It’s Not What I Would’ve Wanted But There You Have It …………..

 The wiles of the NFL are a strange game to me. The game between the San Diego Chargers and Denver Broncos whilst meaning a great deal to  both teams. It had me thinking how are those two teams with such established stars can proceed to play so unevenly throughout much of the regular season?  And while San Diego obliterated the Broncos, ended their Superbowl aspirations that led to the firing of Mike Shanahan.  Wherein the AFC West division as we know it has become to be known has as its content some of perhaps some of the worst teams in all of the NFL.


Vincent Jackson(83) congratulates teammate  LaDanian Tomlinson after his touchdown against the Denver Broncos at  Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, Ca,.  ...............
LaDanian Tomlinson(21) is congratulated by teammate Vincent Jackson(83) after his TD against the Denver Broncos at Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego ,Ca


lLaDanian Tomlinson(21) is congratulated by teammate Vincent Jackson(83) after Tomlinson’s touchdown during the game against the Denver Broncos played at Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego, Ca,. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/Mark Talbot ……………..





The Chargers notwithstanding the Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs and Oakland Raiders have hardly shown that the division possesses a team of merit based on their play this season.   As winners of the division with an 8-8 record they scraped their way into the playoffs. Albeit that they won their last four games of the season. Now the Chargers will have to face the Indianapolis Colts in the first round of the postseason playoffs as wildcard entrants. The Colts as with a record of 12-4 made their way into the postseason upon the resurrection and play of their Pro Bowl quarterback Peyton Manning. 




Marvin Harrison(88) of  the Indianapolis  Colts is greeted by teammates prior to the start of  the game played against the Titans ....................
Marvin Harrison(88)of the Colts is greeted by teammates in the team ritual and introduction prior to the game.


Marvin Harrison(88) of the Indianapolis Colts is congratulated by teammates prior to the game against the  Tennessee Titans. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Victor Matthews ……………………….. 





The San Diego Chargers by way of their own play this season has been erratic and uneven.  But for the resolute play of quarterback Phillip Rivers one doubts that the team would’ve  got as far as they did. LaDainian Tomlinson their much heralded running back has had a down year and even with regard to injuries. It can be said  that the player’s overall performances have  been somewhat sub par.  The loss of defensive stalwart Shawn Merriman also played a part in the downside to the team’s overall record. Merriman when on the field has been a player who has brought a great deal of forthright resolve to the team’s play as well as on the field leadership.  Other than Rivers who has been vocal as to the on field leadership, the team has been labored its way throughout the season and into the playoffs. Norv Turner if anything has been extremely lucky to be in the  position where he still holds a coaching job in the NFL.  The feeling was that should the Chargers fail to make the postseason he may well have been one of the casualties as to the firings that’ve proceeded to take place since season’s end.






And while much has been made of the parity that there is within the NFL. It can be said that the play we’ve seen this season has been what we’ve come to expect of it as the season has unfolded.  The New England Patriots failed to make the playoffs for the first time in quite a while. But along the way it’d appear that they might well have found a long term replacement for Tom Brady.  The player having been lost to the team for the season after suffering a season ending injury in the first game of the season against the Kansas City Chiefs. Matt Cassell as Brady’s backup has played well in Brady’s absence and the talk has been that should he not be able to return to the team then he would be more than able to lead the team in the future.  Such are the rumblings throughout much of the NFL that there is even talk that Brady ought to be traded.   I may well be mistaken but unless the player himself is unable to perform up to his usual caliber of high play. Then why in hell’s name would you anyone to trade a player of his caliber ?




Peyton Manning(18) of the Indianapolis Colts makes a pass in a regular season game against the Tennessee Titans .............
Peyton Manning (18) of the Indianapolis Colts attempts a pass in a game played against the Tennessee Titans ................

Peyton Manning (18) of the Indianapolis Colts attempts a pass in a game played  against the Tennessee Titans during the regular season.  picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/Victor  Matthews …………………….



This game will be all the more intriguing as there’s a seeming dislike between the two rosters of the  franchises. With the game being played in San Diego infront of a raucous Chargers’ crowd this game will be one of monumental importance to both teams.  Both the Chargers and Colts have been in this position before.  And the expectations are no doubt high. It’s hoped that the game itself will live up to the expectations and the hype that’s being played up at this juncture. Each team possesses a prolific offense and their quarterbacks when given the chance can literally tear a defense apart when the opportunity arises.  I expect to see both teams’ sets of defenses step up to set themselves apart. But then again much of this will be predicated upon how both sets offenses are prepared to play. If there’s one thing that is obvious to us all it is that when these two teams are at the top of their game they’re liable to put on an extravagant show. 


Tomlinson rushes the ball against the Broncos during their season ending game in which they triumphed over their divisional foe. ........................
LaDainian Tomlinson rushes the ball against the Denver Broncos in a game which the Chargers prevailed with ease against their divisional foe.

Tomlinson rushes the ball against the  Denver Broncos in a game which the San Diego Chargers prevailed by beating  the  Broncos with devastating ease. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/  Mark Talbot ……………



The postseason matchups being what they are. This game may well be one of the better games offered up by the NFL this weekend given the circumstances. I for one am looking forward to being a highly contested and competitive game.  The games are won on the field by way of the play of the teams involved and not in the minds of the prognosticators. And if your team isn’t one of those  playing  this weekend then for you I hope the  entertainment  provided will by all of the teams in question will  be  to your liking. Afterall that’s all that can be asked of the teams now isn’t it ?






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