The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse Are Alive And Well Playing In The NBA ……..

 Say  what you will about  defending a championship as there’s often the belief  that once  having  won one  it’s extremely difficult to come back to try and defend and retain the said  championship.  But it’d appear that’s what the Boston Celtics  are setting out to do this year.  So much so that the start and  stats  that they’ve  proceeded to put up are  even more staggering than last seasons.  They’re now on pace to exceed last season’s tally of 66 wins.  Infact that they’re  now on pace for 74 wins that’d best  the  Chicago Bulls’ 72-10 tally at the  height of when Michael  Jordan reigned supreme.

Paul Pierce  grabs his knee in pain during the game against the Utah Jazz ............

Paul Pierece grabs his left knee in pain having injured it  during the  game played  against  the Utah Jazz. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/Paul Matthews ………..


That being said this team with their triumvirate of stars in the guise of  Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce now seem to have added an even greater swagger to their  role as champions. The team’s  play is one of confidence night in and night out since  this season has started. And  the fact that they now sit atop of their division with a commanding 10 game lead over their nearest  rival  the New Jersey  Nets within the Atlantic Division. It’d suggest that the team hasn’t  missed a beat since its defeat of the Los Angeles Lakers in last season’s NBA Finals. At 23-2 the  team as alluded to before is playing with a great  deal of confidence and it has to be said  has come  with the improvement in the play of sophomore point guard Rajon Rondo.  As of late the player has been on  a tear that has  impressed  not only his coach  Glenn Doc’ Rivers  but also  his more studious and experienced  teammates as well.


Rajon Rondo of the Celtics and Deron Williams of the  Jazz  contest a loose  ball  during  the game ...........
Rondo of the Celtics and Williams of the Jazz contest a loose ball .........

Rajon Rondo of  the Celtics  and  Deron Williams of the Utah Jazz contest a loose  ball during the  game  played  on Monday night.  picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/Paul Matthews ……………….. 

Rondo commands the floor  with a great deal of presence and no longer would it appear that the leadership role on the floor has  to go through Garnett or Pierce with everyone else  having to defer to them both in terms of the team’s offense. Rondo now has the confidence in his own ability and  that of  his  teammates around  him that he makes the right decisions  when it  comes to the distribution of  the ball and  the aspects of  the  team’s offensive strategies. Rivers,himself  has expressed his pleasure  in the player’s seemingly progress and maturity  shown not  just  on the basketball court  but  also off it as well. So much so that the feeling  is that the player can become the lynch pin of the team’s success  for years to come and that the franchise  can also profit  from it all. Say nothing of which in repeating as champions they  would become to  the toast of the New England area.

Rondo and  Paul Milsap of the Utah Jazz contest a rebound during the game .
Rajon Rondo(9) of the Celtics and the Jazz's Paul Milsap(24) contest a rebound

 Rajon Rondo (9) of the Boston Celtics and the Jazz’s Paul Milsap(24) contest a rebound  during the game. Rondo would go on to score 25 pts , 9 rebounds, 8 assists and 3 steals  in the Celtics’ 100-91 victory  over the Utah Jazz picture  appears courtesy of ap/photo/Mark Richardson ……………….


The New England Patriots  may long  be viewed  as the talk of the town  but  it’s the Celtics  who hold sway in  much of  Boston and  beyond for that matter. With the team playing  with such supreme confidence. There are those  who feel that  all Boston now has to do is to pace themselves  over the season and  then raise the level of play once the postseason beckons. They’re not about  to be pressured  by the likes of  the New York Knicks or  the New Jersey Nets  as far as winning the division goes.  That may well be all  but  sewn up once the  New Year  is in unless something  unforeseen  were to happen.


Paul Pierce of the Celtics goes up for the dunk as  Paul Milsap and Andrei Kirilenko of  the Utah Jazz look on...............
Paul Pierce of the Celtics goes up for the dunk as the Jazz's Paul Milsap and Andrei Kirilenko look on unable to defend the offensive score .............

Paul Pierce of  the Celtics goes up for the dunk as  the Jazz’s  Paul Milsap and  Andrei Kirilenko look on. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/Paul Matthias ……


The  team has held sway over their opponents  with languid ease  and  it’s easy to see why they are  the best team in the NBA by far.  Defensively  they’re stellar and  on the offensive  side of  the ball  they  get  contributions from either  of  their  Big Three.  But  now adding  Rondo into  the  mix it  makes  it  all the more  difficult for teams to ingore  him. In doing so they’re ingorning  a fact that as a player  Rondo has matured and  is  able to light  up a team almost  at will.  Evidence of this was  on hand as he  by  far had one  of his best  games of the season, almost  single  handedly  taking  apart  the  Utah  Jazz  in an impressive 100-91 victory.  To believe that  the  team can’t  be viewed as favorites as chamions  would  be ignore  the obvious  and in some  respects express  naivete’.


Rondo goes for the layup over the outstretched  arms of  the  Jazz's Andrei Kirilenko .......
Rondo goes for the layup over the outstretched arms of Andrei Kirilenko of the Utah Jazz ....

Rondo goes for the layup over  the  outsretched  arms of  the Utah Jazz’s  Andrei Kirilenko  during  the third quarter of the  game played  between the  two  teams.  picture  appears  courtesy of ap/photp/ Paul Matthias  ……………..


If there is  anyone  who may prove  to be an obstacle to this team reaching  the Eastern Conference  Finals and beyond. Then it  may well be in the  hands of LeBron James  of  the Cleveland Cavaliers. Of whom it  can be said has  been  playing  with  such prowess  and  energy  it’s hard to believe that this is the same team from last  year. They’re  getting  some invaluable  contributions  from players   such as  Anderson Varejao and  even  more  surprising  from  BenWallace.   Such has  been his  presence on the team  that  it’d seem  that he’s  back  to the  Wallace  of  old when the  Pistons  reigned  supreme  within the Eastern Conference and  berth  in the  Conference  Finals  was nothing  more than afterthought. That  being said  it’ll be difficult to see either of these  two  teams usurping  the Celtics.   As good as they are  I seemingly think  that the Conference Finals  are  the Celtics to lose.  But  as usual there’s a caveat  in there  somewhere.


Rondo drives to the basket whilst the Jazz players look on without there being any apparent defense from them......................
Rondo drives to the basket whilst the Jazz players provide little or no defense against the player.

Rajon Rondo drives to the basket whilst the Jazz defense looks on in a game played at the TD Banknorth Center in Boston, Massachussetts . picture appears courtesy of nbae/getty images/Steve Babineau ……….


The Boston Celtics having won their seventeenth  championship  are  only too willing to raise an  eighteenth at the end of this  season  come what may. In  the Western Conference  the Los Angeles Lakers  are  looking and hoping for  another bite at  the apple. Having lost the series to the Celtics in last season’s finals  the Lakers are  only all too aware what they  need to do if  they’re to redeem themselves. Kobe Bryant has a renewed confidence about him  having won Olympic gold in Beijing.  It brought about a semblance  of  success for  him  working  within a structured team environment amongst his peers.  And  he’ll no doubt  view that as a good recipe for success which  can be passed along  and  amongst  his  Lakers’ teammates.  With a fully fit  Andrew Bynum  and  a  bench that’s  amongst the  very best  in the league.  The Lakers much like their eastern counterparts have  a great deal to prove this season are also  on a mission.



Garnett questions  the referee's decision  during  the  game  against the  Utah Jazz .................
Garnett questions the referee's decision during the game played against the Jazz at the TD Banknorth Center in Boston, Mass.,

Garnett questions the referee’s decision during the game played between the  Celtics and Jazz  played at the TD Banknorth Center in Boston, Massachussetts. picture appears courtesy of nbae/getty images/ Steve Babineau ……………………..


Whether or not these  two storied franchises of the NBA are  to meet  again  in this  season’s  finals  will  not only be predicated  on their  form during  the  regular season and  during the playoffs  themselves. But  a great  deal  will also have to do with the  temperament of the players  and their resolve to succeed.  With the Celtics seemingly playing  at  a level that was unimaginable at first. It’s very difficult to see how any team’ll  be able to walk let alone run  with the Celtics. They’re  playing at  a higher level and at the same time when you see a player  like Rajon Rondo playing  above expectations. It  makes  us all the more intrigued to see what’ll unfold as the  season  reaches  its climax.  The  Four  Horsemen of  The Apocalypse are  indeed alive and  well  and  playing  Celtic green.  Who’d have  thought it  ?




tophatal ………………

7 thoughts on “The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse Are Alive And Well Playing In The NBA ……..

  1. They’re a pleasure to watch… in the first quarter. By that time, most of the games are over.

    Remind me to thank Santa Stern for giving us that juicy Lakers-Celtics Christmas gift.

    Site looks good, Al.

  2. Reverend Rhythm
    There are a number of teams that are playing well at this juncture. But the Celtics have been so impressive that it’s hard to see who’ll be the ones to measure up and contend with them in the East, much less within the rest of the league. The Cavs are playing well but I feel that they could succumb to fatigue and over expectation. And at the same time should LeBron go down injured for even a short spell of time. It could derail their ambitions somewhat.

    As to the West well it’s all about the Lakers and their wish to redeem themselves for last season’s bad memories of the NBA Finals itself. They’ve really got to be playing at a very high and consistent level throughout the regular and postseason. In order to keep up that momentum.

    tophatal ………….

  3. Hey as I already said and I can add a bit more – i grew up HATING the Celtics cause I have always been a Laker man since 1979. That being said I RESPECTED them back in the Bird/McHale/Parrish/DJ days – though they often got all the close calls (that’s another story)

    I always tell it like it is regardless – and i enjoy watching the Celtics and am glad to see superstars come together to bond as a team – they are a pleasure to watch. I appreciate any team who gives me the fan an honest effort every night. As much as I love my Lakers – no way i can say the team they have now play as hard every night.

  4. The Celtics arrogance could be their ultimate undoing. All of that trash tallking can backfire- and this team has a tendency to fall in love with the jumpshot. I wonder if they can repeat despite the loss of forward James Posey- that’s a mighty thin bench. Does the front office have another P.J. Brown type of move up their sleeve?

  5. ReverendRhythm
    The Celtics are playing lights out at the moment and that’s merely because of the assuredness of Rajon Rondo. Were it notfor him then I don’t think that they’d be on this sort of a run at present.
    That being said they’re not overcomplacent as some might believe. Doc Rivers has them on an even keel.

    tophatal …………..

  6. bbgcmac
    I think the fact that the Celtics are back to where they now are is good for the game of basketball and in particular the NBA as a whole. We know how bad it can be if neither the Celtics or Lakers aren’t in the Finals. As it’s borne out by the fact that the viewership on tv is bad. But when either are there then the interest is up on all levels.

    As to their success I don’t know that they can maintain throughout the season. But it’ll be interesting to see what’ll materialize at the end of the day.

    tophatal 1 ……………

  7. BA
    The Celtics’ bench shouldn’t be underestimated and you tend to forget that come the trade deadline I’m sure that Ainge’ll find a way to add to it. When a team realizes that it needs to make an acquisition that’s what they tend to do.
    If anything we’ve got to see if the can maintain the momentum.

    And with regard to the arrogance wasn’t it the belief of the majority that the Lakers would prevail in last seaon’s Finals merely because of their youth ?
    It seems to me that it was their fans and the talking heads who were too naive and arrogant if anything !
    It now boils down to the fact thart they’re one year older and seemingly the wiser for the experience one would hope ?

    tophatal 1………….

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