  have  been  had  they  pursued at  least one  or  two   years  within the college  ranks ?  Such  are  the  machinations  of the  game  and  the  pursuit of   financial  security.







But  when  it’s  all   said and   done  it is  the  likes of   players  such   as  Meeks,  Curry   and  Hansborough  that  give  us  some of  our   greatest  pleasure when  it comes  to the  college   game.  And  the  likes  of   teams  such  as Davidson   where one  can   only   proceed  to  dream  as   to  what  might’ve  been  had  players  of  the  ilk  mentioned   in  the  professional  ranks   chose  to  grace  us   with  their  presence  within  the  college  game.  If   only  for a  brief  and  passing  moment.

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