GM For A Day Or Any Period of Time Who’d Want To Be ……?

As much as I like sports there are times  when I’m completely at a loss to explain how and why it is that the executives  act the  way that they do ?  In hiring a GM a franchise looks to have an executive to oversee the behind the closed door operations of  a sports entity. We’ve seen some successful ones from the likes of Scott Pioli of the New England Patriots, Dave Dombrowski of the Detroit Tigers, Ken Williams of the Chicago White Sox and Brian Cashman of  the New York  Yankees.    What these executives have in common are that they’ve  each  had  success  in  their chosen field.





Scott Pioli GM of  the New England Patriots  alongside  coach Bill Belicheck..............


Scott Pioli GM of the New England Patriots  alongside the team’s coach Bill Belicheck. Pioli and  Belicheck are the architects behind  the team’s success. Though as  of late it’s been widely rumored that Pioli will be leaving  the franchise for pastures green.  picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/Dan Foster …………………..



In reality however  who’d really  want to be the point man for a franchise ?  Where at  every press conference  you’re the one  who becomes the  voice  and  reason when  the  franchise may well be  in trouble .  Be  it a  player ,  a coach  or  even the owner  themselves.  These are  the guys  who become the face of  the franchise at  these  most sensitive of  times.



Dave Dombrowski alongside  Detroit Tigers' manager  Jim Leyland .........

Dave Dombrowski the GM of the Detroit Tigers and the team’s coach Jim Leyland. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/Todd  Boumann ……………….




Recently however we saw  where  then coach Romeo Crennel  was fired by the  Cleveland Browns. Prior to Crennel’s loss of employment  the  GM in place  Phil  Savage  was let go by the team. Merely done one would  believe  because of the sheer  lack of  success by the team. And when it comes to success  a franchise is judged by  its team first and  then the  coach, manager and lastly the  General Manager.  These men and in some  cases women  are  recently a hot commodity when they’re  at  a premium.




Danny Ainge  GM  of the Boston Celtics  and the team's coach Glen 'Doc' Rivers

Boston Celtics’ GM  and President of Operations congratulates his head coach Glen ‘Doc’ Rivers after  the team’s triumph in last season’s  NBA Finals. picture appears courtesy of  getty images/Elsa Burke ………..



A good GM can earn in  excess of  $5m a year  and upwards .  And it’s not unheard in some cases  it can be an astronomical  sum. Suffice to say these  guys aren’t exactly  crying  and asking  where their next meal will be coming from. But to those who  aspire to hold such a  position within a franchise  they’re very  much  the  Chief  Executive Officer and they hold sway over  the owner. PR has to be part of their DNA when dealing  with the press and  public alike.  And  it says a lot as to their  communication skills  when they’re  able to have the press eating  out of  their hands  even  when  the  subject matter  is indeed a sensitive one. 




Former Browns' GM Phil Savage  seated  alongside  then coach Romeo Crennel ..................

Former Brown’ GM Phil Savage(foreground) and former coach Romeo Crennel at each other’s side during  a press conference. Both men have since been fired by the organization after a lackluster and disappointing NFL season.  picture appears courtesy of  ap/photo/Tony Dejak …….



When a sensitive matter  come to light  where it becomes  a staple of the  tabloids  then it’s very  much up to the GM to keep the  press at bay  while  the franchise has to  deal with the problem from within.  For the New  York Giants  this  had to be the  case  when the  Plaxico Burress  episode  came to  light and was  very  much the  press’  raison de etre’.  And as litigious as  society has now  become.  It can only be said  that  it also  helps  if they’ve  also got  a  legal  background behind  them. It may well  be one  of the  most desired  positions  within a sport’s  franchise.  But I  for one  wouldn’t  relish being  the  focus  of  such  unwanted  attention even if  only  briefly.




So for now let’s just see how these  individuals will  suffice  over their  tenure at the  top of the  food  chain. Much  like the  execs at the top of a multi billion dollar  enterprise  these men  are  placed  under  a great deal of pressure  to make  the right  sort of    decisions  that’ll  go a long way  in defining  a franchise and  the  ultimate  direction that it heads in. 






tophatal  ………………………

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