An Englishman’s Home Is His Castle But It’s Football(Soccer) That Becomes His First Love …………

 Well the Premiership is living up to everything that  one would come to expect of the world’s best  soccer league.  Albeit that  those who play within Serie’ A and La Liga  may well  be of a differing opinion. And the ever too discerning fan no matter who might  be will cling  to the teams that they are devoted to. That being said  it can be of  great importance  to those who  may well  view the turbulent  economic  times that  the world is now in.  A crisis that’d seem unimaginable  a few  years ago will  no doubt  envelope a great many teams far and wide.  Corporate governance asides the wealthy  teams can no longer  afford to be  audacious  when it comes  to purchasing a major star player.  


Berbatov of Man Utd is booed by Spurs' fan in a Premiership game ............

Dimitry Berbatov of Manchester  United  is booed by resentful  Spurs’ fans in a game played between the two  teams  at  White Hart Lane, London. picture appears courtesy of afp/reuters ……………………..


The financial  constraints  will be felt wholeheartedly amongst many of the top teams  even if their owners  happen to  be multi-billionaires  or corporate behemoths. That being said the purpose of this  piece is to look at  what is  happening  now  with the game in England.  Where in particular this  season it is felt that the race for the Premiership title won’t be  as one  sided as many  had come to believe.  The perennial  powerhouses  such  as  Manchester United , Chelsea , Arsenal and  Liverpool  are  all fighting  for league supremacy and  the benefits thereof  financially.  Winning the Premiership  means almost immediate  financial benefits  to a team as it presents them with an automatic  berth into the Champions League tournament. However domestic supremacy and the bragging rights  certainly does mean  a great deal to the  teams as well.


Berbatov and Ferdinand of Manchester United question a referee's decision of a second bookable  offense ...............

 Dimitry Berbatov and Rio Ferdinand  question the referee’s decision in a second booking  of  a United player during  the game . picture appears courtesy of afp/reuters ………………….


The Premiership  table as it now stands has Liverpool , Chelsea , Manchester United ,Aston Villa  and Arsenal  leading  the pack.  And though it can be  said that if one had  to choose which team would be in with a  chance  of  winning  the  division outright.  One would be hard pressed  as a betting man  which  team overall would be favored.  The once mighty  Manchester United  hasn’t been anywhere near as  invincible  as some would believe.  And even their  most feared of  enemies Chelsea, seemingly a team whose  largesse knows no bounds when it comes  to their  billionaire  owner Roman Abramovich, has been playing  well. But  not as consistently as many believe that they can. The fact of the matter is that  this season we could very well see  a very tight race for  the Premiership title  with it quite possibly going  right down to the end of  the season.  And as laborious  as the season is with  multiple domestic as well as European  competition.  All of the top contenders  had better be on notice  that they cannot  fail or even for one moment  take their eyes of the prize.


Aston Villa manager Martin O'Neill celebrates  his  team's triumph over Bolton Wanderers 4-2 ............

Villa manager Martin O’Neill celebrates  his team’s  4-2 triumph over Bolton Wanderers on Saturday. picture appears courtesy of afp/reuters …………


For the most discerning fans  they feel that they’d like to see  their teams prevail. The teams themselves know that some semblance of  success is all that they can strive for.  Much has been made  of the  fact that the likes of  Chelsea, Liverpool , Manchester  United and Arsenal  have  seen  this all before.  But  there’s  an  ever so remote a possibility that neither  of  these  teams could  prevail in the end.  But those chances  seemingly  are ever so remote.  One of  these  titans of the game will end  up winning  the title  another time. The quartet in question have won the  domestic  championship between them in excess  of  thirty times. And whilst  United are traveling off to the other side of the world to face Gamba Osaka,of Japan the  champions of  Asia in  the World Club Championship. Another  some might feel contrived and  meaningless tournament.  But  the  very fact  of  the matter it’s  the  financial rewards and what little prestige  that  one  summizes  goes with  being  anointed champions of the  world goes a long way in gaining further worldwide notoriety for the game. 



Jermain Defoe  slots  home the winner  his  team  ...............

Jermain Defoe slots home the winner slots home the winner for Portsmouth  against Barnsley  in a Premiership  game played  on Saturday. picture appears courtesy of afp/reuters ………………………..


The Premiership League as I’ve alluded to earlier  is the most eagerly contested  soccer league  in the  world.  It has a vast array of  superstars from all corners of  the globe.  And  if anything  this is what  makes  the  game  and  the league itself  all  the more  appealing  for fans across the world.  It can’t be  truly expressed as to how popular the  game itself is right across the globe. Tens of millions of  people each week tune in to watch the  games  of  the Premiership League. And the entertainment provided is a justification of  what the  fans really appreciate. And that’s certainly not just  in the United Kingdom but worldwide. The game has become a multi billion dollar industry and the revenues seemingly are on the rise.





Joleon Lescott scores his second goal  for  Everton against  Aston Villa a Premiership game

Joleon Lescott scores his second goal for Everton in a Premership game  in  a game against  Aston Villa. picture  appears courtesy of afp/reuters  ………..


For now the game has yet to find a substantial  foothold  in North America but even with the advent of the introduction  of  David Beckham  into the MLS. It has to be said  that the introduction has yet to meet its  goals.  Furthermore it’s  beginning to look as if  the whole endeavor won’t  reap  the rewards  that  the league had hoped  for. Other than the most keen of  interests merely  out of intrigue  more than anything else the fans  haven’t been overly  forthright of  their affinity of the game.  However in the UK the fans eat, live and breathe  for the game and  all that it entails.  And the  clubs  and  the fans have profitted from it greatly. But it can be said  as  these  uncertain economic  times  we may well be seeing something  of  a curtailment in the spending  of  many  of  the teams within the Premiership and throughout the  game itself and in the remainder of  Europe.



As the game thrives and it does but the real problem  will be  how  the teams  continue to best  serve up the  entertainment  that the  fans desire without having them delve  even deeper into their pockets.   Teams such  as the behemoths within the Premiership will continue to survive merely  because of  the  dividends that comes from the game by  way of its corporate sponsors. 











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